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Magic door

My magic window became a magic door today! I woke up (waking up is a good sign because it means I slept! Hooray!) in the morning thinking ‘I want to make breakfast for my family today’. And I did too! It wasn’t an elaborate affair, just eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and toast. Saitaomei had her own special breakfast of banana pancakes. Saitaoha and her papa are doing their thumbs up signs behind my back, I sense R looking at me warily, wondering whether he should ask me to stop and risk getting a snappy comeback. But I really haven’t been exerting myself, I couldn’t even if I wanted to, after the injections, I was rendered quite an invalid. I even had to ask R for help to look for stuff at the bottom shelves of the fridge because I couldn’t bend. Saitaoha helped me pick up stuff from the floor 😓.

But yes, I truly felt a lot better today and hope I gain from strength to strength.

I think life is a balance between taking better care of yourself and your health so you can live life with your loved ones to the optimum, but also not taking so much care and counting every penny, so much that you don’t actually enjoy life anymore. If anything, this ordeal has taught me that life is too short, we really need to live life to its fullest!

You can tell I’m feeling better because I’m taking pictures of the kids again. So tickled pink by Saitaomei’s delighted expression.

My cutie pie.

My cheeky girls 💕

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