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That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. It might take a while before I feel normal again, perhaps only a huge change might do.
Pancakes on a Saturday at Pancakes at Carillion. I’m still not a pancake fan, the chocolate sauce and maple syrup was overkill and way too sweet.
Lazy Sunday afternoon, pub food and a midi at a nearby pub(Bentley Hotel). My salmon with macadamia crust was surprisingly delicious with a delightful tangy salad.


The kangaroo rump steak was a bit too overcooked, medium rather than the requested medium rare but the pepper sauce was very tasty.

loh bak
Master stock braised pork belly with loh egg.


Pineapple beef and stir fried cabbage and carrot lunch bento.

Back to reality tomorrow 🙂

Winter curries

Winter is frightfully cold this year in Perth. Everyday I find myself craving warm creamy soups and spicy hot curries. So cooking for the past two weeks has been very winter themed.

butter chicken

First up, butter chicken which is my favourite Indian curry. I think I like sweet curries.


I love pumpkin everything, oven roasted pumpkin, pumpkin steamed cake. But I recently discovered curried pumpkin soup which is delightful dipped with a hunk of bread. This is my first try and making pumpkin soup which I garnished with bacon strips.


Something not so warm but delicious nonetheless, salmon sushi rice bowl with fish roe and sweet egg strips.


Return of the malaysian chicken curry. Jo’s portion had lots of chicken breast meat (the only part she likes), potatoes and cabbage.

Bento of the week, teriyaki chicken with scrambled tomato omelette. Hope this week flies by quick!

Return of the assignments :(

Don’t you hate it when it’s late Sunday night and you suddenly realise that the weekend is over but you can’t remember what you did over the weekend that remotely felt like weekend happy activities?

Ok, minus Calv’s birthday party but even that felt like a bit of a mad dash rush to get there and all of a sudden it was all over. It was only afterwards that I realised I still don’t know what Xinchen’s been up to, what everyone’s been doing, didn’t even get to chat with Calv’s mum or sibs save for the couple of sentences exchanged while shivering outside the restaurant after the event.

And the assignments are back in full force again. I’ll be so glad when this is over.

I need one of those weekends where the itinerary goes like this : out of the office at 3pm on Friday. Rush home and start dressing up for a TGIF dinner at a newly discovered eating joint. Bright and early Saturday brekky (good coffee) with friends and family. Saturday afternoon of shopping or a road trip somewhere exploring new parts of Perth. Saturday night at a friend’s house where the whole gang is there and there are long stupid conversations about nothing, lots of laughter, sweet wine. The kind of night that you will reminisce about in the future ‘remember that night when …’ and seems to last forever because no one wants to go home. Sunday morning can be a sleepin, maybe some household chores, something fun like grocery shopping, lots of homecooking, reading books on the couch and lazing in front of the tv with a good movie.

Surely that’s not too much to ask?

2nd Day Seminyak + Jimbaran @Bail

The Bali holiday feels so long ago that I’m already longing to go for another holiday. To be honest, I wanted to go on a holiday the minute I arrived back in Perth (=_____=).
Our 2nd day in Bali was about exploring areas outside of Kuta. But we couldn’t resist stopping by our favourite shopping mall in Bali, Matahari. The brief stop turned out to be more of a shopping spree, in the end we had to go back to the hotel to put down our shopping bags, shopping is surely the best type of holiday activity (^___^)Y. Next to eating hehe.

Seminyak immediately felt quieter compared to Kuta. The streets were lined with fashion boutiques, local designer stores and art studios. This was where I first fell in love with Bali silk dresses which are pretty, innovative and so comfy.

The first stop in Seminyak was Sip, a french restaurant highly recommended by friends whom ate there five times in the last trip to Bali! Apparently the chef used to work in France in michelin stared restaurant so I was looking forward to this lunch.

The interior of Sip was cozy and warm and the service staff were excellent. Their menu looked fabulous and I felt like trying everything, in the end we settled for their three course lunch menu special (I think around 20,000 rupiah per head?).


My chosen entree was tuna and salmon carpaccio which was appetising, nice and tangy.


R’s entree was fish terrine with its interesting colours and texture. It was actually really nice, not fishy at all, light and delicately flavoured.
mahi mahi

My main was mahi mahi, potatoes with this very bright green sauce which I suspect was made of vegetables. It was all very simple and nice, not heavy at all.
R had the steak with frites and salad. He was disappointed with the steak thinking that the cut wasn’t particularly good. But he admitted that the frites were good, this coming from a person who would always ask for mash to replace fries.
I was surprised when the apple tart came out, I really didn’t imagine such a large serving, but this was actually easily edible with it’s light pastry and thin slices of sweet fuji apples. Would have been even better served with a scoop of icecream I reckon.
I can’t remember what this chocolate cake was called but it was rich and gorgeous, nice. Overall, Sip didn’t live up to our standards (you tend to have pretty high standards when friends say that they ate there pretty much everyday!) but was still pretty good. I think if I were to return, I would definitely not go for for the standard lunch menu and choose from their wide and interesting range of ala carte dishes. Btw, they have a really cool toilet which is worth visiting 😉
Jl. Raya Seminyak no16A, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
# 62361730810

seminyak square

After the heavy lunch, we went for a long long walk along Jalan Seminyak. It was a hot day and there was no shade anywhere. I remember dripping in sweat and feeling very tired. We were searching for this ‘Seminyak Square’ which we assumed would be like Kuta square and surrounded with shops. It was disappointing to find this shopping centre was literally half empty and still half built.

ku de ta

Another bit of a walk and we reached the infamous KuDeTa which everyone who’s been to Bali is sure to tell you ‘you must at least visit Ku De Ta at least once’.


The security was very strict there, I’m guessing because it’s a hotspot for Westerners and a sure terrorist target.


The big bamboo seats looked really comfy and I could imagine sinking into these seats and not getting up forever.


Basically Ku De Ta is like a fancy luxurious club/restaurant area where you lie in these big comfy lounges, sip cocktails and look out at the beach right in front of you. It wasn’t really my cup of tea but I can see how one could get really relaxed and comfortable here.


A quick hotel stop, fresh shower and I was ready for my seafood dinner in Jimbaran. Eating seafood at  Jimbaran bay is another ‘must do’ on every Bali tourist’s list, you should try to make it there in time for the sunset (around 6pm) but we were late by half and hour and it was already dark when we arrived. I’m not sure what the experience was for other tourists but we felt ‘conned’ the minute our taxi driver drove us right into the entrance of some restaurant.

I guess I was imagining going to each restaurant and actually checking out the menus and prices before choosing the best restaurant. Once we stepped out of our taxi, we were hustled into the restaurant, flowers were stuck in our hair and we were given ‘welcome drinks’.


Not quite sure what to do and seeing that it was so dark out, we decided to make the best of it and ordered some seafood. The prices were on the high side (I’m comparing this to Malaysia) and the food was average with some good stuff like the local veg, crispy prawns etc. Soon a local band came along and serenaded each table with a special song going by the table’s customers nationality, we got ‘Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin’. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is part of the restaurant’s entertainment though (they do have dancing shows on stages) you have to tip the band members when they’re done so be sure to have some change ready.


Second day of Bali ended with Bintang on the beach 🙂

The Pressure Cooker Weekend II

I haven’t been blogging for a long time, I should get round to my next Bali blog soon. But nowadays it takes a real effort to switch on the computer after coming home from work.

This weekend we tried out a new breakfast place being Cantina 663 which I’ve heard lots about. I’ve had dessert and coffee there before but was looking forward to sampling their breakfast menu.


Their coffee was a bit too strong for my liking.


We shared a mandarin muffin like thing which was lovely and had a fresh delectable mandarin taste to it.

mama's br

Calv’s Mama’s breakfast which I guess is Cantina’s version of a big breakfast, it really was very substantial and looked very nice.


Jo’s semolina cake with poached egg , herbs and mushroom. I wasn’t particularly impressed by Cantina’s breakfast fare  but appreciated the bustling atmosphere and great service.

HC is back in Malaysia for a few weeks, so I did some extra cooking for Jo this weekend.


The pressure cooker is fabulous for bulk cooking, I tried this char siew spareribs recipe that my mum recommended and it turned out really easy and pretty close to the real thing.  Reminded me of the Pai Gu Wang we had as kids in Kuching.


Jo’s request for hometown food, our favourite taogeh mee (beansprouts noodles).


Jo’s favourite teriyaki hambagu with tomato based spaghetti.

teriyaki beef

Teriyaki beef lunch bento with sweet corn kernels and rice.


Pressure cooker cooked zhuhou sauce beef brisket and radish. I will never spend hours braising beef brisket anymore, this was done in 30 minutes and fork tender.

Ok, hopefully I’ll blog more this week, I hope the weekday flies by because it’s Calv’s birthday this weekend, time for a real celebration!

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