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After I four

ūüßíūüŹĽ: Mummy, is it I can have birthday party after I four? Now I three?

ūüĎ©ūüŹĽ: Yes Saitaoha, when you turn four.

ūüßíūüŹĽ: (jumping happily) yeeeahh!! After I four, mummy bake rainbow cake for me, and mummy buy pink big dress for me, and Yee yee buy me lots and lots of balloons ūüéą…

Looks like I’ll have to throw her a birthday party when she’s four ūüėÖ.


Saitaomei: woohoo I get my own bowl!

Saitaoha: mummy mei mei is making a mess!

Bangkok Day 10 : Songkran festival & Geylang

This is my final Bangkok post!! Bangkok feels so long ago and already the heels of Bangkok shoes are scuffed and worn. I need new shoes but more importantly, I need more holidays (^___^)Y.
_DSC1189 (2) (Medium)

Our last walk around Pratunam in the morning. I knew I would miss the street vendors selling knick knacks and the most amazing variety of street food.

_DSC1187 (Medium)

Stall¬†selling water guns and other water weapons. It was the start of the Songkran festival and in that regard,¬†I was glad it was our last day in Bangkok. Still, we didn’t manage to avoid the locals and their water festivities during our last hours, I recall being chased by locals brandishing their water guns and of a greater magnitude, buckets laden with water. At one point R had to negotiate his way out of the bucket instead convincing the local to let him off with a water gun. It sounds scarier than it was, actually it was all in good fun, a little troublesome since we were hoping to get to the airport dry, but a half wet outfit wasn’t too bad and the locals did let us off easy with cheeky grins and smiles.

Inside the safety of our hotel lobby, we stood by the windows and laughed at others getting completely drenched by water hoses and giant buckets. Even the hotel staff were soaked from head to toe as they helped us with our luggage, but everyone was very sporting and partook in the water activities with gusto.

_DSC1201 (Medium)

Remember the Songkran festival poster that I featured in my last Bangkok post? We thought it was a poster advertising a concert but we completely missed the mark and it was actually a foam and water party!

_DSC1205 (Medium)

This was held at the Central World arena, the once pristine and clean grounds were covered with foam and bubbles and very wet water gun totting people.

_DSC1204 (2) (Medium)

If only it wasn’t our last day in Bangkok, I reckon I would have bought a giant water gun and jumped into the water festivities too. The festive atmosphere was really something to behold.

_DSC1192 (Medium)

I spotted this sinful snack of fried quail eggs during the early Bangkok days but somehow kept missing out on them. So I was really happy that they were selling this during my last day and bought a whole serving. This is not for the faint hearted but it was very yummy.

_DSC1196 (Medium)

A friend (you know who you are) commented that all my Bangkok posts seem to feature chicken rice, ‘is that all you ate throughout the whole trip?’ I was queried.¬† *Hangs foodie head in shame* I did eat a lot of chicken rice in Bangkok, and even had chicken rice during my stopover in Singapore, I can’t help it, I love chicken rice!

_DSC1197 (Medium)

I can’t remember what this was, obviously some porky soup dish with rice. We didn’t have anything that was less than yummy Bangkok so I’m pretty sure this was good too.

_DSC1198 (Medium)

Another popular Bangkok snack, the humble waffle. Their waffles have many different fillings in them but this one was just the original waffle, very tasty it was too, chewy with this slight crispy caramelised texture on the outside.

_DSC1211 (Medium)

Time to say goodbye to Bangkok! This sculpture was smack bang in the middle of the transit hall.¬†¬†I really enjoyed our trip to Bangkok, the food was amazing, the BTS system was impressive and efficent, the shopping was great, there’s so much to love about Bangkok and I would love to return again.

_DSC1217 (Medium)

A few hours later and we were in Singapore, or Geylang to be exact. This red light district of Singapore is also well known as a late night  foodie joint.

_DSC1218 (Medium)

We passed by many coffee shops boasting popular Geylang fare including frog leg congee, stir fried fallopian tubes and 24 hour dimsum. But somehow they didn’t seem appetising and we ended up having wanton noodles for supper instead!

_DSC1219 (Medium)

Our wanton noodle stall was popular and it was a little wait before our noodles arrived but they were worth it, a simple and perfect midnight supper.

_DSC1220 (Medium)

What’s for breakfast? Chicken rice of course!! (= ^ ^ =). I’ve had much better chicken rice in other parts of Singapore (and Bangkok haha) but hey, can’t stop by Singapore without eating chicken rice.

_DSC1222 (Medium)

Changi airport’s Terminal 3 has all these new shops (or maybe it’s been a long time since I’ve been there) including this shop that sold lots of cute Miffys. I wish I could have bought all of them for my baby niece (and maybe keep one for myself hehe).

_DSC1226 (Medium)

Last look at Merlion and we were back to Perth. Sigh, I wonder when I’ll be able to blog about another holiday again….

Bangkok Day 9: The Grand Palace & the Leaping Lord

Day 9 was our last full day in Bangkok. I remember it being very hot and all about the Grand Palace.
_DSC1068 (Medium)

Back on the Chao Phraya river enjoying the sights and the river breeze.

_DSC1070 (Medium)

This was our second attempt at visiting the Grand Palace. Remember to get off at the Maharaj Pier.

Beware of scammers who pretend to be ‘tourist police’ and tell you that the Palace is closed for the day or only open on certain hours for Thai locals. They will steer you towards tut-tuts who will ‘bring’ you to other temples/jewellery factory¬†nearby for a fee. If in doubt, head towards the official tourist information booth for information.

_DSC1086 (Medium)

A strict dress code applies to enter the Grand Palace. Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves (no ribbed jeans and sleeveless Ts here). No flip flops or sandals are allowed. Women must be modestly dressed, no low cut or bare midriffs, to be safe, just wear a T-shirt (not sleeveless) and long skirt or pants.

For those that aren’t dressed correctly, you can¬†‘borrow’ clothes at the entrance (a deposit IS¬†required) but the wait is long so¬†it’s¬†best to just come dressed¬†properly.¬†Btw, there are also signs prohibiting cameras but that was mostly ignored by all tourists.

Outside the Palace you can hire a guide (they speak many languages) for a price which is negotiable. I think we were quoted a 500 baht price but preferred to wander around on our own. In hindsight, it was probably a good idea to get a guide to learn more about the history and folklore of the Grand Palace.

_DSC1106 (Medium)

The Grand Palace is made up of many buildings including temples, great halls and courtyards. It’s majestic and surprisingly cooling inside the shaded halls.

_DSC1092 (Medium)

R outside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha dripping some blessed water on himself. Don’t know whether we got luckier after that.

_DSC1097 (Medium)

Thai architecture is pretty amazing and itricate.

_DSC1110 (Medium)

Splendor of the Thai kings in ancient times

_DSC1109 (Medium)

This was actually a carved up stone miniature of the temples.

_DSC1131 (Medium)

It looks quiet but there were actually masses of tourists everywhere. It could be that everyone was hiding in the shaded courtyards though because it was so freaking sunny and hot that day.

_DSC1124 (Medium)

I have to confess, I coerced the Leaping Lord into taking this photo.

_DSC1119 (Medium)

And this one too (=^____^=). Oh how high he jumps.

_DSC1129 (Medium)

A painting depicting the myth of the demon warriors and how they end up guarding the gates of the Grand Palace.

_DSC1136 (Medium)

The Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat which is the throne hall used by the King during important state occasions.

  _DSC1139 (Medium)

The Leaping Lord strikes again! Haha, that was our last picture at the Grand Palace, our most touristy destination yet and possibly the best. I really enjoyed the sights and buildings of the Grand Palace, it’s most definitely worth a visit and possibly the best tourist attraction in Bangkok.

_DSC1158 (Medium)

Back to the hotel for a much needed shower and then maybe a icy dessert or two? This coconut milk water chestnut icy dessert was lovely.

_DSC1156 (Medium)

Fishball noodle soup for lunch, as usual, this Thai dish was flavourful and tasty.

_DSC1165 (Medium)

For the past two days we had been noticing lots of stage building activities around the shopping area. All the locals were also getting excited and scarily, the shops were starting to sport a lot of water guns and other water paraphernalia. Songkran was arriving.

_DSC1160 (Medium)

Locals¬†were ‘bathing’ buddha images a lot and shrines were filled with flower wreaths and rose petal water.

_DSC1162 (Medium)

Elephant statues surrounded shrines and on Day 9, the elephants were covered with flower wreaths. Touts sold roses by the roadside and soon the shrines were lined with rose stalks.

_DSC1170 (Medium)

I know the local Thais were looking forward to the Songkran festival partly because it would be great to beat the heat with water festivities. For us non locals, we could only cool down with more Swensens sundaes.

_DSC1171 (Medium)

Luckily Swensens outlets are readily available everywhere and their local mango themed sundaes were so yummy. Sigh, I miss this.

_DSC1182 (Medium)

Day 9 supper of roadside stall Pad Thai and more oyster omelette, perhaps the ultimate Thai combination?

_DSC1180 (Medium)

Can’t end a Bangkok post without the Leaping Lord posing with¬†his Singha beer ūüôā

Bangkok Day 6 ,7 & 8: Victory Monument, BFS & Chao Phraya River

Finally a blog post and a Bangkok one too! I know… this blog is dying a slow death due to my laziness. I am determined to finish the Bangkok posts though, I need a holiday again and am reliving my holiday through these posts.

_DSC1064 (Medium)

Day 6 started with exploring the rest of the Ratchaprasong shopping district. It was a very relaxing day with us catching a movie at the lovely Central World cineplex.

A note about Thai cinemas, the national anthem is played before every movie and everyone in the cinema stands up in respect. I read about it before hand but forgot about it and was very surprised when everyone suddenly stood up in the darkened room. I thought everyone was standing up to swop seats and when R nudged me to stand up, I thought he wanted us to swop seats too  (= ^^ =)

_DSC1032 (Medium)

In the evening we took the BTS to Victory Monument.

_DSC1034 (Medium)

Victory Monument is¬†a large military monument and is one of Bangkok’s major traffic intersection. There is a large bus terminal and the surrounding areas are filled with street food vendors, clothing¬† and accessory stalls (* _____*).

_DSC1036 (Medium)

As you can see, this outdoor bazaar is very popular with local Thai university students and the working crowd.

_DSC1037 (Medium)

It was a very hot and humid night. The bazaar and all the stalls looked really enticing but the thought of squeezing through the crowds and haggling with vendors was a bit scary.
_DSC1035 (Medium)

I was very excited when I saw the food stalls. The only problem was, all the food signs were in Thai and no one seemed to speak English! We couldn’t order at the stalls as well, we were asked to sit at the tables and someone would come to take our orders, only problem was, we had no idea how to order in Thai so there was a lot of hand gesturing.

_DSC1040 (Medium)

The food wasn’t great to be honest. But I really enjoyed their gorgeous iced coffees. For those that don’t feel up to braving the outdoor bazaar, there are also a couple of good shopping malls (lots of cheap fashion)¬†around the Victory Monument area. For us, we had to go into the shopping mall to hide from the storm that suddenly arrived. It was a heavy tropical storm too and we had to drip our way home.

_DSC1047 (Medium)

Back and dry in the hotel, just in time for a Chang too.

But the wet night took its toll and Day 7 was a complete wipeout because we couldn’t get out of bed! I called it the BFS, Bangkok Fatigue Syndrome, symptons include extreme fatigue, gentle stomachs and nausea.

I still wasn’t completely well by Day 8 but at least managed to make it out of bed.

_DSC1063 (Medium)

Thailand is probably the only country you can find this sign in its trains. The weather felt extra hot and humid and I was grateful for the blast of aircon in the BTS trains. Today we were attempting to visit the Grand Palace. A good way of getting there is via the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat. Take the BTS to the Saphan Taksin train station and walk a little way to the Sathorn Pier.

_DSC1055 (Medium)

We bought a single trip ticket to the Maharaj Pier which is where you get off for Grand Palace. The boat stops at quite a few piers linking to places like Chinatown or Wat Arun.

_DSC1062 (Medium)

Normally it would have been nice to soak in the sights while on the boat, but I was still feeling sick and thus very seasick, or should I say riversick.

_DSC1058 (Medium)

It’s actually very nice and relaxing to travel around Bangkok via boat, I wasn’t missing the smog from the tut tuts at all.

_DSC1057 (Medium)

Besides these ‘tourist’ boats, there are actually local boats which travel along the river as well, of course the seats aren’t as nice and sometimes it can be a bit of a squeeze.

Guess what? By the time we made it to the Grand Palace, it wasn’t open to public becaue there was some kind of royal ceremony going on which is actually very rare! Just our luck. Turns out it was probably good too because I was feeling really uncomfortable by then and starting to look very green in the face.

_DSC1042 (Medium)

So photos of Grand Palace will have to be in the next post! Don’t worry, I was fully recovered by the next day. Sawasdee Krab from Bangkok!

Bangkok Day 4 & 5: Chatuchak weekend market, Yaowarat

Our original destination for Day 4 was Chatuchak weekend market. But … when we stepped out of the house, we heard the bellboy tell other hotel guests that Chatuchak wasn’t open on¬†Friday (I think it actually is but not all the stalls are open, so definitely better to go on Sat/Sun). So… we headed to Platinum AGAIN (= ^ ^=)
_DSC0965 (Medium)

Day 4 was also spent examining roadside stall fare around the Pratunam area.

_DSC0942 (Medium)

Breakfast of  roast duck and rice.

_DSC0943 (Medium)

Blended pineapple juice. This was quite refreshing and tart but I had a much nicer blended watermelon juice earlier.

_DSC0951 (Medium)

This roadside snack was a mixture between cheung fun rice noodle rolls and pohpiah, it was a nice ‘dimsum’ for the afternoon.

_DSC0948 (Medium)

One of my favourite things about Thailand was the abundance of tropical fruit sold everywhere. These green mango slices were very tart, dipped in the mixture of salt, chilli pepper, sugar and lime juice, I enjoyed them a lot.

_DSC0957 (Medium)

We had been eyeing the seafood stalls along Central World for the past few nights and decided to indulge in a roadside seafood dinner that night. Can you figure out what the picture above was? It was actually a whole bbq fish. The salt crusted fish was lovely especially when eaten with their super spicy sauce.

_DSC0959 (Medium)

The famous Thai som tam,green papaya salad. I love Thai papaya salads, I love the crunch of green papaya, the sweet, salty, tart and spicy flavours but I have to admit, som tam is just a little too spicy for me and I found myself drinking huge quantities of Coke.

_DSC0963 (Medium)

The seafood fried rice wasn’t fantastic with the rice being a little soggy, but it went well with all our other dishes and helped to tame down the spiciness.

_DSC0956 (Medium)

Guess what else helps to tame down the heat? A big bottle of Chang beer!

_DSC0973 (Medium)

Day 5, we took the Skytrain to Mochit station which is about a 5 minutes walk away from Chatuchak!

_DSC0975 (Medium)

Bangkok’s mass transit system (BTS) is super convenient. The train stations and the trains themselves are clean, efficient and the aircon is super.

_DSC0993 (Medium)

Chatuchak is one of the world’s largest weekend market and a must visit in Bangkok. This gigiantic market is 35 acres wide, spilt¬†into 27 sections (roughly divided between categories of goods sold) and sells everything and anything.¬† It is almost impossible to navigate¬†so you should definitely grab a map (there’s a tourist booth at Platinum which gives out good maps) which should help.

_DSC0980 (Medium)

Furniture and home decoration section. There were lots of pretty things in this section ranging from huge crystal chandeliers to little candles and straw baskets.

_DSC0982 (Medium)

Pets section! I spent quite some time staring at the super duper cute bunnies. They were so tiny and cute. I wanted to bring them all home. I was partial to this little grey bunny.

_DSC0983 (Medium)

Fluffy white rabbits. There were also very beautiful and cute puppies and dogs. All kinds of pets imaginable. I could imagine Wendy spending hours in this section.

At first I enjoyed checking out all the cute pets. Then it got a little scary when we reached the ‘exotic’ pets section, little squirrel like things squeaked from cages, there were monitor lizards and many animals that¬†I had never seen before. The fish section had buckets of worms (presumably for the fish?) wriggling about and I was worried that I would accidentally step on the bags of fish lined up on the floors. It started to feel like we were never getting out of the animal zone.

_DSC0979 (Medium)

Yeah! Made it out to the clothing and accessories zone. To be honest, I didn’t buy any clothes from Chatuchak because the prices and fashion at Platinum are actually better!

_DSC0987 (Medium)

After all that walking around, we were tired and ready for a meal. This pork leg rice was the best we had in Bangkok! The nice lady stall owner even came over to our table to point out the chilli sauce that she gave thumbs up for to go with the rice.

_DSC0989 (Medium)

Pots of thai basil can be found at many road side tables. I guess the locals like to add the fragrant herb in their dishes.

_DSC0978 (Medium)

The outer edges of Chatuchak. It was time to go home!

_DSC1001 (Medium)

But we didn’t stay in the hotel for long and took a taxi to Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown. The easiest way to get into Chinatown is actually by taking a boat ride along Chao Phraya river and stopping at the Ratchawong pier.

_DSC1000 (Medium)

I remember Chinatown being very hot and dusty with lots of traffic, many restaurants and gold shops . There were markets between alleys selling items such as household goods, fabrics and accessories.

I wasn’t impressed with daytime Chinatown but I’m told that it’s¬†better to go there at night, so maybe next time?
At night, we took the BTS (Sala Daeng station)¬†to Silom, Bangkok’s¬†Wall Street¬†by day, red light district by night.¬†Silom’s or¬†rather Patpong’s¬† XXX reputation was evident once we¬† stepped out from the station.¬†¬†We were immediately¬†greeted by touts selling pornographic dvds, I don’t know what you do when dvd covers featuring¬†giant boobs are flashed in your face but I laughed. It was quite fun checking out roadstalls selling interesting items including sextoys, Viagra and Valium (0__o). R was also approached by seedy men (they acted as if I was invisible!) with calls for ‘pussy pingpong’ shows (=^^=)._DSC1011 (Medium)

But instead of go-go bars, we settled for an air conditioned restaurant (had enough of the heat for the day) which surprisingly served yummy Thai fare. This was pineapple rice, it’s actually quite similar to the one I make at home, except of course a lot tastier haha.

_DSC1008 (Medium)

R had kueh chap again. He liked this one a lot too.

_DSC1007 (Medium)

While he opted for a Singha beer, I had my first Thai ice coffee in Bangkok, it was the first of many to come because Thai ice coffees are delicious, strong black coffee heavily sweetened condensed milk and topped with oodles of ice.

We spent the rest of the night checking out the Patpong night market which sold the usual leather goods, accessories and clothing amongst other things. I actually liked Patpong night market a lot and found it easy to walk through.

_DSC1015 (Medium)

Passing by the luxury shopping center Gaysorn (in Pratunam) on our walk back to the hotel.

_DSC1020 (Medium)

Supper of layer kuih bought from a roadside store. It was sticky, fragrant with pandan and coconut milk flavours and perfect for a sweet end to the day.

_DSC1017 (Medium)

We also stocked up the fridge!

Bangkok Day 2 & 3: Platinum & Siam Square

Day 2 in Bangkok was all about shopping, shopping and shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall.

_DSC0884 (Medium)

Our first breakfast at Platinum Fashion Mall’s food court, the start of many lovely meals in this place. It was nice and quiet in the morning unlike rush hour during lunch.

_DSC0885 (Medium)

Braised duck rice in Bangkok, the chilli sauce was super shiok, hints of sour tartness, kick of chilli, really lifted the whole dish. The duck itself was tender and juicy. Springrolls were a tasty snack afterwards.

_DSC0881 (Medium)

They have kueh chap in Thailand! It’s not dissimilar to Kueh Chap in Kuching, the intestines, pork meat and flat noodles are similar, they also give yummy pork blood cubes. The main difference, it’s much sweeter than Malaysian’s version and that’s something common in lots of Thai dishes, sweet flavours throughout.

_DSC0883 (Medium)

R really liked Thai kueh chap and this was one of his favourite dishes in Bangkok. Btw ah ma, if you’re reading this, I still need¬†Aunty Jenny’s Kueh Chap recipe!

_DSC0890 (Medium)

Thai iced tea also known as cha yen in Thailand,this orange coloured tea has a¬†strong tea taste and is¬†sweet and milky ūüôā

_DSC0891 (Medium)

After a very satisfying breakfast, it was time for shopping! We bought so much that we ended up having to go back to the hotel to drop off our shopping. Then we went back again for more! I love Platinum Fashion Mall so much (^_____^)

_DSC0886 (Medium)

Dinner at the food court. Sharksfin and birdsnest, the Chinese treasures are abundant and surprisingly affordable in Bangkok. In fact, you can pretty much see birdsnest and sharksfin sold in most food courts everywhere.

_DSC0888 (Medium)

Luxurius dinner of sharksfin soup with rice. This big claypot portion cost around 150 Baht (AUD$5), the sharksfin wasn’t of the best quality, but gosh, the soup was so flavourful and yummy. Too good.

That was a good end to Day 1.

_DSC0892 (Medium)

Day 2 started with a morning shopping run to Platinum (= ^__^=).

Then it was a¬†tut tut¬†drive to Siam Square, the shopping district in the Siam area of Bangkok, this is where all the popular and famous shoping centres such as Siam Discovery Center, MahBoonKrong (MBK Center) and Siam Paragon are located. It’s actually walkable from Pratunam to Siam, maybe a 20 – 30 minute walk, but under Bangkok’s relentless heat, we opted for a tut tut¬†instead. You have to negotiate the price to get to your destination with the tut tut driver, I read in a pamphlet that the price should never be more than 200 Baht. A lot of tut tut drivers will tell you the same ‘traffic jam, bad hour’ excuse and quote you some high price, if you don’t like the price, just walk away.

Most taxi drivers (especially metered ones) are actually not more expensive than tut tuts, so it might be a better idea to get a taxi instead which at least has aircon¬†(except some taxi drivers also refuse to switch on their meters and will instead quote you a high price). Another thing to watch out for tut tut drivers, they might lie to you and tell you that the destination that you’re going to is not open and will instead offer to bring you to gemstone factories, or other temples (they receive a commission for this). Remember to¬†check with a proper tourist information outlet for opening hours of tourist attractions so you don’t get conned!

_DSC0902 (Medium)

MBK! This place has lots of shops and is very popular with Thai locals and tourists alike.

_DSC0907 (Medium)

Instead of shopping (I still preferred Platinum shopping) I had afternoon tea at Mister Donut. Coffee and donuts, surely the best combination.

_DSC0909 (Medium)

Traffic from Pratunam to Siam Square is chockers.

_DSC0910 (Medium)

Siam Square is very convenient in that there are walkways linking to each shopping center. The night markets and stalls lined up around this area are also pretty great. There’s also a¬†myriad of local designer boutiques selling gorgeous fashion and shoes around this area.

_DSC0904 (Medium)

Tuts tuts lined up along Siam Square.

_DSC0916 (Medium)

Siam Paragon is one of the newer shopping centers in Bangkok, it’s really gorgeous with lots of luxury and high end shops and restaurants inside. Siam Ocean World is also located in here, it’s the biggest aquarium in South East Asia.

_DSC0915 (Medium)

Jim Thompson and Thai silk go hand to hand together.

_DSC0918 (Medium)

View of MBK at night. As you can see, the traffic never stops.

_DSC0920 (Medium)

Dinner at MBK’s food court. My favourite dish in Bangkok, pork leg rice! This combination of braised hard boiled egg, tender melt in your mouth pork leg, picked vegetables is yums.

_DSC0923 (Medium)

Oyster omelette. This version was better than the one we had at the road side stall, the oysters were big and fresh, really tasty.

_DSC0919 (Medium)

A mixture of fried and steamed chicken rice. This was the best chicken rice we had in Bangkok, the rice was oily and fragrant with all the good chickeny flavours. The chicken was tender and yummy.

_DSC0912 (Medium)

NaRaYa store in Central World,¬†a very popular Thai brand of fabric¬†handbags, the designs are cute and colourful and they’re actually very affordable too.
_DSC0936 (Medium)

After a heavy dinner, it was perhaps good that we decided not to catch a tut tut or taxi and walked back to the hotel. We could catch the night views of the shopping centers and browse the night market stalls at the same time. Central World at night looks prety good eh?

_DSC0939 (Medium)

Snacking back at the hotel. Basil and chilli flavoured chips, it was actually pretty good. I thought of my brother in law when I saw this fish snack, he loves dafah, but this Thai version is filled with white sesame in the middle. It was quite tasty, but I prefer the original version with no sesame seeds.

day 2

Hehe, the end of each Bangkok blogpost, Day 2 and Day 3 beers!

Bangkok Day 1: Pratunam

We arrived in Bangkok mid morning. We had several options for getting to the hotel from the Suvarnabhumi Airport including using the airport rail link which connects to Bangkok’s fantastic BTS Skytrain system. Instead we chose the fuss free method of catching a public taxi. For fellow travellers, don’t get conned by the fake taxi drivers waiting for you outside the arrival hall, instead, head to Level 1 and follow the signs outside to the Public Taxi stand where you will be given a ticket listing your taxi driver’s details.

Your total taxi fare will include toll charges (70 Baht), airport pick up surcharge (50 Baht) and your meter fare (ours was 250 Baht). It cost us 370 Baht in total to get to our hotel in Pratunam. Please note that there is no airport surcharge to be paid for the return leg to the airport.
_DSC1154 (Medium)
Citin Pratunam Hotel was our humble abode for the rest of the trip. Very affordable and located conveniently in Pratunam (10 mins walk to Platinum Mall). Overall Citin is situated in a good area if your main destination is Platinum Fashion Mall, they provide a free tut-tut service every half an hour which sends you to Platinum or the nearest BTS station (Ratchathewi sstation for us). However it also requires quite a bit of maneuvering through crowded streets /markets to get to the main road. Citin is situated along a narrow alleyway lined with food stalls (good part) which makes it difficult for vehicles to get in and out (bad).

_DSC1155 (Medium)

Their wifi was patchy at best, but they also have PCs for use in the lobby. The staff were very good though, friendly and conversant in English. There’s also a tour agency booth at the lobby, a currency exchange office outside the hotel and a tailor shop!

_DSC0854 (Medium)

The hotel room wasn’t spacious, but bright, clean and neat so that was good enough for me.

_DSC0858 (Medium)

Once we were settled, we headed straight out to explore the nearby surroundings. While we were initially not hungry, the enticing smell of food wafting out from all the nearby stalls called to us. We only lasted about 10 metres before sitting down at one of the stalls for some food. First meal in Bangkok had to be none other than Tom Yum! It was spicy, sour and all things Tom Yum should be.

_DSC0859 (Medium)

I ordered Pad Thai, one of my favourite Thai dishes. Not sure whether it was because it was the first meal in Bangkok, but I reckon this was the best Pad Thai that I had in Bangkok. Everything was bursting with flavour and so tasty. The best thing was not feeling like you had to gulp down gallons of water to wash out tell tale signs of MSG afterwards.

_DSC0860 (Medium)

This is Pantip Mall, also known as the IT Mall in Bangkok. So as you can guess, the whole mall was just filled with IT accessories and all things computer related. This is where I would recommend all geeky computer nerds to go.

_DSC0861 (Medium)

I wasn’t in the market for IT goods, so Pantip Mall was a quick scan and we headed for more important things like PLATINUM FASHION MALL! Dear sisters and female friends, this is THE place you go to for shopping heaven. I will put up some pics of the shops in the mall in future posts (I visited it err.. close to everyday) but this is six floors (two buildings btw) crammed with little shops selling all kinds of fashion at wholesale prices, shoes, bags, accessories, clothes. You will get lost but I discovered the system (ok, R did, I’m not so organised)¬†of making sure you don’t miss out on a single shop, the mall is spilt into zones, floors¬†and numbered lanes, so just go by number and you won’t miss anything.¬†¬†And the bonus attraction, they have a great food court on Level 6!

Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Mall is located on Phetchaburi Road.

_DSC0864 (Medium)

Shockingly,¬†I didn’t buy anything from Platinum on the first day.. because I hadn’t exchanged any money yet. So that was my next destination. The best currency exchange place offering the best rates in Pratunam is Super Rich, which is located next to this Big C supermarket opposite the¬†Central World shopping plaza. Don’t forget to bring your passport or photo id to Super Rich.

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After getting our $$$, we escaped the heat by exploring Big C. April is the hottest month in Bangkok, obviously we found out too late and it was really very hot and humid. So when I spotted this Swensens at the ground floor of the Big C building, I knew we were going to get some sundaes.

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I’ve never been a big fan of Swensens. I remember reading a Bangkok travel blog where the author stressed that Swensens was her must eat place in Bangkok because it’s so much cheaper than Swensens in Malaysia. Haha, being such a cheapskate, that point stayed with me. They had great looking posters of their summer specials which was all about mango too, so we had a summer mango sundae. It was actually really nice (69 baht) and very Thai with green coconut milk infused glutinous rice and mango icecream.

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This was our main purchase from Big C hahaha.

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Bangkok traffic is terrible, especially around the Pratunam area, it’s just jam packed with vehicles. Which adds to the overall heat of the vicinity.

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Central World, which according to Wiki is the third largest shopping center in the world. Hmm.. it didn’t feel that big to be honest. My first impression of Central World wasn’t great. I mean it was definitely lush and clean and big, just like those Singaporean shopping malls, but there wasn’t much to buy besides the big branded stuff¬†(Wendy and Jason, they have Zara there) and I’m more about bargain goods. I changed my mind a couple days later and Central World soon became our second most visited mall besides Platinum.

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What changed my mind about Central World? It wasn’t just¬†because there’s an ice skating rink in Central World. They also have Mister Donut. (^__^). Beard’s Papa creampuffs (^__^). BreadTalk (^___^). 399 Baht¬†international buffets.¬†¬†And a fantastic cinema.

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Back outside in the heat. The outside of Central World is also pretty great.¬†Locals can be seen praying at the shrine in front of the plaza any time of the day. In fact there seem to be more people praying late at night.¬†At night, stalls selling knick knacks like flowers,¬†clothes, belts, sunnies line the street. And then there’s the food carts and the seafood stalls with bbq whole fish on the racks.

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Time to head back to the hotel. This husband and wife combo became a daily sight on our way back to the hotel with their food stall located along the narrow alleyway. They sell oyster omelette and pad thai which somehow are always sold together in Bangkok. Eash dish costs 30 Baht.

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Dinner is tasty.

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And so is dessert of fresh mango and sticky rice, also bought from one of the food carts along the street.

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First day in Bangkok, first Chang beer in Bangkok. Guess how many beers he went through in our days in Bangkok?

Winner wins a crystal elephant. Just kidding, I couldn’t find a crystal elephant anywhere! Hope you enjoyed the first Bangkok post!


Just to let you know that I’m back from Bangkok and it was fantastic.
bangkok map
We managed to explore most parts of Bangkok and it was hot, humid and exciting.

I did suffer from BSS (otherwise known as Bangkok Shopping Syndrome, symptons include extreme fatigue, bloatedness, nausea and empty wallets) for a couple of days but bounced back to make it to the shops after a day of bedrest.

A real Bangkok travel post soon I promise!

Happy Easter

My Easter holiday is starting early (^______^). The excitement started sinking in a couple of days ago when I found myself waking up early in the morning thinking ‘two more days, two more days…’

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¬†Most of these cute Easter rabbits have already been devoured by my colleagues. I promise to overindulge in daily massages and yummy Thai food while I’m away.¬†¬†Happy Easter holidays everyone!

July 2020