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What an eventful month it was!

First there was the showdown with the boss and possibly one of the most difficult conversations I’ve had to have in my career. It was worth the risk though and I believe we are moving forward.

And then there was Saitaomei’s birthday which was a fun and lovely affair.

I fell sick and somehow managed to develop bronchitis! First time in my life I’ve had to use a puffer, but the meds worked wonders and I’m feeling much better.

We also watched the U2 concert at the Optus stadium because sis had spare tickets. Noel Gallagher was the opening act and I enjoyed his Oasis classics, but the sound system was so shonky I could hardly hear what the performers were saying or singing all night.

Still it was a nice experience and the stadium was very pretty at times.

The Joshua tree stage was quite impressive too. But we are not U2 fans so hardly knew any of their songs.

We brought the kids to see the Christmas lights in the city. It was a fun night and we all had a great time, especially playing at the free arcade pop up place inside Enex 100. If only the city was this happening and bush everyday!

I’ve been wanting to bring the kids to the Christmas houses at 140.

Hiya cutie!

Dancing with jeje weekend fun.

We didn’t get to open up the bubble toy ah pa bought for the kids during Saitaomei’s birthday so we tried it today instead. It was a hit!

Mei mei was so happy 🥰.

And there goes another month, I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays already!

Saitaomei is two

Huh? Whose birthday is it? It’s yours Saitaomei!

My not so little one turned two today. It’s bittersweet for me, as the kids grow older they are easier to look after, but I miss their cute baby expressions and all round cuddlyness so much. Saitaomei’s personality is so different from her sister’s. Her sister is a girly girl who is sweet, bossy, affectionate and warms to everyone, Saitaomei, on the other hand, is strong, independent, feisty and indifferent to others except for her chosen few (who else but Gung Gung?).

She can be very affectionate when she’s in the mood, her hugs, mischievous smiles and her giggles never fail to light up my day.

At two, she is obsessed with the alphabet, numbers, colours and every form of learning. She likes her books a lot and also likes to copy her sister in everything she does (much to the woe of Saitaoha).

She loves her videos and her food, and will diligently work on her filled plate till it’s polished clean. Her favourite person is definitely Gung Gung but mummy comes a close second.

Her nemesis but also her love is her jeje, they can go from fighting in one second, to chasing each other around the room and rolling in bed together in euphoric laughter the next second.

We’ve been through the hard yards together, my darling Saitaomei and I. Her first year was filled with trials and tribulations for me in all aspects of life. My parents went through the hard yards with me and basically lifted me through the dark days to see the light. That’s why I really wanted to celebrate Saitaomei turning two, I wanted to celebrate my strong and bright little girl, to thank her for coming into my life and for loving me unconditionally despite my inadequacy as a mother (including constantly not protecting her from bumps and thumps, I swear she started to consciously put her hand on her head to protect herself when I put her in her car seat🤭). We’ve come a long way, my dear Saitaomei, and we made it to two! I swear the highlight of my days is walking hand in hand with you and Jeje to and fro from Gung Gung and Mah Mah’s house to our little home. I always wish time could stand still during those our little walks, whether it’s the starlit night and you pointing towards the moon and saying ‘what’s that?’, or jeje stopping to pick a yellow flower for her favourite Mah Mah. I’m always struck by how lucky I am, to live so close to your wonderful and selfless grandparents, to be able to grow up and grow old together, but most of all, to have both you and jeje in my life. Happy birthday baby Saitaomei, may you continue being independent, bright and strong and surrounded with love and warmth, I love you always my little girl.


Decorations for the party. I was going for a colourful rainbow theme but my rainbow balloon flew away! It was R’s first time filling up helium balloons with a tank, a couple burst and an escapee rainbow but all else was good.

Check out the birthday girl checking out the decorations 🥳. She sensed something was happening and refused to nap all day! She only crashed late afternoon and slept till 4 😔.

I cooked a lot because I could! I always overdo it and should really cut down on quantity and focus on quality.

My parents bought this bainmarie from Kmart just for this party. They really 出钱出力 for their precious granddaughter, it’s not easy opening your house up for a party and they did so with such generosity. Poor ah ma was my sous chef in the kitchen again, I remember last year her legs trembled after the party because she was helping so much. I hope this year the prep went better but I still feel she did too much work. Poor sisters had to help out with the washing and cleaning afterwards too. Aiyah I really should cut down on the dishes.

I mean the mountain of japchae was unnecessary. And probably teriyaki hambagu and satay as well. I also marinated 100 chicken pieces! What was I thinking? The good thing is I knew there would be lots of leftovers so asked everyone to bring their tupperwares, everyone went home ladened with food haha.

Honeycomb cake, Japanese cheesecake (baked by BIL) and mango Swiss roll for dessert.

I loved the look of the cake, it was gorgeous!

Hahaha look at that girl.

Birthday song by the birthday girl’s true love 💓. Their close bond is really heartwarming but I also feel for my ah pa because she sticks to him like glue.

Gung Gung put gel on her hair and commented that she looked beautiful 😂.

Instead of party bags I gifted the kids these balls of macarons instead, so pretty right?

Guess who was mighty pleased with her ball?

It was a fun birthday party and I think the kids enjoyed it the most, Saitaoha told me ‘mummy I had such a fun time at Mei mei’s birthday party!’ Party girl is now counting down to Tristan koko’s birthday party in December.

And that’s a wrap till February! I have promised Saitaoha that she can have a birthday party next year so we will be doing this all over again in a few months *gulp*

Hello November

Spotted a rainbow on the drive home. Even the skies knew it was a Friday! Sigh I find myself looking forward to the weekends and dreading Mondays more and more, a sure sign of my dismal work life.

We had a Halloween morning tea at work and these Halloween themed Krispy Kremes were my contribution. I love themed Krispy Kremes because they are so cute (but way too sweet), I will buy the Christmas ones again this year.

Hehe my niece enjoyed her Halloween Krispy Kreme. She even thought I made them, 太高估我了吧!

Both R and I are facing a lull in our work lives so we try and make up for it by jazzing up our personal lives. We reinstated our Western dinner Fridays where we have a western dinner, usually steak nights with a glass of red. It’s actually really nice and we have a lovely time with the kids as well.

Hi mei mei and Tristan.

Jaso dropped by from Sydney and surprised us. We were happy we got to have lunch with him at late notice and even have an early birthday celebration for him. With the kids and all, you tend to neglect your friends, that’s why I’m thankful when we get to celebrate them when we can.

It’s fun to have siblings isn’t it?

They fight sometimes but also play happily together most of the time. It’s a heartwarming sight.

Sunday library time. Saitaoha picked out many of the books that she wanted and we read all of them tonight.

Reading with papa.

Some playground fun afterwards. Saitaomei cracked me up with her balancing and diving acts.

Safe landing!

Scary looking gecko, I don’t like lizards at all.

A korean bbq family dinner and the weekend is over again. It’s back to counting the days till the next weekend!

November 2019