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Afterwards I play with you

Saitaomei will shove her shoes towards me when she wants to go out! She was upset with me last night because I told her it was too late to go out and told her to put back her shoes. She wasn’t taking no for an answer, look at her jeje’s amused expression, you used to do exactly the same thing at that age Saitaoha!

We finally bring her out during the weekend and look what happens!

The crowd at IKEA was madness, whilst waiting for us to get lunch, this little girl fell asleep in her high chair.

She woke up in time for lunch though.

What do you mean it’s greedy to have two?

She enjoyed eating out a lot and so did Saitaoha. We also managed to make it back to the library and borrowed a new set of books. The kids really like reading the new books every month so I hope we can make it to the library at least monthly. A nice family weekend πŸ’•.

Tonight Saitaoha said to me ‘good night mummy, afterwards I wake up, I play with you ok mummy?’ She’s such a sweetie sometimes.


Cookie Monster

The helpful assistant.

The Cookie Monster.


Matchy jammies gifted by Gung Gung and Mah Mah.

‘Helping’ papa to fix up new laundry cabinets. She says this is her new home.

Weekend colouring. Saitaoha’s requests are getting more difficult, the other day she asked to colour a zoo!

She sat up so straight and still during the ride, I think she was in shock that it moved.

Sigh I wish weekends lasted longer.

Labour day long weekend

Sigh it’s not a good end to the otherwise lovely long Labour Day weekend, R is sick. It could me he caught my lingering 100 day cough, but who knows? All the kids are showing signs of stuffy noses, I know that this is the start of yet another cycle of family illness. I just hope it’s a light one this time and ends soon. Sigh.

Friday night was so fun because I decided that we should all go for movies in the park. We only lasted the first half hour of the movie because it was too chilly and windy. But the picnic before that was great and the kids really enjoyed rolling around the park.

Saitaomei was so happy, I really should bring her out a lot more.

My father seemed to enjoy the experience, he said this was Australian life, which I after.

The next day I brought Saitaoha to the zoo, it was her first zoo experience and her belated birthday treat.

I think the highlight of the zoo for Saitaoha wasn’t the animals but getting to hang out all day with LG jeje. She adores her cousins and has hero worship haha.

Enjoying her chips and Dino nuggets for lunch.

I think the icecream was her main course, she had two that day!

We bought them rainbow capes and it brought us luck because we scored a great parking spot.

She wasn’t sure this was a lion due to the lack of mane πŸ˜…. This girl sped through all the animals, always saying ‘let’s go see another one’. Alamak quantity over quality this Saitaoha.

They had more fun with each other than the animals.

I almost died of embarrassing when Saitaoha pointed to a little girl and asked ‘what’s that?’ as if she was another animal in the zoo. Luckily the little girl’s mum was a good sport and answered merrily ‘it’s a monkey!’

I really hope they stay close and continue to be great friends as they grow up.

The long weekend festivities didn’t end there for the lucky Saitaoha. Yee yee brought her out for a Freo outing the next day.

She looks rather small here.

But so grown up here! Please don’t get a tattoo when you become a teenager ok.

Another icecream day! Right before bedtime she declared to me ‘mummy I love ice cream!’ ‘Yes I know Saitaoha’. ‘Let’s go eat icecream tomorrow’.

Long weekends are the best.


Saitaomei loves music 🎢. She’s now drifting off to sleep with Bridge Over Troubled Waters playing in the background. Earlier she was still shrieking angrily because she couldn’t fall asleep, but once I put on The Carpenter’s We’ve Only Just Begun, it was like magic, she calmed down instantly and her eyelids started drooping. I think this girl will grow up loving the Oldies because that’s what her Gung Gung and Mah Mah love. In fact, we girls love the Oldies too because that’s what we grew up listening to. My friends used to laugh when I requested 邓丽君 during karaoke or tell them that I like Cliff Richard songs.

Yesterday Mah Mah was excitedly showing us this playlist of Oldies that her friend sent her, all her favourite songs. Before we knew it, we were dancing up a storm in the bedroom, my ah ma, my sister and I and the kids. Tristan and Saitaoha were delighted, ‘dancing !!! Mummy dancing!’ Saitaoha laughed while attempting to do the twist. Mah mah carried Saitaomei and twirled around with her. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ah ma so excited and happy. They all laughed when I took off my coat because it was getting hot. Such a joyous moment and one I will tuck into my warm and fuzzy memory box forever.

My sister and ah ma made us poke bowl for dinner. Very nice too!

Ms Mak Kim Kim strikes again

Saitaomei ah… don’t you know it’s the weekend?? This means you can sleep in ok? More importantly, mummy wants to sleep in too!

But mummy, 6.00am is sleeping in for me, I’m usually up at 5.30am remember ? I gave you an extra half an hour lie in !

No need to thank me ok? I know I’m a good baby ☺️.

Simple pleasure is making your weekend kopi in a glass mug that resembles the ones used in Malaysia kopitiams πŸ˜€. I miss Kuching and Singapore but I’m going back soon! Hehehe.


Herrow my friend, it’s the weekend you know, why are you up so early ?!

Tristan koko holding on to Saitaomei while his mummy helps Saitaoha to put on her socks. Very helpful koko! He’s so cute and always tells me ‘Saitaomei likes me!! She’s soooo cute!’ Unfortunately he doesn’t love Saitaoha as much because she doesn’t share her toys and fights for her yee yee’s attention.

Someone is mighty pleased to be at the table. She was very into dim sum, something tells me she’s going to be a foodie.

Tspellstrouble and family came over to make us dinner of burger and pizzas. I did nothing but sit and eat πŸ˜…, hehe I could get used to this. Thank you for the lovely dinner guys!

Sigh I can’t believe Saturday is almost over, I feel like I haven’t even started to enjoy my weekend yet 😭.

IKEA family outing

The whole family went to IKEA today! Usually we try to avoid IKEA as much as possible, but we were sucked in by πŸ‘‡

We were all checking the fine print for the full terms and conditions, but it is what it is, your meal value will be deducted from your total store purchase. So we ate loads, even ordering entrees and desserts, and our meal value was deducted from our purchases.

Haha this is what three adults ate! I don’t really like IKEA food, but it was still fun sharing desserts and eating with the family. Luckily we went really early when it just opened, there was still lots of parking space and we could snag a long table at the cafeteria. After that the line for the food was so long and everyone was hunting for tables and trolleys.

Saitaoha was so happy today because she could hang out with her cousins. She was following LG everywhere and even went up to her and said ‘jeje, hold hands’. So cute!

Happy girls.

After that everyone had soft serve ice creams. Saitaoha was delighted.

This girl ah, I thought she would sleep in her Tula but she was also happy to be out and about and stayed awake most of the time. My parents have her tonight, praying she will sleep through the night for them tonight.

Sigh, another weekend over. I have one more weekend before I’m back at work 😭.

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