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Sunday roast dinners

We were at Papparich for lunch on Saturday and the wait was horrendous.  It was made worse by inexperienced and disorganised waitresses cluckling around in stress. I’m not sure why management didn’t just assign one person to man the queue, it would have saved the waitresses asking each person 6 -times in a row how many seats were required for each table. 


Anyway the reason for that rant was to say that I liked the lychee soda drink at Papparich which was a pricey $4.60 and was sure I could recreate it at home. So I did!  Very refreshing with lychee, longans, mint leaves,  a lime wedge, lychee syrup and soda water.


It was Jan that suggested that we have roast lamb for our Sunday family dinner.  Believe it or not,  it was my first time roasting lamb with guidance from my sis. 


Luckily it all turned out lovely and our roast lamb dinner with roasted veg, mash and gravy ( not forgetting the all important mint sauce) was delicious.


Valentine-less weekend

Sorry my post title is so misleading, it’s not that R and I had a fight, but he was in Sydney for a course over the weekend so I didn’t have a Valentine this Valentine’s day hehe. It was still a very enjoyable weekend as per usual because weekends are usually family days.

The whole city was hyped up with The Giants fever. I was lucky because the Little Girl Giant was resting just opposite my work building so it was a quick walk to the park opposite to check her out.


I thought that was the end of my Giants encounter but Jo wanted to see the Giants too so we ended up lining up the streets with the rest of Perth on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the Diver Giant.


The happy Tristan, this was not because of the Giants though, he actually fell asleep when the Diver came by and didn’t seem too impressed with the Girl giant who zoomed past us. Haha, it was still pretty fun.


After checking out the Giants, we had dimsum at New Moon (William Street, Northbridge).


I reckon New Moon has some of the best eggtarts in town, just the right amout of flakiness it its pastry shell.


Little Ceasars Pizzeria is now available in Victoria Park. HC my brother in law was very pleased because he loves the pizzas there and used to drive to Leederville just to get takeaway. Now it’s a stone’s throw away!


Very busy despite opening less than a week ago. I’m so chuffed that we’re getting better restaurants in Victoria Park. It’s so nice to be able to walk to the cafe strip and know there’s good food available ( I especially love Grill’d haha).


Jan and Andy’s Pisagne, a pizza-lasagne, get it? hehe, it was pretty good and as Andy put it ‘very easy to eat’.


Jo and HC’s must order Greek Lamb pizza. This one was laden with olives.


I like Little Caesars’ dessert pizzas, this was their Tea Party pizza which comes with a french vanilla cinnamon base and pears. It was lovely. We’re hoping to try their Red Velvet dessert pizza in the future!


This is my lovely niece with her mummy, Kaka was very happy because we were at her favourite chicken rice joint Hoi Bo for lunch. A girl after my own heart, I am also a big chicken rice fan.
Tasty Hoi Bo chicken rice. I reckon nothing’s better for lunch than a fragrant bowl of chicken rice with succulent poached chicken and the most shiok chilli sauce. The only thing to fault about Hoibo’s chicken’ rice is the lack of thick dark soy sauce.


Was so surprised to see jambu available in Perth. Was almost tempted to buy some but it’s a bit hard justifying the price when I know it’s a lot cheaper in Malaysia.


We’re getting ready for CNY in Perth and have started buying ingredients for our ambitious reunion dinner.  Guess what I’m making tonight?

Food crawling on Saturday night

This Saturday was possibly the longest hours I’ve spent in the office over the weekend. Luckily,  I had the long suffering husband accompanying me.   By the time we trooped out of the building,  it was dark out.

Sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad that we are both workaholics :(. The best part about having to work during the weekend?


Indulging in tasty, yummy food at Pleased to Meet You afterwards. Watching the world walk by with a mango daiquiri.


Super crispy pork crackling with juicy suckling pork pullings. So good.


This roasted baby chicken with habanero was the highlight of the night and finger licking good. I love this place, everything has been so tasty so far and I can’t wait to explore the rest of their menu.


We didn’t end the night at Pleased to Meet You. Somehow we found ourselves at Darlings Supper Club on Lake Street. There was a great vibe there, R and I felt a bit out of place in our casual workdigs.


Who wouldn’t want dumplings for supper at 3am? In all honesty, the dumplings that I had there (the fried prawn and coriander dumplings) weren’t fantastic, but the great energy in the place, interesting asian selection of drinks made up for it.


Kungfu beer from 2 brothers was lovely. R really enjoyed the hot sake as well.


Fried japanese tofu with chilli salt and miso glaze. This was pretty good. Will be back, hopefully next time with friends and more suitably dressed for a night out.

Looking forward to the next weekend already.

Darlings Supper Club
47 Lake St
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9328 9883


I had to google to find out when Mooncake festival falls in 2014. The rest of the family will be out of the country  on 8th September and I will also be away for work! So we celebrated a week earlier.


Sesame flavoured crystal skin mooncake.


I love mooncake best with a cup of good Chinese tea. This was the fragrant tieguanyin, we usually dig out our precious supply of ‘Gerry’ tea leaves for special occasions. I call them Gerry tea because Gerry always gives us lovely tea from China.

Crazy Stupid Love is on tv right now. How come I’ve never seen this before? Ok, going to concentrate now.

Brunch@ Pleased to meet you

Spring is in the air! The weather was pretty glorious all weekend, I did no work at all and we’re pretty much fully recovered. So it was a good, real weekend 🙂


I was feeling pretty chirpy on Saturday while walking to the supermarket and staring at the blue sky. There was a ‘spring’ in my step, I felt so lighthearted that I even bought some pretty daffodils to bring some cheer into the home.


Sunday was great as well. I was missing the nephew and niece a bit, Tristan has been home sick while Kaka is still in Singapore. Had to make do with a really nice brunch at the fairly new hip joint in Northbridge, Pleased to Meet You. So hip that they don’t even have a signboard to identify the restaurant save for the ’38’ sign which signals their location on 38 Roe Street Northbridge.


They only open at noon and we were a wee bit too early so whiled away our time by checking out the ongoing Perth construction. Perth’s skyline has changed a lot in recent years.


I can’t imagine living far away from the city. I don’t think I could ever be a country gal, I shudder at the thought of living even half an hour away from the city. Even to this day, I miss working in the city and the hustle and bustle that goes with it.


 Yeah the doors finally opened and we’re one of the first ones in. R is not into the whole communal seating but I tell him that this is the ‘in’ thing nowadays. I agree with him though, I do like the privacy of having individual tables but understand that it wouldn’t go well with Pleased to Meet You’s no reservations policy and their sharing, tapas style menu.


Clean, industrial and spacious feel. The waitress was just friendly enough and provided good service.


Opted for the window seat at the front of the restaurant. A brunch with a view.


The menu is on the wall and you order at the counter. I wanted to order everything because the items all sounded so good (think ‘food truck’), but with restraint (haha), I had the duck taco with corn salsa ($7). Came in a three bite portion, and was delicious. Duck was moist, tasty, sweetness of the corn, ahh, squeeze of lime, it was yums. Could easily have devoured three of these.


My other order, S&P squid banh mhi ($8.5) was lovely too. The pickles gave it the tart freshness, squid tasty and nicely spiced, the bread was just right, with perfect crustiness and soft innards. Right away, I knew I would be back. I regretted not ordering more.


R had a real main, the roast pork ramen ($17). The ramen lover can never resist ordering ramen if it’s on the menu, we were really curious to see Pleased to meet you’s intepretation of ramen. The bowl that came out was pretty impressive, I think they must have placed their eggs in a water bath, it was oozy soft boiled pretty. I find it very disappointing that Perth restaurants that serve ramen now don’t even attempt to have the traditional half boiled eggs in ramen and instead give you half a boiled egg. Just wrong.


The broth definitely had depth of flavour and obviously thought was put into this bowl of ramen up from the tender roast pork to the marinated mushrooms. While flavoursome, we found it quite different from traditional ramens in that it distinctly lacked japanese flavours that we’re so used to be it soy or miso. It was good, but R said he would probably just stick to his favourite Gumshara ramen in Sydney in the future.

Will 100% return, in fact I’m raring to return just to try all the other things on the menu.


Market in the city. I bought a bagel because I love bagels, but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it haha.



Checking out the new designs in the city.


Mural artwork starting to appear in alleyways. Check out the interior designer at work, haha, capturing inspiration for his mood boards.


I’m back in the kitchen :):). This was bak kut teh with stir fried bittergourd with egg.


Japanese tofu with minced prawn, chicken, radish and mushrooms.


I love simple comfort chinese cooking. This is stir fried brocolli with chicken and mushrooms in egg sauce.


To balance out the ‘healthy’ items for dinner tonight, I had the very unhealthy siu yuk, roast pork. I’ve mentioned numerous times that R loves roast pork so I’m always experimenting with new ways to achieve the ultimate crispy skin. This was a new method which had many steps including marinating the skin in white vinegar for hours. Whilst a little more troublesome, I think it was worth it because this was my ‘bubbliest’ skin ever.


Another chiffon cake? Yes, this time it was an orange chiffon cake which I baked specially for Tristan and Jo since they were sick at home.

Boohoo the weekend is over, but at least it was a great one 🙂

WA Day long weekend with kueh chap

It’s the last long weekend for a long long time (T___T). Luckily we made the most of it and it was a relaxing and fun one.

_DSC2478 (Medium)

Starting the long weekend with R’s souvenir from Sydney, an Adriano Zumbo cronut, hehe, he knows me so well. It was a lovely treat to start the weekend with a hot cup of coffee and a custard filled cronut.

duan wu jie
Dinner at Jo’s with Wendy and Jason whom we haven’t caught up with for a long long time.Wendy brought her homemade rice dumplings, just in time for Duan Wu Jie :).

_DSC2480 (Medium)

The daitaoha family love buffets. This time it was the Hyatt buffet which was also a pre birthday celebration for R. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the oysters which we agreed were better than Atrium’s, but we still prefer Atrium overall and think it’s the better buffet joint in terms of variety and service.

_DSC2484 (Medium)

I cooked R a big Sunday breakfast of eggs, ham and sausages while it was  HC’s signature butter cake slices and coffee for me. Love HC’s butter cakes.


The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning one kg worth of pig’s intestines. My method includes rubbing the intestines with coarse salt, turning the intestines inside out with chopsticks, rubbing with tapioca flour, washing and ripping off the yucky membrane bits (repeat a couple of times), trimming the stubborn bits with a knife, searing on a hot pan then par boiling in hot water.

_DSC2499 (Medium)

Is it worth all the effort and trouble you ask? Definitely. Especially when it means you can serve your family a bowl of kueh chap at the end of the day. I also used half the intestines to braise it with belly pork which I prefer eating that way.

A great long weekend. I’m glad we made it count.

Lunch @ Chapter 88 & Little Chef Kaka

The daitaoha family are big fans of Ciao Italia, sometimes Jo and family even takeaway tiramisu from Ciao just for dessert after dinner. So when we heard that Ciao Italia had opened a new breakfast joint Chapter 88 in Nedlands, we knew that we had to visit it pretty soon.

_DSC2429 (Medium)

It was a bit odd to see this breakfast cafe tucked away in the corner of the dilapidated Broadway Shopping Centre where we used to go for our cheap takeaways as uni students. I don’t think we would have gone to Chapter 88 as students though because the prices are definitely not student affordable and around the high $20s.


Master Tristan all dressed up for Chapter 88.

_DSC2438 (Medium)

Lady Kaka is ready for lunch too.

_DSC2444 (Medium)

We were a bit late for breakfast so had lunch instead. Their lunch menu featured lots of pasta dishes, very similar to Ciao Italia fare. This mushroom risotto was quite delicious.

_DSC2446 (Medium)

This Asian beef salad with soba noodles was fresh and very tasty. I would definitely order this again if I was in a salad mood.


Jo had the squid ink pasta which we all thought tasted like Chinese rice dumplings! There was something very meaty about it which was weird. I was expecting the bursts of seafood flavour which usually infuse good squid ink pastas but this was a disappointment.

_DSC2450 (Medium)

MMy roast vegetable salad with eggplant, sweet potato and pinenuts. This was alright but I much preferred the asian beef salad.

_DSC2452 (Medium)

I can’t remember what this was called on the menu but we knew straightaway that it was Ciao Italia’s signature Fettucine Ciao Italia only called something else haha. Very creamy and rich, it’s difficult to finish a portion of this.

Overall we were quite pleased with the food and service at Chapter 88 which isn’t surprising since the lunch menu is very similar to Ciao Italia’s pasta dishes and we also spied their tiramisu in the dessert counter (prices are approximately $2 more expensive than Ciao Italia). We’re looking forward to going back for breakfast :).

Chapter 88
39/88 Broadway
08 9389 6689

_DSC2458 (Medium)

This Saturday’s brunch spot was Millpoint Caffe Bookshop which is opposite Ciao Italia.  We’ve been to this cafe/bookshop a few times over the past years and it’s always been a comfortable spot for standard good coffees, service and breakfast. Unfortunately, this cafe seems to have gone downhill over the years.

_DSC2459 (Medium)

Service while friendly, was extremely slow. The food when it did finally come out, was below par. My french toast which was topped with raspberries and  candy floss was very disappointing. The toast wasn’t soaked thoroughly with the batter and it was sad eating half battered white bread (which wasn’t even nice bread sigh) which wasn’t hot, toasty or crispy. The toast screamed of a rushed job and a short time in the pan.

_DSC2460 (Medium)

Pancakes which looked great but was doughy and not light and fluffy as pancakes should be. The kids usually wallop pancakes but most of it was left on the plate.  What’s happening to breakfast places in Perth nowadays?! (T____T)_DSC2464 (Medium)

The big breakfast which is a safe bet at least. There goes another good breakfast place, sigh*.

Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
254 Mill Point Rd
South Perth WA 6151
(08) 9367 4567

_DSC2426 (Medium)

When outside food disappoints, we can only cook at home! Even though I haven’t been cooking as much as I like and I’ve had a few baking failures (*malteser cakes*) recently. Despite the ups and downs, I still enjoy my Sunday cooking afternoons. This is my Thai style pork belly which is coriander and white pepper laden with gula melaka.

_DSC2477 (Medium)

With the cold winter days, we’ve been having steamboat Sundays. Jan and Andy introduced us to this soy/vinegar/raw egg/coriander and spring onion dipping sauce which is great with steamboat.

_DSC2468 (Medium)

Speaking of cooking, I am looking forward to future cooking days with Chef Kaka! Hehe, we’ve been playing ‘masak masak’ on her little peppa pig stove and she has been baking cupcakes and frying chips, veggies and steaks haha.


The very cute Chef Kaka with her homemade chef hat. Do you think she will make it to Masterchef  2034? Don’t grow up too fast Kaka, daitaoha yee yee still wants to play masak masak with you for years to come.

Another one Yee Yee?

It’s been the best April ever! Starting with our great Singapore trip, to the glorious Easter long weekend (endless fun Easter egg hunts with Kaka ) which just ended with birthday celebrations for Andy, HC and Jo. Life is just so much better with more family being in Perth and I really really love being an aunty!

Before I start on my food laden Singapore posts, I just wanted to end this post with a hot off the press photo of Jo and HC’s birthday tonight.


Tristan had a whole piece of cake to himself!

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