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Daffodil weekend

I can’t believe the month of August is almost over. I guess time flies when you’re very very busy and consumed by work. It’s been a really busy work month but I know it’s going to be worse come September. Ah well.


We had a charity bakesale at our workplace last week, I brought in an orange chiffon cake which went down well. I think it was the sheer size of the giant cake that was most impressive than anything else.


I baked an extra more modest sized pandan chiffon cake for our own consumption. I used a different recipe using self raising flour instead of normal flour + bicarb soda this time and it turned out well.


Malaysian seafood curry with fish fillet and prawns. The leftover curry sauce was diluted into a curry noodle bowl during the weekend (^__^).


More roasted chicken during the weekend. This time Jason and Wendy came over to share. I think we won’t be roasting chickens for a while.


Grapefruit and orange Thai salad as a side. The original recipe (click here) calls for pomelo but since we didn’t have any I made do with grapefruit and orange and it worked really well. I love Thai salads and will be attempting a green papaya salad tomorrow, hope it works out.


Fabie, Jason and Wendy’s puppy  toy poodle came to visit as well, he’s really cute and smart already knowing how to do tricks such as spin, roll over and go down.


My first Pho!  These couple of years I’ve been trying more and more Vietnamese recipes and eating out a lot more at Vietnamese restaurants. R is a huge pho lover and pho is his must order at every Vietnamese restaurant, so I thought, why not try making pho at home? Turns out it’s not so difficult and my first attempt while not restaurant standard, was actually quite good and tasty.


It’s been a while since I’ve slow cooked beef. The tender oxtail and beef chucks in the minty fragrant broth was yummy for dinner.


Daffodil Day for Cancer Council was last Friday. I like daffodils because they’re so bright and cheery.

yellow flower
Speaking of bright yellow flowers, these little yellow flowers were picked from my garden. The rain seems to have stopped for a while, the sun has come out and wild flowers are shooting out everywhere.

yellow flower2

Already the weather feels warmer and I was able to wear a dress without stockings for the first time yesterday. I guess Spring is in the air.

Roasted chicken finale

It feels like ages since I last blogged and it probably has been a while. Life has been full on with a heavy workload during the week and visitors during the weekend. August and September are the months for fly in fly outs 🙂


Last weekend it was David’s turn to experience Di’s 3 day whirlwind Tour of Perth. I might trademark this. While it is fun showing visitors around beautiful Perth, I must admit that the late night weekends are getting to me, I could hardly keep my eyes open on Monday. Must be getting old (T___T). It’s becoming a tradition to end each trip with A Night of Roasted chicken, this time chilli mussels, spaghetti, garlic bread and potato salad were thrown in for good measure.


Not to blow our own horn but this was seriously our best roasted chicken yet, the chicken was wonderfully moist and tasty, even the roasted potatoes were sweet and yummy:)

pear tarte

Dessert was my easy Pear Tarte Tatin again, always easy and a crowd pleaser. I wish I had a bigger fridge so I could stock vanilla icecream, it just goes so well with desserts.

Ok, I hope I can update soon, it’s a big week ahead, sigh, but at least it’s almost half over.

七夕情人节 Chinese Valentine’s

(T__T). (T_____T). (T________T). Ya. The weekend’s over. Sigh.. very sad.


And it was such a nice weekend too. Sunday afternoon was spent sipping green tea poured from the cutest teapot, a Christmas present from my sister many years ago.


Dinner tonight was grilled teriyaki fish which I tried to cook unagi style, basting with sauce and grilling.

fish rolls

Steamed fish paste egg rolls with sweet brown sauce made from chicken stock, sweet soy sauce and mirin.


It’s Chinese Valentine’s Day today. Wendy told me that she was going to make sweet rice dumplings for the festival, I wanted to do something similar, but instead of tang yuen, I did it Malaysian style and made pandan onde-onde instead. Little round glutinous flour balls with hidden melted gula melaka filling and dessicated coconut , nom nom nom. Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

4 days and counting to the weekend.

Yellow and orange

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday tomorrow, it’s been a hell of a work week and I feel really quite terrible. Which might explain the amount of baking and cooking I did over the week, for some reason all the cooking turned out in shades of  yellow and orange, cheery colours but I was mostly feeling blue 😦 .


It was also the week that Gerry did a bit of cooking! Both my male housemates are pretty good cooks so I feel safe turning over the kitchen to them when I want a rest. Supper one night was tong sui  (sweet soup) of egg, white fungus, lotus seeds, and lily bulbs, very nice and comforting.


Gerry is also now in a prawn mode, buying kilos of prawns over the weekend. This is his specialty of very garlicky prawns, he wanted to invite Jo and HC over (coz Jo loves his prawns) but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. Don’t worry Jo,still a kilo of prawns left in the fridge!

nasi kuning

Nasi kuning aka yellow rice which is really tumeric spiced coconut milk laden rice, very fragrant and goes well with curry.

pineapple rice

More yellow rice, only this is Thai pineapple rice which I garnished with fish floss shavings.

pineapple beef

The leftover pineapple, I used in my pineapple beef dish, my favourite and food proof stir fried beef dish.


Mini portugese egg tarts made with frozen puff pastry in my mini muffin pan, I should probably have rolled the pastry thinner for more custard filling, I think next time I might make them normal sized, but mini ones are so cute and as Jan puts it, handy to share around with work colleagues.


Some of the pineapple also went towards tonight’s carrot cake muffins, I am learning how to wrap my own muffins with baking paper instead of using muffin wrappers, saves money that way and I am foreseeing lots of cupcake/muffin baking in the future. The carrot cake recipe was pretty good with the muffins chockful with chopped walnuts, shredded carrot and crushed pineapple.


My mum’s famous fried sharksfin dish except mine was fake sharksfin with vermicelli instead. I used lots and lots of bamboo shoots in mine because I love the crunch of bamboo shoots.

I hope I make it to Friday and the weekend. 😦

Red velvet cupcakes

I think baking would be a lot more fun if it didn’t involve so much washing up.


I spent my Saturday morning baking  indulgent and decadent Red Velvet Cupcakes (recipe from thecakemistress ), possibly the most fattening cupcakes around with  sinful thick cream cheese frosting.


Jo’s getting this box of mini cupcakes when I see her tomorrow. As you can see, piping frosting is obviously not my forte. They look like lopsided rosettes (T__T), but at least they’re yummy :).


The redness of the ‘red’ velvet cupcakes aren’t very evident until you bite into one, very appealing colour, reminds me of Valentine’s day. This cupcake is quite ‘cakey’, moist and morish. The good thing about baking cupcakes, you actually know how much sugar goes into these things so it stops you from devouring them like Cookie Monster or should I say Cupcake Monster.


Question of the day: Why is Gerry hugging the car engine and is he in pain or in ecstasy? Winner gets a Red Velvet cupcake!

When I get mad …

I cook. I don’t know what others do to let off steam when they’ve had a horrible day at work. Yesterday I came home from work spewing and ready to bite. Luckily none of the boys were home (or I’m sure I would have taken off a head or two) so I headed straight into the kitchen and started taking out all my pots and pans.


I must have put some of my anger and heat into this dish of sambal prawns. It came out super duper hot and spicy.


Stir fried brussel sprouts, these little things look so cute but I just don’t like them, I think it’s all the children books about kids hiding brussel sprouts under their plates, I didn’t like brussel sprouts even before I ate them.


Sesame chicken drumsticks.


I was going to bake cupcakes but was sidetracked by my mother’s steamed pumpkin kueh recipe. I called home to ask my mum for some tips, and immediately felt better. Her instructions were something like  ‘2 cups of rice flour, 3 cups of water ..’ so I  asked ‘what kind of cup? As in baking measurement cup?’ She said ‘no.. you know that bowl that we use at home with the flowers on the side.. that cup lah’. Hehehe, my mother is so cute, and really a master chef because obviously she doesn’t use measurements and just goes by ‘feel’. I’ll never get there (T_____T).

pumpkin kueh

Despite my shoddy attempt, the kueh actually turned out quite good, except I forgot to season the flour water mixture so it wasn’t salty enough. Otherwise, pan fried and crispy, it was quite nice.


Even though talking to my mother cheered me up, the cooking fest didn’t work off all my frustration. But this turtle did! Doesn’t it have the cutest smile? He just looks so happy and sweet, I just find myself smiling every time I look at it.


Cute even upside down! Hehehehe 🙂 Well it’s Friday tomorrow. Bring on the weekend!!!!!!!

Malaysian cooking

The weekend was terrific, hence I’m suffering from a terrible case of Monday blues at the moment. *Groan* I really hate Sunday nights.

I’ve been experimenting with Malaysian dishes for the food stall. We might not end up having the stall after all because apparently nothing is supplied by the organisers, you pretty much just get a patch of grass. Not sure how I’m going to heat up any food with no electricity, no powerpoints etc. Oh well. Perhaps it’s for the best, it gives me extra time to perfect my  cooking.

curry veg

Curry vegetables for dinner tonight. The boys liked the curry and said it tasted even better with vegetables than chicken. I think I’m starting to get the hang of making up my own curry paste.


A new experiment, beef rendang. I quite like this recipe and the beef was nicely tender. Best part about beef rendang is the toasted kerisik  (toasted grated coconut) in the gravy, yums.

I might cook nasi kunyit (yellow rice) soon, once I get hold of some glutinous rice.Being a clumsy person is hazardous in the kitchen, I have suffered numerous cuts and burns from the kitchen, cooking scars I call them, cut my thumb pretty deeply today, but I guess I’m so used to it that the blood doesn’t faze me any longer. I just wish I wasn’t such a clumsy cook.

Meanwhile it’s back to the daily humdrum of work again. Sigh. I wish weekends lasted forever.

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