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Elies Tent, Venn and Crispy Chicken

This was a couple Saturday nights ago when R had a long day at work and ended up falling asleep once he got home.
_DSC1853 (Large)
By the time he woke up, it was rather late and we didn’t have many places to choose from. In the end we tried Elies Tent which is a lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park which we’ve passed by many times but never tried. It ended up being a good choice because the restaurant was quiet and we got this corner all to ourselves.

I spotted a belly dancer  poster on their door and commented to R that we had probably missed the belly dancing since we were so late. But to our delight, at the start of our meal, the vivacious and friendly belly dancer appeared. She was a talented lady too and came by to chat with us later.

_DSC1862 (Large)

We ordered the Maza for Two banquet ($35 per person) and it was fun when all this spread turned up. Hummus(chickpea) and mutabbal(eggplant) dips and fetta cheese which we had with lebanese bread. I actually enjoyed the mutabbal a lot which had this strong roasted eggplant flavour. We also had falafel which came out piping hot and was very tasty.

_DSC1873 (Large)
Tabbouleh, which was a refreshing salad but I think they should have added more  ingredients, this one perhaps had too much parsley and not much else.

_DSC1874 (Large)
Chicken and beef shish kebab. Nothing special but grilled meat on a stick 🙂

_DSC1881 (Large)
Seasoned rice with shawarma lamb and chicken, the meat pieces were very tender and nicely spiced and lemony. R and I were getting very full by this time.

Would I return to Elies Tent? I’m not sure as I don’t think R is a big fan of Lebanese cuisine, but it was definitely nice to have something out of the ordinary and at a nice, cosy family restaurant.

_DSC1886 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn’s in the city. I love the high ceilings and secluded feel of this hidden breakfast spot.

_DSC1890 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn wasn’t great, this mushrooms with poached egg and toast was too salty.

_DSC1889 (Large)
I probably should have stuck to good ol’ jam and butter with toast.

_DSC1903 (Large)
We were really unlucky during our last Sunday brekkie hunt. All the places we went to were either closed or too full etc. So somehow we ended up at the popular Tuckshop which only required a 10 minute wait. This was my smoked cod gratin which came with a cheese toasty. The gratin was rich and packed with seafood flavour, rather like a seafood chowder, but a bit heavy for me especially paired with a cheese toasty.

_DSC1899 (Large)
Lots of fun things happening in the city! I liked their makeshift beach with giant tv screen of rolling waves in the middle of the city.

_DSC1909 (Large)
We discovered this 360 degrees poultry roaster gadget and couldn’t resist buying it. You know how one side of your roast chickens sticks to the tray and you end up ripping the skin when you try to flip it over? This gadget solves all your non crispy skin problems because it roasts the bird standing up.

_DSC1922 (Large)
The result of our roast chicken, more crispy skin but the meat wasn’t as tender as usual, maybe I left it too long in the oven to get the full golden brown effect.

_DSC1919 (Large)

Three kinds of roasted sweet potatoes, they included the normal golden sweet potatoes, my favourite purple skinned white fleshed variety and a new white skinned but purple flesh variety given to us by Gerry, very nice too.
_DSC1925 (Large)

Baking for our work morning tea, nectarine and almond cake. Tristan’s first birthday party is coming up this weekend so lots of cooking will be involved this weekend. I’m hoping I get well from my bout of migraine and overall dizziness this week, wish me luck!

Falafel heaven @ The Prophet

I was pleasantly surprised when Richard informed me that we had a table booked at The Prophet (one of my must-eats in Perth) for the weekend. Very popular, this little Lebanese restaurant requires booking two weeks in advance for a table especially for Saturday nights.

I don’t know much about Lebanese food so I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was, everyone I knew who had been to The Prophet raved about the food, in fact, A told me ‘everything is good there’.  And he was right, everything we ate that night was delicious and pretty amazing.

A complimentary basket of flat Lebanese bread with pickled gherkin and garlic dip was served to us at the beginning of the meal. Even that was yummy, I rolled up the crunchy pickled cucumber in the bread and dipped it in the refreshing and light garlic dip, very appetizing.

The falafel. Who knew balls of deep fried mashed chickpeas and beans could be so delicious? You would be hard pressed to find me ever ordering chickpea or bean anything on a menu, but these heavily spiced falafels were warm to the finger, crispy on the outside, so fragrant and chewy on the inside. I just kept saying to Richard ‘how can chickpeas taste soooo good?!’

The reviews said that the lady fingers were to die for. I was expecting stuffed lady fingers, the vegetable, filled with mince, something very yong taofu style, But it was really minced beef and pinenuts wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried. More like springrolls with a mince filling that was crunchy and yummy. All piping hot and delish. This was good, but  my heart was lost to the falafels which  were truly outstanding. I’ve never had falafels in my life so I have nothing to compare them to, but The Prophet falafels will always be a benchmark to other falafels in future.

We wanted to have a main but decided against grilled meat. Instead we had  the hot fish. Out come a large piece of white fish (not sure what fish variety though) smothered in a coriander-y, chilli yoghurt sauce. Very interesting because we’ve never had fish cooked that way before. It was nice and tasty, and we mopped up the yoghurt with the remainder of the bread.

At one point I headed outside to the toilet (you walk right into the kitchen and out the backway to get there) and walked aimlessly around empty rooms only to realize that I had walked into the living quarters instead of the restroom out in the garden. Oops. (=______=).

The service at The Prophet was friendly and prompt, the atmosphere warm and lively.  Everyone seemed to know everyone, there was lots of loud chatter and laughter in the buzzing restaurant. We spent as much time people watching as oohing and aahing over the food from our little corner table by the window. I remember that night vividly, I headed out from home in a melancholy and resigned mood, but the food cheered me up to no end and at the end of the night I was on a foodie high.

Can’t wait for our next visit.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 7.5/10

Service: 7/10

The Prophet
907a Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park 6101 WA
Phone: (08) 9361 1101

July 2020