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Last night

My father has beautiful penmanship. I’ve always admired his Chinese writing and his vast knowledge of China history and culture. When we were young, we used to love the Singaporean sitcom Under One Roof about the Tan family. The family patriarch Tan Ah Teck would end most episodes by telling a story to his kids ‘long before your time, in the southern province of China…’

My father is a little bit like that, he is always telling me stories that are linked to Chinese history such as the how the name yew char kueh came about. Do you know it’s linked to General Yue Fei, the great warrior from the Song Dynasty?

During this trip he told me a funny story about Deng Xiao Ping visiting America. image

He also taught Jo and I tai chi during this trip. It’s funny how my once fierce father is now so patient with us when teaching us the moves and how he melts like putty around his grandkids. Even when Tristan was playing with my father’s precious guitar, back in those days surely us kids would have gotten a walloping, instead he was more worried that Tristan would hurt himself and pulled his hands ¬†away gently. I myself was ready to yell at Tristan ‘you do not bang on gung gung’s guitar!!’

Our Taichi lessons have been hilarious that half the time I wish we could video it coz we look so silly, HC my brother in law watches with a bemused expression while the rest of us, Jo and Ah Ma included battle with the very very slow moves. I love it and it goes down into my books as something I will miss dearly when I return to Perth tomorrow. My father left me his handwritten notes with the Taichi steps for me to practise at home. Somehow it won’t be quite the same.image
The view is still lovely tonight. Why didn’t I notice this the last time I was here? I will miss being high up on the 35th in our cozy little home. A couple of days ago there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Tristan was a little scared and I saw him shiver when a huge roar of thunder cracked, he quickly ran to his mummy and pressed his face into her lap. In a couple of seconds he was no longer scared and played on while the storm raged around us. I know it’s because he felt entirely safe, comforted and warm with his parents around him. That’s how I felt this week.

Singapore family trip

I recognise that my blog is half dead now that I’m primarily blogging from dayre. It is so much easier and instant.


This is my bedroom window view from the 35th floor. I love this flat, it’s a home away from home and I already know that we will have wonderful happy times here for years to come.

I am having a glorious short break. Exactly what I needed to recharge from a hectic work atmosphere. It will be extra crazy when I return but for now I’m not too fussed as I know I will and can handle it when it comes. For now I’m basking in the tender glow of being around my family and especially my parents. It just feels so unbelievably good and I wanted to share this on my blog that has accompanied me unfailingly over these years.

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