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Day 12 London: Korean @ Kingston

We went back to Kingston for more shopping on Day 12.

day 11 2

It was a nice day. Kingston is a great shopping area with its mixture of department stores, high street stores, boutiques and market stalls.

day 11 1

Some filming going on in the middle of the street.

day 11 6

Kingston is also home to one of the largest Korean communities outside of Korea  with many Korean restaurants and stores located in the suburb. It made sense to stop by the Korean restaurant Palace for some Korean lunch on the way back home.

day 11 3

Korean food isn’t my favourite cuisine but I do like  Korean rice cakes and these chilli ones were yummy.

day 11 4

Jan had the beef bulgogi, very flavourful and tender.

day 11 7

We also stopped by the suburb of Cheam and had a Costa Coffee (reminds me of Gloria Jeans in Australia). It was my second Costa coffee, the first one I had was terrible, but with a shot of caramel syrup, the second coffee was better. It was sweet to see this young couple possibly on their first date sitting at the next table.

End of a successful shopping trip, we should have taken a picture of Jo’s shopping bags, she has been banned from shopping for the next few days :(.

day 12 15

Kaka picture of the day: Kaka with her angelic smile in her baby bouncer, the determined baby has been trying to stand unaided for the past few days, it’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Ninniku Jip

I really must remember to bring a notebook when I eat out, by the time I get round to blogging about these restaurants, I’ve forgotten most of the dishes and what they taste like. So fellow foodies, please remind me next time you go out ‘fooding’ with me, or even better, help me bring a notebook and pen.

Before I continue with Ninniku Jip, I must admit that Korean is probably one of my least favourite cuisine, maybe I haven’t eaten really good Korean food but I just don’t love it the way I love Japanese or Thai. Instead, I associate it with bbq-ed meats, lots of smoke and smelly clothes afterwards (-___-).

Ninniku Jip means the Garlic House in Korean, although it advertises as a Korean restaurant, a lot of the food on the menu was Japanese. One thing that struck me about their menu was, not much choice. Everything sounded similar to each other just different ingredients like chicken, beef or seafood. Many of the dishes came with side dishes and rice, we all liked the kimchi which didn’t have that ‘dish liquid’ taste that I dislike.

We ordered a hotpot for two, opting for the Bulak Jungol ($22.50 per person) which came with beef, baby octopus, tofu and veges. This hot pot was pretty spicy and tasted quite nice (see this is what happens when I don’t bring a notebook). Rather large portion for two as well, luckily we were all sharing.

When our dishes were served, I was pleasantly surprised to discover no ‘smoking’ effect. That’s until the Sizzling garlic chicken bulgogi ($22.80) arrived, we pretty much smoked out the entire restaurant and some people from the other tables were coughing.  I thought this dish would be really good since the Garlic House must serve great garlic chicken, but really, it didn’t taste of anything much and was very bland.

The Ishiyaki vege bibimbap ($21.50) was pretty bland for me, but I think the rest of the foodies  quite enjoyed it. I think maybe I didn’t add enough gochujang paste in the bibimbap.

The Sizzling chilli squid ($22.80) was easily the favourite of the night, it was spicy and tasty and went well with rice, the texture of the squid was nicely done too. If I ever return to Ninniku Jip, this will be a reorder.

We ordered the Seafood yakisoba ($15.80) because we were running out of things to order, the menu rotated around various bibimbaps, hotpots, sizzling dishes and noodles. So we had one of each. This yakisoba was quite ordinary, slightly sweet and not too oily.

With our entertainment book discounts (25% off), the meal was quite affordable otherwise I doubt I will return for the prices and food. Except maybe for the chilli squid.The rest of the foodie gang gave the meal a 6.5 (and perhaps 7 for the chilli squid) but I think in comparison to Hanami (which scored a 6.5) Ninniku Jip wasn’t as good so I gave it a 6. I must mention that their service was really excellent though.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 6/10 daitaohas


Service: 7/10 daitaohas

7 service

Ninniku Jip
867 Albany Hwy,
Victoria Park, WA 6010
Tel: 9355 1988

December 2020