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40 weeks +3 days overdue

Once a pregnant lady reaches full term, every additional day after her estimated due date goes by very very slowly. Every twinge, ache or movement is met with trepidation and hope ‘is this it? Am I going into early labour?’ But when it all settles again, there’s a sense of crushing disappointment and frustration.

I spent the night worrying whether the lesser movements means she’s running out of space or whether something more sinister is lurking. The rational part of me knows that this is part and parcel of the ‘waiting period’ and I’m over thinking everything. I’ve also been pondering and thinking that I’ve been a wholly unsupportive sister towards my sisters when they were pregnant! They must have gone through the same horrible emotional upheavals and physical strain, and yet, I don’t recall anyone whining to me or me showing any concern at all (T___T). I promise I will be a much better sister and more supportive during their next pregnancies.

My parents have been in Perth for a week now. I know that my mother is quite anxious as well, because everyday that Saitaoha hasn’t arrived, is one day less that she can help with the baby before she flies back home. I am however thankful that they are here. I know that I will look back and treasure this memorable period of spending time with my parents. I feel like I am going back in time during my youth when my parents took care of all my needs.

It is surreal seeing my father doing housework around the house. My father who has always been the  the king of our household is now mopping my floors as I type, in fact, he came over to show me the new mop that he bought (my parents were flabbergasted at my lack of high tech cleaning supplies haha) and how you ‘can really see the dust’. My mother told me that he plans to clean the windows tomorrow?! It doesn’t matter how much I protest or try to stop them from doing work, they just won’t allow me to do anything! I think because this is the first time that my parents have seen any of their daughters in a heavily pregnant state, they are quite shocked at the size of my belly and have deemed me unsuitable to do any menial tasks.

When Saitaoha grows up, I will let her know how wonderful and selfless her grandparents are. I will teach her to be a loving grand daughter and let her know that filial piety is one of the best virtues that she should uphold.


28 weeks

I’m alive! It really has been too long since I’ve blogged from this space, I’ve been blogging daily using Dayre, but it’s just not the same. Dayre is great for microblogging and when you’re on the go, I write when I’m on the train, or when we’re in the car, it captures snippets of the day, but it doesn’t really capture my thoughts or emotions as fully as a real long blog post.

I thought about blogging when I passed my first trimester, it felt right that I should blog about the next phase of my life on the blog that has been accompanying me all these years. But for some reason, I resisted. I think it’s because the pregnancy to me is such a private matter, in fact, up to now many friends still don’t know about it and I haven’t felt the need to shout it from the top of the world. The pregnancy journey has been interesting, for the past couple of years, even though I knew my ‘biological clock was ticking’ and everyone under the sun would ask ‘when are you planning to have kids’, I’ve always felt quite comfortable with saying we’re not ready yet. Really, I was the one that wasn’t ready. Work was so busy, I wanted to enjoy it just being two of us, and most of all, having watched my two sisters’ journeys, I knew what it meant if we were to take the next step. It’s hard work and it’s forever. You can’t change your mind halfway and say ‘take back the kid’, even with marriages nowadays, people get divorced so easily, but you can’t ever divorce from your kids can you?

The pregnancy as I predicted wasn’t as smooth running as I hoped it would be. There was the down syndrone high risk scare, there was my gallstone removal (I feel so cheated of the wonderwoman 2nd trimester scare because of that!). For the first time in my life I was hospitalised and wheeled around in a hospital bed, went for an MRI scan (they let you watch Family Guy while you’re in that coffin thing!) and was put under to have a ‘procedure’ to get rid of that little bugger. Now that I’m in the final trimester, there are millions of doctor appointments, child birth classes and I am very behind on nursery preparation. I can genuinely say I’ve hardly bought anything for saitaoha (my mother gave her that nickname, apt right haha) and have read half a baby book. I have been accompanied by this great pregnancy app which I’ve read is considered very old school (because it was one of the very early ones and there are new fangled cooler apps out there nowadays) but I love it. Everyday I have a quick read to see what’s happening with the baby, sage advice on forums from other mums, and it’s also the way I keep track of what week I’m at (-____-)”. It’s not very reliable especially when they use a fruit to describe the baby’s size, baby is supposed to be the size of an eggplant this week, but hey, do you mean those teeny Lebanese eggplants or the huge giant ones that are found in Australia?? Take it with a grain of salt lah.

The weight gain is a worry for me. I just really pray that I will be able to lose the weight when saitaoha is out. I miss wearing nice dresses and having a waist (T____T). It’s also quite alarming to see all the weight that I lost over the years through diet and exercise just pile on. I have to be honest, my work life was getting so bad pre pregnancy that I was comfort eating too much anyway.

I always knew pregnancy wasn’t easy even though other women at work looked like they were breezing through it (I probably just never realised they might have been struggling). I just didn’t realise how scary it was going to be, and how fragile. A very close friend had a miscarriage during this time, and it was painful and heartbreaking to watch. Life felt very fragile and I found myself hoping to get pass each week smoothly because every extra week means a stronger chance of survival. It’s quite morbid isn’t it? But it’s not all negative, I’ve had so much support from my family and friends. Even though I haven’t bought anything for saitaoha, I also haven’t felt the massive need to because everynow and then Jo would drop by with a parcel of ‘something the baby will need’, or Jan would tell me ‘I have two sets of xx, don’t buy, baby can choose which one she prefers’. My mother whatsapps me to tell me what other miscellanous thing she’s bought for saitaoha, I think the other day it was baby nail clippers. My family know when to fuss and cluck, but they also knew when I needed my space and hovered in the background, not saying anything but showing their support with the gesture of homecooked soup.

R has been so supportive too. I’ve gotten so used to the workaholic always being so busy with his appointments, professional development training and courses, I sort of settled myself on being on this journey semi alone. But it was the opposite, he’s been to every doctor’s appointment with me, was there everynight to visit at the hospital, was a shoulder to cry on during the tough times, we were in it together and are in this together for life. That’s pretty amazing.

So saitaoha, stay happy and healthy ok? There are so many amazing people for you to meet when you come out, you will have the most wonderful grandparents, aunties, uncles and papa to spend your life with. And yes, you’ll have me too. I’m not that great but I’ll try my best and that’s a pact ya?

2015 Year of the Sheep

Gong Xi Fa Cai! I just realised that I’ve had this blog since 2009, that’s like going on 7 years!! It’s pretty amazing when you think my 2nd blog post talked about how I wished my siblings were there to join us for dinner ‘if only if only’ and now it’s only Darren that’s missing from the picture! It took a long time but we’re getting there 🙂

Our reunion dinner, it’s so much more fun and loud now that the kids are here and Jan’s family has joined us in Perth. I remember in the old days Jo and I had to join Calv’s family for reunion dinner and became the token ‘Wong’ family members. It was really nice of them to us join them come to think of it. I should really bake a cake for Mama Wong some day.


Andy is our ‘fish’ master, I love the fishes that he steams haha. My sharksfin soup was a fail I reckon, next year I’m going to leave it to R. But at least the braised abalone went well! I’m going to do this as a treat in the future.


R and his abalone lollipop haha.


Lou hei. I love this dish I’m not sure why. I think it’s the combination of flavours and texture. Hopefully the year of the Sheep will be a great one for our family and friends, lots of good luck, good health and good fortune please (not greedy at all haha!).

We had our traditional Chinese New Year morning tea at work (3 years running now). As per usual, I shared my colleagues’ zodiac fortunes for the year, explained some Chinese New Year customs and introduced my colleagues to some CNY treats. I really enjoy these annual sessions because I’m proud of our Chinese culture and customs and it’s great to be able to share some of this knowledge.

It’s been a week of feasting and lack of exercise though so I’m hoping to be better next week. Hmm… have to start planning for Chap Goh Meh dinner, maybe steamboat? So much for being good …

Becoming older yet again

I had a lovely birthday! It was filled with warm wishes, celebrations and lovely food. I even managed to catch a movie (Big Hero 6, it was cute, funny and heartwarming) which was what I really wanted to do for my birthday.

Birthday brunch at Harvest Expresso which was my request. They now serve matcha lattes at Harvest Expresso. I’ve blogged about Harvest Espresso a few times, it’s my local cafe which is ever so popular and requires a bit of a wait because of it’s tiny space. Instead of trying somewhere new, I wanted to go to a place where I knew the food would be different (they always change their menus which is the sign of a passionate and great chef) but consistently good so Harvest it was.


Their summer menu dish of Chicken and the egg (Fried egg, confit chicken, crepes, bacon jam, romesco sauce, lemon crème fraiche $20.5) did not disappoint. The chicken especially was tender and moist, very tasty paired with the bacon jam and romesco sauce. We thought the fried egg didn’t add much to the dish (but who will say no to a fried egg) and would have preferred the chicken to be a breast rather than a maryland (bones are so fiddly for brunch) but otherwise, could not fault the taste.


My dish was the Tonka Toast (Seasonal fruits, French toast, tonka mascarpone,granola, crumble $18) because I am a sucker for french toast. Harvest does a lovely french toast, but I think it would have been much better if the mascarpone was cold which would lift the rather warm dish (even the fruits felt warm and heavy). I loved the granola and crumble though which gave a great crunch to the french toast.


R brought me for degustation at Red Cabbage (South Perth) which is one of my favourite restaurants in Perth. I was happy that he chose Red Cabbage even though we’ve been a few times because it meant that we were going for the tried and tested classics. Even before the night started, I knew the food would be delicious and I wasn’t wrong :). Even their warm buns which came with garlic and chive butter and a side of pork crackling (so crispy we could hear other tables cracking into their crackle) tasted extra lovely.


This was our favourite dish of the night, the marron which was really delicious, perfect texture, slightly raw, sweet and delicate, and paired with kimchi which was a great surprise but a wow for the tastebuds. Perfect dish to keep you hanging out for the main.


Birthday family dinner at Satsuki in Subiaco. I’ve always wanted to try either Satsuki or Ha-lu (sister restaurant) because I’m always keen to find the best Japanese in Perth. I didn’t eat much of the sashimi but I’m told it was pretty good.


I had a bite of R’s side of ramen which was very flavourful, R told me later that he found it too salty which is saying a lot for someone who usually likes heavy and salt laden food.


Duck with wagyu beef and madeira sauce ($23). We liked this one a lot so ordered another serve. The duck and beef were both tender and nicely done.

I’m not sure we will be going back to Satsuki again, not that the food wasn’t good, it was actually quite nice (we thought it was a bit pricey at first but it turned out ok when the final bill came) but it wasn’t wow. So no, it’s not winning the best Japanese in Perth award.


My colleague baked me a birthday cake for my birthday morning tea at work (=^^=). He’s the best baker in our organisation so I was chuffed. It had an asian twist to it to, a really delicious lychee and lime cheesecake (I told him I like lychees). I liked it so much that I had two slices and told him I want one every year. He told me it was the most expensive cake he’s ever baked (it’s the lychee liqueur) so I don’t think I will be getting another one next year haha.


My pretty birthday cake which was decorated by Kaka with flowers. It was really nice to cut the cake and blow birthday candles with my niece who shares my birthday. We wished each other happy birthday in the car and she giggled ‘Daitaoha yee yee said happy birthday to me!’ I love my niece.


Rainbow filling. I like rainbow sponge cakes because they’re so pretty. I especially like this one because the shades of the rainbow are just right, not too bright and garish. Also helps that it’s a really nice and moist sponge!


Sigh, birthday celebrations over and it’s back to work again. Monday’s lunch bento is teriyaki beef with cherry tomato scrambled egg.

Second lunch bento of butter chicken and rice. This is a recipe from my new Gordon Ramsay cookbook that I received as a birthday gift, putting it to good use immediately hehe. Hope it turns out well.

Have a good week everyone 🙂

Kuching daze

We’re back in Kuching! Now going on Day 5 but it feels like it’s gone by in a blur because of R’s sister’s wedding. Already I feel sad that we’re going back soon 😦

Darren roti canai love

Darren roti canai love

Spending the last few days with my brother. Here he is digging into his favourite roti canai. He ordered a roti bawang and a roti kaya, both very good!

roti pisang

roti pisang

I had roti pisang (banana) for the first time. It was a bit odd at first eating it with curry, sweet and savoury but very yummy.



My favourite ‘sa yong’ puffs sprinkled with sugar for dessert. So good. This will probably be the last sa yong that I eat for a while (so I had three!), *sob* no more sa yong until my next return to Kuching.

teh tarik

teh tarik

Teh tarik which we had with the roti canai. Not too sweet and very fragrant.

stutong market

stutong market

I love exploring the wet markets in Kuching. This is stutong market which had lots of great food stalls.

banana galore

banana galore

Why are the bananas in Malaysia so much better? Makes for much better banana fritters/goreng pisang too!

kueh chap

kueh chap

Kueh chap from Stutong market. This was my mother’s lunch which she said was pretty good.

kolo mee

kolo mee

My first kolo mee in Kuching! Also from Stutong market, it was very good.

Ok that’s all for now, Happy New Year in advance!

Camping@Mandurah Caravan &Tourist Park

A very belated post of our second camping trip also around the Mandurah area but this time at a different camping site, the Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park (522 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah). 20141206_064233

This time we only went for a weekend so I took the train up to meet the guys at the site where they had everything already set up hehe. It was a nice spot and very popular with families (swimming pool, playground and good facilities), not as idyllic and peaceful as our last spot but better in the sense that we got a lot more shade and were nearer to the amenities. 20141206_072249 Lots of birds around our area! The duck family came visiting in the morning. They were not shy at all. 20141206_072420 The Australian ringnecks were also very brazen and hopped up to our table for some breakfast. I had to save Tristan’s breakfast from his fast beak.

20141206_082740 Our big breakfast!
_DSC4163 (Medium)
The boys go crabbing which is what Mandurah is famous for.
_DSC4166 (Medium)
Crabs in the water. But sadly, we didn’t manage to catch any full sized ones.


This time we explored more of the Mandurah town centre. Lovely perfect camping weather. It was Perth at its best.


 One of my favourite photos this year. Tristan and his yee zhang R. He looks a bit apprehensive and I think he was because Yee Zhang hardly ever carries babies so this was a rare shot.

20141206_114530 Tristan turned 2 earlier this week! He is turning out to be a happy, cheeky little boy who likes nothing better than to dance and sing. 20141206_151402 I still treasure all my weekend coffees and this one was a nice one from Decadent C’s, a lovely chocolate and cake laden cafe that we found by accident (25 Husband Road Mandurah). It’s very family friendly with nice grassy lawns and a playground for the kids. 20141206_151612 The cakes were delicious too! Definitely returning if we end up camping around the area again.

20141207_123709 Sunday lunch at Catch 22 (U1/ 4 Zephyr Mews, Mandurah) which is located by the waterside. It felt like the perfect weather and location for a pork belly and pineapple pizza, this one was ok.20141207_123754 Jo and Ming Sian both ordered the lamb which came with beetroot and fetta. While the food at Catch 22 wasn’t outstanding, it made up with being located on a scenic spot which was perfect to end our sunny camping trip.
_DSC4196 (Medium)
The boys having a go at the inflatable pillow at our campsite haha.

Our next camping trip will be at Swan Valley (not sure how it’s possible that we are camping even closer to home this time) and I’m already looking forward to our wine tasting and cheese galore hehe. I think there will lots more camping in 2015!

I’m watching Michael Bublé’s Christmas concert on tv now, such a cliche but I do like Christmas songs and also Bublé (=^____^=). This year’s lead up to Christmas seems particularly joyful and fun. Maybe it’s because I’m just really hanging out for a holiday after such a tough and challenging year. Or maybe it’s because everything seems to be finally drawing to an end and I feel like I’ve actually managed to achieve a couple of goals this year! That’s not bad for a procrastinator. But deep down inside, I know the reason why I’m really feeling the festive season this year is because more of my family is here in Perth, and especially, the kids are here.  I love being able to spoil them with Christmas gifts, I relish being the favourite aunty who can buy them forbidden sweet treats, and most of all, I love being able to watch them grow up and being part of their lives.  Since they’ve been around, my life feels so much fuller and meaningful, yes, I love being daitaoha yee yee, it’s the best!

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Which logo is your favourite and why? e.g. colour scheme, company name and design style.

In particular, what improvements/amendments should be made to each logo? Would appreciate your feedback 🙂

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