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Chilling with Gung Gung

I think Saitaomei’s favourite person is Gung Gung! Her solemn face always breaks into a sweet smile when Gung Gung chats to her, she always shakes her leg when Gung Gung is carrying her, and she loves Gung Gung’s music.

Gung Gung, are you going to share some of that?

Just a lick ok

Hehehe, hor chiak.

Hey Gung Gung, how about some of that yummy looking tong sui too?

Chilling on the couch with Gung Gung. Having a London bus for a snack.

Yippee! I love hanging out with my Gung Gung!


Meeting the girls

I was really happy that I felt well enough to meet my girlfriends for lunch today. It’s been too long! These are really my favourites gfs and I miss working with them a lot.

My ex boss quit her high power job and is now selling handmade artisan chocolates. It’s a hard slog but I think she’s happier now. She gifted us lots of her products to try. I gave my box of chocolates to my sister because I’ve tried them before. She cracked me up when she messaged me in disbelief saying ‘there’s gor liap nia’ (there’s only five chocolates). Gourmet chocolate is like that ok?! Hahahahaha. Hers is also gluten free, dairy free and possibly sugar free too, very healthy kind. I think her chocs are wasted on country bumpkins like us, we are the cheapo large block of Cadbury types.

But I know there’s a market for artisan chocolates that my friend makes so I really really hope she does well!

She gave us some samples of different chocolate products she’s trying out.

My delicious chicken bowl that I had for lunch, it was so sin free and yummy. I would love to recreate this at home.

Chatting with my friends brought to home how soon I’ll be returning to work. I am looking forward to it but I also worry about my parents being overtired with the two kids. I would put Saitaoha in daycare for more days but her doting gung gung doesn’t want me to. Hmmm really have to work out something to ease the load for my parents, maybe negotiate more work from home days πŸ€”. It’s so odd to think life will be so different in a few weeks, I think I had better go to the storeroom and dust off my heels and boots πŸ™„.

I am solo parenting tonight because R is at an engagement party. Luckily both girls seem to be out for the night at 9.30pm, almost unheard of. They are bound to wake up later but I will be able to handle it. One good thing about looking after both kids when my parents were away, I know I can do it now, it’s not easy but I can do it. Things are never as bad or as scary as they seem once you dive down and just do it ☺️. I did enjoy having my girls with me during that period, it was tiring but also fulfilling.

It is raining again, I’m hoping it stops by the time my sister’s flight is due to land in Perth. I am glad that we will all be together in Perth again. I love having my parents live so close to us, it’s a comfort that I never imagined forΒ our future. It’s been a difficult year, but I must say that we’re very lucky to have each other.


R’s birthday

It’s so nice that R’s birthday falls on a public holiday. We had a quiet day at home, only venturing out to grab some groceries and his birthday cake.

Saitaoha and R had the same lunch, birthday chicken mushroom soup with mee sua with a hard boiled egg. This is one of R’s favourite soups so he slurped it all up. Saitaoha really liked it too! We are a bit sian because she caught a cold from daycare. Arrgh I hate runny noses and hacking coughs. Luckily she’s not too cranky yet and we’ve been dosing her her with meds. Unfortunately I feel myself getting sick too, argh I hate daycare germs.

I’m praying this one won’t catch our colds! The last time her jeje was such, she only had a slight cough. Please ah breastmilk, work your wonders.

Tried cooking this braised fish maw, sea cucumber and mushroom fish for the first time. R gave it the thumbs up and said it was similar to restaurant quality, yippee. He loves sea cucumber.

Cake cutting time! As usual Saitaoha only had eyes for the cake πŸ˜…. It must be surreal for R to have his little girl singing him the birthday song. Oh how she has grown.

Saitaoha giving papa a birthday kiss but look at Saitaomei’s face!

Happy birthday R! Hope you had a lovely one with your three girls πŸ˜‚ celebrating it for you πŸ’•.

Birthday gift shopping

Papa and Saitaoha enjoying a walk in the city. I was on a mission to head into the city early but this father and daughter duo thwarted my plans by waking up at 10.30am! If only I had the luxury of sleeping in…Saitaomei had other plans 😀.

The reason why I wanted to head in early was so we could beat the Ippudo ramen queue. It’s R’s birthday tomorrow so I wanted to celebrate with his favourite ramen. Even though we headed out later than planned, there was still no queue, yippee. Once we got in though, a queue formed behind us. I enjoyed my bowl of ramen despite a cranky/hangry Saitaoha. But R didn’t like his, he thought it was too salty and thinks the Sydney ippudo is a lot better.

Trying to act demure ah Saitaomei? She’s actually so much easier to bring out at this age, always calm and quietly observant.

I’m so loving Saitaomei at this age, I love it when we lock eyes and she beams at me. Sooo cute. Sometimes when I should be settling her for bed, I end up smothering her with kisses, stroking her smooth brow and inhaling her heady baby scent instead. I am going to miss this baby stage when it’s over.

Anyway we had a successful shopping excursion in the city. I told R that I wanted to get him a winter coat for his birthday present and that we would go pick one out for him. Lack of surprise factor but I think he prefers it this way, he’s so difficult to buy presents for. Anyway we ended up buying a jacket and a coat! He’s all set for winter and was very pleased with his presents haha.

I was dismayed at the crummy weather forecast for the rest of the week, it’s going to be wet and cold all week. I was planning to buy his birthday cake tomorrow and was annoyed that I would have to battle shopping with two kids plus the wet weather.

‘What time will you be home tomorrow?’ I asked R. He gave me a weird look and said ‘I’m going to take the day off’.

Huh? He never ever takes the day off and doesn’t make a fuss about his birthday’ I thought. Then the pin dropped.

‘Oh!! It’s a public holiday tomorrow!!’ Aiyoh, that’s what happens when you have mummy brain, you don’t even register public holidays anymore.

So I guess we will be buying a birthday cake together, hehe, surprise factor is really zilch. I even got R to chop up my chicken so I could prepare the chicken mushroom soup for his birthday noodles tomorrow πŸ˜….

We went over to my parents’ so I could clean and prepare the house for their return. Saitaoha was happy to be reunited with her toys but asked me for the umpteenth time where gung gung and Mah Mah had gone.

Chicken soup and stir fried broccoli for dinner. Barley tong sui for supper. Saitaomei had avocado and banana for dinner and seemed to like it. Saitaoha ate everything and proceeded to eat yoghurt, nuts, rice crackers, popcorn and cheese throughout the night. ‘εƒδΈδΌšι₯± this one’ said her papa.

It was a good weekend and made better because it continues tomorrow, woo hoo!

Gung Gung and Mah Mah fly out

Ah Ma sent me this pic with the caption 兡马俑. Poor Saitaomei, doesn’t she look long suffering?

Any likeness ?

The other day Ah ma laughed when she saw Saitaomei in this beanie and said she looked like an imam πŸ˜“. Ah pa loves it when the kids wear beanies because he believes it will keep them warm. He is always very pleased when they have caps or hats or beanies on. In fact, before he left today, he gently instructed me to keep the kids warm and heavily clothed since winter is near. He also told me that I should buy a carpet for my tiled living room because Saitaoha loves to roll around and lie on the floor.

Sigh, I already miss my parents. It’s not just the tremendous help with the kids, I just miss their company. 18 days till they’re back, yes, I’m counting down 😐.

Happy Mother’s Day

Huh? It’s Mother’s Day ah? Why didn’t you tell me yee yee? Then I would sleep in a bit more so mummy can get more sleep.

Nvm, my jeje didn’t get the cue either and fell ill on Mother’s Day. She was a clingy, sobbing, booger dripping mess, but mummy loves her all the same.

Artwork from Saitaoha for Mother’s Day. Tristan also made me a pretty flower, but I couldn’t take a picture because Saitaoha processed to pick out all the pretty stickers πŸ˜“.

The day started pretty badly since we had to deal with a sick kid the night before. Luckily Saitaomei was not too bad and R took her from me in the morning to give me an extra lie in. But I felt sorry for him and got up to make breakfast for him and Saitaoha.

Then things started looking up when we headed out and met up with my sisters’ family. We went Mother’s Day gift shopping! It was really nice seeing my BIL spoiling my sister, it’s so nice to see her appreciated and showered with love by her family.

Afterwards we stopped for a coffee and a blueberry muffin. I was so pleased to have a nice coffee on Mother’s Day πŸ˜„.

A reluctant papa parts with his money on Mother’s Day. No lah he actually offered to buy me my mobile that I’ve been wanting to buy (but kept putting off coz too kiam) for months. Normally I would umm and ahh and reject his offer but heck, I just went with it this time!

Because I really want one!! I need good photos of the kids and lots of memory. I’m so happy I don’t have to keep deleting old photos now. 😍😍😍😍😍

I asked R ‘are you sure you’re ok with spending so much money on a phone?’ He surprised me by saying ‘yes, I think a good phone is worth the money and iPhone is worth its value’ after a pause, he said ‘a good mummy is worth it too’.

I’m already so lucky to be a mother to my munchkins but ok lah, it’s really nice to be spoilt on Mother’s Day.


I’ve always appreciated having Mother’s Day to let my Ah Ma know that we cherish and love her. But now that I’m a mummy, I know that I should have showed my appreciation a lot more! Ah Ma is my kids’ second mother, and if I’m completely honest, she’s a much better, patient and skilful mummy than I am. It goes to show how great she is with my kids that Saitaoha cries for her when she is sick.

I’ve been such a whiner since Saitaomei’s arrival, complaining about how life is tough with two bubs. Yet my parents are helping me raise my kids without a single complaint and a whole lot of love.

When I fractured my foot, Ah Ma helped me with the baby even though she sprained her back so badly that she pretty much crawled to the toilet πŸ˜“.

I think Ah Ma single handedly pulled me out of my baby blues during our Singapore/Kuching trip and I’ve never looked back since.

I am not a very good mummy and still have lots to learn from my Ah Ma. But I’m thankful that I have my girls and love being their mummy, they are hard work but gosh I love them to pieces 😍. I only hope someday I can be half as good a mummy as my Ah Ma is. So Ah Ma if you’re reading this, thank you for the sleepless nights, the curries, beehoons and green bean soups, the Sunny Hill pandan ice cream hunts, the neverending searches of missing jujus and xiuxius. Thank you for all the love, generosity and care that you shower on me, R, Saitaoha and Saitaomei. Happy Mother’s Day to the best Ah Ma and Mah Mahever.


Saitaoha, is that a nugget in your hands?

Too late mummy. Om nom nom.

It’s finger lickin’ good!

We had a long overdue catch-up with my friends. I felt really bad because they’ve been trying to schedule a catch-up with me for maybe half a year?! In the end they got so desperate they said ‘can we drop by your house to pass you presents for Saitaomei before it’s too late?’ They were worried the clothes they bought for Saitaomei would be too small for her by the time they got to see her πŸ˜…. So I suggested a picnic by the park so that Saitaoha gets to run around and go to the playground.

First time eating spam onigiri made by my friend’s Japanese wife, it was yummy!

Cousins reunite! She really misses her koko and jeje, keeps talking about them.

My Saitaoha is a fiesty one, not afraid of the bigger boisterous boys at the playground at all! There was this kid that yelled at her and Tristan saying ‘you can’t play here!! It’s for big kids!!! Not small kids!!’ She stared at him and chattered to him in her baby talk, refused to move or go away haha.

Made beef brisket noodles for R’s lunch when he returned from work.

Then we had a family dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, ah pa paid for dinner saying ‘all my daughters are mummies’. Sigh I wish he wouldn’t keep paying for our meals, he’s retired and not earning an income leh, but ah pa is generous and stubborn like that.

Despite my best efforts, both kids are refusing to sleep early tonight. Sigh, and Saitaoha is down with a cough too, I only hope it’s a slight one and she recovers quickly. The best Mother’s Day gift would be my kids staying happy and healthy throughout the year πŸ™πŸ».

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