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Having a sick kid at home never fails to make me a little blue and contemplate how mum life can be tough sometimes.

I constantly feel like I’m failing at all fronts, not being able to be 💯 committed at work, yet not having enough time to look after the kids, look after myself and maintain a clean, neat and healthy household. The chores feel endless and the house is in a constant mess. I want to find time to exercise and feel more confident about myself, but even as I attended my lash extension appointment yesterday, I was struck by how frivolous this time was spent and how I should really be at home tending to my sick child.

I remember a day last year when I had returned to my house to find the front door wide open. As I stumbled in and surveyed the chaos in the living room, I thought ‘omg there was a break in’. Then I realised nothing was stolen, in my newborn sleepless daze, I had forgotten to lock OR shut the door when I left the house, the mess was just the aftermath of two kids in the house 😓, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Last night, cleaning up after a pitiful Saitaomei who coughed so much that she puked during the wee hours of the morning reminded me of her sleepless newborn days. Even as I’m travelling on the bus after dropping off my two miserable kittens at my Ah ma’s, I feel like I’m going nuts because I keep smelling whiffs of puke 🤮 . Am I just imagining it?

Last week I attended a diversity meeting at work which I volunteered for. We discussed setting aside one of the meeting rooms as a nursing room for breastfeeding mums. One of the male executives offered up the bar fridge in his office for milk storage 😬. Oh how I wished they had this in place last year when I was still breastfeeding, I had pumped and pumped to built up my storage so mei mei could have BM when I returned to work..

I have a lot of young female colleagues who are pregnant. While I wish I could tell them that working life after being a mother is great, I probably will tell them the truth, that it is a constant struggle to balance mum life and work life. You’re expected to perform at your pre mum standard, the working hours don’t change and if they do, you may be judged unfairly and shortchanged of promotion opportunities or given unimportant tasks because you’re the mum who has to leave work early to pick up your kid from school.

I really think the only way the tide can change is if there’s enough of us who have been there to get to higher executive positions to implement the change from above. But hey there’s that glass ceiling to break too.

In the meantime I will be a source of support for my younger colleagues and make hopefully helpful suggestions in our diversity group, at least I can be part of the team that is making life a teeny bit easier for FTWMs.

And that’s my rant for the start of the work week. I hope it goes better for our family and everyone soon!


Wet and wild

This wet stormy weather is making it very very hard to go to work. And it’s only Monday too sigh.

Happy mei mei during our Saturday family dinner. She enjoyed her kolo mee a lot, a true Kuchingnite!

The longing in her eyes 😂. I love her in this John Lewis trench coat which was a hand me down from her cousin. I can’t even say it was hand me down because the tags and wrapping were still on.

So hopeful.

Success! Saitaoha is actually pretty good with sharing food with mei mei, even when it’s her favourite icecream. The problem is she doesn’t like to share anything else, especially toys.

Throwback to Papa’s real birthday celebration. The tiramisu cake was divine! I really should make my own one day, it’s R’a favourite type of cake and my father likes it too.

Err guess who else enjoyed cake? She’s turning out to be a real foodie my Saitaomei.

Oh I’m looking forward to the weekend already.

Daily humdrum

Back at work after what feels like a long hiatus. R has caught our colds though so I’m worried he will pass it back to me again. Sigh, our immune systems have gone to the pots after kids. I remember R hardly used to get sick at all and would recover very quickly. Now he falls ill so frequently and is usually germ carrier No.1.

My parents came back last night, the kids were delighted. Saitaoha is really missing her cousins though and kept asking me whether Tristan Koko and LG jeje were coming over to play.

I’m meeting some high school friends for lunch today. It should be interesting because I haven’t lunched with them since my high school days! We’re going to Jamie’s Italian, not fantastic but the location is very convenient and I figured we should eat there before it closes down for good.

Can’t wait to get into the office and start working, it’s been too long!

All in a day

Yankee Saitaomei in her jeans.

She’s been sleeping so badly at night (coughing and congested) that we end up being awake most of the night and sleeping in till late morning. It makes me feel super unproductive because it feels like the day is almost gone by the time we wake up!

But today I feel that I’ve been quite productive and made good use of the public holiday. We went to the Asian butchers where I stocked up on Asian cut meat and oriental groceries. Then dropped by the supermarket for more groceries.

I cooked R’s lunch bentos, green chicken curry with rice and his favourite 豉油皇炒面. We did laundry and went round to my parents’ to help my father water his plants. Cooked dinner of stir fried okra with hae bee hiam, salted egg yolk chicken, sea cucumber soup and pan fried barramundi for the kids. Packed Saitaoha’s school bag and morning snack. Then Saitaoha and I baked Anzac cookies and I baked a slab of brownies for R’s colleagues as his birthday cake afternoon tea treat.

Cleaned up the kitchen and living room and popped the makings of a chicken mushroom soup in the slow cooker. I will leave it overnight and add on abalone slices, hard boiled egg and long life noodles for R’a birthday breakfast tomorrow.

Now that the kids are sleeping, I’ve started to feel the body aches 😬. Praying that Saitaomei goes back to sleeping through the night or else it’s going to be a hard day tomorrow.


11pm update. Saitaomei just woke up from her ‘nap’ and is bright eyed and bushy tailed. I am doomed.

Since there was no sign of her going back to sleep, I went outside to cut up my brownie slab instead. Guess who was very excited at the sight of brownies?

I gave her a few crumbs and she obviously loved it. Went to wash up at the sink and turned around to find that she had made her way up the dining chair and was helping herself to more brownie crumbs from the table! She knows which ones are her favourite snacks too and will come to me with a snack box in her hands and a big big smile. I usually can’t say no to that smile. Something tells me she will be handing me the brownie box tomorrow.

Gung Gung Mah Mah are my friends

Mei mei was very upset when she went to Gung Gung Mah Mah’s house but they were not there! She roamed around the house searching for her beloved Gung Gung and wailed when she couldn’t see any sign of him.

Saitaoha was a bit better but she still asked me ‘mummy where are my friends ?’

‘Who are your friends’ I asked.

‘Gung Gung Mah Mah are my friends ! Where are they?! I want to hug them!’ she replied.

It’s been a tiring day 2 of HFMD made worse by my cold. I miss my friends too.

Grandparents are the best

Mei mei and her favourite Gung Gung.

Sleepy mei mei and her favourite Gung Gung.

Today Saitaoha begged to go to ‘school’. I’m really happy that she is so well adjusted and loves going to school nowadays. A huge part of it is due to my parents’ tender loving care which helped them ease into the daycare/school routine.

Today I was struck again by how lucky my kids are to have their grandparents looking after them.

Lipstick girl

Too funny not to post. Saitaoha got into my lipstick and had a great time making up. She loves looking pretty and wearing dresses, a girly girl unlike her mummy.

First batch of mani chai harvested from an pa’s garden.

It was delicious!

Lunch with my sister at Saigon. I will miss our lunches when she moves away from the city.

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