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Popcorn mei mei

Promised the kids that I would bring them to the playground if the sun had not set by the time they finished dinner. We just about made it! They had a lovely time except Saitaomei didn’t want to leave 😅

I wanted to prolong our Saturday night out so we went to our neighbourhood cafe for coffee and cake. Saitaomei was delighted with the sudden treat and walloped her snacks with delight.

Work must be pretty dreadful nowadays because I’m already sad that the weekend is almost over and it’s only Saturday night!

Saitaoha constantly amuses me with her funny chatter.

👩🏻: Saitaoha what do you want to be when you grow up?

🧒🏻: what do you mean mummy?

👩🏻: like what is Papa’s job?

🧒🏻: ******* (answers accurately)

👩🏻: you’re right! So do you want to be a ******* like papa when you grow up?

🧒🏻: no! I want to be a princess !

👩🏻: (alamak 😅) oh ok, how about mummy?

🧒🏻: mummy is a chef!

👩🏻: hahaha ok ok not bad, I don’t mind being a chef. How about mei mei?

🧒🏻: Mei mei is a popcorn!

👩🏻: 😂😂😂

The week that was

You girls light up my life.

Chicken rice Sunday family dinners. I like cooking for the family but I don’t like messing up my mother’s kitchen.

I love Woolies for their free fresh fruit for kids. It’s such a great intiative, Coles tries but isn’t consistent.

My Saitaoha packs a pretty picnic lunch. She is actually really meticulous in her planning and how everything looks and is categorised. Why am I not more like my child?

Saitaomei for Movember challenge?

Friday red wine and red meat nights. We’ve been doing these for a few weeks now and it’s nice to unwind with the husband in anticipation of the weekend ahead.

And hooray the weekend rolls around again!

One year on

I just ordered Saitaomei’s birthday cake for her upcoming birthday party! I am not telling my friends that it’s to celebrate her second birthday but am calling it a gathering instead. I’m hoping they don’t find out, R and I don’t want our friends to buy any presents for the kids, we just want to celebrate Saitaomei with our closed ones.

I’m having fun planning the decorations and food for the party. R asked me how come I’m throwing a party for Saitaomei when I didn’t throw one for Saitaoha’s second or third birthday. I told him it is because I remember how tough it was to plan and prepare for Saitaomei’s first birthday last year. My health was so poorly and I was in so much pain before and after her first birthday. At that time I had taken extended sick leave because I was in so much pain that I couldn’t function at work, I remember having to prep a dish a day, then going back to lie down after every cook. During the day of the party, I took a plethora of drugs to numb the pain and that was how I survived the day. Even then, my mother and siblings had to help out so much, poor ah ma was in so much pain after the party and was thoroughly exhausted. We also broke the oven that day 😅.

It makes me all the more grateful that one year on, I am fully recovered, no longer in pain and well and able to plan for Saitaomei’s party.

So yes, it’s not just a party to celebrate my dear baby’s second birthday but also to celebrate my recovery and thank my loved ones for their care and support throughout the darkest period of my life. That is something worth celebrating right ?

Round table

I’ve been wanting a round table forever! I associate a round table with heartwarming homecooked meals with my family.

Somehow I could never find one just the right size or design. Round table designs are rare and not popular in Australia, the bigger ones are so expensive too. So R made me one by himself! I love it 🥰 I guess his DIY hobby is getting very handy.

Love of cooking

Hello Gung Gung? Where are my fruits?

This little girl has grown up overnight. She’s at a delightful stage, so cute and so much fun.

Saitaoha is such a girly girl. All about dresses, princesses and pink. It worries me a little and I try to talk to her about not having to wear dresses all the time, but I reckon she will outgrow it.

We went for her kindy briefing at her school yesterday. The kindy’s education philosophy? Learning through play! I love it that the kids are encouraged to play and be kids. They have a lifetime of curriculum and cramming books ahead of them, why not let them just be children, they are only so little once. This probably explains why Saitaoha loves school so much.

#daitaoha cooks or #daitaoha bento don’t feature much nowadays. Not because I’m not cooking but I just don’t take much pictures nowadays.

I was thinking the other day that I’m so thankful that I learned to cook and love to cook. It all started because I wanted to cook my then boyfriend’s favourite dish for him and went on from there. I’ve always cooked and baked because I want to feed my loved ones their favourite things and it’s still very much the same today.

My first attempt at a Swiss roll, I’m mighty pleased! I will be making more of these in future 😀.

Musings on the bus

On the bus. There’s a Korean lady behind me chatting on her mobile. I recognise some of the Korean words from her conversation. The everyday phrases that seem to pepper our daily conversations. Really? Of course! You’re right. Well done. Are you crazy? What?

I smile to myself. I’ve been watching too many korean dramas.

I’ve been feeling pretty awful about myself lately. Whenever I look in the mirror I see this bloated whale that can’t fit into her clothes nicely. I miss wearing nice and pretty dresses. I wish I had more willpower. I will just keep trying. The upcoming holiday in two months is good motivation, I am really looking forward to it.

Work rotates between being terrifying at the mammoth task ahead and satisfaction at the daily progress. Some days I think we are on the right track and can actually achieve success, other days I am weighed down by self doubt. But it’s still important work so I am happier.

Ok end of bus ride. Good day!


Having a sick kid at home never fails to make me a little blue and contemplate how mum life can be tough sometimes.

I constantly feel like I’m failing at all fronts, not being able to be 💯 committed at work, yet not having enough time to look after the kids, look after myself and maintain a clean, neat and healthy household. The chores feel endless and the house is in a constant mess. I want to find time to exercise and feel more confident about myself, but even as I attended my lash extension appointment yesterday, I was struck by how frivolous this time was spent and how I should really be at home tending to my sick child.

I remember a day last year when I had returned to my house to find the front door wide open. As I stumbled in and surveyed the chaos in the living room, I thought ‘omg there was a break in’. Then I realised nothing was stolen, in my newborn sleepless daze, I had forgotten to lock OR shut the door when I left the house, the mess was just the aftermath of two kids in the house 😓, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Last night, cleaning up after a pitiful Saitaomei who coughed so much that she puked during the wee hours of the morning reminded me of her sleepless newborn days. Even as I’m travelling on the bus after dropping off my two miserable kittens at my Ah ma’s, I feel like I’m going nuts because I keep smelling whiffs of puke 🤮 . Am I just imagining it?

Last week I attended a diversity meeting at work which I volunteered for. We discussed setting aside one of the meeting rooms as a nursing room for breastfeeding mums. One of the male executives offered up the bar fridge in his office for milk storage 😬. Oh how I wished they had this in place last year when I was still breastfeeding, I had pumped and pumped to built up my storage so mei mei could have BM when I returned to work..

I have a lot of young female colleagues who are pregnant. While I wish I could tell them that working life after being a mother is great, I probably will tell them the truth, that it is a constant struggle to balance mum life and work life. You’re expected to perform at your pre mum standard, the working hours don’t change and if they do, you may be judged unfairly and shortchanged of promotion opportunities or given unimportant tasks because you’re the mum who has to leave work early to pick up your kid from school.

I really think the only way the tide can change is if there’s enough of us who have been there to get to higher executive positions to implement the change from above. But hey there’s that glass ceiling to break too.

In the meantime I will be a source of support for my younger colleagues and make hopefully helpful suggestions in our diversity group, at least I can be part of the team that is making life a teeny bit easier for FTWMs.

And that’s my rant for the start of the work week. I hope it goes better for our family and everyone soon!

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