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Of Dayre and Kindle

Just a short post to say that I’m still alive haha. Actually I’ve been posting a lot on dayre and so far it’s been very easy and lots of fun. Let’s see how long that lasts.

My favourite part is reading my sisters’ dayre posts and especially my ah ma’s dayre! Jan said to me today that she didn’t feel like dayre-ing because it’s mostly us reading each others’ posts and ‘I’m right in front of you now’.  I get where she’s coming from especially with technology nowadays like whatsapp we’re pretty much conversing all the time and see each other weekly. Still, I love reading their daily thoughts on the go and reading about daily snippets of their lives. Especially my mother’s posts because it feels like I’m seeing her life in Kuching and she gets to see what I’m doing in Perth.

Even better news, my ah pa and ah ma are visiting us in October! Only for two weeks but it will be lots of fun. Plus the weather will be a lot cooler then so they should enjoy it.

Ok gotto go now, I’ve just uploaded a stack of childhood books (Fudge series, Judy Blume and The Three Investigators!) on my Kindle and can’t wait to get started. Adios!


Singaporean breakfast @Sprolo

Still fighting post holiday blues… I noticed when one is missing home, then tend to veer towards comfort food or activities that they did during their holidays. For example, I’ve been watching TVB dramas and this weekend, asked Jan and family to join me for brunch at Sprolo (138 Canning Highway, South Perth), which I have been meaning to try because I knew they served Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast and soft boiled eggs.2015-01-11-22-58-20_deco

Ta-dah! The Singaporean breakfast ($12) complete with sous vide eggs. To be honest, the service at Sprolo was underwhelming, they were quite packed and busy and I noticed none of the waitstaff bothered to come up to ask whether we needed a table or offer assistance even though we were obviously standing at the entrance for quite a while looking perplexed. In the end we ended up grabbing our own table and pulling up our extra chairs.

The Singaporean breakfast looked a bit lackluster too, especially the unattractive hue of the kaya (coconut jam). I was expecting the worst but surprisingly, the kaya was pretty standard and tasty. There wasn’t even butter for three pieces of toast, but the eggs were done well and lovely with the normal condiments of soy sauce and pepper.

So that satisfied my curiosity, I won’t be returning to Sprolo any time soon. The service just wasn’t up to par.


It was too hot for a coffee so I had an iced mocha instead. Notice Kaka in the background playing games on her mobile? This is definitely a generation of ‘dut dian wa’  (pressing phones), it still amazes me how tech savvy kids are nowadays, especially with all the slide finger action. I still remember when I had my first smartphone (it wasn’t even that long ago =^^=) and couldn’t figure out how to pick up a phonecall because I didn’t know the slide action *face palm*. To this day, I am still hopeless with any techy gadgets.
2015-01-11-23-04-49_decoBeing technically impaired was possibly one of the reasons why I’ve put off buying an e reader for so long even though I’ve heard so much about the wonders of an e reader and love reading books. R always jokes that I read way too fast and it’s a waste of money buying books for me because I devour them within a few hours.

But my dear brother bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I’m so delighted with it that I just have to blog about it! At the moment I have the whole Agatha Christie collection on my Kindle (I’ve spent years collecting my Agatha Christie book collection) and am now chuckling my way through Agatha Raisin books (a great recommendation from Jan). It’s such an amazing thought that I will be able to have all my favourite books in one place and have so many books just at my fingertips!

So sua-ku me. I sense that my Kindle and I will be spending many lovely days together in 2015 :).


A timely rain is worth its weight in gold

So I didn’t expect my 2014 to end this way.


It started benignly with a visit to Carpenter Street or Ah-tap Ke as the locals call it. A difficult and narrow street to maneuver. As kids, we never used to venture into the street unless we had to visit the goldsmiths which line the street. Or have a very good bowl of fishball noodles.


The famed fishball noodle stall is located in a unique location where there is a temple inside and also a temple opposite. I remember the location being very stuffy and sweat rolling down our temples as we dug into a bowl of fishball noodles which always seemed so delicious probably due to the rarity of us venturing there for a meal. I’m told the family carries out the fishball making in secrecy and behind locked doors haha.


Are the fishball noodles still good? Not bad to be honest. But also not as fantastic as I remember. I think I prefer the fishball noodles in Singapore.


My brother’s next meal unfortunately, was in the hospital. And it wasn’t for many hours later when we were advised that emergency surgery wouldn’t be necessary (phew). Poor fella had to see in the new year in the hospital. My parents and I retired to bed early and there was no countdown to 2015, for me, it was due to a mixture of relief and nerves.

I’ve never had much experience being in the hospital (thank heaven) but I understand the anxiety, fear and apprehension that comes with a loved one being in hospital. I thought of those people on tv shows such as Fear factor where they’re terrified of spiders, or heights, that’s nothing compared to fear throbbing in your heart when your loved one is sick and you’re not sure what is wrong or how to fix it. The fear when you want him to rest but you’re afraid for him to close his eyes. I don’t believe I have, but this has taught me to never ever take my family for granted.


On the bright side, my brother is home now and we’re having american style spareribs for dinner. He prepared the spice rub himself, it’s the first time that I’ve ever eaten anything that my brother has prepared so I have high expectations!

In 2014, I finally completed my decade long resolution of getting a driver’s license. So what’s next for 2015? I am going to keep a personal journal (this is something I picked up from my brother and will aid in self reflection and improvement) and I will lead a healthier lifestyle. I am also going to have much better work life balance and spend more time with my family and loved ones! I’ll report back in a year.

Happy New Year folks.

Back Online!

Sorry for the hiatus, we have been internet-less for the past couple of weeks which in all honesty, I didn’t mind too much.

We’ve been for another camping trip since then which was lots of fun. The above is one of my favourite photos from the trip, R and Tristan bonding haha.

I will blog soon I hope. Christmas wind down has begun at work and I’m really enjoying the slower pace. Just counting down to the holidays now, woohoo :).

Daitaoha goes camping

Somehow in my over decade life in camping friendly Australia, I’ve always managed to avoid camping.

I think it’s because I’ve always known deep down inside that I’m not the camping sort. I don’t even like nature and am not the kind that yearns to go to grand canyon or wildlife parks.

campThat’s all going to change come this weekend. We’re going camping for the first time in our lives. Even Tristan is coming along. And we’ve spent too much on camping gear to back out of it.

To tell the truth, I’m kinda looking forward to a few days of no computer, being out of the office and hopefully some time by the beach.  I’ll let you know whether daitaoha suits camping when this is all over.

bearDon’t worry, no grizzly bears in Australia that I know of. Just dingos. Haha, kidding, *gulp*. Wish me luck!

Stupid germs

I’m sick again! And R and I were patting ourselves on the pack for not getting sick this winter too :(.

Working from home sucks. Because it means you can’t actually rest because your emails are pinging non stop. Sigh. Stupid emails.

I hope this is like a 48 hours bug because the weekend weather looks great and I could do with some sunshine.

If I get well, I promise to make us a tiramisu. Haha rewarding myself with food as usual.

The July that was …

Oh dear, this has possibly been my worst non blogging spell ever. Not sure whether that’s a reflection of how busy work has been or a sign of my laziness and general ‘couch potato’ behaviour after work.

_DSC2550 (Medium)

Even World Cup has come and gone. We managed to catch a few games in between and I enjoyed the whole atmosphere, thrill and excitement that the game brought. I kinda miss the ‘oh eh ah’ Brazil theme song whenever World Cup features on SBS.

_DSC2553 (Medium)

My first quiche lorraine. I haven’t been cooking or baking as much in the kitchen which is sad. Every now and then I do spend the occasional afternoon cooking and baking which is great because for that time period, I don’t think of anything else but focus on taste and flavour. Sometimes cooking can be relaxing.


A while back we went on a work road trip to Geraldton. On the way back, it started drizzling and then ….


Still waiting for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :).

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