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Jo and HC’s birthday weekend @ Freo

Every year I’m never quite sure what to get HC for his birthday. Usually it always ends up being something fishing related like a boring BCF (that’s boats, camping and fishing haha) gift voucher. But this year I  bought him a fishing weekend by putting him up in the Esplanade hotel in Fremantle for a Saturday night.

_DSC0573 (Medium)

Tristan likes hotel beds a lot haha. He was so tiny and lost in the big bed.

_DSC0575 (Medium)

This is his sweet ‘yes yee yee?’ look. Sigh, melts my heart. I will be giving this kid everything he wants when he grows up. ‘KFC yee yee?’ ‘Yes Tristan.’ ‘More sweets yee yee?’ ‘Yes Tristan’. Kaka’s sunny smile has the same effect on me, sigh.

_DSC0578 (Medium)

After checking in, we went to Cicerello’s for fish and chips.

_DSC0579 (Medium)

Seafood basket to share.

_DSC0580 (Medium)

Seafood chowder which wasn’t fantastic but it was a slightly chilly day so we felt like something warm and creamy.

_DSC0582 (Medium)

After that HC went off for an afternoon of fishing while Jo, Tristan and I shopped and trekked around Freo. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon. I love these coffee topper biscuits which I discovered in London, the London ones are soo much better, just the right thickness half melted by the hot coffee with caramel oozing from the middle. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers.

_DSC0590 (Medium)

Mummy and Tristan all dressed up and ready to go for dinner at Char Char Bull.

_DSC0600 (Medium)

With so many good restaurants located in Freo, we were really spoilt for choice as to where to go for Jo and HC’s birthday dinner. In the end we settled with Char Char Bull which has a famous reputation for excellent steaks. Sigh, unfortunately, it was a poor choice as the steaks were no where magnificent let alone passable as normal pub food. This was our sirloin steak that came with cognac and mushroom sauce and mash. There wasn’t enough sauce which wasn’t good because the mash itself was already rather dry. The steak was overcooked (we asked for medium rare) and tough, I also disliked the charred bitter bits on the steak, there’s a difference between the smokiness of a chargrilled steak and burnt steak, I think mine was more on the burnt side.

_DSC0601 (Medium)

Jo’s scotch fillet with Sarawak peppercorn sauce and mash. Yes, Sarawak pepper sauce! We were thrilled to see that on the menu, but the pepper didn’t come out overly strong which is a pity. Jo’s steak was the opposite of ours, she had asked for it medium rare too but it came out rare. For around $40 for a steak, we were sorely disappointed. We noticed that the elderly couple next to us weren’t enjoying their steaks too and had a tough time chewing through their steak, he had to order a glass of wine to wash it down even though he already had a beer. Yikes.

On the bright side, the service was very good and staff were very obliging and friendly. Too bad they were let down by the kitchen staff. Sigh, why does it always have to be one or the other in Perth restaurants?

Char Char Bull
44b Mews Road
Fremantle WA
Ph: (08) 9335 7666

_DSC0592 (Medium)

But… despite the not so nice good, we still managed to have a good time!


Walking along the Fremantle jetty at night.

_DSC0604 (Medium)

We didn’t dare to try the desserts at Char Char Bull and dropped by one of the cafes instead. The cakes looked nice but they weren’t good. It was a poor foodie night :(.

_DSC0612 (Medium)

Sunday night lamb roast dinner with roasted vegs and yorkshire puddings. My first go at roast lamb and yorkshire puddings. I was inspired by my sister Jan’s cooking, she cooked a beautiful lamb roast, unfortunately, mine wasn’t as good and my lamb was a bit too rare. Better luck next time. I would also like to have a fluffier and crispier yorkshire pudding next time. We had some lovely purple sweet potatoes (with white flesh) which are so so much better than the gold sweet potatoes when roasted.

_DSC0613 (Medium)

Pretty white chocolate and orange birthday cake. Surely the best part of birthdays haha.

dinner (Medium)


Another birthday dinner, this time on the day of their real birthdays. Jo requested pineapple fried rice, we ordered some yummy takeaway, R made sharksfin soup and I also made some eggplant parmigiana. An unusual mix but delicious nonetheless.


jo and hc bday

Jo and HC’s first birthday celebrated with baby Tristan! I hope it was a doubly special and happy one with baby with many many more happy memories and wonderful adventures  to come. Happy birthday Jo and HC!

Ahoy Matey!

It’s been a while since I’ve done any creative cooking in the kitchen :(.

_DSC2417 (Medium)

I’m no where near diminishing my 30 must-cook list, so far I’ve only cooked one out of the 30, but I promise I will do one more this week. Instead, I have been relying on my old-time favourites, such as this teriyaki beef onion, tamagoyaki and stir fried cabbage and carrot bento.

_DSC2430 (Medium)

But at least I have been trying new food places! This is Tao Cafe, which while not actually new (they have branches in Myaree and Innaloo), is pretty new in Victoria Park. Already it is very popular and was buzzing on Saturday night. The upside of Tao? They have a wide variety on their menu ranging from Vietnamese, Thai to Japanese (they even have a sushi train). The downside? Jack of all trades, master of none. The Pho Tai above was very average, in fact, while the broth was alright, their noodles were not the usual smooth rice noodles that we’re used to from the Vietnamese fare in Northbridge. Prices also on the higher side (around $15.50 – 18.00 for a dish) compared to their counterparts in Northbridge.

_DSC2432 (Medium)

HC’s Com Tam ($15.00) broken rice with pork chop, egg and shredded meat. His first reaction was ‘very salty’ haha, so I guess that means it was pretty tasty.

_DSC2433 (Medium)

I have to say that the presentation of Tao’s dishes were all very appealing and nice, the orange hue of the rice of my Com Ga Chien Don ($15.50) a crispy chicken with rice and sweet and sour sauce, was very pretty. Unfortunately I’m not sure what they put in the rice to get that nice colour because the rice itself was rather bland and didn’t taste of anything much. It was much better after I mixed in the sweet and sour sauce which tasted like sweet chilli sauce.

_DSC2437 (Medium)

Jo enjoyed her Pineapple Fried Rice ($15.00) and said that she would return in the future. While the food was only average and portion perhaps on the smaller side, I can see why Tao Cafe is popular in the neighbourhood especially with its BYO policy, good location and bright cozy interior. I think it will be here to stay.

Tao Cafe
Shop 1, 860 Albany Highway,
East Victoria Park 6101
Phone: 08 9361 1100
_DSC2439 (Medium)

All aboard! A different Sunday evening in Fremantle. The guys accompanied me on a work function of a different kind (no, I am not a sailor) which saw us board the Leeuwin II.

_DSC2440 (Medium)

Baby was dressed up in his Sunday nautical best for the voyage haha.

_DSC2446 (Medium)

Lots of romantic stories regarding the Leeuwin. My colleague once proposed to her husband on board the Leeuwin II.

_DSC2456 (Medium)

The tiny bunks down below. No individual cabins or captain quarters here.

_DSC2463 (Medium)

The whole family on the decks of Leeuwin II. I wish my parents were here, I think they would have enjoyed a tour around this little ship. Ah well, two more weeks till they arrive and we can go fishing in Freo. Bon voyage!

Saturday night dinner @ The Como

Hot of the press! We just had dinner at our local pub tonight, it was a nice and relaxing dinner, great night to catch up with Jo and HC.
_DSC1613 (Medium)
It might sound a bit weird that I need to catch up with my sister even though we text and email each other countless times everyday, but yep, it’s still really nice to chat and gossip, especially next to a fireplace. We ended up sharing photos of our niece, only to realise that we all had the same photos (=__=).

_DSC1616 (Medium)

The boys had their weekend beers (HC always favours ciders), Jo and I had our soft drinks, they make a yummy lemon lime bitters at The Como.

_DSC1617 (Medium)

The boys had their steaks (Porterhouse for R and Rump for HC) which were only average but the chips were good.

_DSC1621 (Medium)

Jo’s must order at The Como is their tender, fall off the bone Lamb Shank ($24) which comes with creamy mash and rosemary jus. This is winter comfort food at its best. It’s been a year of discovery in terms of Australian pub food, I’m looking forward to trying pub food in the UK, I wonder what real beef and kidney pie tastes like?

_DSC1599 (Medium)

Haven’t featured my cooking for a long time, mostly because I’ve been lazy and have been cooking all my old favourites. This was something new though, penne alla vodka, which I knew I had to try cooking after trying Catalano’s yummy version. It turned out pretty good but I was a little heavy handed with the vodka, ah well..

At least there’s still Sunday ahead… enjoy the last of the weekend everyone.

The Como
241 Canning Highway
Como WA 6152


The month of May seems to be going out in really chilly temperatures, the dusty heaters have been rustled out from the back of the storeroom, I’m just hoping I don’t have to use them yet. But even the boots are out in play, so maybe I should stop being in denial.

richard jason

We’ve been visiting Burswood a lot lately, besides being in close proximity, the restaurants inside the casino are pretty great too. This weekend it was dinner with Jason and Wendy at Sirocco.


The food at Sirocco was light and simple, our favourite was the seafood paella which was fresh and tasty.

creme brulee

Dessert was thyme creme brulee with honey wafer, I couldn’t really taste the thyme in the creme brulee but I still like creme brulees 🙂


I met a Muffin over the weekend, not of the edible kind but of really cute toy poodle variety. Muffin belongs to Jason and Wendy and is seriously cute and cuddly, just like a toy teddy. Really, the pictures don’t do it any justice, so cute. Ok, one more week to go before the end of May, 7 days and counting ….

2 weeks blitz

It’s been more than a week since my last blog post! It definitely wasn’t due to lack of blogging material (I still have so many food places that I haven’t blogged about not to mention the Japan posts which have been overdue for a year *gulp*), I think I’ve just been feeling a little blue due to work. But at least the Easter holidays are almost here! I can’t wait.

This post merges my past two weekend eating. Last last weekend, we went to the trendy Venn for breakfast. I would probably never have discovered Venn (even though it’s so near work) if it wasn’t for Jaso. I don’t know how he finds out about all these up and coming places but he’s a great source of foodie information.


It’s worth going to Venn just to check out the gorgeous architecture and interior design of the building. The old flour mill factory is split into three stories, the ground level being the art studio, street level being the shop (selling cool and expensive knick knacks) and the bar/cafe, and the second level being an art gallery. I really liked how they made use of the light and the tall ceilings, it was a comfortable and airy space.


Back to the food, the breakfast menu wasn’t extensive so there wasn’t much to choose from. Both Jaso and HC has the poached eggs on toast which came out looking very healthy and green. Nothing spectacular but not bad at all.


Calv and I both had the roast beef bagel. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the mysterious hole in the middle, but I really like bagels. This bagel was one of the best bagels I’ve had in Perth, it was soft without being too soft, chewy and yet had a crispy lightly toasted exterior. Cal and I really enjoyed our bagel.


The coffee was good. Pretty milk patterns are always a plus (^___^). All in all, a good find so thanks for the recommendation Jas.

16 Queen Street
Perth, WA 6000 Australia

While I usually plan my dinner and lunch venues ahead(this includes checking out the menu and already choosing what I’m going to have), sometimes unplanned foodie adventures can be the best.

The couple Jason and Wendy were the ones that introduced me to Chime. They told us about how they planned to go to Chime restaurant  for lunch, but since it was not open, they ended up heading across the road to Phi Yen for good Vietnamese instead.

It was the exact opposite scenario for us. We headed to Phi Yen for some pho, but the restaurant was busy and the waitresses didn’t bother to serve us. So we headed across the road to Chime for lunch instead! The restaurant itself is located in the newly refurbished Northbridge Hotel, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we were the only table besides a couple of ladies enjoying a bottle of wine and a late lunch.


R had the premium sirloin with mash and pepper sauce. The steak was more medium than medium rare in some places, but otherwise the pepper sauce was tasty with the steak.


Even before my caramelised pork belly arrived, the two ladies sitting behind us who both ordered the pork belly were already making ‘mmmm’ sounds with every bite. It was quite funny. The asian style pork belly came with yellow turmeric rice and condiments like fried shallots, chilli vinegar sauce. The rice itself wasn’t heavily spiced and lacked taste, but that was fine because the pork belly was richly flavoured, sweet, beautifully caramelized, sticky and chewy. A heavily spiced turmeric rice would have overpowered the taste of the pork belly.

It really was delicious and a sinful indulgence. In hindsight, I think the flavours were a little bit too intense and strong, causing me to feel rather thirsty afterwards, but I could totally understand why the ladies were making ‘mmm’ sounds throughout their meal.

With a buy one main get one main free deal from our entertainment card, it was a great deal and a surprisingly lovely lunch.
Chime Restaurant
210 Lake Street, Northbridge, Western Australia 6003
(cnr Brisbane Street)


Cooking from last weekend. This was Penne Marinara which I tossed with fish fillets, mussels and prawns.

pork belly

The pork belly from Chimes was so nice that it inspired me to cook pork belly the next day. Mine was nothing like Chimes though and very Malaysian with the usual soy sauce, star anise flavours.


Sometimes simple meals like stir fried broccolli and carrots with grilled chicken wings can be nice for dinner. My chicken wings were marinated with hoisin sauce, honey and five spice powder.


We received a whole bagful of plums during the weekend. Not eating them fast enough, I decided to use them in a dessert tonight, the only problem with Plum Tarte Tatin? They’re not as pretty as Pear tarte tatin or apples.

Two more days to Easter and counting!

Bistro Felix

Bistro Felix, or Atlantic as it was known back then, was one of the first fine dining restaurants that I dined at in Perth. I remember sharing a lovely and generous seafood platter for two and feeling like a duck out of water amongst the men in suits and fine dressed ladies.

Fast forward many years, Bistro Felix has changed ownership, the interior has been repainted and is dark wood elegant. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable in fine dining surroundings but still worry that I may break a wine glass or two. The surroundings are dim, refined and quiet, the tables candlelit and romantic, quiet couples are dotted around and yes, they still dress up here.

We were served complimentary bread rolls with butter at the start, there’s something about butter at fine dining establishments, they always taste exceptionally good and Bistro Felix’s butter and bread wasn’t an exception.

I already knew what Richard was going to order. The young man is passionate about his steaks and we’re now on the hunt to find the best steaks in town. While we haven’t sampled the obvious steak experts such as Char Char Bull, Tony Roma’s, Victoria Station etc., they’re definitely on our very long list of must-eat Perth restaurants. It’s funny how so many Perth restaurants get steak wrong, I don’t really cook steaks myself, but I’m guessing the key is the timing and the right temperature, many times we’ve chewed our way through tough overdone steaks or slimy underdone steaks, I can’t decide which one’s worse. But Bistro Felix’s Harvey beef eye fillet ($42), fondant potatos, confit onions, cavalo nero, with sherry glaze was really very good. Richard’s eyes lit up and we both knew ‘finally… a good steak’.

Despite being very thick, the chef managed to cook the fillet perfectly (we asked for medium rare), the meat was blushing pink tender and succulent and the sherry glaze was the perfect accompaniment and absolutely delish.We savored every bite of this.

My choice was a healthier version of the fish of the day which was the kingfish, ratatouille, asparagus, béarnaise sauce and kipfler potato ($40). My fish was really lovely as well, everything was light, tasty and went well together.

We were both pretty stuffed but decided we couldn’t leave without trying a dessert. Whenever there’s Crème brulee on the menu, it’s a must order for us custard lovers. Our crème brulee came with almond biscotti which we used as spoons to scoop up the delectable wobbly and smooth custard. There was something special about this custard, I can’t remember, hints of peach or some kind of fruit. At one point I left to go to the ladies and I knew I hadn’t been missed while I was gone because Richard was still attacking the crème brulee with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes that he didn’t notice my return. It was actually quite funny to watch.

I should mention that the service was good, our waitress wasn’t overly friendly, but she was polite and attentive. Our entertainment card gave us ‘buy one main get one main free’ but they didn’t scratch off my card allowing us to return again, and return we shall, after we’ve made our way through the other Perth restaurants. Surely, Bistro Felix is amongst one of the best in town.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 7.5/10

Service: 7/10

Bistro Felix
118-120 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco 6008 WA
Phone: (08) 9388 3077

The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 10 : Dinner at Seizan

I was the first person at work today.

I walked into the office and it was all darkness. Since I brought my camera today, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the empty office. The weather was terrible today, raining heavily and strong buffeting winds.

My favourite  ledge in the lunchroom, I like sitting there chatting to T while she makes her cup of tea and drinking my glass of water. But T wasn’t at work today, she’s off sick, so  it was a very busy, hectic work day with no friendly colleagues around (-___-).

I wanted to shop around the city before meeting up with Grey Hoodie Boy, but I only managed to leave work late and was rushing to meet him on time. Luckily he was off work late as well. We walked to Seizan together. Seizan is Grey Hoodie’s Boy top three favourite restaurant in Perth, in fact, he told me that he only went there last week. I thought it was interesting that he booked us for seats at the teppanyaki joint instead of a normal table, he told me that he had never tried the teppanyaki there so thought it would be special.

He greeted the chef in Japanese but he was from Malaysia (=^^=), in fact, from Kuching! Still, he was a very skilled chef and entralled us with his skills and twirly utensils. Really fun to watch.

Grey Hoodie Boy ordered as a Seizan Teppanyaki set each ($65) which in hindsight we should have just ordered one set to share because there was so much food. First up was the simple salad which was light and vinegary, a real eye opener.

Tempura with sweet potato, pumpkin and prawn. I thought the tempura wasn’t great because the vegetables weren’t tender enough, but the batter was light so that was quite good.

Sashimi which Grey Hoodie Boy loved because he said it tasted really fresh. I couldn’t tell really. He is the second person I know who is a salmon fanatic, the first being Richard, so maybe we can try the sashimi here next time Rabbit?

Teppanyaki seafood which had medium rare salmon, scallops, oysters, prawns and beansprouts. I’ve never been a real fan of teppanyaki (or any form of grilled food really), all the seafood was tasty but I think next time I’ll try their normal menu.

Teppanyaki crayfish which lots of grilled garlic. This was quite tasty but not much meat. Grey Hoodie Boy was very puzzled and stared at the crayfish saying ’emm this crayfish is very weird, it’s very small, more like a baby crayfish’.

There was also rice, miso soup and dessert which was vanilla icecream, very ordinary stuff. Grey Hoodie Boy was so stuffed that he rejected dessert. It was a rather nice dinner, I think Seizan is actually a nice quiet place to have an intimate cosy dinner with friends, I’m sure their ordinary menu will be much better so I would love to return some day.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food 6/10


Service 6.5/10

6.5 service

Seizan Japanese Restaurant

566 Hay St
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9325 5980

I know it was suppose to be a Grey Hoodie Boy post but I couldn’t resist blogging about the food 🙂 . Truly, I had a nice time with Grey Hoodie Boy, he is still the perfect gentleman, letting me in through the door first, ordering for me etc. He also refused to let me pay the bill telling me that I can treat him next time.

While waiting for the cashier to round up the bill, he made him atm card disappear from his left hand and appear in his right 🙂 .

During dinner we chatted a lot about different cultures, cooking and I told him that I think Indonesian girls are very pretty. He said ‘I think Malaysian girls are prettier.’

It was raining heavily when we left the restaurant and we had to share my teeny umbrella which he carried for me. We still ended up getting drenched anyway. Even though I told him that my house was a short walk from his place, he insisted on going over to his place first, picking up his car and driving me home. It was either that or he walked me home from my bus stop.I was so tempted to take a photo of him in his grey hoodie jacket but I thought he would think I was mad, so here’s a side shot of him instead. I think he’s pretty cute.

We had to wait for his windows to defrost, so we sat his car for a while listening to Fang Da Tong and the heavy rain outside.

He sent me home and I thanked him for dinner and the ride. Will we go out again? Maybe. I think I’ll bring him for Chinese next time.

Ninniku Jip

I really must remember to bring a notebook when I eat out, by the time I get round to blogging about these restaurants, I’ve forgotten most of the dishes and what they taste like. So fellow foodies, please remind me next time you go out ‘fooding’ with me, or even better, help me bring a notebook and pen.

Before I continue with Ninniku Jip, I must admit that Korean is probably one of my least favourite cuisine, maybe I haven’t eaten really good Korean food but I just don’t love it the way I love Japanese or Thai. Instead, I associate it with bbq-ed meats, lots of smoke and smelly clothes afterwards (-___-).

Ninniku Jip means the Garlic House in Korean, although it advertises as a Korean restaurant, a lot of the food on the menu was Japanese. One thing that struck me about their menu was, not much choice. Everything sounded similar to each other just different ingredients like chicken, beef or seafood. Many of the dishes came with side dishes and rice, we all liked the kimchi which didn’t have that ‘dish liquid’ taste that I dislike.

We ordered a hotpot for two, opting for the Bulak Jungol ($22.50 per person) which came with beef, baby octopus, tofu and veges. This hot pot was pretty spicy and tasted quite nice (see this is what happens when I don’t bring a notebook). Rather large portion for two as well, luckily we were all sharing.

When our dishes were served, I was pleasantly surprised to discover no ‘smoking’ effect. That’s until the Sizzling garlic chicken bulgogi ($22.80) arrived, we pretty much smoked out the entire restaurant and some people from the other tables were coughing.  I thought this dish would be really good since the Garlic House must serve great garlic chicken, but really, it didn’t taste of anything much and was very bland.

The Ishiyaki vege bibimbap ($21.50) was pretty bland for me, but I think the rest of the foodies  quite enjoyed it. I think maybe I didn’t add enough gochujang paste in the bibimbap.

The Sizzling chilli squid ($22.80) was easily the favourite of the night, it was spicy and tasty and went well with rice, the texture of the squid was nicely done too. If I ever return to Ninniku Jip, this will be a reorder.

We ordered the Seafood yakisoba ($15.80) because we were running out of things to order, the menu rotated around various bibimbaps, hotpots, sizzling dishes and noodles. So we had one of each. This yakisoba was quite ordinary, slightly sweet and not too oily.

With our entertainment book discounts (25% off), the meal was quite affordable otherwise I doubt I will return for the prices and food. Except maybe for the chilli squid.The rest of the foodie gang gave the meal a 6.5 (and perhaps 7 for the chilli squid) but I think in comparison to Hanami (which scored a 6.5) Ninniku Jip wasn’t as good so I gave it a 6. I must mention that their service was really excellent though.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 6/10 daitaohas


Service: 7/10 daitaohas

7 service

Ninniku Jip
867 Albany Hwy,
Victoria Park, WA 6010
Tel: 9355 1988

Karaoke, hot chocolates, tigers and pizza

I’m so behind on all my posts! But here’s a recap of last weekend.

Thursday night we all went to Utopia to support Wui Hao at the Karaoke Singing competition. Do you like the signs I made? I designed and printed them out by stealth at the office!

The two brothers came to support Wui Hao as well.

Wui hao waiting calmly for his turn to sing.

Wui Hao relieved and happy when he was done. He sang Show Lo’s Wo Bu Hui Chang Ge and he sang really well, I was impressed. But… he didn’t get in the next round. Bah. I would have been fine if the contestants who made the next round were good, but there were some really dodgy choices. My tip for the next competition, just choose any Hokkien/Cantonese/Malay/other language besides Mandarin songs, sure can get in.

Jason asked me ‘what’s new in Perth?’ so I took this picture for him. New light up stool sculpture thingys in Northbridge!

Saturday hot chocolates at Tiger Tiger.

I really like the ‘hidden’ atmosphere for Tiger Tiger, it’s a reprieve and secret hideout from the city crowds.

Calvin cradling his hot chocolate like a precious baby. I believe he would move to Melbourne just for the chocolate bars.

Their menu looked pretty good as well, I think I spied a nutella, banana and cinammon bagel somewhere.

Sunday brunch at Delizioso Cafe in Carillion city. Delizioso is a small bright and cheerful cafe (they also have a branch in Subiaco) serving pizza, pizza, a bit of pasta and pizza. They have nice coffees too.

Can’t remember the name of this pizza but was mostly mushrooms, pretty yummy.

Caprese pizza slice ($5.20) with fresh tomato, mozarella, basil and pepper. Light and crispy, nice.

My favourite has to be the Mushroom Trio ($5.20) with button mushroom, Italian famigliole and chiodini marinated mushrooms with mozarella, ricotta cheese and parsley. Sometimes it can be a little oily but most of the time it’s really nice especially since I really like mushrooms.

Overall Delizioso pizzas are really nice for a snack or a quick bite while strolling around the city.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 6.5/10


Service: 6/10

6 service

Delizioso Cafe

Shop 45 Carillion City Perth

94 Rokeby Road (Cnr Churchhill Av)
Subiaco 6008 WA

p/s Entertainment voucher gives you buy one slice get one slice free

TGFFF: Perth Good Food & Wine Show + they’re engaged!!

I wanted to blog about the Good Food and Wine Show tomorrow but it’s 1am and I’m still not asleep, so here goes. Even though it was a Friday night, it wasn’t a TGIF (won’t have one till Jaso comes back  boo 😦 ) but it was a TGFFF – Thank God For Fellow Foodies night! It felt as if all Perth foodies were at the Good Food and Wine Show because the line to get into the convention center was waaaay long.

We were almost not going to go but a check of my entertainment book newsletter revealed that it was a buy one get one free special for card holders so to the Good Food and Wine Show we went. With the rest of Perth.

We were in the queue when Bryan suddenly said ‘Isn’t that Jason and Wendy?’ The cute couple were there too! Jason says that he was just mentioning to Wendy ‘should have asked Diana to go, she would be interested’ and Wendy said ‘Too late already lah’ when they saw us. I am a bit shy that friends immediately think of me when they think of ‘food and wine’, lately I’ve noticed that my colleagues have started asking me for dinner venue recommendations (=-_____-=), I think my forehead spells ‘GREEDY FOODIE’.

I think one of the reasons why the show was so popular is because the Masterchef phenomenon has just ended and the show was featuring most of the judges/celebrity chefs. Of course I only watched the finale and had no idea who was who. But I do know Tobie Puttock from Jamie Oliver’s shows and it was his show that we watched. There were no tickets left for the Masterchef judge Gary’s show, see how huge Masterchef is in Australia.

Alistair Mcleod warmed up the crowd and introduced Tobie. I didn’t understand most of his Irish accent but I like Alistair because I used to watch Ready Steady Cook where he’s a regular.

Tobie Puttock demonstrated three dishes including a spinach and ricotta rolled pasta dish, rock salt dough wrapped beef and actually I can’t remember his third dish, I think it was a dessert. He was alright but the crowd didn’t seem to like him much and he didn’t like the crowd much. Haha, I wasn’t very impressed.

All the cooking made us hungry and we headed out into the main arena hunting for free nibbles and wine tasting. There were veggie chips, olives, sausages, cheese, wine, wine and wine. We all like Brown Brothers because they have sweet and very drinkable whites. I pretty much stuck with rose the whole night and walked towards pink liquid like bees to honey.

I ate a very interesting cheese which had a slight hint of durian, how is that possible I don’t know, it was some chives and coconut crumbly cheese, but had a strong durian-y aftertaste. My favourite was this Tasmanian cheese stall, Brio and Richard both bought the show bag from this stall which was $15 for three different cheeses, very cheap.

The cute couple and their wine glasses, we bought wine glasses for $2 and went around to all the stalls to try their wines.

But enough about wine, we were ready to eat! All the Australian celebrity chefs, Tobie, Alastair, Gary Mehigan and Matt Moran had their own stall which sold an entree, main and dessert and we had to buy ‘dining currency’ vouchers to pay for the dishes. Mains were $24, entree $16 and desserts $8.

I think after all the wine and cheese, we were all craving something sweet and ended up ordering all the desserts! The only one who had a main was Ligament King a.k.a. Richard the Dentist. None of the desserts ended up looking like anything in the pictures, haha, so don’t believe recipe book glossy pictures in the future, they don’t look the same in real life.

We thought Gary’s Clotted Cream Mousse with Ginger Nut Crumble was a 6 daitaoha rating, it was quite nice but a bit rich for me even though there was quite a bit of lemon and lime in there to curb some of the richness.

Matt Moran’s Raspberry Tart with Champagne Sabyon was very pretty but rated a 6 as well. I’ve never had sabyon before so I was expecting some custardy egg tart-ish texture, but the sabyon was a bit difficult to eat because it was so runny and the pastry dough while sweet and tasty was a little hard.

Alastair Mcleod’s Chocolate Creme Brulee, Irish Whiskey Roasted Strawberries and Almond Biscotti was one of our favourites, we gave it a 7 rating (btw guys, if I’m wrong with the ratings please correct for me coz I’m forgetful!) The Creme Brulee was sweet but not too sweet with a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate. Went really well with the caramelised strawberries with whiskey and strawberry coulis.

My favourite dessert was Tobie’s Caramelised Brioche with Forest Berries which looked nothing like the picture. The rest of the guys liked it too and gave it a 7 rating. I’m partial towards french toast and this caramelised brioche was very similar in terms of preparation and ingredients. Spiced with cinnamon, nugmeg and cardamon, dusted with icing sugar and served with my favourite mascarpone and a handful of berries, it was very very nice and something I would love to recreate at home.

I must admit I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from the mains thinking that all the mains offered were mostly braised dishes which hinted that nothing was cooked on the spot and probably pre frozen. But Ligament King couldn’t resist the ligaments of Tobie’s Veal Osso Bucco and it blew us away. I’ve had a look at the recipe (the recipes are all on the website plus we were given a little booklet of recipes) and the ingredients are nothing extraordinary, very simple everyday stuff like thyme, flour, celery, carrots and tomatoes so this is probably recreateable at home. And it tasted homemade, as in gorgeous homemade cooking, hours of braising, oh-so-tender veal, hearty flavourful gravy served with creamy polenta.I think this is comfort food.

I tell you, flowers were coming out of Richard’s head.

We were given free glasses of wine with our food, with the wine and all that sugar, we were a happy bunch. Time flies when you’re drinking tipsy having fun, and it was close to the closing time of 9.30pm by the time we were done. We continued with our wine tasting and discovered some really great wines, even as I’m typing, I know Richard is researching Brown Brothers online.

The wine stalls were extra generous with their wines when it was time to close they just poured the last drops of their wines into our glasses saying ‘there, have all of it since we’re closing’, which explains our smiles at the end of the show 🙂

Wine makes you hungry and we headed to Northbridge for a late Chinese dinner. On the way out of the convention center, Wendy whispered to me conspiratorally and showed me this:

the cute couple are engaged!!!! I’m really happy for them, actually we all were even though the guys were less expressive while I was checking out her lovely Tiffany ring and asking about the proposal details.

It’s a bit scary to think that I’m reaching the age where my friends are starting to get engaged, get married and I am still well, alone. But looking at Jason’s happy and proud face while he was giving a speech, Wendy’s shy but glowing face, I couldn’t help feeling nothing but thrilled for them. So congrats cute couple, very very happy for you two 🙂 I’m sure there will be nothing but happiness, adventure and lots of love ahead.

July 2020