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Watermelon crush

In tears because mei mei pulled out her hair by the roots. Mei mei is pretty feisty and no pushover.

It sometimes amazes me that I can shell out $70 for a pair of shoes for my child but it takes me possibly a year to buy a new dress for myself. My last new dress was bought in January and that was for Chinese New Year. She loved the shoes though so it’s money well spent.

So happy to be drinking Boost juice or so she thinks. It’s actually Apple juice mixed with water which I put in the empty cup that her sister emptied earlier. Second child doesn’t know how to ask for watermelon crush yet. She was eyeing it all morning but her sister drank most of it. So in the afternoon she reached for the empty cup on the table and happily passed it to me.

At night Saitaoha asked me ‘mummy can you bring me and mei mei shopping and then we can drink watermelon juice and I can wear a dress ?’ I said yes and she jumped up and down happily ‘yeeeahhh!’

I was pleased she included mei mei in her request. All this happiness for a cup of watermelon juice. Simple pleasures in life indeed.



Feeling so down in the dumps because the holidays are over. The next public holiday is not till June!

I’m thankful that my work circumstances allow me to work from home regularly and switch off after work hours. But gosh I really miss feeling eager to go into work everyday. I miss my old team dynamic, my old bosses and job satisfaction so much.

Anyway enough whining, there’s nothing much I can do about it anyway.

Playing memory card games with Saitaoha and realising her memory is much better than mine! Alamak really 不认老不行 😅.

After Easter blues

Feeling a little blue that Saturday is almost over and it’s Sunday tomorrow. It’s still the weekend but somehow Sunday doesn’t count. It’s because Sunday feels more like getting ready for Monday day. Endless household chores, cleaning the house that can never stay clean or tidy, folding endless amount of laundry… Come to think of it, my three years of life after kids seems to be dominated by copious amounts of laundry, washing, drying, folding and putting away.

In the past going back to work after the holidays never felt so dreary. But now I feel so bleah and unmotivated to go to work. It’s also extra difficult after having the luxury of being with the kids 24/7 during the holidays. Ah well, I guess that’s part and parcel of life, can’t be holidays everyday right ? SIGH.

Labour day long weekend

Sigh it’s not a good end to the otherwise lovely long Labour Day weekend, R is sick. It could me he caught my lingering 100 day cough, but who knows? All the kids are showing signs of stuffy noses, I know that this is the start of yet another cycle of family illness. I just hope it’s a light one this time and ends soon. Sigh.

Friday night was so fun because I decided that we should all go for movies in the park. We only lasted the first half hour of the movie because it was too chilly and windy. But the picnic before that was great and the kids really enjoyed rolling around the park.

Saitaomei was so happy, I really should bring her out a lot more.

My father seemed to enjoy the experience, he said this was Australian life, which I after.

The next day I brought Saitaoha to the zoo, it was her first zoo experience and her belated birthday treat.

I think the highlight of the zoo for Saitaoha wasn’t the animals but getting to hang out all day with LG jeje. She adores her cousins and has hero worship haha.

Enjoying her chips and Dino nuggets for lunch.

I think the icecream was her main course, she had two that day!

We bought them rainbow capes and it brought us luck because we scored a great parking spot.

She wasn’t sure this was a lion due to the lack of mane 😅. This girl sped through all the animals, always saying ‘let’s go see another one’. Alamak quantity over quality this Saitaoha.

They had more fun with each other than the animals.

I almost died of embarrassing when Saitaoha pointed to a little girl and asked ‘what’s that?’ as if she was another animal in the zoo. Luckily the little girl’s mum was a good sport and answered merrily ‘it’s a monkey!’

I really hope they stay close and continue to be great friends as they grow up.

The long weekend festivities didn’t end there for the lucky Saitaoha. Yee yee brought her out for a Freo outing the next day.

She looks rather small here.

But so grown up here! Please don’t get a tattoo when you become a teenager ok.

Another icecream day! Right before bedtime she declared to me ‘mummy I love ice cream!’ ‘Yes I know Saitaoha’. ‘Let’s go eat icecream tomorrow’.

Long weekends are the best.

Three years and counting

It’s almost the end of the work week and I’m glad. Work hasn’t been too bad, but there’s a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of motivation. Some days I think I should find another job, other days I enjoy learning new things and gaining knowledge. Some days I think I’m lucky that work is relatively stress free and allows me flexible work line balance, other days I feel sad that I’m not challenged at work and my skills/experience are not utilised and wasted.

Some days I just want to stay at home with the kids and pull the covers over my head. Most days I’m glad to head out to work, to feel a sense of purpose besides being a mummy.

The kids have settled well back home and are revelling in having a normal schedule and home cooked food again. They’ve grown up so much during this trip, I have to admit Saitaomei is no longer a baby and Saitaoha has left toddlerhood and is a bright little girl now.

In a week Saitaoha will be three. So I will have been a mother for three years, wow. So much sweat, blood, tears and joy throughout these years. Time flew and time crawled.

Love her to pieces, my spoilt, sweet and bright little girl.

Love my mischievous, cool and determined Mei mei.


Wow I didn’t realise the last time I blogged here was six days ago. What have I been doing?

There was dim sum with my parents and kids. It was a lot of fun because I like spending them with my parents a lot, and Saitaomei was bring her funny foodie self again. She loves dimsum a lot! Saitaoha enjoyed herself too, she’s getting a lot closer to her sister and likes playing with her. Only sometimes she’s a bit too boisterous and we have to remind her to be gentle.

Hehe check out that happy icecream truck driver. Jeje was err not as thrilled being the passenger. My ah pa spoils them because he actually pays for these rides whereas I usually just let them sit in them. I don’t remember these rides being a huge part of my childhood but they seem to feature a lot in my kids’ childhoods so far.

The foodie strikes again! I love her eyelashes, Saitaoha also has lovely long lashes too. They didn’t inherit my small eyes and short lashes thank goodness, but I recently did eyelash extensions so now maybe I look a little like my daughters??

It came as a surprise to my family I think because I’m usually very kiam and quite low maintenance. I hardly ever cut my hair, I don’t do manicures or pedicures, my makeup is usually so light it looks like I don’t have any on 😅. But for some reason I just went crazy and wanted to look nice for Chinese New Year! Now I kinda love having the extensions (it’s so handy to look made up without making up!) but I’m not sure I could go back every other month …

This is the start of something bad…now I definitely want to get my eyebrows embroidered and maybe finally curl my hair ? It’s nice to look good and feel good about yourself though, so addictive. I’m also looking forward to getting back to some exercise activity again. This is my year of recovery and I think it’s off to a good start!

Live well

Today Ah ma went for a medical procedure. It was her first time utilising the Australian public health system so she was understandably nervous. Of course the underlying fear I am sure for her (and the whole family) was if the examination came out with negative results.

As we grow older, it is inevitable that we’re faced with 生老病死. Sadly, our extended family and some friends are going through difficult times, so fears of ill health and mortality are hitting very close to home.

The good news is ah ma’s results were great and all normal. So we all breathed a silent sigh of relief.

I guess the angst of fretting over your own and your loved ones’ health and mortality will never go away and in fact deepen as one ages. The challenge is to not let this fear overtake your life and make you forget to live well. If you’re too busy living and loving, you won’t have time to worry about dying right?

Haha I lol at myself for writing this because I’ve become such a pessimist since last year. But I still want to try to change and learn to live better, I haven’t given up, so that’s a good sign right ?

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