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40 weeks +3 days overdue

Once a pregnant lady reaches full term, every additional day after her estimated due date goes by very very slowly. Every twinge, ache or movement is met with trepidation and hope ‘is this it? Am I going into early labour?’ But when it all settles again, there’s a sense of crushing disappointment and frustration.

I spent the night worrying whether the lesser movements means she’s running out of space or whether something more sinister is lurking. The rational part of me knows that this is part and parcel of the ‘waiting period’ and I’m over thinking everything. I’ve also been pondering and thinking that I’ve been a wholly unsupportive sister towards my sisters when they were pregnant! They must have gone through the same horrible emotional upheavals and physical strain, and yet, I don’t recall anyone whining to me or me showing any concern at all (T___T). I promise I will be a much better sister and more supportive during their next pregnancies.

My parents have been in Perth for a week now. I know that my mother is quite anxious as well, because everyday that Saitaoha hasn’t arrived, is one day less that she can help with the baby before she flies back home. I am however thankful that they are here. I know that I will look back and treasure this memorable period of spending time with my parents. I feel like I am going back in time during my youth when my parents took care of all my needs.

It is surreal seeing my father doing housework around the house. My father who has always been the  the king of our household is now mopping my floors as I type, in fact, he came over to show me the new mop that he bought (my parents were flabbergasted at my lack of high tech cleaning supplies haha) and how you ‘can really see the dust’. My mother told me that he plans to clean the windows tomorrow?! It doesn’t matter how much I protest or try to stop them from doing work, they just won’t allow me to do anything! I think because this is the first time that my parents have seen any of their daughters in a heavily pregnant state, they are quite shocked at the size of my belly and have deemed me unsuitable to do any menial tasks.

When Saitaoha grows up, I will let her know how wonderful and selfless her grandparents are. I will teach her to be a loving grand daughter and let her know that filial piety is one of the best virtues that she should uphold.

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