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Lunch @ Chapter 88 & Little Chef Kaka

The daitaoha family are big fans of Ciao Italia, sometimes Jo and family even takeaway tiramisu from Ciao just for dessert after dinner. So when we heard that Ciao Italia had opened a new breakfast joint Chapter 88 in Nedlands, we knew that we had to visit it pretty soon.

_DSC2429 (Medium)

It was a bit odd to see this breakfast cafe tucked away in the corner of the dilapidated Broadway Shopping Centre where we used to go for our cheap takeaways as uni students. I don’t think we would have gone to Chapter 88 as students though because the prices are definitely not student affordable and around the high $20s.


Master Tristan all dressed up for Chapter 88.

_DSC2438 (Medium)

Lady Kaka is ready for lunch too.

_DSC2444 (Medium)

We were a bit late for breakfast so had lunch instead. Their lunch menu featured lots of pasta dishes, very similar to Ciao Italia fare. This mushroom risotto was quite delicious.

_DSC2446 (Medium)

This Asian beef salad with soba noodles was fresh and very tasty. I would definitely order this again if I was in a salad mood.


Jo had the squid ink pasta which we all thought tasted like Chinese rice dumplings! There was something very meaty about it which was weird. I was expecting the bursts of seafood flavour which usually infuse good squid ink pastas but this was a disappointment.

_DSC2450 (Medium)

MMy roast vegetable salad with eggplant, sweet potato and pinenuts. This was alright but I much preferred the asian beef salad.

_DSC2452 (Medium)

I can’t remember what this was called on the menu but we knew straightaway that it was Ciao Italia’s signature Fettucine Ciao Italia only called something else haha. Very creamy and rich, it’s difficult to finish a portion of this.

Overall we were quite pleased with the food and service at Chapter 88 which isn’t surprising since the lunch menu is very similar to Ciao Italia’s pasta dishes and we also spied their tiramisu in the dessert counter (prices are approximately $2 more expensive than Ciao Italia). We’re looking forward to going back for breakfast :).

Chapter 88
39/88 Broadway
08 9389 6689

_DSC2458 (Medium)

This Saturday’s brunch spot was Millpoint Caffe Bookshop which is opposite Ciao Italia.  We’ve been to this cafe/bookshop a few times over the past years and it’s always been a comfortable spot for standard good coffees, service and breakfast. Unfortunately, this cafe seems to have gone downhill over the years.

_DSC2459 (Medium)

Service while friendly, was extremely slow. The food when it did finally come out, was below par. My french toast which was topped with raspberries and  candy floss was very disappointing. The toast wasn’t soaked thoroughly with the batter and it was sad eating half battered white bread (which wasn’t even nice bread sigh) which wasn’t hot, toasty or crispy. The toast screamed of a rushed job and a short time in the pan.

_DSC2460 (Medium)

Pancakes which looked great but was doughy and not light and fluffy as pancakes should be. The kids usually wallop pancakes but most of it was left on the plate.  What’s happening to breakfast places in Perth nowadays?! (T____T)_DSC2464 (Medium)

The big breakfast which is a safe bet at least. There goes another good breakfast place, sigh*.

Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
254 Mill Point Rd
South Perth WA 6151
(08) 9367 4567

_DSC2426 (Medium)

When outside food disappoints, we can only cook at home! Even though I haven’t been cooking as much as I like and I’ve had a few baking failures (*malteser cakes*) recently. Despite the ups and downs, I still enjoy my Sunday cooking afternoons. This is my Thai style pork belly which is coriander and white pepper laden with gula melaka.

_DSC2477 (Medium)

With the cold winter days, we’ve been having steamboat Sundays. Jan and Andy introduced us to this soy/vinegar/raw egg/coriander and spring onion dipping sauce which is great with steamboat.

_DSC2468 (Medium)

Speaking of cooking, I am looking forward to future cooking days with Chef Kaka! Hehe, we’ve been playing ‘masak masak’ on her little peppa pig stove and she has been baking cupcakes and frying chips, veggies and steaks haha.


The very cute Chef Kaka with her homemade chef hat. Do you think she will make it to Masterchef  2034? Don’t grow up too fast Kaka, daitaoha yee yee still wants to play masak masak with you for years to come.



It was a really special Mother’s day this year because all the kids were here. The only mummy missing was my Ah Ma! I think she was a bit jealous.  Maybe next year Ah Ma will be here for Mother’s Day, that would be lovely.

Lately I’ve lost my mojo at work. Sigh, I guess everyone goes through ups and downs in their career and there are times when one feels demotivated or disillusioned. Maybe my fire is burning low and I’m running out of gas? Or maybe it’s just a lull before I feel better again, whatever it is, I hope it goes by soon.

Weekends are now a time for relaxation and with the kids around, it really brings new meaning to the words family day.

_DSC2398 (Medium).

The brother in laws enjoying a spot of fishing. I know HC is really enjoying having a fishing mate while it’s nice that Andy has gotten into the Aussie sport.


What do the rest of us non fishers do? We picnic, stuff our faces, go pinecone and leaf hunting and bask in the sun.

_DSC2387 (Medium)

I think all the idyllic family time is also a reason why I’m getting more and more reluctant to spend so much time and energy at work. Why be in front of the computer when you can have this? (-_____-).

I look forward to the good working days again. In the meantime, I will count down the days to the weekend again.

Singapore Day 1 : Seafood feast @ Toa Payoh

It’s May! How time flies, scarf and boots season all over again. I’ve caught a cold too so it’s a pretty crappy start to the autumn/winter season. Which brings me to my long overdue sunny Singapore posts.

_DSC2220 (Medium)

Our first breakfast in Singapore was Ya Kun kaya and toast, with a side of soft boiled eggs.

_DSC2221 (Medium)

YaKun kaya toast is very crispy but a tad dry. We like Killiney kopitiam’s kaya toast more.

_DSC2222 (Medium)

When R and I were in Hongkong, we didn’t get to try the famous Michelin starred TimHoWan. But lo and behold, TimHoWan is now available in Singapore! And best of all, there is a branch conveniently located in our neighbourhood of Toa Payoh.

_DSC2227 (Medium)

Braised chicken feet which was tasty but nothing extraordinary.

_DSC2229 (Medium)

The signature baked char siew buns of TimHoWan, a cross between a polo bun with the sweet crunchy exterior and the yummy charsiew filling. It was very sweet and tasty, but I’m not sure that I would queue for hours to eat this.

_DSC2230 (Medium)

Nice siew mai which we all enjoyed. I think TimHoWan’s claim to fame is consistently good dimsum at affordable prices. Would definitely go ahead providing there’s no long queues.

Toa Payoh #02-02

_DSC2236 (Medium)

It was really nice being with my parents and sisters together in Singapore. Our first dinner was in our local neighbourhood zhi char stall @Hao Wei Kitchen. We decided to go all out with a seafood feast :). This was our seafood claypot pot.

_DSC2239 (Medium)

I love eating stir fried bittergourd whenever I’m in Malaysia or Singapore because the local bittergourds are so much better than the ones in Perth.

_DSC2240 (Medium)

I can’t remember the name of these local lobsters but they were deep coated in a salted egg york better and deep fried, really good. I even ate parts of the crunchy shell (-____-)”.

_DSC2241 (Medium)

Jo’s favourite dish of the night, Singapore’s signature chilli crab. Believe it or not, it was my first time eating chilli crab and I was impressed. The spicy sweet chill sauce was great especially when soaked up by fried mantou. We liked these so much Jo and my ah pa had chilli crab again a couple of nights later!

_DSC2242 (Medium)

The sambal squid was fabulous too, we all decided that we were really pleased with our first dinner in Singapore.

April Singapore
Oh wait, there was dessert too! Two packs of different durian species, one was Mao Shan Wang which I believe is the king of durians, the other was another type called creamy butter. Surprisingly, everyone preferred the creamy butter species.

It was a good end to a lovely first day in Singapore.

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