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R’s birthday

It’s so nice that R’s birthday falls on a public holiday. We had a quiet day at home, only venturing out to grab some groceries and his birthday cake.

Saitaoha and R had the same lunch, birthday chicken mushroom soup with mee sua with a hard boiled egg. This is one of R’s favourite soups so he slurped it all up. Saitaoha really liked it too! We are a bit sian because she caught a cold from daycare. Arrgh I hate runny noses and hacking coughs. Luckily she’s not too cranky yet and we’ve been dosing her her with meds. Unfortunately I feel myself getting sick too, argh I hate daycare germs.

I’m praying this one won’t catch our colds! The last time her jeje was such, she only had a slight cough. Please ah breastmilk, work your wonders.

Tried cooking this braised fish maw, sea cucumber and mushroom fish for the first time. R gave it the thumbs up and said it was similar to restaurant quality, yippee. He loves sea cucumber.

Cake cutting time! As usual Saitaoha only had eyes for the cake πŸ˜…. It must be surreal for R to have his little girl singing him the birthday song. Oh how she has grown.

Saitaoha giving papa a birthday kiss but look at Saitaomei’s face!

Happy birthday R! Hope you had a lovely one with your three girls πŸ˜‚ celebrating it for you πŸ’•.


Saitaomei is 6 months old

Herrow. This is me signature solemn look. I am trying to look mature because I’m very big now, I’m six months old! My mummy says I commemorated turning six months by refusing to sleep till 6am!

Nowadays I’m actually a lot more smiley and chuckle when my parents play with me. Mummy loves my giggles and can’t help smiling at me even when I give her my Ms Meerkat grin at 6am.

My favourite person has to be my jeje Saitaoha. I think I’m slowly worming my way into her heart! Today when she woke up, her first question as usual was ‘where’s papa?’ BUT her second question was ‘where’s mei mei?’ She even voluntarily gave me hugs today, so happy !!!

My mummy says papa said we had to get me a cake today (even though I can’t eat it so I think it’s more like for them loh *roll eyes*) since jeje had one every single month before she turned one. Cannot second child syndrome and neglect me you know.

Sigh this was the best photo they took of me and the cake. As you can see, my greedy guts jeje already had her fingers in the cake. She enjoyed the cake the most and wished me happy birthday πŸŽ‰. Mummy says every other photo of us four was a major fail because our eyes were al on the cake. Jeje and I are going to be foodies when we grow up.

Otherwise it was a lovely intimate celebration for me. Mummy said her heart felt full tonight and that she loves us very very much.

Happy Mother’s Day

Huh? It’s Mother’s Day ah? Why didn’t you tell me yee yee? Then I would sleep in a bit more so mummy can get more sleep.

Nvm, my jeje didn’t get the cue either and fell ill on Mother’s Day. She was a clingy, sobbing, booger dripping mess, but mummy loves her all the same.

Artwork from Saitaoha for Mother’s Day. Tristan also made me a pretty flower, but I couldn’t take a picture because Saitaoha processed to pick out all the pretty stickers πŸ˜“.

The day started pretty badly since we had to deal with a sick kid the night before. Luckily Saitaomei was not too bad and R took her from me in the morning to give me an extra lie in. But I felt sorry for him and got up to make breakfast for him and Saitaoha.

Then things started looking up when we headed out and met up with my sisters’ family. We went Mother’s Day gift shopping! It was really nice seeing my BIL spoiling my sister, it’s so nice to see her appreciated and showered with love by her family.

Afterwards we stopped for a coffee and a blueberry muffin. I was so pleased to have a nice coffee on Mother’s Day πŸ˜„.

A reluctant papa parts with his money on Mother’s Day. No lah he actually offered to buy me my mobile that I’ve been wanting to buy (but kept putting off coz too kiam) for months. Normally I would umm and ahh and reject his offer but heck, I just went with it this time!

Because I really want one!! I need good photos of the kids and lots of memory. I’m so happy I don’t have to keep deleting old photos now. 😍😍😍😍😍

I asked R ‘are you sure you’re ok with spending so much money on a phone?’ He surprised me by saying ‘yes, I think a good phone is worth the money and iPhone is worth its value’ after a pause, he said ‘a good mummy is worth it too’.

I’m already so lucky to be a mother to my munchkins but ok lah, it’s really nice to be spoilt on Mother’s Day.


I’ve always appreciated having Mother’s Day to let my Ah Ma know that we cherish and love her. But now that I’m a mummy, I know that I should have showed my appreciation a lot more! Ah Ma is my kids’ second mother, and if I’m completely honest, she’s a much better, patient and skilful mummy than I am. It goes to show how great she is with my kids that Saitaoha cries for her when she is sick.

I’ve been such a whiner since Saitaomei’s arrival, complaining about how life is tough with two bubs. Yet my parents are helping me raise my kids without a single complaint and a whole lot of love.

When I fractured my foot, Ah Ma helped me with the baby even though she sprained her back so badly that she pretty much crawled to the toilet πŸ˜“.

I think Ah Ma single handedly pulled me out of my baby blues during our Singapore/Kuching trip and I’ve never looked back since.

I am not a very good mummy and still have lots to learn from my Ah Ma. But I’m thankful that I have my girls and love being their mummy, they are hard work but gosh I love them to pieces 😍. I only hope someday I can be half as good a mummy as my Ah Ma is. So Ah Ma if you’re reading this, thank you for the sleepless nights, the curries, beehoons and green bean soups, the Sunny Hill pandan ice cream hunts, the neverending searches of missing jujus and xiuxius. Thank you for all the love, generosity and care that you shower on me, R, Saitaoha and Saitaomei. Happy Mother’s Day to the best Ah Ma and Mah Mahever.

Happy birthday

To my dearest sister (my kids’ beloved yee yee) and bil

Thank you for your infinite kindness, generosity and love. May your birthdays signal that the worst is over and bring you the best of luck, an abundance of happiness and good health. Happy birthday πŸŽ‰!


It was terrible birthday weather today, raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t hamper us from going out to celebrate Jo and HC’s birthdays. In truly Tspellstrouble fashion, we celebrated by eating local food, her favourite chicken rice at Hoi Bo.

Chicken rice is such a good meal for our family because adults and kids all love it. I really should get R to cook it more often for the family, I guess I could cook it myself too. But it’s always nicer when someone else cooks for you.

Saitaomei is the mei mei of the cousins so she’s the most patted and loved one. Here she is being patted and caressed by her sister and cousins.

Ow!! being the most popular one comes with disadvantages too, like being poked in the eye by an affectionate jeje πŸ˜….

Hello chubby cheeks.

After lunch we went for a stroll at the shopping centre. There was a Mister Men colouring booth so LG and Saitaoha had a go.

Saitaoha was overdue for a nap and getting cranky. LG whisked her away and there was no sound, I turned the corner to see them both enjoying a cookie. Sunday afternoons should always be about cookies and ice chocolates. I wanted to indulge in a beverage too but Saitaomei started getting cranky so zoomed off home we did. Both kiddos fell asleep in the car and miraculously continued sleeping when we transferred them onto their beds. I even joined them for an hour’s nap! I should jot down that this morning R took Saitaoha from me so I could sleep in for another hour. Bliss. A good sleeping day is when you can actually get a nap in the day let alone a sleep in!!

R volunteered to cook chicken abalone mee sua for the family birthday dinner. I was famished so finished all my soup even though I normally don’t like mee sua.

Guess who enjoyed the birthday cake the most ?

We spotted double rainbows after the storm, I took it as a sure sign that there will only be rainbows, unicorns and pots of gold for my sister and BIL following their birthdays.

I hope you guys had a lovely birthday, it was fun celebrating it with you.

Easter egg hunt

Saitaoha had a lovely time Easter egg hunting at my sister’s today. She has an obsession with kinder eggs and toy eggs so this game was so fun for her.

My sister’s garden and house was so prettily decorated with Easter signs and decorations.

So cute!

Ready to hunt for eggs.

Hmm is that an egg? Am I allowed to take it?

At first she was a bit hesitant to pick up the eggs and received lots of help and hints from my sil.

Then she started getting into it and would gasped in delight ‘egg egg!’

Checking out her Easter egg loot.

She enjoyed herself soo much.

My sister’s Easter egg themed afternoon tea was so on point! Even the table cloth and placemats had chickens and ducks haha.

My sister made the scones, sil made the cinnamon rolls and brother made the dark chocolate nut bars. All very delicious.

Bonus pic of my chubby Saitaoha, her hair is getting long, we have to tie it up, but I think she looks cute like that.

Afterwards we had a BBQ at home and my good friend Jaso dropped by. It was so nice to catch up with him even though I was a bit distracted with the kids.

Ah pa was so funny, he came over and gave me a little nudge ‘ eh since your friend is here, maybe we can ask him to help us take a family photo ?’ We’ve been trying to take a good family photo for days but keep failing with our lousy selfie stick skills. Poor Jaso became our photographer for the night πŸ˜…, luckily he’s so nice and he’s also a great photographer so I’m sure we got some good pics.

In every photo Saitaoha was holding on to a chocolate rabbit though, oh my child πŸ˜“.

Saitaomei is 4 months old / 5th year anniversary dinner

Saitaomei is 4 months old today! Ah how time flies, my underweight newborn is now a 6.4 kg chubby baby with the cutest coos and sweet smile.

Hahaha my sister sent me this photo, so funny. I told them if it was real the hanger would definitely break.

We joke that she’s a couch potato baby that loves the tv. In reality she is very alert and loves scrutinising people and her surroundings. I already know I will miss carrying my little soft and squishy marshmallow. Now when Saitaoha cuddles me in bed, she is all long limbed and stout, luckily I still have this puff to hug for a while.

Mummy and papa left me at home with cookies whilst they went out fine dining.

Yes, I had another night off, two days in a row (thank you long suffering gung gung and mah mah for babysitting).

R surprised me a few days ago when he msged me saying ‘want to go to Red Cabbage on Saturday?’

We haven’t had a Sat night date for aeons, let alone fine dining! This time it was to celebrate our fifth year wedding anniversary, yes, it has been that long. R asked me at dinner ‘are you sure? It has been five years??’ I told him I couldn’t get it wrong because I’ve been filling out forms that require me to fill in our marriage registration date. Or else I don’t think I would have remembered the date let alone the years πŸ˜…. Anyway, I think it’s a good sign that we both don’t feel that it’s been that long, means we’re not tired of each other yet right ? 😬

We went to Red Cabbage because it’s our favourite fine dining restaurant in Perth, they never disappoint and they didn’t again tonight.

We had their Easter special menu which was a four course dinner for $59 pp. Cold tomato soup starter was a freebie (very refreshing). As usual their warm soft buns and parsley garlic whipped butter was πŸ‘.

Our first course was scallops, vindaloo cauliflower purΓ©e, coriander yoghurt and saffron crisps. It was so delicious and well balanced, we loved it.

Second course was pork belly bacon, quandong, quandong and cauliflower. R and I swapped our pork belly because mine was fatty (which he loves) while his was more lean. The pork belly fats just melted, it was all very tasty but I preferred the first course.

R had the veal with eggplant, mushroom and candlenut. There was a lovely smoky flavour to the veal, again very yummy.

I had the fish as my main. It was Tasmanian salmon with nori butter sauce, red cabbage and puffed rice. This was really delicious, very decadent and rich sauce, the salmon was gorgeously medium rare and I loved the crunch of the puffed rice.

Dark chocolate mousse, cherry sorbet and Guinness jam for dessert. I enjoyed the sorbet the most but this was the most average course I thought.

The service was excellent, they even surprised us with a little happy anniversary cake and took a Polaroid picture for us.

It was a lovely celebration which we both thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. To be honest, it was a bit hectic prepping the kids before sending them over to their grandparents. I was kinda stressed before we went out and thought maybe we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves. But I’m so glad we did. I have to admit, with the arrival of the second child, it has added strain and stress to our marriage. I’m glad we recognised the tension and are both working on it and putting in extra effort to sustain a happy marriage. May the next five years and more be filled with more happiness, love and joy.

Saitaomei is 3 months old

Saitaomei is three months today. Has it only been three months? I feel like she’s been part of our lives forever.

It’s been really tough juggling two kids even with my parents’ stupendous help. They’ve had to run quite a lot of errands since we’ve been home so I’ve had some bouts of looking after two kids. Wah mummies who have two or more kids and no help, I don’t know how you do it!!

I feel terrible because I feel like someone always gets neglected when I’m taking care of the other. And as life would have it, Saitaoha will tell me she needs to go potty when I’m feeding Saitaomei. Or Saitaoha will be fast asleep and then get woken up by her sister’s wailing. Or both kids will be crying at the same time. At one point I was rocking Saitaomei to sleep and I could tell Saitaoha just needed some patting to fall asleep. I was contemplated patting her butt with my foot!

Anyway I’m sure I will eventually get better at this. I am thankful for my beautiful girls and happy that they are growing well. Happy 3 months SaitaomeiπŸ’•πŸ’•

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