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Mid autumn festival

Copious cups of fragrant Chinese tea, triangle slivers of lotus paste double egg yolk mooncakes (both tea and mooncakes were gifted by a long time old friend so felt extra meaningful), hanging out with the kids and family. Admired the full moon whilst hanging out the laundry.

It was a nice δΈ­η§‹θŠ‚, how was yours?


6 years and counting

Thumbs up for the weekend!

Only the weekend is now over boo hoo. Despite still not being πŸ’―, it was a lovely weekend with R and the kids.

It was our 6th wedding anniversary too, we didn’t celebrate at all save for a celebratory hug that we haven’t killed each other yet haha. He had leftover pasta and I had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. The only ones that had fresh cooked food were our princesses πŸ™„. Oh but we did crack open a bottle of wine 🍷 but I only had a sip because still quite poorly. We watched Grease and Pitch Perfect which were showing on tv and we all danced to the catchy tunes in the living room.

On Sunday we headed into the city to pick our a wedding present for my sister in law. I cooked R’s favourite 八珍鸑汀, sesame ginger chicken with potatoes and stir fried broccoli for dinner. Lunch bento prep was trusty ιΌ“ζ²ΉηŽ‹η‚’ι’ and fettuccine bolognese. After dinner Mei was hankering for a walk so we trotted over to my parents and stayed for snacks, fruits and a chat.

It was uneventful anniversary that somehow epitomises our life right now, simple meals, dancing with the kids, doing housechores together, hanging out with Gung Gung mah mah, a simple but happy life.

Not so happy Father’s Day

One year ago on Father’s Day, Saitaomei was so small, chubby and cuddly.

Aiyoh so cute. Hello mei mei. Still hanging on to her favourite xiu xiu.

Papa and Saitaoha on Father’s Day last year.

No pictures this year because Saitaomei is really sick! She spent the whole night screaming and wailing and this continued today. She runs a fever on and off and is off her food. I was worried enough to bring her to the doctors, something that I hardly do when she gets sick because I know the doctors can’t prescribe her anything for common colds and flus. The doctor said it might be the on start of a viral infection?

A miserable, wet and windy Father’s Day. But Happy Father’s Day R and my dear ah pa! I don’t say it near enough but you’re worth your weight in gold and I really appreciate all that you do for the family. The kids love both of you to pieces πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day at a korean restaurant on Saturday. Usually Ah ma and I avoid Korean because R and my ah pa don’t like it, but I told ah ma ‘it’s for the mums this time!’ So I’m glad we went because my sisters really like Korean food and it was all quite tasty.

Guess who enjoyed her korean watermelon bingsu afterwards ?

This one has a great time too. Life is good when Gung Gung is here.

I’ve been trying to do more educational activities with the kids. Thank goodness Saitaoha loves learning, it makes teaching her quite fun.

Saitaomei is interested too.

I finally brought Saitaomei to the library. Being a better mother on Mother’s Day. We borrowed a few books and I had to read ALL of them to Saitaoha when we reached home.

The kids had a great day out in the city.

We coloured frog feet at the discovery centre.

Chicken rice for lunch, so dry, I can cook better chicken rice.

Hello princess.

Haha in tears because she got told off for colouring the carpet. She hardly gets a harsh word so she’s always extra drama queen when she gets scolded.

So Mother’s Day was spent being a mother, looking after the girls, doing household chores, cooking, feeding the family, but I truly had a lovely day bring their mummy.

Happy Mother’s Day to my ah ma, you’re the best!


Woo hoo! Happy Chinese New Year! Here’s wishing the piggy year is kind to me, with an abundance of good health and good luck for my loved ones.

Earlier in the night Saitaoha was watching my father in law hang up fire crackers. She didn’t like it much and found it too loud, but she seemed to enjoy the midnight session with the pretty fireworks.

Can’t say the same for Saitaomei. She didn’t really cry loudly, but she was definitely scared and clung on to me for dear life. We watched the fireworks from afar and I covered her ears when the neighbourhood fired up with smoke and crackers at the stroke of midnight. In the end my little koala fell asleep in my arms and luckily seems to be sleeping through the noise.

Father in law really went all out for reunion dinner, everything was really delicious. It’s their tradition to eat again at midnight, so we had a second round *burp*

I am glad the girls are getting to celebrate Chinese New Year the traditional way. Hopefully they will be able to hang on to these precious customs and their heritage for a long time to come.

First day of 2019

Hehehe. The snow app is so cute.

Herrow. ζ–°εΉ΄εΏ«δΉπŸŽŠ

The first day of 2019 was nice. We all slept in except R who started painting at 5.30am! He’s really into DIY nowadays and it amassing a huge collection of tools. I actually don’t mind because it’s handy to have someone who’s handy haha. I also think it’s sweet that he’s building and designing his kids’ playroom from scratch. It’s only semi completed but the kids already love it.

After a six week hiatus, I’m finally returning to work tomorrow. It feels surreal after being away for so long, I’m not looking forward to it but I’m also not dreading it? I know I will miss hanging out with my parents and the kids, but I hope this year I can have a steady work schedule that will balance work/family appropriately.

I’m also hoping by starting Saitaomei in daycare and Saitaoha in school this year, my parents will have more time/rest to themselves. A lot of my stress last year stemmed from worrying about my parents being too tired. Hopefully this year I can alleviate some of that worry by lightening their load. I must admit that I hate the idea of Saitaomei going to daycare though 😭.

The cousins having a great time playing together. Saitaoha gets upset when the older kids leave her out of games because she’s too small to be on the same wavelength as them. Wait for your sister to grow up so she can play with you ok!

Saitaomei was just happily walking around the house holding her wooden icecream.

Even waving at my brother in law, so cute.

I enjoyed our steamboat dinner, I like bola bolas as my sister calls them. We’ve had lots of family gatherings this festive season, I’m so glad I was well enough to attend and participate.

Who knows what the rest of the year will be like? I have some set goals for myself, almost all of them are to do with my health and well-being. I really hope I can achieve them!

New Year’s Eve

Saitaoha on the last day of 2018. May you be in the pink of health and continue to grow up happy, strong and bright. I hope you enjoy your new school, have lots of fun and learn at the same time.

Saitaomei on the last day of 2018. I hope in the new year you will continue to eat well, be strong, healthy and happy. I also hope you adjust to daycare well in 2019.

I almost didn’t dare to read my 2018 resolutions because I knew I failed badly in so many fronts. I was definitely not more positive (I swear I really tried but circumstances were dire), my health was at an all time low because I didn’t take care of myself and I stressed so much! My health, relationships and career all took a nose dive in 2018. Sure I lost weight in the end but it wasn’t due to exercise or diet but due to ill health 😭.

But I had my family with me. I managed to go home to Kuching several times with the kids. We settled into our home and finally did up the playroom for the kids (still far from finished though, R has such grand plans πŸ˜…). My parents settled in their new home, they are a stone’s throw away and really, life is so much better with ah pa and ah ma as neighbours. And who can forget the kids? My daughters are growing up happy and healthy, they are so loved and protected, I couldn’t ask for more could I?

In 2019, I want to build up my confidence, health and strength again. Maybe it’s something as easy as going for a swim once a week, or getting regular haircuts, buying clothes that fit and look good. I need to take care of myself, physically and mentally, if I want to take care of others.

I would like to go on holidays, one with just the husband, one with the family. That’s my aim.

I would like to kick my social media habit, in particular dayre. I don’t mind the writing as it doesn’t take much time. But I have to stop surfing, have real conversations instead of reading about other people’s online conversations. Put down the phone and talk/play to the kids, the husband. I really need to work on this one.

Hopefully I can learn to manage stress better in 2019. I need to stop worrying about everything and everyone. After such a tough year, I just pray and wish the new year will be kinder on me and my loved ones.

And on that note, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

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