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The June that was …

Half of 2014 is over and yet I feel like I haven’t achieved anything. But maybe I will soon because I’m taking driving lessons, woohoo!
In June, we celebrated Richard’s birthday. It was a very quiet, simple affair. In fact, the cutting of the birthday cake was just us two which was nice.

Richard’s birthday breakfast of longlife noodles with chicken abalone soup.


Lots of new restaurants popping up in Victoria Park which is fabulous. We’ve had two hotpot places open up within the year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the nice interior of Amazy Hotpot restaurant and attracted by their dimsum poster (during the day) so asked my makan family to go there for dimsum one Sunday morning.


There wasn’t a wide variety of dimsum to choose from but they had the staples. Most of the dimsum were of quality standard and tasty, however, they took a long time to come out despite us being the only table there! We were also taken aback at their $3 per head tea charge.


Our must order sin jook kuen, beancurd skin rolls.


The ultimate sin of all dimsum, uncooked har gaw! Despite coming out at such a slow pace, the chef must have been getting stressed out and this har gaw came out way too early so the prawns were still raw and skin still doughy. Arrgh. We returned it and asked for a replacement.

I’ve heard that their hotpots are quite tasty but there have been complaints that the prices are on the high side. Save to say, we definitely won’t be returning.

Amazy Hot Pot and Restaurant
180 Albany Highway
Victoria Park


It feels like one of the coldest winter I’ve ever been through in Perth. One night, R and I braved the cold and walked from home to the Vic Park town centre for dinner. We didn’t really have a place in mine but decided to go with Mexican at Pancho’s Villa which we’ve been to a couple of times and enjoyed.


It was perfect for a cold winter night, melted cheese, sour cream, burritos, frijoles, rice. Yums. It made me crave Mexican for the rest of the week.


All washed down with this giant ‘Fish Bowl’ of Pearl Harbour cocktail. It was supposed to be shared by 4 but R and I finished it easy hehe.

Raring to go back again, but this time I would love it if the daitaoha sisters could go and share a fishbowl :).


Malaysian honeycomb cake, a special chewy texture with a dark caramel taste.


Another Malaysian delight, the one and only Sarawak kolo mee. Our supplies are running low, we’ll make sure we load up when we’re next back home.

And that wraps up the first half of 2014.

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