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After I four

🧒🏻: Mummy, is it I can have birthday party after I four? Now I three?

👩🏻: Yes Saitaoha, when you turn four.

🧒🏻: (jumping happily) yeeeahh!! After I four, mummy bake rainbow cake for me, and mummy buy pink big dress for me, and Yee yee buy me lots and lots of balloons 🎈…

Looks like I’ll have to throw her a birthday party when she’s four 😅.


Saitaomei: woohoo I get my own bowl!

Saitaoha: mummy mei mei is making a mess!

Funny girls

Enough of the doom and gloom posts. Here’s a bit of Saitaomei cheer when her fever was in hiatus.


I’m helping mummy to pluck weeds.

Giving myself a clap for being such a good girl.

And another clap standing up. One has to cheer for oneself ok?

Hoo hoo, mummy says I’m cute even though my bao face is diminishing by the day.


Both Saitaomei and Saitaoha love it when I tickle them and make them laugh.

Every night when Saitaoha will run over when she hears mei mei chuckling from a tickle session.

‘My turn mummy! My turn to be funny! Make me funny mummy!’

At which I will retort ‘But you are already very funny Saitaoha!’

Ahh my funny girls indeed.

Flu shot

3.50am. Reminder to self : Get the kids their flu shots as soon as possible every year !!!

I already severely regretted it when the kids missed their second round of flu shot when we had to fly back to Malaysia last year. I swore I would get them their shots this year but just when we were going to get it, Saitaoha caught the HFMD. Now poor mei mei has been running a high fever for two days straight and I fear it’s the flu.

I might bring her to the doctor’s tomorrow if this fever persists but it’s not like they can do anything because she can hardly take any meds except for ibuprofens/paracetamol at her age. Just have to keep monitoring her and pray the symptoms don’t get worse.

Arrrhh why didn’t I get them their flu shot earlier?! They might not avoid the flu even with the shot but I want to think that at least I armed their vulnerable selves with any vaccine possible. I’m so fedup with myself, why do I procrastinate year after year?

Children just shouldn’t have to get sick ever. It’s so heartbreaking 😭.

Lousy mum

Feeling miserable because it’s 12.50am and Saitaomei is running a high fever.

She’s been hot all day and I suspected she might be feverish but why didn’t I take her temperature?! She was also off food today but I was distracted by her HFMD sister and she still seemed relatively happy so I put it down to teething.

Dosed her with nurofen and she’s gone back to sleep. Hopefully her fever will go soon and both kids are back to good health again.


Gung Gung Mah Mah are my friends

Mei mei was very upset when she went to Gung Gung Mah Mah’s house but they were not there! She roamed around the house searching for her beloved Gung Gung and wailed when she couldn’t see any sign of him.

Saitaoha was a bit better but she still asked me ‘mummy where are my friends ?’

‘Who are your friends’ I asked.

‘Gung Gung Mah Mah are my friends ! Where are they?! I want to hug them!’ she replied.

It’s been a tiring day 2 of HFMD made worse by my cold. I miss my friends too.


My parents flew out tonight, I hope they have a much deserved relaxing and leisurely break from grandparenting duties. The kids will miss them, Saitaoha is very close to her mah mah, whilst Saitaomei has Gung Gung completely wrapped around her little finger.

As luck would have it, Saitaoha caught the much dreaded hand, foot and mouth disease. This is her second time and luckily seems a bit more mild compared to her horrendous first time (I still remember her wailing in foetal position). She is still in pain though and keeps whimpering ‘painful’ whenever she tries to eat. Poor girl.

So the doctor has placed us in quarantine, our incubation period will last for a whole week so I can’t go to work! It will be full on SAHM for the next week and a bit with the two kiddos. Let’s just hope Saitaomei doesn’t catch it (we suspect she had it first but has recovered) and Saitaoha recovers quickly.

Being sick didn’t stop her nightly request for princess outfit dancing. She will beg me to dance with her every night and I will try to oblige even though my leg is still a bit wonky for dancing.

Haha check up my little dancer at the back. Mei mei likes dancing a lot too and is really cute when she follows the actions. Saitaoha claims every song ‘is my favourite’ and Er go through a repertoire of ‘Hands knees and shoulders’, ‘If you’re happy and you know it’, ‘Ring a ring a roses’ and more.

I know I will miss our nightly dancing sessions when the girls are too grown up to enjoy dancing with their mummy.

Grandparents are the best

Mei mei and her favourite Gung Gung.

Sleepy mei mei and her favourite Gung Gung.

Today Saitaoha begged to go to ‘school’. I’m really happy that she is so well adjusted and loves going to school nowadays. A huge part of it is due to my parents’ tender loving care which helped them ease into the daycare/school routine.

Today I was struck again by how lucky my kids are to have their grandparents looking after them.

Cookie Monster

The helpful assistant.

The Cookie Monster.


Matchy jammies gifted by Gung Gung and Mah Mah.

‘Helping’ papa to fix up new laundry cabinets. She says this is her new home.

Weekend colouring. Saitaoha’s requests are getting more difficult, the other day she asked to colour a zoo!

She sat up so straight and still during the ride, I think she was in shock that it moved.

Sigh I wish weekends lasted longer.

New or old ?

I’m starting in a new role today except it feels like an old role because there are lots of familiar faces and it’s an area I used to be heavily involved in.

The task ahead is daunting and I’m nervous. But I like waking up in the day and feeling more invested and motivated in my job.

Time will tell whether it’s a bad move. But it was a move I felt I had to make or I would regret. Things happen for a reason so I hope this is a ‘good’ thing.

I wish my spine would miraculously heal on its own so I didn’t have to live life with an imaginary expiry date.


Funny things that Saitaoha says:

(Watching me tickle and play with Saitaomei) Mummy, can it be Saitaoha’s turn to be funny? Mummy can I be funny?

Mummy, can I do homework please? (passes me her phonics book) I am so busy mummy, I do homework!

Mummy, what shape is this? (Pointing at picture of bicycle wheel)

‘Er.. circle ?’ I answer.

Correct! Good job mummy!!

Mummy, can you read me a book?

I’m a bit tired Saitaoha, how about later?

You are NOT tired mummy! Can you read me a book?!

Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day at a korean restaurant on Saturday. Usually Ah ma and I avoid Korean because R and my ah pa don’t like it, but I told ah ma ‘it’s for the mums this time!’ So I’m glad we went because my sisters really like Korean food and it was all quite tasty.

Guess who enjoyed her korean watermelon bingsu afterwards ?

This one has a great time too. Life is good when Gung Gung is here.

I’ve been trying to do more educational activities with the kids. Thank goodness Saitaoha loves learning, it makes teaching her quite fun.

Saitaomei is interested too.

I finally brought Saitaomei to the library. Being a better mother on Mother’s Day. We borrowed a few books and I had to read ALL of them to Saitaoha when we reached home.

The kids had a great day out in the city.

We coloured frog feet at the discovery centre.

Chicken rice for lunch, so dry, I can cook better chicken rice.

Hello princess.

Haha in tears because she got told off for colouring the carpet. She hardly gets a harsh word so she’s always extra drama queen when she gets scolded.

So Mother’s Day was spent being a mother, looking after the girls, doing household chores, cooking, feeding the family, but I truly had a lovely day bring their mummy.

Happy Mother’s Day to my ah ma, you’re the best!

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