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My parents flew out tonight, I hope they have a much deserved relaxing and leisurely break from grandparenting duties. The kids will miss them, Saitaoha is very close to her mah mah, whilst Saitaomei has Gung Gung completely wrapped around her little finger.

As luck would have it, Saitaoha caught the much dreaded hand, foot and mouth disease. This is her second time and luckily seems a bit more mild compared to her horrendous first time (I still remember her wailing in foetal position). She is still in pain though and keeps whimpering ‘painful’ whenever she tries to eat. Poor girl.

So the doctor has placed us in quarantine, our incubation period will last for a whole week so I can’t go to work! It will be full on SAHM for the next week and a bit with the two kiddos. Let’s just hope Saitaomei doesn’t catch it (we suspect she had it first but has recovered) and Saitaoha recovers quickly.

Being sick didn’t stop her nightly request for princess outfit dancing. She will beg me to dance with her every night and I will try to oblige even though my leg is still a bit wonky for dancing.

Haha check up my little dancer at the back. Mei mei likes dancing a lot too and is really cute when she follows the actions. Saitaoha claims every song ‘is my favourite’ and Er go through a repertoire of ‘Hands knees and shoulders’, ‘If you’re happy and you know it’, ‘Ring a ring a roses’ and more.

I know I will miss our nightly dancing sessions when the girls are too grown up to enjoy dancing with their mummy.

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