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Damai beach resort

We are back from our staycation at Damai beach resort. The resort is exactly the same as it was last year, dilapidated and in need of refurbishment. Even the buffet fare was exactly the same as last year’s haha. Despite the lacking condition of the rooms and facilities, we still had a great time, especially the kids.

Saitaomei loved the pool as expected. She has no fear that child, whereas Saitaoha was more cautious at that age and still is now.

Saitaoha enjoyed the pool a lot this time as well. But I think she’s too old for floats now so I will buy her arm bands and sign her up for swimming lessons when we are back.

Both kids had fun playing with their beach toys which their kuku and kuzhang bought for them.

She was a bit puzzled with the sandy beach but soon got the hang of it.

Papa and his baby on the beach.

Saitaoha was so happy to be with everyone, she’s a social butterfly this girl.

We wanted Saitaoha to be the mermaid but both kids refused to be buried in sand.

Guess who had to be the merman instead HAHAHAHA

Card games at night were lots of fun. It was especially fun watching the parents in law play, father in law would give a little chuckle every time he was about to win.

Mei mei and Gong Gong at breakfast buffet. We usually spent a long time at breakfast, R and his sister can really eat! And they’re still so skinny, so unfair.

Their laksa was flavourful and a favourite of R’s every morning.

Whereas I had nasi lemak everyday, very shiok.

Seafood dinner which was very yummy.

Happy kids πŸ˜ƒ= fun staycation.

We are back from the resort now, I’m not sure about R but I felt a little sad when we were leaving because it feels like our holiday is coming to an end.



Totally failed attempt of trying to get a nice photo of my babies in their pretty twinning outfits. It’s almost impossible to get good shots of these moving targets.

Much better shot! But why isn’t mummy in the picture ? Why aren’t mummies ever in pictures?

Asked Saitaoha to smile and this is the grin she gives me πŸ™‚

The kids discover the joy of CNY snacking early in life.

She really really liked all the snacking, even figured how to open the lids by herself.

The focus of this picture is the giant prawn cracker in her hand. She had many many crackers today.

It’s nice to see Saitaoha having fun with R’s siblings and the in laws. I’ve been luckier in life in that my kids get to spend a lot of time with my family, so these festive occasions are fantastic for the kids to bond with R’s family.

She is the funniest kid, rushing upstairs to place her angpaos carefully in the left side of the drawer, she even helps mei mei to store hers on the right corner.

There was so much food. My stomach is hurting from the overeating so I’m going to go on a detox tomorrow. I’m also suffering from a cough, yucks.

Ok I might still have some prawn crackers with achar, my favourite combination.

Look at that hopeful girl!

I’m glad we found some time to visit my parents and mah mah today. I think the kids are missing Gung Gung Mah Mah a bit, Saitaoha didn’t want to go home.

Kuching Day 1&2

Saitaoha and pink xiu xiu home bound a couple of days ago.

Even though it was a long day of travelling, both kids especially Saitaoha did very well. Saitaomei did get fussy now and then, but nothing terrible by baby standards.

She enjoyed the car ride at KLIA2. It is so good that airports are a lot more child friendly nowadays. She wasn’t happy when we reached home though, but I wasn’t surprised because I knew she’s at the stranger anxiety stage and would be overwhelmed by the new surroundings and new people. Saitaoha on the other hand has flourished with age and is getting along really well with my in laws.

The next day we went to Yee An where Saitaoha enjoyed a milo peng.

Sarawak laksa for R which he enjoyed a lot.

I had the usual kampua mee and it was pretty good. I knew this trip wouldn’t be a foodie one because R’s family aren’t good crazy like us, so luckily I have no cravings to fulfil this time.

Father in law cooks dinner for us every night. His over feeding zealousness seems to have tamed down, and I am thankful that someone else is cooking and cleaning for a change. Mother in law won’t let me touch the dishes! It feels like a real break.

They were so kind to celebrate my birthday for me too. This cheesecake was quite delicious and we’ve been eating it for the past few days.

How cute is my little Saitaomei? I really wanted them to have the CNY experience of playing with sparkles.

Saitaoha was a bit apprehensive but I think she still enjoyed herself.

They enjoyed dancing in the smoke more than playing with the sparklers πŸ˜….

Second day breakfast was this pork mince noodles soup which had an half an hour wait but was very tasty.

Saitaoha with her aunty and uncle. She took to them like fish to water and had a great time playing with them. She is missing her yee yees and cousins though and has been asking when they’re coming.

Shopping at Aeon mall was fun even though it took us ages to find parking. The whole world is out doing last minute CNY shopping.

We had an early reunion dinner at my grandmother’s place, but I didn’t even get to see her because she was sleeping. She seems to be sleeping a lot sigh.

The first two days have been a blast!

Mozzie attack

Last kueh chap of the year. Unless I make it myself in Perth? But let’s not kid myself, who has time to clean pig intestines nowadays? It amazes me that 5 years ago, we visited my sister in England and to satisfy her cravings, I cooked kueh chap, tomato kueh tiaw and baked siew pao. Who has time or energy to do that now? Some days when Saitaoha is acting up or sleeping particularly badly (last night was case in point) I just want to return the kids πŸ˜“.

Yeah durian for baby!

Actually baby gets none but she is getting to eat local bananas and papayas which she enjoys very much.

The kids are being eaten alive by the mozzies in Malaysia. They had a brief reprieve when we were in Singapore as our flat level was too high for mozzies. But since we’ve been back, the mozzies have come out in full force and it’s been a feeding frenzy. They only like young blood it seems, poor Tristan, Saitaoha and Saitaomei are covered with red, angry bites 😭.

We’ve been spraying mosquito repellent to no avail, those are some tough, pesky mozzies. And unlike the fat, slow ones in Perth, the mozzies here are quick and very good at hiding!

Ah pa tells me that he’s been waking up at night and shining a torchlight on Saitaomei and her surroundings to hunt for these monsters. ‘Boh kua tiok leh, ta pi yi ku si hor mang ka’ (couldn’t see them but she’s still getting bitten by mosquitos!) he laments. The thought of my ah pa getting up at night just to chase away mosquitoes from biting his precious grandchild is just 😭😭😭. Seriously my kids are so lucky to have the best grandfather ever.

The days slip away

Hmmm… I wonder whether it’s one of those days where everyone is eating yummy food and I get nothing again.

Eh not bad, I get a snack too πŸ˜€.

And my jeje is willing to play with me at last! It’s a good day πŸ˜ƒ.

Mummy says my top front teeth are out, papa will be amazed at how much I’ve grown in these past few weeks.

Saitaoha enjoying her milo peng. She doesn’t eat much outside, preferring simple home cooked food.

More for the adults then! Kampua mee from Yi An kopitiam.

Sister and I shared a laksa which was pretty good.

Both kids napped at the same time so I rewarded myself with a siew pao and Sundrop lime juice. I used to love this lime juice as a kid and now I still like it as an adult.

Ah ma and ah pa went out and da-paoed the famous Old Rex prawn fritters and other yummy fried things for our afternoon tea. It was really good with their chilli sauce, I ate so much that I had to skip dinner.

Afternoon shopping with the sister was fun, the kids had a short playground session but Saitaoha was so naughty and pushed a little boy away from the playhouse. I made her say sorry but poor little boy was crying. She wasn’t allowed to continue to play after that 😑.

These two squabble like mad but had fun giving us a dance performance tonight. Saitaoha copying everything her koko was doing like a parrot.

They have a fan! Hahahaha.

Kuching festival

Oh hai. I am at my favourite spot, on Mah Mah’s lap in the front seat of the car. I am happy you be back in Kuching because I love my car rides and my VIP seat.

No yummy hawker food for me, so I chew on my dummy loh.

Jeje was supposed to share this kolo mee with koko, but she couldn’t stand the heat and had a meltdown instead, everyone was staring at her.

I brought her away to calm her down but couldn’t even get her to cool down because this ah pek was just standing there, staring at us and saying ‘yi jor mik kao?’ (Why is she crying?) It took superhuman effort for me to bite my tongue and refrain from snapping ‘mai kaypoh uncle!!’

Prawn noodles, a dish that my parents love and we used to have many times during our childhood. It was never my favourite and is still so-so to me now.

My grandmother was so alert today, I haven’t seen her bright eyes stare at me for ages, but she seems so much better now.

Kids looking a bit apprehensive.

We went for a quick spin at Kuching Festival, I haven’t been for at least a decade. It used to be so much fun as a child and teenager, I knew it wouldn’t be great now but I still wanted to go for old times’ sake.

Lots of food stalls but all selling pretty similar stuff like Taiwan sausages, ice cream and bbq meat. Nothing looked appealing but we had lots of ice cream because it was so hot.

Saitaoha was acting up and super cranky, passerbys kept commenting that her cheeks were fiery red.

She insisted on carrying her Peppa pug balloon instead of letting it float.

Admiring Tristan Koko’s balloon. We quickly bought some takeaway and cabut. If I ever make it back to the annual Kuching festival again I probably won’t go again!

Hoi ngao dan pok

Yippee I’m still in Kuching!

This is the face of a happy baby who is having a glorious time being pampered by all her yee yees and cousins. Tristan loves Saitaomei and plants kisses on her forehead every now and then, he even offers her his previous blue bear hehe.

Chomping away on her teething rusk, she can chew on these for ages. But what a mess, when she’s done, she’s covered with dried rusk on her hair, her nose, everywhere!

I haven’t been able to go out much because it’s too much a hassle to bring out both kids. Instead my family will dapao yummy meals back for me.

Like this delicious kueh chap and kopi from Stutong market. I was savouring this yummy meal and having a great conversation with my niece who was sharing all her toy creation ideas with me. I supervised the kids whilst the adults went out, the kids play well when their parents aren’t around! It’s a good bonding session for me too because I hardly get to spend time with the kids.

Nowadays ice kachangs don’t come in plastic packets, I mourn for the old days.

Ahhh finally kolo mee pang ang for dinner. It was still good even as a takeaway.

Chillax Saitaomei on ah ma’s lap, she is loving her car rides. Even though she’s an easy baby during the day, the nights are hard on my parents because she won’t settle till late, waking the whole household with her crying.

Ah ma says she’s ‘hoi ngao dan pok’, strong lungs (scream until lungs break) in foochowπŸ˜…?

Not many pictures of my firstborn, she moves too fast and won’t pose for pictures. She’s a little terror and a mighty handful. Having two children means I’m always neglecting one for the other, you never win lah.

No one but a fellow express breastfeeding mum will understand the frustration and stress of having to maintain a supply and tediousness of three hourly pump sessions.

I was gradually decreasing my pumping sessions with the safety net of my frozen stash which I know will last Saitaomei till she’s one. But because we are travelling, my safety net is gone and I’m back to building supply again. It makes me all grouchy and sullen, I want to lock myself away from others with a big sign ‘MISS GRUMPS ALERT, will BITE, do not touch or talk to her’

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