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Pasar Malam prep: Day 1

I was so excited for the weekend because it signaled the end of exams and assignments hopefully for a long long time. But it turned out to be more of a ‘working weekend’, hunting for new furniture for the house (my house currently resembles a mini warehouse with no furniture but lots of boxes) and prepping for pasar malam on Friday.

Every year I think ‘why am I doing this to myself? This is hard work!’ Then the next year I do it all over again… I am a glutton  for punishment (^___^).

tomato mee
Something new on the menu this year! Kuching’s famous crispy Tomato Mee! Would you buy this from me?


Pasar Malam 2011

Now that I have more time ….

it’s time to get ready for Pasar Malam!

daitaoha to the max

This morning, I grabbed my bag, checked that my exam notes and books were in it, walked out the door and slammed the door shut, double testing the knob to check that I had locked it.

Then it struck me ‘#@$%! I forgot to take my keys!!’

Normally it wouldn’t be too bad because my long suffering Rescuers (i.e. Jo, HC and Rich) would come to my aid and miraculously turn up to save me with my spare keys. BUT… I forgot to give my spare keys back to my Rescuers the last time they rescued me and they were all at work anyway.

SO… there I was stressing about how I could get back home to study for the next exam especially since  all my notes and books were nestling quietly at home. Behind the locked door. SIGH.

After my exam, my daitaoha brain cleared a bit when I realised that I actually had my work pass in my bag (despite  not having to go to work DUH). Luckily the exam venue was in the city and a short trip to my office. I sneaked into the office, printed out a whole stack of notes and headed to the library for an afternoon of cramming. So proud of myself for thinking of an alternative

When I finally reached home in the evening, it suddenly occurred to me that the materials for the exam subject tomorrow were actually contained in the same book that I brought to the exam today! So I had the study materials in my bag all along!!!

ARRRRRRRGHH. I hate myself and my daitaoha-ness so much! (T______________T)

Mid Autumn Festival

One exam down … four more to go.

Lately life has been so busy and full on that I haven’t had time to catch up with family and friends. The the stolen hours here and there don’t seem to count because while I’m physically there, my soul is half empty with my mind wandering and stressing about exams and the million miscellaneous tasks that I’ve yet to do. So I apologise in advance for the unanswered emails, missed calls and half of me. I’m sure I’ll return to full strength in mid October?

It’s Mooncake Festival today. Usually we celebrate with dinner and a bit of lantern playing, moon gazing and tea drinking. This year’s a really lackluster affair although I did attempt to buy a box of mooncakes to share with Jo. We were able to sneak in a lunch together as well, so at least I did get to spend some time with family 🙂


For some reason, I am really missing Kuching and my family. I wish we could all be together this year. But rest assure when I cut up my lone mooncake tonight and look out at the moon, I will be thinking of my loved ones and wishing you well.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone. 中秋节快乐.


I visited Matilda Bay today. When life is a blur, it helps to revisit old favourite places with some of my favourite people.

perth beyond

I have friends who aim to live and work in different cities around the world. While I admire their aspirations and dreams, I’m quite sure that’s not the life for me. Maybe I’m just too boring or gutless, but even in quiet ol’ Perth, I still wish life could just stay constant and at a standstill.

“I used to believe in forever, but forever’s too good to be true”
— A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)

I guess I’m just not very exciting or brave at all.

Not dead …

just half dead. Kidding, kidding, I’m still alive. I’ve just been pretty sick for the past month. This weekend was a total wipeout as I was bedridden with fever and flu. All plans of studies blew right out the window.

So exams are next week and I feel so underprepared. Why does everything have to fall on September? Why not spread it out a bit? (T_________T)

Anyway physically, I’m a lot better now. Feeling even better now that I’ve booked my tickets home for CNY and Jo’s wedding next year. I think 2012 might be a good year for the Tings (and Chows), lots of new beginnings and additions to the family. So exciting (^________^).

Just wake me up when September ends.

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