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New year greetings

No.The internet is still not connected but I’m blogging from my new Samsung Galaxy S. As Jo put it ‘Welcome to the 21st century’. I am amazed.

Not just about the wonders of technology. But how embarassingly bad I am with high tech gadgets. I’m so terrible that I didn’t know how to pick up Jo’s phonecall during the test run.The phone rang so loudly that my colleagues stopped working and stared at me while I frantically stabbed at the touchscreen button thingy to no avail. What happened to one press buttons??! Apparently nowadays they don’t exist, you have to do some kind of slide movement. Sigh…

So I have exerted all my energy typing this out and shall end here. Happy New Year folks!


The devil of all settlement agents strikes again. And the bank is starting to look pretty bad too (-__-). Everything that I thought would be a given e.g. the final settlement statement is turning out to be something that needs to be queried and chased up. I’m told that the mail might be delayed due to Christmas, really?! within the metro area and neighbouring postcodes?

I hope this is just what happens during the beginning of any home ownership and not a lasting process. Or else I’m doomed for a life of missing paperwork and follow up phonecalls. Oh and sales people shoving the word ‘insurance’ down my throat.

Enough of doom and gloom. The good news is, I’ve moved into the new home! The worst of the moving and cleaning is over and most of the unpacking done. The new place is starting to resemble a real home and there are so many things that I want to buy for it that I even found myself eyeing Christmas trees! But I know this will be a long and costly process so it’ll take time and a lot of patience.

During the weekend, there was an hour when I had the home to myself. Instead of unpacking the million unopened boxes, I ambled around the house barefooted, touched the empty walls and thought about the pictures that I would put up, walked into my to-be study,sat on the bed and looked out the window. It was so quiet all I could hear was the breeze and the sound of birds chirping. At that moment, I felt so thrilled and happy that I could feel my heart jumping in leaps and bounds. Then reality took over and I went back to unpacking (^__^).

Hopefully the internet will be back by New Year then I’ll be able to put up some pictures. In the meantime, happy holidays.


This is gross. I’m sure if I cried now, there would be black lines of grime and dirt running down my face. (T____T)

Gosh I hate  packing your entire life/junk  into boxes moving so much. The only consolation I can think of is, hey, at least this might be the last time I have to move for a long long while.

Poor HC. I am sure he is regretting having such a terrible future sister-in-law. I think he might be more glad than me when this is over. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, tomorrow the professional movers come in.

Internet might not be connected for weeks so I might be m.i.a. for a while. Until then, Merry Christmas in advance and Happy New Year guys!

Joy Oh Joy

The settlement process almost didn’t happen (thanks to the worst settlement agent of the year) and the scene panned out just like the movies, HC driving very fast along the roads (but he didn’t speed Jo!), running home, grabbing the documents, rushing to the bank, tapping my feet while waiting in the line, exasperation when the bank teller printed out the wrong name, then mad dash rush back to the city again. But we made it!!!

I’ve got a new home!!!! Just in time for Christmas too, best Christmas gift ever?? Happy. (^____^). Driver of the Year award goes to HC. Thank you thank you thank you.

Counting down to Christmas ….

not because I’m particularly enthusiastic about Christmas but because it means that my moving out/moving in/settlement ordeal will be over!!

How many more days to go? I don’t know, but settlement is on Thursday.I’m praying that it will go smoothly.


To deal with the stress, I’ve been eating a lot of MEAT. Red MEAT. When this is over, I will be a carnivore. A very fat one.


And there’s all this fatty pork belly, braised in the awesome flavours of coriander roots, white pepper, dark soy sauce and palm sugar. So bad… but so good.

Is it Christmas yet?

Cake of the week


Looks sinful but it’s actually low fat! A recipe from my diet conscious colleague, this Upside Down Maple Syrup Pear Cake was quite nice, especially the sweet pears. Goes well with two scoops of vanilla icecream, which kinda defeats the low fat idea (^___^).

The Printer Killer

A couple of days ago I received an email from a long lost friend which started with ‘I know you hate your work. It’s all you talk about nowadays’. It gave me a jolt and I thought ‘omg, people are actually getting sick of me complaining about the workplace’. Luckily the second line was something like ‘go to to work at home and be your own boss’. It was a spam email …

Speaking of work, I killed the printer at work AGAIN. I don’t know why I have such terrible luck with electrical appliances, they just commit suicide once they’re in my hands. This is the second time I’ve jammed the printer. I had to use my damsel in distress techniques (just stand there looking helpless and lost, this comes quite naturally for me) and ask any passerby for help. A female colleague suggested asking the young male colleague in the other branch for help.

So I flew off an email saying ‘ Dear xxx, I know you’re not the printer guy, but the small printer outside the kitchen is jammed and y colleague reckons that you’re good at fixing printers. Do you think you could have a look? I’ve tried but the paper’s still stuck.’

He replied saying ‘I have no idea how y colleague has come to that conclusion. My usual tactic is to attempt to fix it but get frustrated after 10 seconds and smash it with my fists. In any event I am happy to have a look at it. Be there in five.’

So he tried but failed and ended up getting his fingers smeared with ink as a result. We had to call the technician in. Afterwards I wrote to the young male saying ‘I’ve emailed the technician. Thanks for trying, sorry for getting your fingers dirty.’

His reply ‘No problemo 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t actually fix it. My friends that actually work for a living always say I never get my hands dirty. I guess now I can say I do… on occasion.’


The Maze

It’s funny how one can feel so lethargic and listless on Mondays when the weekend was filled with energetic bursts of activities.


Hot milky coffees and buttery crumpets for breakfast are such a nice way to start the weekend.


Then there’s running around and getting lost in the timber maze. My preference was the pine maze which made me feel like I was walking in a scene from wuxia novels. Why two completely directionless people would enjoy getting lost in the maze I have no idea. But it was fun (^__^).


The biggest koalas I have ever seen, and this one was nursing its baby. Followed by rounds of mini golf which was lots of fun, except I am possibly the only person who actually gets worse at each additional round. So much for practice makes perfect. Doesn’t apply to daitaohas.

Then it was Wendy’s birthday bbq on Sunday which was a lovely way to catch up. It’s Gerry’s birthday today, happy birthday if you’re reading my friend!


Back to boring workdays of thinking up sickie excuses and thinking of what to cook for dinner. Tonight it was thai pineapple fried rice and ayam pongteh (chicken and potato stew). I tried being productive tonight and thought I would do a bit of packing, I packed one box of books. Which brings my total number of packages so far to TWO BOXES. Yes, I packed two boxes in two weeks. I am the epitome of procrastination. I know I shall live to regret this.

Anyone want to do my packing for me?

All in a Day’s work

(Early this morning)

Daitaoha to Mel: I’m feeling really unmotivated today. Very grey.

Mel to Daitaoha: It’s not just you. I feel bleeeeahhhhh today.

(10 mins later, Lin walks in)

Lin to all: I’m feeling really unmotivated today. I just thought I would announce it to you all.

(Daitaoha thinks to self : Hey, she’s repeating exactly what I said earlier)

Lin to all: Is it too early for a coffee? Oh… ok, I’ll make myself a green tea.

(10 mins later)

Daitaoha to all: Does anyone want a coffee??

Mel to all: Aarrgh.. and I was just congratulating myself for not getting one since Lin mentioned it 20 mins ago. Oh well, at least I lasted 20 mins, could I have a skinny cap please?

Lin to Mel: Er.. actually Mel, that was just 10 minutes ago.

Mel : Oh. *silence* It felt like 20 minutes (-_________-)

Lin: Who cares?! Let’s all get coffee!


(20 minutes to going home time)

Lin emails Daitaoha: 20 MINS ALMOST TIME TO GO HOME!!

( 12 mins to going home time)

Daitaoha emails Lin: 12 minutes to go, but who’s counting?

Lin emails Daitaoha: I AM!!!!!

(Both start packing up and switching off computers. Fire drill goes off. Announcement: Beep. Beep. Beep. This is a practice fire drill. Will all fire wardens please go to the fire phones)

I couldn’t believe our bad luck. We had to climb down 8 flights of stairs and stayed an extra 40 mins for the fire drill!!!

Anyway, enough about work, some food photos.


My carrot cake which I found too light and fluffy, I was hoping for a more dense texture so it would be easier to slice.


I tried out Lin’s low fat Malteser slice recipe, for a weightwatchers recipe, the chocolate cake was wonderfully chocolatey and moist, yums.


Mei chai kou rou, braised belly pork with pickled mustard, I love this dish not because of the pork belly, it’s the pickled mustard I like!


Tom yum soup, it was a good way to get rid of all the leftover seafood mix and fish in the freezer.

Yeah, it’s finally Friday tomorrow, I can’t wait for the weekend!! (^_____^)

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