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Sausage rolls, sake, passionfruit soufflé and chocolate raspberry macarons

Jaso is back in town and we caught up with him for dinner. One of his comments to me was ‘you don’t blog enough’ which is true. In my defence, I’ve been keeping up my new year resolution of keeping a journal (like a real paper based one haha) so there’s already too much daily writing.
I know my subject title suggests a very odd meal but actually this is a mish mash blog post of past activities. Last Friday my sisters and I went out to watch Les Misérables and had our pre show lunch at Bistro Guillaume. It was a birthday treat from my sisters, hehe, I love musicals so it was great fun. We had cocktails to start off the fun afternoon.

Our pre show lunch was nice, I enjoyed the passionfruit soufflé, I’m not sure why I like soufflés so much, maybe because they’re notorious for being difficult to bake. I must try making some one day.

My own baking, sausage rolls which are a true and tried recipe. Mine feature lots of fennel and also apple and are a favourite in the office.

Crumbed soft shell crab salad at Darlings Supper Club in Northbridge. This was a Friday evening after work when R and I headed into town. It was actually really tasty, the crumb was great (I think they used quinoa) and the salad which was Asian inspired tasted like som tum salad and was very appetizing.

Pork belly and prawn vietnamese rolls which were very tasty too. Darlings Supper Club has great little share plates  which are perfect washed down with sake or beer.


I babysat (even though she’s no longer a baby) Kaka today, my first attempt so I was a bit nervous but it was a breeze and she was such a delight. She spied my Christmas present of a Adriano Zumbo macaron kit back in December and kept asking whether she could bake macarons with me. So we finally baked them today. Isn’t she cute in her chef outfit?


The macarons didn’t end up looking like macarons (more like pink cookies haha) but they tasted pretty yummy according to Kaka. She was very generous and allocated individual macarons for her mummy, daddy, mah-mah (that’s my mum), gun-gun, Tristan.. then she said ‘and one for my Daitaoha yee yee because I love you’ *heart melt into puddle* I could have easily bought her all the icecream in the world then. But she was very good and only ate one macaron as promised.

It promises to be a hot Australia Day long weekend, yeah, I love long weekends :).

Saturday night dinner @ The Como

Hot of the press! We just had dinner at our local pub tonight, it was a nice and relaxing dinner, great night to catch up with Jo and HC.
_DSC1613 (Medium)
It might sound a bit weird that I need to catch up with my sister even though we text and email each other countless times everyday, but yep, it’s still really nice to chat and gossip, especially next to a fireplace. We ended up sharing photos of our niece, only to realise that we all had the same photos (=__=).

_DSC1616 (Medium)

The boys had their weekend beers (HC always favours ciders), Jo and I had our soft drinks, they make a yummy lemon lime bitters at The Como.

_DSC1617 (Medium)

The boys had their steaks (Porterhouse for R and Rump for HC) which were only average but the chips were good.

_DSC1621 (Medium)

Jo’s must order at The Como is their tender, fall off the bone Lamb Shank ($24) which comes with creamy mash and rosemary jus. This is winter comfort food at its best. It’s been a year of discovery in terms of Australian pub food, I’m looking forward to trying pub food in the UK, I wonder what real beef and kidney pie tastes like?

_DSC1599 (Medium)

Haven’t featured my cooking for a long time, mostly because I’ve been lazy and have been cooking all my old favourites. This was something new though, penne alla vodka, which I knew I had to try cooking after trying Catalano’s yummy version. It turned out pretty good but I was a little heavy handed with the vodka, ah well..

At least there’s still Sunday ahead… enjoy the last of the weekend everyone.

The Como
241 Canning Highway
Como WA 6152


That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. It might take a while before I feel normal again, perhaps only a huge change might do.
Pancakes on a Saturday at Pancakes at Carillion. I’m still not a pancake fan, the chocolate sauce and maple syrup was overkill and way too sweet.
Lazy Sunday afternoon, pub food and a midi at a nearby pub(Bentley Hotel). My salmon with macadamia crust was surprisingly delicious with a delightful tangy salad.


The kangaroo rump steak was a bit too overcooked, medium rather than the requested medium rare but the pepper sauce was very tasty.

loh bak
Master stock braised pork belly with loh egg.


Pineapple beef and stir fried cabbage and carrot lunch bento.

Back to reality tomorrow 🙂

Another ‘chiak’ wkend, Brunch @ Crumpet & Dinner @ Clancy’s Fish Pub

The weekend is over again!!! (T_____T) It was a scorching one and I’m still waiting for the thunderstorm to break with no avail. But at least it was a great foodie weekend with lots of good company.

Saturday brunch with Jo and HC was at Crumpet (8/885 Albany Highway, East Vic Park), the new breakfast place just near my home which I’ve been dying to try for a while. The food reviews given were all good and best of all, they had excellent coffee reviews. I knew it wouldn’t take much to convince fellow coffee lover HC to give it a try and I was right (^__^).


The coffee ($2.9) was pretty good! Pretty latte art is always a bonus and nice to look at.


Even though I’m not a fan of crumpets, scones or pancakes and the like, it felt wrong not to order crumpets ($4) at a cafe called Crumpet so we ordered one to share. The crumpets came with honey and butter and were nicely hot and buttery. Not bad even for a non crumpet lover like me.


My croque monsieur ($7) which is a basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich was very nice, I’m not sure there’s much you can go wrong with when it comes to toasted sandwiches, but this one was nicely done, crispy and melty, yums.


HC’s egg benedict ($12.50) which I didn’t eat but looked good. I forgot to check the texture of his poached eggs but I’m sure they were alright.


Jo’s brunch was very fresh and tasty, sweet corn fritters with avocado, bacon and cherry tomatoes and lots of herbs. It was nice and light and very refreshing.

Overall I liked Crumpet and thought that the portions were generous, prices were affordable (it’s hard to find coffees under the price of $3 nowadays, Perth coffee prices are crazy) and most importantly the food was nice and tasty. The only problem I had with Crumpet, bad insulation/ventilation made the cafe extremely hot and uncomfortable in summer, they need some fans or something? Otherwise, I would definitely return.

Weekend dinner special was a Scoopon deal! If you haven’t heard of Scoopon, get on it now, it’s the new craze in Australia where you go to a website like Scoopon which has ‘deals’ everyday e.g. restaurant discounts, massages etc., and if enough ppl ‘buy’ the deal, the deal is on.


This was our first ‘deal’ purchase and it was such a good deal, $40 for $100 worth of food. I’ve been past Clancy’s fish pub a few times (while on the way to Ipoh Garden next door haha) but never thought of it as a place I would go to not being a pub food fan but this deal was too good to miss.


So for $40 we had a seafood platter for 2 which frankly, was just average. I’ve had much better seafood platters elsewhere but really, I can’t complain because it was such a good deal and the seafood while average, was still fresh and fun to eat.


We also had another main of Szechuan Snapper Salad which wasn’t very asian at all, I guess they got the name szechuan from the use of szechuan pepper in the batter seasoning? Otherwise this snapper was nicely fried and well seasoned.

Completely stuffed after this meal but it was fun, I love Scoopon and will be visiting often to check out other deals (^__^). Ok, end of weekend post and back to sad workdays again, bye!

Bryan’s birthday @ Nicholson’s Bar and Grill

I’ve blogged about Nicholsons Bar and Grill before (where I gave it 7 daitaoha ratings), so I won’t elaborate on the food (for once). Most of the pictures turned out kinda yellow-y due to the lighting and me refusing to use the flash so please be forewarned.

It was a big group of us with Brio the birthday boy being at the head of the table. We didn’t let him know that he was coming to Nicholson’s Bar and Grill before hand but I don’t think he was very surprised since it’s one of his favourite places in Perth. I think Nicholson’s is a great place for a big gathering albeit a bit too noisy, but the atmosphere is warm and lively and it’s a cheerful buzzing pub.

There were lots of couples that night,  the new couple WuiHau and Serena (too bad it’s a long distance relationship now that WH has gone back) were in for lots of teasing and the cute couple are back from their holidays! For some reason I didn’t get a good picture of Jo and HC.

Because it was such a loong table, there were separate conversations going around at different ends of the table. Xin Long and Ming Sian are very ‘hard to get’ people so I was glad that they could make it that night.

Some food photos! The Livingston steak ($37.00), which I’ve blogged about before (clearer photo in old post) was a popular favourite, I think people just can’t get past the description of ‘grilled scotch fillet covered with prawns, garnished with oysters smothered in a rich creamy garlic sauce’. I know Ming Sian really liked his steak and said he was never returning to Outback Jacks (another overpriced steak joint) again.

Calv’s beer battered fish and chips ($20.00) which always looks good and is probably what I would order if I return again. I think Nicholson’s is just the sort of place where they have big hearty servings of fried food and artery clogging steaks and ribs.

Xinlong wanted chicken so I suggested the chicken cordon bleu ($26.00). It’s chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese covered in a creamy garlic sauce served with beer battered fries and salad, Xinlong really liked his chicken especially the part where cheese oozes out from the chicken, haha.

I opted for chicken too and went with the Wicked chicken ($19.00) which was a grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce and mayo served on toasted focaccia with beer battered fries. It was frankly disappointing, I could have done better in my kitchen, the chicken was tough and dry, even the bread was hard. I think it’s possible to cook juicy chicken breast but this one just wasn’t done right.

Luckily mine was perhaps the only disappointment of the night (except I don’t think Wendy really liked her seafood plate), Richard and HC both had the Atlantic salmon special ($26.00) which came with a creamy sauce, mussels and scallops. I was actually thinking the bar wouldn’t be good at cooking salmon, but it came out good and was possibly the best value of the night with three salmon pieces, mussels and scallops.

Adrian and the birthday boy both had the scotch fillet (33.00) served with beer battered fries and salad. Adrian opted to have mash potato instead.

Birthday cake time which Nicholson’s does sooo well. They take out the cake for you, light the candles,  place it in a nice plate, dim the lights, put on the bday song and even bring it out with a smile, the whole works. Fantastic service.

The yummy cake was a zebra torte with layers of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cream. I love light fluffy layers of sponge cake and this one was delish.

The obligatory group shot of everyone. It was a fun night so thanks for coming guys!

Happy birthday Brio, hope it was a good one (^__^)Y.

Nicholson’s Bar and Grill
6 Birnam Road
Cnr Nicholson Road
Western Australia 6155
Tel: 08 9455 1800

$10 steaks @ Llama Bar

The other day I was telling T my buddy at work about going to Llama Bar for their Wednesday $10 steak night specials, another colleague overheard me talking and said ‘Diana, how do you know about all these specials???’

(=^___^=) So paiseh, I am getting famous in the office for all my foodie adventures and news, the colleagues were a very appreciative bunch and most impressed when I organised their C restaurant dinner. I have a feeling they are secretly campaigning for me to take up the ‘social club’ president post, yikes.

Jason was back from Sydney but could only join us for coffee afterwards. Sandra cancelled as well, so our party of 7 was more like a party of five.

I should mention that the steaks are $10 if you order a drink, but we’ve ordered cheap drinks like lemon lime bitters before and the cashiers were ok with that, still, it’s nice to have a glass of wine with your steak. Sides like chips are $8 and garden salads are $4. We enjoyed their simple garden salads drizzled with nice balsamic vinegar dressing.

The infamous $10 steaks which come with a choice of pepper, mushroom and bernaise sauce. I had mine with mushroom sauce which was very nice, I especially liked the mushrooms and the tasty deep fried sweet potato crisps.

This was the bernaise sauce, it was nice too but we all preferred the mushroom sauce. The boys really liked the bed of mash as well.  Some of us had bigger and smaller portions of steak (poor HC had a tiny one) and the ‘doneness’ of the steak wasn’t really consistent (most of us ordered it medium rare) but we all agreed that Llama steaks are definitely great value for money, plus the live music atmosphere is pretty great to boot.

The cute couple Jason and Wendy are on holidays in Malaysia (so envious but it will be my turn soon, hehe) but here’s another cute couple, Jo and HC.

We headed to Oriel’s for coffee and cake afterwards (Baileys cheesecake pictured above which the guys said was good). It’s such a pity that Oriel’s has changed management, it used to be a university student staple, but now the service is atrocious. I must keep reminding myself never to return. But that’s a blog for another day (when I feel like ranting), Llama Bar Wednesday steak nights are definitely a ‘must-go’ in town if you like good deals so visit if you haven’t been.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food : 6.5/10 daitaohas (mostly rating on it’s value for money)

Service: 6/10 daitaohas

Llama Bar
1/464 Hay St
Subiaco WA 6008
Tel: 9388 0222

H’s birthday @ Nicholson’s Bar and Grill

I didn’t know whether to title this post H’s birthday or ‘The Night Gillian Ate A Lot’. H had mentioned Nicholsons Bar and Grill quite a few times, saying that the portion was huge and it was great pub food. After some research, I realised that it’s pretty well known in Perth, quoting a colleague ‘I’ve never had anything bad there, the portion is HUGE and I couldn’t finish my steak!’. Good enough for me, convinced, I booked it for H’s birthday.

No surprises, no balloons this time, just me, Jo and Gill. It was a very cold night (winter suddenly arrived in Perth and it’s freezing!) so we were glad to huddle in the cosy pub interior complete with a fireplace.

Nicholsons menu is gorgeous and filled with meaty, hearty good pub food. I was tempted to try everything and want to return to try their Beef and Beer Pie and everything else on the menu. But we decided to order four dishes to share. First up was Jo’s order of Seafood Marinara ($21.00) which came with fettucine and a lovely tomato cream sauce. While it wasn’t Ciao Italia’s chockful of seafood, it was still really tasty with a nice mix of calamari, mussels and prawns. Big portion by the way.

Gill was torn between steak or seafood. Since I was going to order the seafood platter, she decided on steak. And what a steak it was! The menu description for Livingston Steak ($37.00) was grilled scotch fillet covered with prawns and garnished with oysters smothered in a rich creamy garlic sauce, covered with prawns and garnished with oysters, this I wanted to see. The oysters were sooo big, Gill said there were bits of grit in it so she didn’t like her oyster. But everything else was good but oh so sinful. Bursty prawns, tender beef and dripping in creamy creamy garlicky white sauce. Why are yummy things so bad for you?

My Nick’s Seafood Plate ($36.00) which came with a bowl of chilli mussels, grilled fish, fried crumbed prawns, calamari , beef battered fries and salad. We ordered some bread ($3) to dip with the chilli mussels sauce, the sauce was quite good and I know Gill really enjoyed the big mussels coz she polished them off! Having cooked quite a bit of fish recently, I wasn’t so impressed with the fish and thought it was just average. In truth, the Left Bank’s seafood platter is now my epitome of a good seafood platter (will blog about it next time) so I think this was just good but average.

H’s Hickory Smoked Ribs ($26.00) which was my favourite dish for the night, the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and slathered in rich bbq sauce. Usually bbq ribs are messy to eat but this one was fork easy. Very yums.

I’ve read reviews that complain about Nicholson’s service, but truly, the service was impeccable that night. The waitresses were polite, friendly and accomodating. They offered to bring out our birthday cake and blare the birthday song on their radio system and even lit our candles for us. H was quite embarrassed because the bday song went on for sooo long and everyone in the restaurant was clapping along and even whistling at the end.

They even took our icecream cake out of the box and placed it on a nice square tray and dusted it with cocoa powder! Good service right?

I think H was quite happy, he sure was in all smiles (actually he’s always smiling) while unwrapping his presents.

But I think he was happiest while eating his icecream cake which we specially ordered from Baskins and Robbins. H is the ultimate sweet tooth and loves all icecream. I found the cake tooth achingly sweet and couldn’t take much but of course no complaints from H.

We had a lovely night and a fantastic time celebrating the nicest guy we know (I’m sure Gill and Jo will agree), so happy birthday H, next year you get a birthday hat and balloon Y(^___^)Y!

Daitaoha ratings:

Food  7/10 daitaoha

Service 8/10 daitaoha

Nicholson’s Bar and Grill
6 Birnam Road
Cnr Nicholson Road
Western Australia 6155
Tel: 08 9455 1800

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