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Saitaoha’s four years old birthday weekend

Saitaoha is 4

My little girl turned four last week. I had all these plans for celebrating her birthday but she surprised me by saying she only wanted to invite her cousins to her ‘party’. She has friends at school but her favourite people are really her cousins.

Saitaoha birthday cake celebration

Just as well she didn’t ask for a big party because it’s been so busy at work I wouldn’t have been able to organise one properly. As it was I picked up the cake halfway through meetings at work, and only made it home after 6pm to celebrate her birthday with her :(. Luckily Saitaoha is a little girl that is easy to please so she was still very happy with her simple celebration. I didn’t even have time to buy her a birthday present and her yee yee even has to help me buy her frozen dress (the only thing she’s asked for).

Saitaomei happily clapping to birthday song
Ms foodie

Saitaomei enjoyed the birthday celebration a lot, Ms Tamchiak had seconds of the cake!

LG and Saitaoha

The next day Saitaoha spent the afternoon and night at LG’s home. She was so excited about going over that she bugged me all morning asking when we were going. Totally drove me nuts but I’m glad she had a lovely time.

Then on Sunday we went to the indoor playground as a birthday treat with her cousins. She really enjoyed herself but was so sad when we left because she was wondering how come we didn’t have a birthday cake cutting session. Oops mummy fail here.

I think she is already counting down to her next birthday and has been asking me whose birthday is next. I can’t believe four years have passed by in a blink, it feels like so much has happened and changed since then. I still have a long way to go to becoming a better mummy, but I hope I haven’t done too badly so far. Saitaoha is a bright, sweet and affectionate little princess, I hope she continues growing up this way, always surrounded by love, security and warmth. I love you Saitaoha, happy 4th birthday.


It’s midnight and it’s my birthday. I’m at a ripe old age of 37, gosh that’s old. I’m practically a fossil now.

At 37, I wish I had life all figured out and everything was rosy and peachy. But in all honesty, I’m still confused as hell and struggle at being an adult every other day. I’m not in a happy space, but I will work to get there and hope to get to a point in life where I feel contented and happy.

I didn’t purposely stay up to herald in my birthday, the movie I was watching on my phone just happened to end right at 12. So I guess I managed to watch a movie as my annual birthday treat after all? It is a far cry from the cinema, but I still enjoyed the movie and nowadays, beggars can’t be choosers.

We brought the kids out for a swim finally. Trucking all their swim gear from Perth was worth the hour swim in the rain with my family. We had a family dinner afterwards and it felt like my birthday celebration already, surrounded by people I love the most and who love me the most. Doesn’t get better than that right?

So when I realised it was my birthday, I leaned over and kissed my sleeping child. Then I walked out of the bedroom and miraculously met my husband and firstborn who was making a toilet trip. I asked for a birthday kiss and hug and received a huge hug and kiss, ‘happy birthday mummy!’ said my sweet Saitaoha as she gave me the most beautiful smile.

The days are long and hard, but sometimes they can melt away in an instance when your child smiles at you. It doesn’t get better than this right?

Happy birthday Daitaoha. Let’s be better, strive harder and not give up at 37.

Saitaomei is two

Huh? Whose birthday is it? It’s yours Saitaomei!

My not so little one turned two today. It’s bittersweet for me, as the kids grow older they are easier to look after, but I miss their cute baby expressions and all round cuddlyness so much. Saitaomei’s personality is so different from her sister’s. Her sister is a girly girl who is sweet, bossy, affectionate and warms to everyone, Saitaomei, on the other hand, is strong, independent, feisty and indifferent to others except for her chosen few (who else but Gung Gung?).

She can be very affectionate when she’s in the mood, her hugs, mischievous smiles and her giggles never fail to light up my day.

At two, she is obsessed with the alphabet, numbers, colours and every form of learning. She likes her books a lot and also likes to copy her sister in everything she does (much to the woe of Saitaoha).

She loves her videos and her food, and will diligently work on her filled plate till it’s polished clean. Her favourite person is definitely Gung Gung but mummy comes a close second.

Her nemesis but also her love is her jeje, they can go from fighting in one second, to chasing each other around the room and rolling in bed together in euphoric laughter the next second.

We’ve been through the hard yards together, my darling Saitaomei and I. Her first year was filled with trials and tribulations for me in all aspects of life. My parents went through the hard yards with me and basically lifted me through the dark days to see the light. That’s why I really wanted to celebrate Saitaomei turning two, I wanted to celebrate my strong and bright little girl, to thank her for coming into my life and for loving me unconditionally despite my inadequacy as a mother (including constantly not protecting her from bumps and thumps, I swear she started to consciously put her hand on her head to protect herself when I put her in her car seat🀭). We’ve come a long way, my dear Saitaomei, and we made it to two! I swear the highlight of my days is walking hand in hand with you and Jeje to and fro from Gung Gung and Mah Mah’s house to our little home. I always wish time could stand still during those our little walks, whether it’s the starlit night and you pointing towards the moon and saying ‘what’s that?’, or jeje stopping to pick a yellow flower for her favourite Mah Mah. I’m always struck by how lucky I am, to live so close to your wonderful and selfless grandparents, to be able to grow up and grow old together, but most of all, to have both you and jeje in my life. Happy birthday baby Saitaomei, may you continue being independent, bright and strong and surrounded with love and warmth, I love you always my little girl.


Decorations for the party. I was going for a colourful rainbow theme but my rainbow balloon flew away! It was R’s first time filling up helium balloons with a tank, a couple burst and an escapee rainbow but all else was good.

Check out the birthday girl checking out the decorations πŸ₯³. She sensed something was happening and refused to nap all day! She only crashed late afternoon and slept till 4 πŸ˜”.

I cooked a lot because I could! I always overdo it and should really cut down on quantity and focus on quality.

My parents bought this bainmarie from Kmart just for this party. They really ε‡Ίι’±ε‡ΊεŠ› for their precious granddaughter, it’s not easy opening your house up for a party and they did so with such generosity. Poor ah ma was my sous chef in the kitchen again, I remember last year her legs trembled after the party because she was helping so much. I hope this year the prep went better but I still feel she did too much work. Poor sisters had to help out with the washing and cleaning afterwards too. Aiyah I really should cut down on the dishes.

I mean the mountain of japchae was unnecessary. And probably teriyaki hambagu and satay as well. I also marinated 100 chicken pieces! What was I thinking? The good thing is I knew there would be lots of leftovers so asked everyone to bring their tupperwares, everyone went home ladened with food haha.

Honeycomb cake, Japanese cheesecake (baked by BIL) and mango Swiss roll for dessert.

I loved the look of the cake, it was gorgeous!

Hahaha look at that girl.

Birthday song by the birthday girl’s true love πŸ’“. Their close bond is really heartwarming but I also feel for my ah pa because she sticks to him like glue.

Gung Gung put gel on her hair and commented that she looked beautiful πŸ˜‚.

Instead of party bags I gifted the kids these balls of macarons instead, so pretty right?

Guess who was mighty pleased with her ball?

It was a fun birthday party and I think the kids enjoyed it the most, Saitaoha told me ‘mummy I had such a fun time at Mei mei’s birthday party!’ Party girl is now counting down to Tristan koko’s birthday party in December.

And that’s a wrap till February! I have promised Saitaoha that she can have a birthday party next year so we will be doing this all over again in a few months *gulp*

Sunday night baking

Watcha looking at?

Sunday night baking activity with Saitaoha. Also trying out my cheapo $70 Aldi kitchen mixer which looks like a Kitchenaid. I have a lovely Kitchenaid which I received as a birthday gift, but I leave that at my mother’s place because their kitchen space and brand new oven are so much nicer for baking. My plastic Sunbeam mixer served me really well for years but I destroyed it a couple of months ago when I was being a Daitaoha. It’s handy to have a mixer at home for impromptu baking sessions. I can’t wait till we finally get round to renovating our kitchen so I can get a new oven though. We’ve been doing up our laundry and I’m so pleased with the results so far. For a non handy geek, R is proving to be very handy nowadays, he’s getting so good at D.I.Y. even though the amount of tools he is amassing is scary.

Papa getting a kiss from his first love whilst his second love only has eyes for the cake.

Saitaoha’s smile πŸ˜….

Cutting cake time, the kids were very keen to eat the cake even though Saitaoha only wanted to eat the sprinkles and strawberries πŸ˜“. R’s birthday isn’t till Tuesday though, I just thought Saitaoha would like to bake and decorate a cake for her favourite papa. She did enjoy herself thoroughly and I think papa was happy too.

I still plan to buy a proper cake for the real day, any excuse for cake right?

Saitaoha is 3

I’m a tad embarrassed that my parents are still driving me to and fro from work occasionally. In my 30s! But I have to admit, I love our little chats in the cars and it’s so nice to see the little ones and my ah pa and ah ma at the end of a work day.

It was Saitaoha’s 3rd birthday yesterday and the doting yee yee stopped by with a cake even though she’s already had two!

Her third birthday cake.

The second one that we had the past weekend during a family gathering.

Her giant birthday cake from Secret Recipe, their cakes are so huge and affordable compared to Aussie ones. Her grandparents were mighty pleased with her sitting in front of the cake by herself, as if it were a great feat #grandparentslens #thekidcandonowrong

I didn’t even get to eat this cake because it was our last night in Kuching where I had severe cramps and threw up all night.

I love these series of photos of my two, they were so happy playing together :). I love it that they will have each other to grow up together.

Three years of motherhood, it feels a lot longer sometimes. But I also know it will go by in a flash and I will miss her early years so much. I already miss her as a baby and cheeky toddler. She’s so good at communicating and expressing herself nowadays, we can have long conversations and she always surprises us with her vocabulary. I guess no expectations is a good thing, we are thrilled with all her little developments and milestones.

I pray that my little girl will continue to grow up healthy and happy, surrounded and loved by her family and friends.

Happy 3rd birthday Saitaoha πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Takoyaki birthday

Impromptu dim sum brunch with my family. I love dim sum, I think because I’m greedy and I get to eat lots of different things in small portions haha. The egg tart was so good I wish I bought some home!

This girl enjoyed her dim sum session very much! Stuffing her mouth with bao and wiggling her legs in joy. She’s so easy to bring out…

In contrast to this one who was so naughty. Didn’t eat properly and didn’t want to stay in her high chair. I had to bring her out of the restaurant to scold her but she still acted up at home. Sigh.

New oven at ah ma’s house! Her old compact oven went kaput after Saitaomei’s birthday party. I didn’t want to get it fixed because that particular French brand is super hard to fix (we experienced this with the coffee machine) so we got a brand new big one instead. Looking forward to try it out!

It’s my sister’s birthday today and we went over to crash her takoyaki party. She received a Bruno pan for her birthday and we got to try it straight away.

BIL ladling on the batter which is really easy to make.

Hehe so many helpers. It wasn’t easy and we didn’t get it perfect but it was so fun! I want to do it again. I also have a takoyaki pan which R bought for my bday maybe 2 years ago? It’s not as handy as a Bruno but I’m longing to crack it open now.

Looks quite legit right? We were hiding the ugly sides πŸ˜‚.

So yummy when fresh and piping hot though. Saitaoha liked it a lot too.

Then the kids had a song and dance session, really enjoyed themselves. We also had birthday cake which was a nice end to the night.

See Saitaomei was very pleased! Also because she ate loads of birthday cake πŸ˜….

A lovely night, I hope my sister had a nice birthday and all her birthday wishes come true!

Tristan is 6

My nephew is six years old today! I believe he had a fantastic birthday as his doting mummy took the day off to bring him out for a day of fun.

They ended the day at my parents’ house where we all had yummy takeaway pizza, Korean fried chicken and birthday cake of course.

I didn’t take any pictures because I was helping my sister to man her camera.

But here is one of a determined looking Saitaomei who was really eyeing the birthday cake.

Of course she had a bite or two! Tamchiak baby. She’s always hovering around my ah pa’s legs when he’s cutting fruit, hoping to get a bite. She needn’t worry because flying Gung Gung will have prepared her bite size pieces of fruit. My kids have the best lives really.

So no pictures of birthday boy, but heres wishing the little boy the best of health and an abundance of happiness :).

March 2020