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Australia Day long weekend : the final dego @ Jacksons

A long long time ago (back in 2010!), R surprised me with a birthday degustation dinner at Jackson’s. It was the longest degustation dinner I ever had and one that R and I always reminisce about because we had such a great time.

_DSC2067 (Large)

I was sad when I read in the newspaper that Neal Jackson was going to retire in early 2014 and close down the iconic Jackson’s. The good news was he was bringing back his degustation menu (they stopped doing degustations a while back) for the last hoorah. I knew we had to go for one last time so R was forced to nicely agreed to treat me to Jackson’s for my pre birthday dinner.

_DSC2066 (Large)
I don’t know about you but I reckon one of the best parts about fine dining is the lovely bread and butter! R and I always enjoy the bread at the start especially when spread with their glorious butter, why does it always taste so much better?? My favourite was still the seaweed butter at the now defunct Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant in Melbourne, luckily they kept replenishing the bread basket because we couldn’t stop (= ^ ^ =).

_DSC2076 (Large)

I can’t put up photos of my lovely meal because I took such bad photos (I could blame the lighting but it was really me and my photo skills). The menu itself was heavily Asian influenced which was similar to our first dego. Maybe because R and I have had many fine dining meals and degustation meals since our very first degustation at Jackson’s, we weren’t as wowed as our first time, but we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and agreed the food was very tasty, clever, and beautifully executed.

I did love their peach curry icecream (it works!) with pandan sabayon and black sticky rice with coconut and white chocolate crumble. The icecream itself was particularly lovely.

_DSC2081 (Large)

Chilling with Gerry on Australia Day with a Hongkong style milk tea, one of my favourite drinks.

_DSC2083 (Large)

Dinner was at the cha chaan teng Joy Cafe on William Street which has deteriorated since it’s hey day.Long gone are the days when they used to have set dinner meals and you could choose from a range of dishes which were all pretty tasty and consistent. Now the chicken is old, the tofu is tough and there’s not much flavour in anything :(. You know it’s not going to be good when hainan chicken is served with bottled sweet chilli sauce.

Food apart, it was still cozy in the cafe, eating and chatting while listening to the fireworks go off in the background, instead of heading outside of the restaurant for a look like the other patrons, we laughed and watched the fireworks on tv instead.

20140127_111308 (Large)

You can always count on Toast in East Perth to be open even on public holidays. One of their specials for today was french toast with mascarpone and sliced mango with passionfruit. Summery breakfast indeed.

I’ve been quite envious of all the fb status of friends who declare that they’re flying back to Kuching for Chinese New Year. CNY in Perth is really very lacklustre or maybe I just haven’t celebrated CNY in Perth for a long long time. I’m very unprepared for our reunion dinner this year but it will be a small one. Ok, in case I don’t blog before then, Happy Chinese New Year everyone, may the horse year bring you lots of good fortune, luck and happiness.

Woodman’s point

This was a while back during New Year’s Day when we went to Woodman’s Point for a bbq and a spot of fishing.
_DSC2017 (Large)

It was a really popular spot for fishing with everyone gathered at the pier. I don’t think the boys managed to catch anything but they still had fun.

_DSC2016 (Large)

While the boys fished, Tristan was having the best time rolling around the grass. I think he is growing up to be a cheeky and active little boy.

_DSC2019 (Large)

The Lee family.

_DSC3618 (Large)

Baking sio baos. My male colleagues are always grumbling that we have too many sweet goodies for morning tea and not enough of savoury so I thought I would bake savoury treats for a change. They enjoyed these a lot even though I still consider them as ‘sweet buns’.

I’m running out of blogging material because I’ve been too lazy to take photos! But hopefully I will have more to blog about soon because we’re to Sydney for a long weekend soon đŸ™‚ Now if I only remember to bring my camera …

On another note, Jan and family have booked their tickets to Perth and will be arriving in March, woo hoo!

It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk so Gerry did

I was just thinking that Perth’s summer has been pretty mild this year when the temperature hit 44 degrees today! And it’s still going to be 41 tomorrow (T____T). Arrgh, I hate summer.

food (Large)

Gerry shared  pictures of him frying an egg on the sidewalk :(. It took him an hour but he had a pretty good sunny side up to show for it.

_DSC3610 (Large)

Soup when it’s already boiling hot?! Actually it’s ok to have soup as long as the aircon is on full blast. This was a pork rib, white fungus and carrot soup.

_DSC3612 (Large)

Chicken, mushroom and lap cheong bowl.

_DSC3614 (Large)

Peking spareribs drizzled with mayo. Very sinful but lots of flavour.

So how is everyone else surviving the summer? The only good thing about summer, I don’t feel guilty about having the aircon on while baking and it’s so much more comfy baking in a cool kitchen!

Wrapping up memorable 2013

I knew that 2013 would go by fast and boy did it whizz through in the most memorable fashion.

I turned thirty this year. Yep, the scary big 3-0. All the older ladies at work promised me that I would love thirties and so far they seem to be right because I loved the first year.

It was great returning to Kuching for Chinese New Year this year, especially nice because KaKa was there too.

We were registered in March and officially became man and wife. I was so glad that my parents were there to witness the whole event and I will never forget us being late for our own ceremony! That’s R and I down to the bone, two daitaohas living a daitaoha life. March was bliss with our parents being in Perth.

April 2013 Jo and HC celebrated their first birthday as parents. How tiny Tristan was then.

It was farewell to Gerry in May who was returning to China for the longer term which is ironic now that he’s back in Perth again! Hehe, we should learn to never farewell Gerry.

June was all about prepping for the wedding with us visiting Hongkong and Guangzhou where we took wedding photos, I bought my wedding dress and we finally visited Gerry’s hometown of Jiangmen. We grew closer to Gerry and his family in the short two days visit and are raring to go back again. Maybe when Gerry finally gets married * hint hint*

Jaso returned to Perth in July and we managed to catch up a few times.

My hen’s afternoon tea happened in August and the lovely ladies and I had lots of fun and sweet treats at the Sassy Cookie.

September was all about our Malaysian wedding which was a great family and friend affair. I was so surprised at how emotional I felt about leaving the family home the night before the wedding. Oh gosh, I just realised that I never blogged about the wedding itself. For some reason I have this image of R and I laughing and running hand in hand to and fro the hotel room and the banquet hall in between our outfit changes. That probably sums up what I remember of the day itself, relaxed, fun and heartwarming with every minute speeding by.

It was back from Kuching and straight back to work, work and more work for October. Someone at work said ‘daitaoha bakes when she’s stressed’, I’m not sure whether that’s true especially since I still think I’m not a good baker and I hate cleaning up after baking. But I did try a few recipes in October which worked out well.

With work being so hectic in November, I started appreciating my weekends even more and R and I started our Sunday brekkie ritual with The Old Crow being a nice discovery.

2013 in a big way was all about Tristan and getting used to a life with a baby. My cute nephew turned one in December and we celebrated his birthday in a big way. I love being an aunty to both Kaka and Tristan and can’t wait to spoil Kaka when the whole family moves to Perth in 2014!

In between the wedding, the trips to Kuching, Hongkong, family, babies and friends, work was a constant burr in the background and was probably the reason why the days just flew in 2013. R and I definitely moved forward in our careers in 2013 and 2014 will be even bigger and more challenging. At times I doubt myself and wonder how long I can keep up with the pace before I burn out. The fact that I’m aware that I need to get better at work/life balance will hopefully keep me steady in the new year.

Part of my new year resolutions include to step out of my comfort zone at work and find out what I want and where I want to go/or not go in my career. Always remember that there is life outside of work which is more important and that’s R and my family who always keep me grounded, happy, and remind me to value the simple pleasures in life.

Just struck midnight so it’s now 2014. 2013 was amazing so here’s hoping for an awesome 2014. Happy New Year folks.


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