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Kuching: A Bak Kut Teh post for Jaso & Tristan gets a haircut!

A blog post by request from Jason, my ‘regular reader’ haha.

kaya toast

Fantastic traditional breakfast of soft boiled eggs and kaya toast. Sadly I couldn’t drink my normal kopi. Have to resist till my cough gets better.


Wheatgrass shots in Perth taste terrible, very healthy but it’s like drinking a shot of minced fresh grass. Wheatgrass  drinks in Kuching however, are refreshing and lovely. Not sure whether this rates highly on the healthy scale though.  This is Jo’s standard drink in Kuching nowadays.

tristan leg

Bad ass Tristan at the kopitiam hahahahaha.

tris news

The baby has been having a whale of time in Kuching getting spoiled by his grandparents (and aunt). My father introduced him to a new toy, newspapers! Doesn’t he look scholarly here? In actual fact he was having more fun tearing up the newspapers.


Tristan getting his first hair cut from his yee zhang! Haha, had to chronicle this moment. Tristan looks so deep in thought because we were distracting him with videos.

bak kut teh

Since this post is for Jaso, I had to put up a photo of his favourite bak kut teh. Our preferred bak kut teh stall at Bee Wee Hiong.


It’s important to know the foodie movers and shakers in town, Tristan is introduced to the bak kut teh master. This master is actually the pioneer bak kut teh maker in Kuching and introduced this wonderful pork rib soup to the cat city in 1976! He learned to make this dish when he was studying in Singapore and spent a couple of years perfecting the recipe before opening up his bak kut teh stall.


He has been featured in a few newspaper articles. See Jaso, we introduced you to the best bak kut teh in town.

pork leg rice

Coming from a family of pork butchers, the pork ingredients in the bak kut teh are always fresh and they also sell a mean pork leg rice dish. We especially love their braised ‘loh’ intestines, so clean, fresh and yummy.

The friendly bak kut teh master waves goodbye!

Kuching Day 1 & 2: Tristan’s first Kuching trip, Benson seafood and Kenyalang @night

I’m back in Kuching!! I have been enjoying lazing around and not doing anything, didn’t even contemplate blogging until last night at dinner, my mother said ‘ see the roast pork again I also sian (bored)’ . She meant the picture of the roast pork on my blog which has been there for ages because I haven’t blogged for about a thousand years (T_______T).


You know that I’m in Kuching when the first picture you see is Kolo Mee! It was my first meal when I landed in Kuching, a bit dry since it was a takeaway but still good ol’ kolo mee nevertheless.


Breakfast at Siang Siang cafe in Tabuan Jaya. Wasn’t used to early breakfasts so just had a sio bee or two.


I love kuih stalls in Kuching, so much variety, i never know what to buy and end up buying loads.


The next day, we picked up Tristan from the airport! Oh yes, forgot to mention, we picked up his parents too haha. The grandparents were delighted to see the baby who has grown so much since they last saw him.


Seafood dinner at Benson dinner which is even mentioned in Air Asia’s travel mag as a must eat in Kuching haha. Luckily for us it also belongs to HC’s aunt :).


The must-have bilin, local fern. This was was cooked in a different way from the normal oyster sauce that I’m used to, very spicy.

Local snails, or le as we call it. Very yummy. We also had stir fried clams which were delicious.

HC has been hankering for oh jian aka oyster pancake for a long time. i actually prefer Benson’s version to the norm that we have at Top Spot seafood. Thicker texture?


Can’t have seafood without Jo’s favourite crabs. I reckon she polished off about half of the dish.

Tristan and Papa Hc.


Kolo mee for breakfast. Tristan had his first strand of kolo mee and enjoyed it.


Gung gung feeding Tristan, so sweet haha.


I enjoy eating at home as much as eating out in Kuching.  Mani chai and steamed fish are always must haves.


I always visit Kenyalang within the first couple of days of being in Kuching.  I thought I would put up night time pictures of Kenyalang for a change. This old kopitiam is where we used to go for supper after a late night movie.


This scene reminds me of when we used to go to Kenyalang during the evenings with our parents to borrow video tapes or go for a evening stroll,


Mua Heng Kueh, a very old store in Kenyalng which sells all sorts of knick knacks. The old aunty there knows our whole family and whenever one of us return she will ask my mother ‘which one is this one? Australia, UK or US?’


I love these old shops and am always so sad whenever they close down to be replaced by some horrible trendy mobile shop.


My mum spotted these i phone covers at one of the mobile shops and asked me ‘why are they selling burnt covers how come can sell burnt things?’ Hahahahaha. I love being home.

Daitaoha’s hen afternoon tea @ The Sassy Cookie

It’s been so long since I last blogged that it feels all wrong.

Roast pork that I made recently. It’s all about pork belly in my household.


Indonesian dessert of pulut hitam a.k.a. black glutinous rice with coconut cream.

The reason why I haven’t been blogging because it has been completely mad at work. I’ve been so busy that I even forgot about my own hen’s afternoon tea (=*_______*=).

_DSC1507 (Medium)

But luckily I made it  because it was a delicious afternoon tea with some of my favourite girlfriends. Afternoon tea was at The Sassy Cookie ($39 pp), we’ve never noticed it even though it’s right in our neighbourhood because it’s hidden in suburban Vic Park. Can’t start a hen’s afternoon tea without a glass of bubbly and cute cookies right?


First course was a range of club sandwiches with fillings such as smoked salmon and aioli, chicken, pear and walnut, egg and dill, spinach and herb butter. My favourite was the chicken, pear and walnut.

_DSC1508 (Medium)

Savoury tarts. I tried the parmesan tarts with capsicum, artichoke and mascarpone.

_DSC1511 (Medium)

I am going to try baking scones one day. These mini scones were cranberry scones and date, orange and walnut scones. Came with rose petal butter, orange blossom butter, cranberry conserve, apricot conserve and chantilly cream. I liked the cranberry scones with the cranberry conserve and cream best.

_DSC1512 (Medium)

We all thought that these chocolate tulip petal cheesecakes were very pretty and clever. The apple pie with honey macadamia ice cream was a huge hit with the girls.

_DSC1516 (Medium)

Mixed berry shottie (really berry jellies) with macarons. By this time we were all suffering from sugar overdose and so I found the macarons a tad sweet. Luckily we had a wide selection of flowery and fragrant teas to was down all the sugar.


Loved the cosiness and decor of The Sassy Cookie. I always enjoy afternoon teas because they’re so girly, fun and best of all, filled with sweet treats :). My hen’s afternoon tea was even better because of all my lovely girlfriends (and my favorite little man who was so good that day and pampered by all the aunties) who attended the event. It was a relaxing celebration, thank you muchly to Jo and Gill for organising, you guys are the best.

The Sassy Cookie Perth
(08) 9361 0979
41 Duncan Street
Victoria Park 6100

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