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Taro Taro @ Victoria Park

Taro Taro is the new ‘it’ place in town. This Taiwanese dessert place was so crowded on a Saturday night that we couldn’t find any seats. In fact, the whole scene reminde me of a typical Singapore food court with hawked eye groups standing around waiting to swoop and ‘chup’ seats.
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We really wanted to try their Oyster Vermicelli, wondering whether it tasted anything like our favourite Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Taipei. But they were all sold out and I’m told this will continue for a whole month! So we had to settled for their Lu Rou Fan (Braised pork rice) instead. Taste wise, the braised pork mince and pickles were tasty, the only downside was the rice which was really wet and soggy.

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I think this was Jo’s dessert of taofufa with aiyu jelly. She said it was alright.

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This is one of Taro’s Taro signature desserts, their herbal jelly ice. It was quite refreshing and I liked the herbal jelly, but everything else was a bit hard, the taro taro balls and sweet potato balls were all quite chewy and hard. Had a bit of a sore jaw after chomping through them. I’m not sure I would order it again.

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Because they had run out of oyster vermicelli, the waitress asked whether I would prefer having the fried chicken on a bowl of rice instead (they usually sell it individually without rice). Unfortunately the fried chicken wasn’t very tasty at all, I think it was underseasoned and didn’t have taste anything like the yummy fried chicken that you get in Taiwan.

I think Taro Taro’s offerings are hits and misses, hopefully the quality of the food (especially the hard taro balls) improves in time. But I think it will be here to stay because Taiwanese dessert shops are a novelty in Perth and they do have a pretty large range of desserts. They will probably have to order in a lot more stock though because they’ve been running out of everything! I read a funny comment saying ‘Taro Taro is out of taro!’ Haha, that takes the cake.

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Haven’t featured any cooking in a while. This was a hainanese chicken rice that I made last week.

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Even though it’s winter, some flowers are still blooming. These wild roses were picked from R’s backyard.

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The bushes outside my house needed some trimming. R went a bit overboard and turned the bush into a bonsai plant. Artistic or not?


Spotted this window outside a gourmet food store along Victoria Park. Totally agree with the message. Happy winter guys, stock up on the chocolate and coffee 🙂

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