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Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas 2013

How fast the year has flown by. We had a great Christmas this year with lots and lots of food. In fact, R and I are resting our stomachs now.

_DSC1983 (Large)
Our simple Christmas Eve dinner of oysters, salmon sashimi (this is our weekend staple), crispy salmon skin, mixed vegetables, pan fried cod fish, peking spareribs with mayo and creamy butter prawns. Washed down with glasses of cider :).
_DSC3588 (Large)

We were invited to our first Aussie Christmas lunch by T and family. It was a lovely experience with all the traditional dishes such as this roast pork which was being carved up by T. T got up at 5 in the morning to start preparing the Christmas feast!
_DSC3590 (Large)

Gigantic moist and tender turkey which T had brined overnight.

_DSC3594 (Large)

The massive Christmas feast which included crayfish, cold prawns, potato bake, turkey, roast pork, roasted vegetables and garden salad. My offerings were fried rice and Malaysian chicken curry, bringing a bit of Asian flavour into the traditional Aussie Christmas lunch.

_DSC3596 (Large)

The pavlova or ‘pav’ as Aussies call it is an ultimate must for every Aussie Christmas do. Very pretty piled high with a wide variety of fruits.

_DSC3599 (Large)

T’s daughter made the Christmas rum cake which was nicely spiced and heavy on the rum, yums with custard.

_DSC3600 (Large)

Hehe, T asked whether I could make a pandan chiffon cake for dessert, her relatives were very curious about this cake and said it was light and fluffy, only they had it with cream and custard, haha.

_DSC3602 (Large)

T’s house looked like Christmas exploded with teddies, snowmen lined up in every corner of the house. I admired her candy corner which was popular with the kids and adults!

T’s family were really nice and friendly and we had a lovely time.

_DSC3604 (Large)

We were so stuffed after the massive Christmas lunch and had a late simple dinner at home. Gerry came over and R started bringing out his dusty bottles of liquor which have been hiding on our shelves for years.


_DSC3605 (Large)

This was the before shot. The after shot … was pretty similar, hehe they didn’t get smashed and were safe drinkers.

_DSC3609 (Large)

Boxing Day was all about shopping or more like window shopping since we didn’t end up buying anything. Dinner of spaghetti carbonara and trying to get used to the idea of working tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas too.

Tristan turns 1

The clock just struck midnight and Tristan is now one years old.

Tristan 1st birthday

We had a birthday party for my nephew on Sunday, it was Giggle and Hoot themed, Hoot the owl being Tristan’s favourite cartoon character.

_DSC3554 (Large)

The birthday party was fun (and lots of work!) even though I’m not sure Tristan knew what was going on except that there were lots of people crowding around him and cooing at his every move. The aunties played ‘passed the baby’ with him and he was very obliging and good about it.
_DSC2239 (Medium)

What a year it has been. Look at how small Tristan used to be, and how big he is now! Before the arrival of Kaka and Tristan, I was definitely not a baby person at all. In fact, I’m not sure I’m even a baby person now and am only partial towards my niece and nephew whom I think are the cutest beings in the world. Yes, I am a biased yee yee but they are sooo sweet and lovable (*_____*).

_DSC3565 (Large)

Happy 1st birthday Tristan, be good, stay healthy and don’t grow up too quickly, your daitaoha yee yee loves you very much.

Elies Tent, Venn and Crispy Chicken

This was a couple Saturday nights ago when R had a long day at work and ended up falling asleep once he got home.
_DSC1853 (Large)
By the time he woke up, it was rather late and we didn’t have many places to choose from. In the end we tried Elies Tent which is a lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park which we’ve passed by many times but never tried. It ended up being a good choice because the restaurant was quiet and we got this corner all to ourselves.

I spotted a belly dancer  poster on their door and commented to R that we had probably missed the belly dancing since we were so late. But to our delight, at the start of our meal, the vivacious and friendly belly dancer appeared. She was a talented lady too and came by to chat with us later.

_DSC1862 (Large)

We ordered the Maza for Two banquet ($35 per person) and it was fun when all this spread turned up. Hummus(chickpea) and mutabbal(eggplant) dips and fetta cheese which we had with lebanese bread. I actually enjoyed the mutabbal a lot which had this strong roasted eggplant flavour. We also had falafel which came out piping hot and was very tasty.

_DSC1873 (Large)
Tabbouleh, which was a refreshing salad but I think they should have added more  ingredients, this one perhaps had too much parsley and not much else.

_DSC1874 (Large)
Chicken and beef shish kebab. Nothing special but grilled meat on a stick 🙂

_DSC1881 (Large)
Seasoned rice with shawarma lamb and chicken, the meat pieces were very tender and nicely spiced and lemony. R and I were getting very full by this time.

Would I return to Elies Tent? I’m not sure as I don’t think R is a big fan of Lebanese cuisine, but it was definitely nice to have something out of the ordinary and at a nice, cosy family restaurant.

_DSC1886 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn’s in the city. I love the high ceilings and secluded feel of this hidden breakfast spot.

_DSC1890 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn wasn’t great, this mushrooms with poached egg and toast was too salty.

_DSC1889 (Large)
I probably should have stuck to good ol’ jam and butter with toast.

_DSC1903 (Large)
We were really unlucky during our last Sunday brekkie hunt. All the places we went to were either closed or too full etc. So somehow we ended up at the popular Tuckshop which only required a 10 minute wait. This was my smoked cod gratin which came with a cheese toasty. The gratin was rich and packed with seafood flavour, rather like a seafood chowder, but a bit heavy for me especially paired with a cheese toasty.

_DSC1899 (Large)
Lots of fun things happening in the city! I liked their makeshift beach with giant tv screen of rolling waves in the middle of the city.

_DSC1909 (Large)
We discovered this 360 degrees poultry roaster gadget and couldn’t resist buying it. You know how one side of your roast chickens sticks to the tray and you end up ripping the skin when you try to flip it over? This gadget solves all your non crispy skin problems because it roasts the bird standing up.

_DSC1922 (Large)
The result of our roast chicken, more crispy skin but the meat wasn’t as tender as usual, maybe I left it too long in the oven to get the full golden brown effect.

_DSC1919 (Large)

Three kinds of roasted sweet potatoes, they included the normal golden sweet potatoes, my favourite purple skinned white fleshed variety and a new white skinned but purple flesh variety given to us by Gerry, very nice too.
_DSC1925 (Large)

Baking for our work morning tea, nectarine and almond cake. Tristan’s first birthday party is coming up this weekend so lots of cooking will be involved this weekend. I’m hoping I get well from my bout of migraine and overall dizziness this week, wish me luck!

Kolo mee @ daitaoha’s

It’s finally December!!! 22 more days to go till Christmas holidays, I can’t wait, I need a break and am looking forward to sleeping in, woo hoo.

_DSC3506 (Large)

A bit early for Christmas roasts, but here is R’s favourite roast pork, I’m not sure why he likes roast pork so much, I think it’s just for the crackling.

_DSC3507 (Large)

I made my own apple sauce, I didn’t realise it would be so easy to make apple sauce, not buying jars in the future.

_DSC3518 (Large)

Christmas cookies, this was almond and dark chocolate biscotti, the colleagues liked it but I think next time I will try different flavours, maybe hazelnut and coffee or almond cinammon?

_DSC3513 (Large)

Kuching kolo mee in Perth!! Courtesy of Jo’s lovely and generous colleague F who gave Jo three packs of dried kolo mee.

_DSC3498 (Large)

The noodles were remarkably authentic, we just need to get the seasoning portions right but if we can ship in many boxes next pasar malam we will be selling kolo mee haha. I made my own pork lard, shallot oil, minced pork and charsiew. Needs more work but I’m sure Jo and co. will be willing guinea pigs. Jan, you and Andy can be my guinea pigs too in 2014.


Tristan is bigger every time I see him, and still so cute, can’t resist smothering him with kisses everytime I see him, I bet he’s rolling his eyes behind my back and thinking ‘yee yee going crazy again’.  Haha, crazy yee yee syndrome.

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