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Look it’s Mummy coming !

Waiting for pizzas at Costco

R and I were sucked in by the hype of giant American sized Costco pizzas and decided that we would grab one for dinner one day. Today was the day and I found myself wearily waiting in line for my pizza and hoping that the cranky Saitaomei wouldn’t act up. She’s knee deep in terrible two behaviour lately and whilst she doesn’t go into meltdowns like Saitaoha did, she is generally whiny, cries at a drop of a hat and is very demanding.

I kept sneaking peeks at them from behind, and to my amusement, we had eye contact and the kids starting laughing and clapping. I realised they were playing a game of spot the mummy and taking turns to say ‘Look! It’s Mummy! Mummy’s coming!’ then clapping their hands in delight.

Other patrons in line were amused at their happy clapping and laughs. At one point the ‘It’s mummy!’ changed to ‘Pizza! Pizza!’ chanting and claps and I wondered whether the staff felt any pressure to churn out the pizzas faster.

At that moment I felt truly blessed to have such lovely affectionate kids that are so delighted at the mere sight of their mummy. I know this will not last forever and one day I may cease to be the most important person in their lives, but for now, it is so humbling to be the love of the life of my girls. Saitaoha says ‘but I will miss you mummy!’ when I’m gone for 5 minutes, they give me kisses and hugs and tell me they love me, they fight for my attention and to sit next to me, Saitaoha pretends to be my hairdresser and brushes my hair till it’s sleek and shiny everyday. My beautiful, vibrant daughters shower me with love and affection everyday, something that I’m not sure I deserve but I’m grateful for. It’s golden days with the girls. I am truly lucky.

Grateful days

COVID hasn’t been easy but I’ve mostly been grateful. Grateful to still have a job, grateful to have my family close by, grateful to be able to spend more time with the kids and husband, grateful that life has slowed down and allowed me to restart an exercise regime.

But mostly I’m grateful for this.

Playing with Saitaomei and her new cubby house.
Coffee barista or tea lady?
Evenings at Gung Gung and Mah Mah’s
Hogging the yoga mat but no sign of moving
Finally getting up!
Not bad. Single leg planking.
Happy to get out but she didn’t know it was for her flu shot! Was easily bribed with a jellybean though.
Endless rounds of hide and seek. They never tire of this classic game.
Child labour.

They both scrambled up on the dinner table once they realised I was going to peel eggs. Both did a good job 👍. Saitaoha said ‘mummy, we are big girls now. We can help you.’ It was both touching and heart wrenching at the same time. They’ve grown so much and really are big girls now. But I wish they were my babies forever.


R: know what this is?

Me: err icecream stick?

R to Saitaoha: Saitaoha what is this?

Saitaoha: Tongue depressor

R: (laughs) haha icecream stick ….😂

Me: wah Saitaoha so smart

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. – Charles Dicken, Tale of two cities

Covid Easter

Xiu xiu and Easter

It was a very different Easter holiday. We should have been in Adelaide with the in laws and R’s family, but instead we spent most of Easter holed up at home with the kids.

Saitaoha and Saitaomei painting Easter bunnies

Saitaoha and Saitaomei are lucky to have aunties that dote on them a lot and are always buying them things to play with. They enjoyed painting these bunnies so much that I went out to buy watercolours for them to paint more in the future.

Look of concentration
Smile Saitaomei and she gives me a grimace 😎
Easter egg hunting
They had lots of fun
Dalgona coffee

I jumped on the Dalgona coffee bandwagon and made a few glasses for ah ma, R and myself. Probably won’t have it again but it was interesting and worth a try.

We also finally built the cubby house! It took a lot longer than expected because we painted it and all, R is a perfectionist when it comes to things like that but I think the final product was pretty.

Icecream seller

My little ahjummas selling their wares. I hope they have fun in this house for years to come. Papa did lights for them and everything.

Ah ma made lek tau suan which was so comforting and good, especially with yew char kueh!

Made these salmon and sweet potato patties but the kids didn’t like them! Being at home so much makes my hands itch to cook and bake more but we have too much food at home so ah ma has forbidden me to cook anymore. Sigh.

I had to stop by the office so we brought the kids out for a drive. Poor isolated babies were like country bumpkins and wowing are all the lights and buildings. We must make an effort to bring them out for a drive and see the outdoors now and then.

So it was a very different sort of Easter, but I still enjoyed not having to think about work and being able to just spend time with the family.


Working from home Day 3

Saitaomei enjoying Gung Gung’s cut fruit for afternoon tea
The doting grandparents bought the lucky kids a playground set
She likes me to watch her play.
Gung Gung’s pretty rose bush.
Saitaoha at 4 years one month.
Don’t grow up so fast.

Working from home means spending more time with the kids and family.

It means I get to watch her play on her new playground set. Take pictures of her. I haven’t taken pictures of them in a long time.

Being sick is a pain. Being away from the office has its inconveniences. But working from home definitely had its perks.

The world goes on

Ah ma says the above are the same photo which is true. But it’s also true that Perth has always been a quiet and isolated city even before Covid 19 and social distancing.

Covid 19 has been so disruptive, I can imagine those with anxiety issues must be suffering greatly from the fear and upheaval this uncertain time has brought. R has a bad cold and has been off work for most of the week, very unusual for him but I’m mostly glad he’s home and resting. I felt myself going downhill mid week and worked from home from Thursday. I’m feeling mostly fine but it’s the onslaught of a mild virus and I know I will be very unwelcome in this current climate.

Bak kut teh, minced pork patties, Peking pork fillet, stir fried sweet potato leaves and mixed veg.

It was nice working from home and spending time with the kids and husband. I realised that it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to have dinner with them. Work has been so busy that dinner consisted of heating up a couple of dishes for R, a quick shake for me and running household chores until bedtime. We have even been missing our frequent evening supermarket trips because I just come home too late.

I forgot how nice it is to teach Saitaoha how to count and write. To read books to the girls. To watch Gogglebox and news with the husband. I even managed to get some work down in between and had a teleconference locked in my bedroom in case the kids barged in.

My parents bought a playground set for the kids which came just in time because this whole social distancing thing means no playgrounds or much outdoor activities for them.

So far they aren’t too fussed or aware of Covid 19 except Saitaoha is missing school and her friends and her cousins. I’m thinking she should go back but the risk to my parents who have to fetch her back and forth, I’m not sure I can risk it ?

Everyday Saitaoha asks me ‘mummy after wake up what’s next? After breakfast what’s next? After play what’s next? After nap what’s next?’

She is missing her cousins badly and asks me everyday whether LG or Tristan are coming. I let her video call Tristan but she cried when her yee yee said they couldn’t come over 😭. I felt my heart ache for her and truly hated the whole virus and the world we live in at the moment.

Ok enough writing, I have to bring the kids out for a walk before they perish from boredom.

Saitaoha’s four years old birthday weekend

Saitaoha is 4

My little girl turned four last week. I had all these plans for celebrating her birthday but she surprised me by saying she only wanted to invite her cousins to her ‘party’. She has friends at school but her favourite people are really her cousins.

Saitaoha birthday cake celebration

Just as well she didn’t ask for a big party because it’s been so busy at work I wouldn’t have been able to organise one properly. As it was I picked up the cake halfway through meetings at work, and only made it home after 6pm to celebrate her birthday with her :(. Luckily Saitaoha is a little girl that is easy to please so she was still very happy with her simple celebration. I didn’t even have time to buy her a birthday present and her yee yee even has to help me buy her frozen dress (the only thing she’s asked for).

Saitaomei happily clapping to birthday song
Ms foodie

Saitaomei enjoyed the birthday celebration a lot, Ms Tamchiak had seconds of the cake!

LG and Saitaoha

The next day Saitaoha spent the afternoon and night at LG’s home. She was so excited about going over that she bugged me all morning asking when we were going. Totally drove me nuts but I’m glad she had a lovely time.

Then on Sunday we went to the indoor playground as a birthday treat with her cousins. She really enjoyed herself but was so sad when we left because she was wondering how come we didn’t have a birthday cake cutting session. Oops mummy fail here.

I think she is already counting down to her next birthday and has been asking me whose birthday is next. I can’t believe four years have passed by in a blink, it feels like so much has happened and changed since then. I still have a long way to go to becoming a better mummy, but I hope I haven’t done too badly so far. Saitaoha is a bright, sweet and affectionate little princess, I hope she continues growing up this way, always surrounded by love, security and warmth. I love you Saitaoha, happy 4th birthday.

Silver lining

It’s been a long week, Saitaomei being sick, Saitaoha starting her first full week in kindy and us adults returning to work after the holidays.

I was glad that R and I were both available to accompany Saitaoha for her school’s 10th anniversary celebration. They had bouncy castles and water slides in the morning, how fun! I’ve been worried about Saitaoha because she hasn’t been eating, peeing or drinking water at school! Her lunch boxes and water bottles come back untouched, I think it’s the case is being unfamiliar about eating lunch at school and also shy about asking her teachers for help. Well, I mentioned it to her teacher yesterday so hopefully they will look out for her and she will slowly adapt. She also told us that there’s a boy that hits her, I haven’t noticed any marks yet, but also mentioned it to her teacher and told Saitaoha she has to tell her teacher straightaway if it happens again. I put it down to boys being boys and thinking it’s all play, but still, I need to protect my child and also teach her to protect herself.

Whilst I was admonishing Saitaoha for not eating her lunch, I said ‘you have to learn to eat your lunch yourself Saitaoha, you’re not a kid anymore!’ She wouldn’t haven’t any of my nonsense and exclaimed tearfully ‘but I want to still be a kid!’ R and I exchanged wry grins and I was put to shame immediately. I must remember that being the older kid in the family doesn’t mean Saitaoha is less of a kid and doesn’t require the same amount of nurturing and care. It’s so unfair of me to expect her to be the grown up when she’s still a mere child, I keep expecting so much from her and it’s just wrong.

My child will be turning 4 in two weeks and I plan to celebrate her thoroughly and spoil her to bits.

This now skinny little thing is finally on the mend! Her appetite is slowly returning and I’m hoping her cheerful nature too. She’s become short tempered, sensitive and clingy since the holiday, I think it’s the aftermath of the separation anxiety of the holiday plus a mixture of illness and terrible twos. I miss her smiles and laughter which we see less of these days. But I see glimpses of it so I hope the rest of the year goes better for her.

The work week was a lot better than I anticipated it to be. The team dynamics have changed so much and we truly feel like a team now which is so essential considering the challenging nature of our task ahead. I feel more optimistic after this week and whatever happens, I finally feel we will get through it together as a team.

Yesterday felt like a breather for the first time this week. Saitaomei stopped her fevers and hourly bouts of diarrhoea, she was happy when we brought her out for a supermarket run, it felt normal for a change.

I felt good cooking dinner for the family. Saitaoha asked ‘mummy why is there a MOUNTAIN of vegetables? Why is it like a mountain?’ She proceeded to help demolish the mountain and it became more of a hill, that’s what happens when you don’t eat lunch at school, you make up for it during dinner. After self feeding herself dinner she asked me ‘are you happy now?’ This Saitaoha is always eager to please and likes making others happy, she reminds me of myself and I can’t say it doesn’t worry me.

It was a good understated Valentine’s Day with not much fanfare.

We will be going out to celebrate Valentines’s tonight though! R surprised me a couple of weeks back by telling me he had booked our favourite restaurant for dinner and asked whether my parents could look after the kid that night. We are looking forward to a date night and some good food and wine.

The silver lining behind the clouds is finally shining and god I’m glad it’s arrived.

Last day

Even though I’ve been complaining and wishing for the holiday to end, now that we’re flying out tomorrow, I can’t help but wish we could rewind back to the start of the holiday again!

The decorating of the house, buying and snacking of CNY treats, waiting for the stroke of midnight, letting off firecrackers and admiring the fireworks circling the smoky night sky.

There’s too much overeating. Always too much food.

But local food is so delicious. Saitaomei enjoyed her daily breakfast of kolo mee very much! She even picked up fallen strands of kolo mee from her skirt and ate them, åŪåŊ杀错äļåŊæ”ūčŋ‡ðŸ˜….

I was glad when we strayed from our daily kolo mee and had yummy kueh chap instead.

Foochow cha ju mein, it’s not my favourite but I wanted to taste it so I can try to recreate the flavours back home.

The Hakka association annual CNY dinner which turned out much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Thankfully my poor sisters’ families came along in a show of support, otherwise it would be a dull night. I only wish my brother had not flown home in the morning, as usual, I didn’t get to spend enough time with him.

The kids had so much fun at the playground during my birthday. I believe it was one of the highlights of their trip.

Mei mei and papa ðŸĨ°.

And just like that our Chinese New Year holiday is over!

Picture of the day

Finally one picture of the sisters, hopefully I can get one of both of them smiling next.

Would also like one of the whole family or just me and my girls if possible.

So cute, Tristan really loves Saitaomei, it’s super sweet to watch.

We have some lovely family pictures from this trip so even though there has been frustrating times, I am still thankful we made it all back together.

Losing battle

4.15 am. Saitaomei and I have been up for the past couple of hours shifting from bedroom to bedroom as she makes her way through them, coughing till she pukes out the Panadol I’ve been trying to feed her to get her fever down. It’s a losing battle and I’m running out of clothes to change her into. This is her third set 😭.

Oh why oh why do the gods test me so. I’m just so tired from this holiday it just doesn’t feel like one at all.

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