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Popcorn mei mei

Promised the kids that I would bring them to the playground if the sun had not set by the time they finished dinner. We just about made it! They had a lovely time except Saitaomei didn’t want to leave 😅

I wanted to prolong our Saturday night out so we went to our neighbourhood cafe for coffee and cake. Saitaomei was delighted with the sudden treat and walloped her snacks with delight.

Work must be pretty dreadful nowadays because I’m already sad that the weekend is almost over and it’s only Saturday night!

Saitaoha constantly amuses me with her funny chatter.

👩🏻: Saitaoha what do you want to be when you grow up?

🧒🏻: what do you mean mummy?

👩🏻: like what is Papa’s job?

🧒🏻: ******* (answers accurately)

👩🏻: you’re right! So do you want to be a ******* like papa when you grow up?

🧒🏻: no! I want to be a princess !

👩🏻: (alamak 😅) oh ok, how about mummy?

🧒🏻: mummy is a chef!

👩🏻: hahaha ok ok not bad, I don’t mind being a chef. How about mei mei?

🧒🏻: Mei mei is a popcorn!

👩🏻: 😂😂😂

The week that was

You girls light up my life.

Chicken rice Sunday family dinners. I like cooking for the family but I don’t like messing up my mother’s kitchen.

I love Woolies for their free fresh fruit for kids. It’s such a great intiative, Coles tries but isn’t consistent.

My Saitaoha packs a pretty picnic lunch. She is actually really meticulous in her planning and how everything looks and is categorised. Why am I not more like my child?

Saitaomei for Movember challenge?

Friday red wine and red meat nights. We’ve been doing these for a few weeks now and it’s nice to unwind with the husband in anticipation of the weekend ahead.

And hooray the weekend rolls around again!

Post holiday blues

I haven’t had time to blog about the rest of the trip. After the initial euphoria from returning home, we have been busy unpacking, packing winter clothes and sleeping! The weather in Perth is so nice for sleeping in, the kids and I have been building up our sleep quota.

The kids finally have real beds and have upgraded from their cots. So far they seem to be loving it and it’s nice for all of us to be in the same room again. I’m also enjoying not sharing the same bed with Saitaomei, she’s no longer sleeping ON me at night, this also explains the longer sleeping hours.

Throwback to the holiday, I think this was a highlight for the kids, they enjoyed the indoor playground so much that we went twice.

That look of delight on her face as she went down the slides.

Mei enjoyed diving into the ball pit the most.

Traditional 枕头粽子 pillow rice dumplings made by one of the relatives. It was really delicious and filled to the brim with yummy ingredients like peanuts, chestnuts and pork, umm so good 😊.

I always thought the name of my childhood favourite pastry was longkoh, I only found out it actually means egg cake 蛋糕 in foochow, oops.

Papa and Saitaoha at the wedding. We didn’t take any photos at all because we were so busy helping with the logistics.

Sister in law and new brother in law 🥰.

This little terror was cranky at the beginning of the wedding but soon loosened up and started having fun towards the end.

Hehe silly cousins. Despite all the squabbling, they had a lot of fun together this holiday.

I had tomato mee for one of my breakfasts, it was a bit watery but a nice change.

Saitaomei really likes Kuching food, she ate loads of kampua and kolo mee this trip.

Sigh I’m really sad that the holiday is over, I have been so grumpy the past couple of days which I think stems from post holiday blues. Luckily Christmas is around the corner and we are heading back again for Chinese New Year.

It was a lovely trip with the highlight for me being the Singapore leg and hanging out with my parents and sister and the kids. The countdown begins for the next holiday!

Goodbye Singapore Hello Kuching

Last full day in Singapore. View of Orchard Road from the Orchard Central gallery.

Even though I already had my daily dose of kopi, I couldn’t resist a second shot for the last day. It was a hot day though so I had kopi ais, good but not as satisfying as a hot mug of kopi.

The kids had fun at the outdoor playground at the Food Republic at 313 Somerset. It’s mostly quite empty which is probably not good for business but great for us. I hate waiting to chope tables during peak hours which in Orchard Road sometimes feels like forever.

Ah ma knows me best. She got me a takeaway cup of kopi from Yakun before we set off to the airport. It was legit good kopi.

I really love these strollers at Changi, I also like the kid friendly corners at various spots of Changi. I am always impressed and appreciate the effort that goes into the planning of Changi’s terminals design. It really is a top notch airport.

Silly cousins. They’ve bickered,fought, made up and mostly played well together this holiday.

Whereas this little ball of terror showed her age 😅.

Love the heritage zone celebrating Peranakan culture, so beautiful.

Seafood dinner at Top spot with the must order local midin. I am sure every family has their go-to seafood restaurant in Kuching, for our family, it’s always Top Spot and we’ve been going there for many many years. Back in those days my grandparents were still well and healthy, they could indulge in great plates of crab and steamed fish. Sigh. Those were the good days.

The crabs were really for my sister who is a huge crab lover. We always think of her when we are eating crabs or see crab on the menu. But we never eat crabs in Perth because they are so expensive and not even that good!

This is one satisfied customer. She enjoyed dinner so much we are going back for more crab tonight!

The size of the prawns put our so called king prawns in Perth to shame. So delicious lightly grilled.

This foodie enjoyed her food a lot and we pretty much had to pry the bowl of rice away from her. She’s a 饭桶!

Our parents got up early and went to Jin Fu Ling to pick up our pre order of popiah. We are spoilt kids lah.

I haven’t had these yet but the chai kueh look good! My sister can probably demolish ten at a go, or 20?

Jeje getting a trim at the neighbourhood salon while mei mei watches on. The trim cost RM2! I had to ask ‘huh? 多少?’ when she mentioned the price. It costs her $10 to trim her fringe in Perth and that’s already the cheapest option.

Can do for RM2?

Mei mei so hot and bothered. She’s wiltering in the heat.

Posers at Kenyalang who were happy to score their loot of old school snacks.

Kuching Day 2

Breakfast of the champions, silky kueh chap with sweet and salty char kueh and a cup of thick kopi. Only problem was Saitaomei still isn’t adjusting to the strange surroundings and climate so she’s been rather tired and cranky. Pretty much had to scoff down the food and poor ah pa was eating with one hand and clutching on to the struggling Saitaomei. My ah pa is truly amazing.

Mei mei perked up after a bath and a nap so off we went to Spring where the girls enjoyed a little playground time.

I wish this photo wasn’t blurry.

So pleased with their ice creams.

Mei mei looks like she’s eyeing her jeje’s icecream!

We didn’t dare to brave the hawker centre so opted to takeaway from Hui Sen instead. The char kway teow was good, lots of wok hei.

Mei mei approved, but she hasn’t been eating much.

Back to Spring again! The kids are having a really great time, lots of outings, car rides.

And oodles of icecream 🍦 !

We are having a great holiday so far, hope it continues all the way to the end 😀.


Saitaoha is at the age where she’s starting to understand morals and values. She gets lectured by me quite a bit about manners, thoughtfulness and kindness. I hope to bring up the kids to be kind, filial, empathetic and considerate adults. Sometimes I feel sorry for her because ‘she’s just a kid’ but other times I think it’s important to teach her these values from young. She has been doted on by my parents since young and is her father’s precious little girl, this little girl of mine is rather spoilt and demanding so I need to be the bad cop!

There are days though that I feel I should cut her some slack because she is a sweetie.

Case in point, Saitaomei is running a fever and super cranky. I’m busy warming warming up milk for both of them when Saitaoha comes running up to me.

🧒🏻: Mummy why is mei mei crying?

👩🏻: mei mei is sick Saitaoha. She’s not feeling well.

🧒🏻: is it she has a temperature ?

👩🏻: (thinking wah this kid quite cheem) yes Saitaoha. So you have to help mummy ok? I’m making milk for both of you and need to make mei mei sleep so you have to look after yourself.

🧒🏻: ok mummy. You sleep with mei mei and nobody sleep with me. I look after myself and you look after mei mei. You get some rest Mummy and mei mei rest too.

👩🏻: … (stunned and a bit heartbroken at the words nobody sleep with me)

So yes, Saitaoha is really a sweetheart sometimes.

Conversations with my superhero

👩🏻: (crawling around on all fours looking for Saitaomei’s dummies/jiu jius)

🧒🏻: Mummy what are you doing?

👩🏻: I’m looking for mei mei’s jiu jiu Saitaoha. Can you help mummy look for it?

🧒🏻: Don’t worry mummy, I change into superhero and help you find mei mei’s jiu jiu.

👩🏻: Thank you Saitaoha 😍

🧒🏻: (looks at me seriously) I am not Saitaoha, I am SUPERHERO Saitaoha!

👩🏻: 😂 ok ok, sorry Superhero Saitaoha.

2 minutes of hunting later …

🧒🏻: Mummy, superhero Saitaoha can’t find mei mei’s jiu jiu. But don’t worry! SUPERHERO papa will find it for you!!


I love Superhero Saitaoha.

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