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Are you happy or sad or angry?

Lately Saitaoha has been getting into the habit of asking us whether we are happy or sad to gauge our mood. At first it was quite funny and very effective in getting us to stop being angry (when she knows she’s in trouble) but now she’s repeating it so much that I’m started to get worried that we are horrible parents that are always getting angry at her, hence her need to keep gauging our moods.

It usually goes like this:

Saitaoha does something naughty like refusing to nap or not sharing with mei mei.

Saitaoha: Mummy, are you happy or sad or angry?

Mummy: I am sad because you didn’t share with mei mei.

Saitaoha: Mummy can you be happy please? Pleease…. mummy, can you say it’s ok??

Mummy: (looks at her pleading eyes) ok ok I’m happy.

Sometimes the tables are turned and she comes running to us

Saitaoha: Mummy mummy ! Can you ask me whether I’m happy or sad ??

Mummy: Er ok, are you happy or sad?

Saitaoha: I am sad because mei mei took my biscuit!

Today I spent the whole day working on my laptop, only stopping to feed and bathe the kids, plus read them storybooks and play a little.

Saitaoha: Mummy can you ask me whether I’m happy or sad?

Mummy: Saitaoha, are you happy or sad?

Saitaoha: I am sad because mummy is too busy to play with me.

(Cue my heart shattering into a million pieces)

Mummy: I am sorry Saitaoha, mummy needs to work but I will play with you in a little while ok?

Saitaoha: ok mummy! Mummy are you happy or sad or angry?

Mummy: Mummy is sad because mummy has to work and can’t play with you and mei mei.

Saitaoha: Don’t worry Mummy, you can play with Saitaoha and mei mei later. Don’t be sad mummy, you can be happy later ok?


It’s absolutely humbling to have your daughter to remind you everyday not to be sad and angry , and that you can be happy later.


ABC with Saitaoha

Reading with Saitaoha

Saitaoha: Mummy, that is mei mei and me! And that’s Gung Gung in the garden.

Saitaoha: Mummy that’s Gung Gung and Mei mei, Saitaoha and Mah Mah! Mei mei’s best friend is Gung Gung and my best friend is Mah Mah!

Saitaoha: G is for Gung Gung!

Saitaoha: I is for icecream, Mummy, that’s Gung Gung and Saitaoha, Gung Gung always buys icecream for me 😍.

As you can tell, my kids are very very close with their grandparents.

Light at the end of the tunnel

My pretty girl and the photobombers at the back. I wanted to bring them to the playground and park to catch some Vitamin D and hopefully kill some germs at the same time.

You can tell she’s feeling better right? We still had nights of cough-till-vomit, R had one with Saitaoha at 4am, mine with Saitaomei at 1am. Both of enough spew to require bath 🛁 level 😓. It’s been a tough month lah.

Another day another playground. This one was completely empty, so good. Mei mei enjoyed the slides a lot!

Saitaoha has fun too, she told me afterwards ‘I had fun at the playground today’.

Doting grandparents came visiting with char siew baos for their darlings even though it was their day off. They had one each for afternoon tea.

Help! Help! Crawling towards the goal post. The weather was sunny and perfect, so good for running in the park. Days like these you’re so thankful to be in Perth with its abundance of parks, sunshine and nature.

Cousins hanging out. Saitaoha loves school holidays because she gets to be with her cousins all day.

Tristan getting a trim!

Looking sharp kiddos!

I feel like the kids are finally on the mend. Please stay well for longer!! I can’t be in this grey rut forever 😬.

Afterwards I play with you

Saitaomei will shove her shoes towards me when she wants to go out! She was upset with me last night because I told her it was too late to go out and told her to put back her shoes. She wasn’t taking no for an answer, look at her jeje’s amused expression, you used to do exactly the same thing at that age Saitaoha!

We finally bring her out during the weekend and look what happens!

The crowd at IKEA was madness, whilst waiting for us to get lunch, this little girl fell asleep in her high chair.

She woke up in time for lunch though.

What do you mean it’s greedy to have two?

She enjoyed eating out a lot and so did Saitaoha. We also managed to make it back to the library and borrowed a new set of books. The kids really like reading the new books every month so I hope we can make it to the library at least monthly. A nice family weekend 💕.

Tonight Saitaoha said to me ‘good night mummy, afterwards I wake up, I play with you ok mummy?’ She’s such a sweetie sometimes.


It dawned on me this morning that it’s been a while since I last took photos of the kids. It’s been a couple of miserable weeks with a cranky sick Saitaomei, Saitaoha has just started with a cough too sigh… but at least Saitaomei seems better?

Saitaoha asked whether I could sleep with her tonight. She said ‘mummy can you sleep with me? How about papa sleep with mei mei and Saitaoha sleep with mummy?’ Then she went to her papa and asked the same thing. My heart broke a little. I wish I could baby. I miss you too but with Saitaomei being sick, I couldn’t risk all of us being in the same room and the germs being passed back and forth.

I really should start doing something about our sleeping arrangements, we’ve been sleeping apart for too long.

After I four

🧒🏻: Mummy, is it I can have birthday party after I four? Now I three?

👩🏻: Yes Saitaoha, when you turn four.

🧒🏻: (jumping happily) yeeeahh!! After I four, mummy bake rainbow cake for me, and mummy buy pink big dress for me, and Yee yee buy me lots and lots of balloons 🎈…

Looks like I’ll have to throw her a birthday party when she’s four 😅.


Saitaomei: woohoo I get my own bowl!

Saitaoha: mummy mei mei is making a mess!

Funny girls

Enough of the doom and gloom posts. Here’s a bit of Saitaomei cheer when her fever was in hiatus.


I’m helping mummy to pluck weeds.

Giving myself a clap for being such a good girl.

And another clap standing up. One has to cheer for oneself ok?

Hoo hoo, mummy says I’m cute even though my bao face is diminishing by the day.


Both Saitaomei and Saitaoha love it when I tickle them and make them laugh.

Every night when Saitaoha will run over when she hears mei mei chuckling from a tickle session.

‘My turn mummy! My turn to be funny! Make me funny mummy!’

At which I will retort ‘But you are already very funny Saitaoha!’

Ahh my funny girls indeed.

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