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New or old ?

I’m starting in a new role today except it feels like an old role because there are lots of familiar faces and it’s an area I used to be heavily involved in.

The task ahead is daunting and I’m nervous. But I like waking up in the day and feeling more invested and motivated in my job.

Time will tell whether it’s a bad move. But it was a move I felt I had to make or I would regret. Things happen for a reason so I hope this is a ‘good’ thing.

I wish my spine would miraculously heal on its own so I didn’t have to live life with an imaginary expiry date.


Funny things that Saitaoha says:

(Watching me tickle and play with Saitaomei) Mummy, can it be Saitaoha’s turn to be funny? Mummy can I be funny?

Mummy, can I do homework please? (passes me her phonics book) I am so busy mummy, I do homework!

Mummy, what shape is this? (Pointing at picture of bicycle wheel)

‘Er.. circle ?’ I answer.

Correct! Good job mummy!!

Mummy, can you read me a book?

I’m a bit tired Saitaoha, how about later?

You are NOT tired mummy! Can you read me a book?!



Today I was on the panel for three interviews that felt like they would never end. Even though the process was painful , I reminded myself that I was lucky to be on the other side of the table. I’ve just agreed to be on the panel for two other job positions, seriously, I’ve got to learn to say no. I was also asked to mentor a staff member ‘what?! Are you sure she wants me as a mentor? What could she learn from me?!’ I exclaimed to my potential mentee’s boss. In the end I also agreed, on the condition that the mentee could reject her boss’s poor choice of her mentor if she didn’t want me 😅.

There are days when I miss my old job. Perhaps not that job itself, but the confidence that comes with the years of experience, the comfort of reliable teammates and the support of great bosses. I do enjoy the independence of my current role, but it does get lonely sometimes. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing or whether I’m doing it right, part and parcel of stepping into new territory I guess.

Ending with a cute (if I may say so) picture of Saitaomei in her new pjs. I’m missing her big sister tonight, I know her papa is missing her too. Ah well, we will have her tomorrow night and indulge ourselves with lots of hugs and kisses.

Working from home

Working from home today with Saitaoha. It brings back memories of when I first started working from home at the end of my first bout of maternity leave.

She was 7 months then and very cheeky. I remember she used to bang on my laptop and once took my work mobile and called a VIP 😅.

I used to send photos of my ‘work mate’ sitting next to me to my colleagues ☝️. My colleagues loved these photos and she developed quite a following.

This time round it’s a lot easier working from home with Saitaoha. Only because my parents have Saitaomei, my work is a lot less hectic and Saitaoha is now a little girl. Instead of banging on my laptop, she took great delight in pointing out all the numbers and alphabets on the keyboard ‘It’s W mummy! Look it’s W!’ She still likes sitting next to me while I work, she watches videos and snacks on nuts, every now or then turning to me to chatter. She also gets off her chair and cooks me a meal on her kitchen set when I’m peckish haha.

Again I’m struck by how lucky I am to have my girls and my family with me.

Bus ride

Quiet in the city because it was 7.30am. I took the bus to work today because my sister couldn’t go in to work. I guess that’s what life will be like post school holidays.

My bus stopped outside Mary Street Bakery so I waltzed in for a coffee.

Their famous donuts looked so good, I bought one for my colleague because it’s his last week at work! He used to be part of my team, which means my team has dwindled to just myself 😭. I have to say I’m not missing the paperwork that comes with managing ppl.

Ah ma sent a photo of my monkey jumping on the bed. That’s her favourite song nowadays.

I’ve been getting ‘you haven’t filled your time sheets’ emails and figured it was sent it error because I haven’t filled one for years and it’s not required for my level. But turns out that this is our new policy, everyone fills out time sheets! I know usually people would be unhappy about that but I’m thrilled because I can now flex days off with my extra time woohoo.

Saitaomei is enjoying her jeje’s lamb.

So happy my bubba. My parents dote on her so much.

See? They bought her another new toy, now she has her own vroom vroom.

Errr…. 😂

Survived the first week

Starting my first Friday back at work with a TGIF breakfast with the ex teammates. We are all in different workplaces now but I’m glad we still made the effort to catch up. It was so so so good to see my favourite faces again, I’ve missed them a lot and it’s been hard returning to work knowing these guys aren’t there anymore.

So I survived my first week back at work relatively unscathed. The week flew by and I enjoyed it even though I was so tired last night that I fell asleep at 8! I konked out even before Saitaoha and was dead to the world.

Returning to work this time felt like wearing heels after a long hiatus of wearing flats. Wobbly, uncertain and a bit sore. The heels don’t quite fit anymore, but neither do the flats. I know this means I have to toss out the old and buy new shoes.

The plus side to returning to work this time, my sisters are now in the city! I never get to hang out with them without the kids so I’ve really enjoyed our coffees, train rides and lunches. It really does make the work day go faster and so much more fun.

The next phase of my work life and career is up in the air, funnily enough I’m not too fussed and quite content to stay low profile. For now, I’m happy to let nature take its course.

First day back at work

First day back at work and no one is in the office! It was nice catching the train in with my sister though, lovely way to start the day.

This one thwarted my efforts to get up early and prep for work. She woke up at 6! Luckily she was happy to play by herself and watch me slapping on my work face haha.

Hopefully the first day goes by smoothly and I’m reunited with the bubs soon!

I got into work too early and no one was around. Luckily my sister and I now work in the same building (in fact all three of us are in the city now, how fun!) so she came out to join me for a quick coffee and muffin. So fun, it reminded me of the old days when we used to go shopping in the city after work. Now we fly 🚀 back to our kids instead 😬.

The work day flew by and consisted of lots of hugs and catchup with my old colleague, it was lovely to see the familiar faces again. Sadly a lot of my favourite people have left, but luckily we are friends outside of work.

Meanwhile back at Mah Mah daycare, the kids were having a great time playing together.

This kid is LG’s shadow, she loves her LG jeje. Why don’t you share that love with your mei mei ah?

Tried to keep the little one awake so she will sleep through the night, but she was so knackered she k.o-ed just like that!

First day back at work done and dusted. It was a pretty good day 😃.


Was attempting to finish up some work from home tonight but have kinda given up because the work laptop doesn’t seem to want to give me access to my work files anymore. Hopefully I can bring myself to wake up super early tomorrow so I can be in the office before everyone gets there. Nowadays I hardly get any desk time because my phone is either always ringing, or people will stop by to ask questions or it’s meetings…

Can’t believe (actually quite predictable lah I go through this every year) that I’m back in my vicious work cycle of wondering what the hell I’m doing and thinking about quitting again. I never go through with quitting though (especially with the horrendous job market at the moment!), just being a drama mama as usual. I do irritate myself with my melodrama.

When things are tough at work I always have a lot of self doubt.  Am I stressed because I don’t handle stress well? Am I overworked because I should be able to time manage better? Is it a case of working harder and not working smarter? Why can’t I be one of those people who somehow manage to blame the chaos around them on other colleagues and pat themselves on the back at the same time?

It’s particularly ironic this year that I’ve joined a mentor program and am someone’s mentor! And my mentee is brilliant! Almost feel like I have to pretend to be someone clever and capable so she won’t think she’s been conned into this program. But so far our sessions have been very honest and I’ve pretty much shared my struggles, experiences and learnings with her. I hope she gets something out of these sessions and it’s not a complete waste of her time. Poor mentee.

Ok better go to sleep or else I can wave my plans of going to work early goodbye!


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