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Was attempting to finish up some work from home tonight but have kinda given up because the work laptop doesn’t seem to want to give me access to my work files anymore. Hopefully I can bring myself to wake up super early tomorrow so I can be in the office before everyone gets there. Nowadays I hardly get any desk time because my phone is either always ringing, or people will stop by to ask questions or it’s meetings…

Can’t believe (actually quite predictable lah I go through this every year) that I’m back in my vicious work cycle of wondering what the hell I’m doing and thinking about quitting again. I never go through with quitting though (especially with the horrendous job market at the moment!), just being a drama mama as usual. I do irritate myself with my melodrama.

When things are tough at work I always have a lot of self doubt.  Am I stressed because I don’t handle stress well? Am I overworked because I should be able to time manage better? Is it a case of working harder and not working smarter? Why can’t I be one of those people who somehow manage to blame the chaos around them on other colleagues and pat themselves on the back at the same time?

It’s particularly ironic this year that I’ve joined a mentor program and am someone’s mentor! And my mentee is brilliant! Almost feel like I have to pretend to be someone clever and capable so she won’t think she’s been conned into this program. But so far our sessions have been very honest and I’ve pretty much shared my struggles, experiences and learnings with her. I hope she gets something out of these sessions and it’s not a complete waste of her time. Poor mentee.

Ok better go to sleep or else I can wave my plans of going to work early goodbye!



Stupid germs

I’m sick again! And R and I were patting ourselves on the pack for not getting sick this winter too :(.

Working from home sucks. Because it means you can’t actually rest because your emails are pinging non stop. Sigh. Stupid emails.

I hope this is like a 48 hours bug because the weekend weather looks great and I could do with some sunshine.

If I get well, I promise to make us a tiramisu. Haha rewarding myself with food as usual.


It’s winter! It dropped to 4 degrees this morning and I really felt it. My long boots are out of the shed and wore my first turtleneck of the year.

I was going to blog about our Singapore trip which feels so long ago (it was back in April!) but I’m too lazy 😦

Since our return from the April trip it has been crazy at work, even crazier than before if possible. I guess we’re kinda like the accounting folks, this is our ‘peak period’ but it feels like it might never end. I’m hanging out for my next getaway to Sydney but that’s not till September yikes.

Funnily enough, I’m really looking forward to FIFA world cup! I have been out of the football scene for a long long time and have no idea who the latest players are but I can’t wait. Woohoo!

Ahoy Matey!

It’s been a while since I’ve done any creative cooking in the kitchen :(.

_DSC2417 (Medium)

I’m no where near diminishing my 30 must-cook list, so far I’ve only cooked one out of the 30, but I promise I will do one more this week. Instead, I have been relying on my old-time favourites, such as this teriyaki beef onion, tamagoyaki and stir fried cabbage and carrot bento.

_DSC2430 (Medium)

But at least I have been trying new food places! This is Tao Cafe, which while not actually new (they have branches in Myaree and Innaloo), is pretty new in Victoria Park. Already it is very popular and was buzzing on Saturday night. The upside of Tao? They have a wide variety on their menu ranging from Vietnamese, Thai to Japanese (they even have a sushi train). The downside? Jack of all trades, master of none. The Pho Tai above was very average, in fact, while the broth was alright, their noodles were not the usual smooth rice noodles that we’re used to from the Vietnamese fare in Northbridge. Prices also on the higher side (around $15.50 – 18.00 for a dish) compared to their counterparts in Northbridge.

_DSC2432 (Medium)

HC’s Com Tam ($15.00) broken rice with pork chop, egg and shredded meat. His first reaction was ‘very salty’ haha, so I guess that means it was pretty tasty.

_DSC2433 (Medium)

I have to say that the presentation of Tao’s dishes were all very appealing and nice, the orange hue of the rice of my Com Ga Chien Don ($15.50) a crispy chicken with rice and sweet and sour sauce, was very pretty. Unfortunately I’m not sure what they put in the rice to get that nice colour because the rice itself was rather bland and didn’t taste of anything much. It was much better after I mixed in the sweet and sour sauce which tasted like sweet chilli sauce.

_DSC2437 (Medium)

Jo enjoyed her Pineapple Fried Rice ($15.00) and said that she would return in the future. While the food was only average and portion perhaps on the smaller side, I can see why Tao Cafe is popular in the neighbourhood especially with its BYO policy, good location and bright cozy interior. I think it will be here to stay.

Tao Cafe
Shop 1, 860 Albany Highway,
East Victoria Park 6101
Phone: 08 9361 1100
_DSC2439 (Medium)

All aboard! A different Sunday evening in Fremantle. The guys accompanied me on a work function of a different kind (no, I am not a sailor) which saw us board the Leeuwin II.

_DSC2440 (Medium)

Baby was dressed up in his Sunday nautical best for the voyage haha.

_DSC2446 (Medium)

Lots of romantic stories regarding the Leeuwin. My colleague once proposed to her husband on board the Leeuwin II.

_DSC2456 (Medium)

The tiny bunks down below. No individual cabins or captain quarters here.

_DSC2463 (Medium)

The whole family on the decks of Leeuwin II. I wish my parents were here, I think they would have enjoyed a tour around this little ship. Ah well, two more weeks till they arrive and we can go fishing in Freo. Bon voyage!

Melbourne Cup: A day in the office

daitaoha emails group of colleagues:

Hi guys, I’ve agreed to help Colleague D organise the food for our Melbourne cup lunch. Since everyone is bringing a plate, please come by my desk and jot down what you’re going to bring so we can all see what others are bringing and thus avoid a repetition of cakes = fat.

Colleague J emails group:

I’ll bring a friend.

Colleague S emails group:

I’ll bring nachos with lots of FATTY cheese.


10 emails later, everyone is having fun adding their dish to the email chain. daitaoha thinks ‘why don’t these guys just reply to me instead of sending group emails!’

daitaoha notices that the big boss is on the group email list * face palm* 

daitaoha emails group minus big bos:

Err guys, if you’re going to ‘reply all’ can you please delete the big boss from the group list because for the past few minutes he’s been receiving these ‘important’ emails discussing Melbourne cup food!

(whole floor roars with laughter)

10 seconds later….

big boss emails group:

I’ll bring the work ethic. Get back to work! 🙂

(whole floor roars with laughter and pats me on my back)

(-______________-)”. Pai seh ah.

‘Working’ from home

The office’s air con system was aggravating my cough and flu so my manager gave me permission to work from home. Yeah!!!Y (^______^)Y


So what is ‘working’ from home like? First, you dose yourself with lots and lots of over the counter meds.


Then you water your one and only living plant/herb. I love my basil plant, so far it seems to be thriving well but I’m worried it will die on me too, please don’t die dear basil.


My ‘attempt’ at working, hahaha. Recognize the website?


Snacking at home! A slice of yummy Coffee Pecan Torte from Cheesecake Shop. I like cake. Especially cake in front of the tv at home, hoo hoo.


The best thing about working at home is having lots of time to prepare dinner, especially dishes that usually take a long time to cook.

beef brisket

End product: Zhu Hou braised beef brisket with radish and carrot. I love cooking beef brisket, I just wish it didn’t take such a long time to get it to fork tender texture.

Sigh, end of my working at home day. Back to the office tomorrow (-_________-)”.

The Printer Killer

A couple of days ago I received an email from a long lost friend which started with ‘I know you hate your work. It’s all you talk about nowadays’. It gave me a jolt and I thought ‘omg, people are actually getting sick of me complaining about the workplace’. Luckily the second line was something like ‘go to to work at home and be your own boss’. It was a spam email …

Speaking of work, I killed the printer at work AGAIN. I don’t know why I have such terrible luck with electrical appliances, they just commit suicide once they’re in my hands. This is the second time I’ve jammed the printer. I had to use my damsel in distress techniques (just stand there looking helpless and lost, this comes quite naturally for me) and ask any passerby for help. A female colleague suggested asking the young male colleague in the other branch for help.

So I flew off an email saying ‘ Dear xxx, I know you’re not the printer guy, but the small printer outside the kitchen is jammed and y colleague reckons that you’re good at fixing printers. Do you think you could have a look? I’ve tried but the paper’s still stuck.’

He replied saying ‘I have no idea how y colleague has come to that conclusion. My usual tactic is to attempt to fix it but get frustrated after 10 seconds and smash it with my fists. In any event I am happy to have a look at it. Be there in five.’

So he tried but failed and ended up getting his fingers smeared with ink as a result. We had to call the technician in. Afterwards I wrote to the young male saying ‘I’ve emailed the technician. Thanks for trying, sorry for getting your fingers dirty.’

His reply ‘No problemo 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t actually fix it. My friends that actually work for a living always say I never get my hands dirty. I guess now I can say I do… on occasion.’


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