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Panda eyes

Is it Friday yet? ?The week has been so slow and tiring that I have panda eyes (=___=) *yawn*. I shouldn’t have gone for the Transformers movie last night especially since the 8.30 tickets were sold out and we had to watch the 9.30pm session. The autobots were very cool but the movie was waaay too long, 3 hours later, I found myself preparing sandwiches for my colleague’s farewell morning tea at 1am.

The sandwiches looked sloppy but my colleagues still loved them. Haha, lucky they are easy to please.

I thought of Jo (sakuratrees) immediately when I saw this new  Bodyshop Japanese Cherry Blossom series. Jo and I tried some and loved the fragrance, I wonder what real sakura flowers smell like? Jan? Anyway, being the usual cheapskate, I found it too expensive. Na li zhi dao, Jo returned with the cherry blossom body butter and perfume, I think her boyfriend bought it for her. I guess there is a  good reason to have boyfriends (^__^).

In return, I prepared a chicken teriyaki lunch bento  with a sunny side up for Jo and Xianzhang. This is my foolproof lunch bento when I want to cook something quick and simple.

Tonight I wanted to use up the leftover prawns from the wontons to cook Pad Thai but didn’t have any Thai flat noodles. I did have udon packs in the fridge though, so I changed it to Pad Thai udon instead. Stir fried with pickled radish, spring onions and sprinkled with chopped peanuts, it was crunchy, sweet, fish saucey and vinegary.

The prawns were stir fried in advance with chopped garlic, ginger and sweet chilli. Tossed with lettuce leaves, tomato slices and garnished with chopped peanuts, it’s my lunch for tomorrow.

So is it Friday yet?

December 2020