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Kuching style breakfast

I love having breakfast in Perth but nothing beats breakfast in Kuching!

jo and pa

Especially if it’s breakfast with my parents, which is what we used to do every Sunday during my childhood and teen years. Here’s Jo with my Ah Pa. We had breakfast at our favourite bak kut teh place in Kuching, a very familiar haunt from our old days. The kopitiam ppl all recognised us and gave us warm greetings, they love Jo best because she always chats with them and told the uncle that she’s waited a whole year to eat his food.

du ka peng

Pork leg rice with loh egg, pickled cucumbers and intestines. What Jo has been waiting for the whole  year. (^__^)


Bak kut teh, you just can’t make it like that back in Perth even with our trusty packs of A1 bak kut teh. Everytime I come to this stall  I think of Jaso and his look of ecstasy when he had his first spoonful of this bak kut teh.

teh c peng

Washed down with big mugs of sweet teh c peng. Surely the best way to have breakfast?

I’m home!!

It’s so nice to be typing from home, with my mother and sister sitting in the background watching tv (^__^). Earlier in the night we went to the Kuching ‘must-go’ Spring shopping complex for dinner and a little Chinese New Year shopping. But we refrained from buying more things because we’re waiting for Jo’s arrival tomorrow. Then the whole family is together again (*____*) (except for my bro-in-law Andy who unfortunately couldn’t make it).

There’s something so comforting about being home with my family. Just laughing amongst ourselves and making stupid jokes as usual.

Tomorrow I’m having my favourite pohpiah and kopi for breakfast, then I’m going to visit my grandparents, hehe. . Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some pics soon. Ahhh… I’m so happy to be  home.

Dear fellow Kuching foodies …

a.k.a. my sisters Jan and Jo, and ok, toss in my brother Dar too, but he doesn’t read my blog 😦 Ok, I throw in HC too since he’s also a Kuchingnite and likes food ( just realised that he doesn’t read my blog too 😦 sian ah)

shall we do up a Kuching must-eat food list?

(*________*). That’s my greedy foodie look. Which is usually permanently stuck on my face. As my mum puts it ‘chiak, chiak, chiak’.



I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend!

I’ve been so busy at work, cooking at home has been basic and easy dishes. This was my shredded turmeric and honey soy chicken lunchbox.3 more days and I’ll be on my way home to Kuching.It feels like a very long 3 days, it has been a horrible working week and I’ve been convincing myself that I’ll put it all behind me once I get on the plane.

3 more days to this! Gold and red Chinese New Year decorations in Kenyalang. Ah ma says the stalls will be up and running today. (^___^)


It was a sunny weekend, perfect for a barbeque with friends and family. We had a lovely time in South Perth but I forgot to bring the camera 😦

green curry

The Thai green curry that I prepared for the bbq. There was still lots of food leftover, so the friends came over at night to help clear out the leftovers, and indulge in a few cocktails too :).


Before they came, HC and Jo came over early to help me fix up the patio set, their housewarming gift to me. Hehe, I like gifts.

fix 2

Ta-dah! All done! Very comfy and nice patio set, just what I wanted. I love the bench and already spent last evening sitting there with a book. It was nice till the mozzies attacked at dusk.

8 days and counting till I fly home ….

Freeze Freeze Freeze

My first big acquisition for the new home! Not a lounge suite,  50 inch tv or dining set but a spanking new ….


chest freezer!!! Ahhhhh I am so happy!! (^______^) It seems a bit ridiculous to be so excited about a chest freezer, but I’m thinking never ending supply of cooking ingredients, frozen chicken stock, beef stock … I can be like my mum in her Kuching kitchen and just dig in her treasure chest for goodies everyday.


To celebrate, I went out and bought 4 chickens! Hahaha, they were on cheap sale, such a good buy. So friends and family, expect lots of chicken dishes for the ROM celebratory barbeque on Saturday. Be there or be square!

p/special thanks to the new bil (that’s bro-in-law) for being the delivery man!


I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


The special day started early in the morning with me getting Jo’s hair and makeup ROM ready.


While the groom chilled out with his favourite drink any time of the day, coffee.


Then it was off to the city to pick up the flowers. Love the shades of pink and cream.

jo flowers

The bride and her bouquet .

calv rose

The unofficial best man/photographer of the day Calv wondering how come his bouquet only consists of a single rose. Didn’t dare to tell him that it wasn’t even his and he was only holding it for the groom.

on the way

The bridal entourage heading towards the Registry of Marriage, which coincidentally is in my work building. We actually met my team leader in the lobby and the couple took pictures with him (-___-)”.


Last minute touchup in the lobby while waiting for the designated time and friends to arrive.

hc waiting

The big day is never about the groom but all about the bride. It’s quite unfair how little the groom has to fuss with his hair or clothes. There he is all ready and waiting patiently.

hc lobby

See? All done and picture perfect!

jo waiting

Jo is almost ready too.


Family representative, check. Friends, check. Bride, check. Bridegroom, check. All done and ready to rock and ROM!


Getting ready to sign up for a happy life together forever.


The exchange of vows. HC gives such a romantic vow that he causes a tear or two. Lucky the makeup was waterproof! And the savvy celebrant was ready with a handy box of tissues, hehe.

rings (2)

Exchange of rings.


Laughter and happiness all around the room.


Officially man and wife.

happy sis

First congratulatory hug from one happy sister to the other happy sister.


Signing and witnessing of the marriage certificate.

sandra bouquet

The final act of throwing the bouquet. Sandra’s the next one to get married!

friends collage

The friends gather around to congratulate the newly wedded couple. Thanks for coming guys and making the day such a fun and special one.


Special thanks to the unofficial photographer of the day.


My favourite picture of the day of the couple. If the ceremony was anything to go by, I know your marriage will be  bright, fun, happy and filled with an abundance of laughter and joy. Congratulations both of you, take care of each other and be happy always.

Photos at last!

Yeah!! I’m finally online! So here are some belated pictures from Christmas and the New Year.

christmas feast

Our Christmas feast was seafood themed and super yummy, lots of raw salmon, creamy fresh oysters, prawns and my first try at cooking chilli mussels.

xmas cake

Pretty Christmas cake, it was a Pear William cake and very nice with different layers and moist sweet pears. I had leftover slices for the rest of the long weekend, sigh, good memories.


One of the first dishes that I cooked in the new kitchen, Dong Bo Rou (Dongbo pork belly). I asked my mum for the recipe and coincidentally she was also cooking it in Kuching that day, hehe, great cooks think alike (^__^).

jason bday

This weekend we celebrated Jason’s birthday at Billy Lee’s. It was lovely to catch up with everyone after the holidays.


I saw this at a convenient store during the weekend and couldn’t resist buying it, I just love Chibi MarukoChan to bits.


I was hoping I would get one of the Chibi Marukochan keychains but ended up getting her mother instead. Still, I like this whole collection so I didn’t mind too much.


She was added to my collection of very cute chains hanging off my new travel wallet, incidentally, everything is from Japan, gosh I miss Japan already. I wish the Samsung Galaxy had a place to hang cute chains.

Wow, it’s almost time for bed already, big day tomorrow *hint, Jo’s getting legally binded to HC*, time flies when you’re in the internet, bye! More photos tomorrow …

Still alive…

but suffering from severe internet withdrawal symptoms. 4 more days to go and about a million phonecalls to the isp later, I might get connected, here’s hoping…I miss colours on this blog:(

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