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Sap ha sap ha

It’s been a bit difficult getting into cooking mode since my parents have left. I will start revisiting my 30 must cook list soon, double ginger cake with lime frosting sounds delish :p

_DSC2544 (Medium)

A while ago we had a lasagne weekend. Big tray which made several lunch bentos.

_DSC2541 (Medium)

Jo’s request for a laksa weekend. Sadly I am down to my last pack of laksa paste so we will have to limit our laksa weekends until I get a fresh supply.

_DSC0552 (Medium)

This weekend our theme was ‘sap ha sap ha’ steamboat weekend. We had a simple chicken herbal soup base with wolfberries, red dates and dang gui. What should our theme be for the next cooking weekend?


no longer stands for Thank God It’s Friday because we don’t have TGIF nights¬†anymore ūüė¶

While I’m always glad when Friday rolls around, I’m usually too tired on Friday nights to go out and do anything. So for the past two Friday nights I stayed at home watching Masterclass!

Anyway, nowadays TGIF means thank God it’s family day. For some reason our Sundays(and most Saturdays too) have morphed into family nights where Jo and HC either come over to my house or we go over to theirs for a family dinner. It’s always very relaxing and involves good food, random Australian tv (luckily Masterchef is on nowadays, once we had to resort to watching The Voice *shudder*) and lots of laughter.

_DSC1354 (Medium)

During the week Jo had texted me saying that she was craving pumpkin soup. So I told her we would have a 3P theme for our Sunday dinner, 3P as in Pasta, Pizza and Pumpkin Soup. I made the pumpkin soup and lasagne but Jo and HC brought over the pizza. Of course we knew there would be tons leftover, but hooray for yummy lunch bentos for the next few days.

_DSC1347 (Medium)

Perhaps I should have called it 4P since there was a lot of parsley involved. My parsley patch is flourishing and we’re having to add parsley to all my dishes. I have to admit, parsley chai po(pickled radish) omelette is actually very yummy. This batch of curried pumpkin soup was too light for my liking, my fault coz I didn’t prepare enough cream.

_DSC1348 (Medium)

I¬†think the last time I made lasagne was almost two years back!¬†¬†¬†I should definitely do it more often, it’s fun and cheesy and Jo loves the meat sauce. Anything for the pregnant lady.

So it’s back to the daily grind tomorrow, I’m wondering what our theme should be for the next TGIF? Oh yes, Jo said it’s kueh chap and poh piah, so Jan, we’re practising for the holiday trip already, hopefully I¬†will have the recipes down to pat by the time we get to London.

You know, Jo got her Australian permanent residency application approved¬†this week. It was a huge sense of relief not just for Jo and HC but for my parents as well. My ah pa told me that he felt as if a¬†stone had¬†been lifted from his heart :). From a completely selfish point of¬†view, I’m so glad that Jo and HC are here to stay. I¬†can’t imagine what life in Perth would be like without both of them being around.¬†Hooray for more¬†family nights to come.

Saturday family dinners

Yeah, it was a good weekend.


Firstly, my parcel¬† from The Book Depository arrived in the mail ūüôā Happy Sunday Agatha Christie reading ahead.


Then there was our impromptu Saturday roast chicken dinner with lots of strawberry wine.


With lovely Mandarin cake for dessert. This cake was really yummy.


I wish I could bake that way, not only was the outside of the cake beautiful, the inside was gorgeous too. It was fun cooking together on a Saturday night, feasting together then watching TVB dramas together. What should our theme be next Saturday night? Korean? Laksa night?


This stir fried cabbage is not just normal stir fried cabbage, it has my mother’s specialty hay bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal) in it, so good that a normal stir fried vegetable has that extra oomph.

Claypot chicken and mushroom rice topped with a sunny side up.


Spinach and ricotta ravioli in white wine cream sauce.

mashi maro

Hehe, something that I stole from Jo’s home. So small, white, furry and cute. Hehe.

Tomato fever

You know that something tastes really good if you immediately want to recreate the same dish when you go home. That’s how I felt about the pickled vegetable tomato soup that we had at the chicken rice place.

kiam chai

Somehow mine didn’t turn out quite the same and wasn’t as good,¬† but it was still tasty and comforting with steamed rice for dinner.


It’s been a while since I’ve cooked pasta, this time it was Penne Alla Vodka which was a tomato cream sauce pasta which didn’t really taste of vodka at all. I might need to be more generous with the vodka next time.

Did you notice that everything is tomato based? Richard came home with a box of tomatoes from his colleague last week and we’ve been eating lots and lots of tomatoes all week, in fact, we’re almost done!

It’s Friday tomorrow! Hooray hooray.

Roasted chicken finale

It feels like ages since I last blogged and it probably has been a while. Life has been full on with a heavy workload during the week and visitors during the weekend. August and September are the months for fly in fly outs ūüôā


Last weekend it was David’s turn to experience Di’s 3 day whirlwind Tour of Perth. I might trademark this. While it is fun showing visitors around beautiful Perth, I must admit that the late night weekends are getting to me, I could hardly keep my eyes open on Monday. Must be getting old (T___T). It’s becoming a tradition to end each trip with A Night of Roasted chicken, this time chilli mussels, spaghetti, garlic bread and potato salad were thrown in for good measure.


Not to blow our own horn but this was seriously our best roasted chicken yet, the chicken was wonderfully moist and tasty, even the roasted potatoes were sweet and yummy:)

pear tarte

Dessert was my easy Pear Tarte Tatin again, always easy and a crowd pleaser. I wish I had a bigger fridge so I could stock vanilla icecream, it just goes so well with desserts.

Ok, I hope I can update soon, it’s a big week ahead, sigh, but at least it’s almost half over.

Orange chiffon cake

I really wanted to put up a Japan post, but as my next post has about 40+ photos, let’s just say it’s a work-in-progress, but I promise, sometime soon. In the meantime, more cooking pics ahead …


Spaghetti carbonara for our Sunday dinner, a request from the new housemate, both the boys like creamy, rich and cheesy sauces, I myself prefer tomato and herb laden sauces. Still not perfecting the carbonara yet, but I’ll get there.

ayam masak merah

But at least I’m getting the hang of Ayam Masak Merah, possibly one of my favourite Malay curries and a must-have at our house during Chinese New Year. We usually order it in but maybe I’ll be able to cook it for guests during CNY next year?


I like making desserts nowadays, leftover Mcdonalds hotcakes (courtesy of Gerry) with vanilla icecream and blueberries drizzled with honey.


My first attempt at baking orange chiffon cake, I’ve been wanting to bake this for ages (ask my mum, I’ve asked her for the recipe years ago and keep asking her for tips but never actually baked the cake) and I finally did! It turned out pretty good but not perfect because the top wasn’t browned enough before I took it out of the oven. But texture wise, it was soft and fluffy so I’m pleased. Pandan chiffon next!

Sigh, is it Friday yet?

Homecooking 101: Project October Week 3

It’s the last week of Project October, I’m going to have to hold a meeting at the end of October and decide whether we’re going to continue Project November. Either way, it’s been lots of fun cooking for Project October,¬† but a little tiring and challenging to keep within the budget and yet cook something different everyday.

Monday I cooked the chicken two ways. My mum’s tomato sauce chicken¬† (I can never cook quite the way she does it) which is what I cook whenever I want us to eat a mixture of veges with chicken.Goes well with rice.

Lunch bento was stir fried chicken and cucumber, soy braised hard boiled egg and spinach.

For dessert I baked us banana cupcakes ( pre mix and 98% fat free!) which I topped with a sweet banana chip, it was so moist and yummy, who says pre mix cupcakes aren’t good? It was so easy to bake, I am going to be making more of these.

Tuesday Jo and HC cooked Indian style mamak mee goreng, I’ve never tried the real thing so I can’t judge the authenticity but it sure tasted very Malaysian and was tasty. There were lots of ingredients in it including tomato, potato, beancurd and chicken.

I was sick that day and didn’t go to work so I had time to bake some cupcakes. This time it was vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting , I topped some with hundred and thousands (messy things, not going to use next time but so colourful) and others with sliced fresh strawberries.

Wednesday was Jamie Oliver day since I used all of Jamie Oliver’s recipes. This was his French baked potatoes which include layers of parsley onions and potatoes. Somehow the texture didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be, I guess I was looking for something more baked and heavy, but it came out quite moist and tender and light. Are french baked potatoes supposed to be like this? I don’t know.

The potatoes were served as  the side with the Parmesan chicken and lemon chicken being the main. Quite easy recipe, not too heavy and fresh tasting with lemon and thyme.

Thursday was a quick prawns, basil and cherry tomatoes fettucine topped with toasted pinenuts and parmesan shavings. A light and quick pasta, I marinated the prawns beforehand with garlic and paprika for some spiciness.

No cooking for Friday because it was going out night which is truly the best night of the week. I should really cook something special to round up Project October but I’m not sure what, any suggestions anyone?

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