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Holidays !!!!!

I am flying out to Bali tomorrow night! (^________^)

It’ll be a short getaway, but that’s what I really need, a getaway, away from work, studies and everything else that is stressful in life at the moment.

Best of all, there’s Breadtalk in Bali, yums yums.

See you all in a bit!

Getting over the hump day

We had an abundance of apples in the house.

apple strudel
So I baked an apple strudel with frozen puff pastry and apple slices. Yummy with vanilla icecream (^____^).

beef bowl

Wednesdays teriyaki beef bowls = comfort food. Finally we’re over the middle of the week, two more days to the weekend and 3 weeks of bliss away from work!! Getting excited ….


The month of May seems to be going out in really chilly temperatures, the dusty heaters have been rustled out from the back of the storeroom, I’m just hoping I don’t have to use them yet. But even the boots are out in play, so maybe I should stop being in denial.

richard jason

We’ve been visiting Burswood a lot lately, besides being in close proximity, the restaurants inside the casino are pretty great too. This weekend it was dinner with Jason and Wendy at Sirocco.


The food at Sirocco was light and simple, our favourite was the seafood paella which was fresh and tasty.

creme brulee

Dessert was thyme creme brulee with honey wafer, I couldn’t really taste the thyme in the creme brulee but I still like creme brulees ๐Ÿ™‚


I met a Muffin over the weekend, not of the edible kind but of really cute toy poodle variety. Muffin belongs to Jason and Wendy and is seriously cute and cuddly, just like a toy teddy. Really, the pictures don’t do it any justice, so cute. Ok, one more week to go before the end of May, 7 days and counting ….

Rainy days

It started raining in Perth! Much much needed rain for my poor garden which isn’t doing very well, one casualty so far, boo hoo (T__T).

honey soy

When it’s cold out, all you want to do is tuck in to hot comfort food , like these oven baked honey soy chicken drumsticks which were nicely juicy and tender.

Lunch bento of crumbed fish fillet with mixed vegetables and steamed rice.
pork slice

Less healthy lunch bento of soy braised pork slices and hard boiled egg with pickled mustard greens and rice.
Spinach and century egg soup with wolfberries. It’s really handy to have premade chicken stock in the freezer, I can use it in all soups and dishes without making a fresh batch everytime.
The cold weather is triggering cravings for hot sweet dessert soups such as red bean soup. This is a new dessert, barley, lily bulb, gingko and beancurd skin dessert. Hooray for sweet winter desserts Y (^__^)Y.


Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and in front of the computer. But I’ve finished my assignments for the week so light is at the end of the tunnel!


Tried a new recipe,braised belly pork with yam. Took ages steaming the belly pork, next time I’m just going to chuck everything in the slow cooker, or invest in a pressure cooker ๐Ÿ™‚


Kiam chye chicken soup. My mum’s version is much better but beggars can’t be choosers.


Another new dish, eggplant which I braised with miso, dashi stock, rice vinegar, sugar, soy and sesame oil.


My little herb patch is growing! Hopefully that’s a sign that the rest of May will be better ..

Gill’s bday @ Arirang

I know I haven’t been blogging much recently, but honestly, it’s been a struggle to keep my brain working and eyes open after working hours in the night.

With all the last minute assignment cramming and the infuriating situation at work, it was nice to have some time out to celebrate a very special and lovely friend.

Since it was Gillian’s birthday celebration, the birthday girl got to choose her lunch venue. Since she had a hankering for Korean food, we headed to Arirang in the city. It’s my first time eating at Arirang even though this Korean restaurant has been around for ages.


To tell the truth, Korean might be my least favourite Asian cuisine, especially Korean bbq, I hate the smokiness and the greasiness of the whole event. I especially dislike coming out of the restaurant smelling like a charcoal pit. But.. Arirang’s grill pit was surprisingly good, no smokiness, no greasiness, it was all so clean and well ventilated, I was pleasantly surprised.


In comparison to popular Korean places such as Took Be Gi, Arirang’s prices are on the steeper side. But their portions are generous and generally pretty tasty.


Never mind the food, the birthday cake is always the highlight of any birthday celebration. Gill’s cake looked very pretty and festive, it was a chestnut cake from Regent’s, quite a special flavour I thought.


Finally pictures of the happy birthday girl. I thought her birthday celebration was exactly what all birthday gatherings should be about, the special person of the day, celebrating her general loveliness and her special day. I wish we got together with Gill more often, she’s such a nice friend and so fun to be around with (Gill are you reading this?)

gill smile

Happy birthday Gilly! I’ve really enjoyedย  celebrating your birthday with you for the past 4 years, here’s to more fantastic birthdays to come and wonderful years of friendship ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Good cooking day

I’ve been having lots of bad days lately, and that includes bad cooking days too. But I finally had an ok day in the kitchen today.


Stir fried Canton pineapple beef with rice bento. Going back to one of the first dishes that I learned to cook almost 8 years ago from a HK auntie.


Teriyaki hambagu with stir fried minced pork and long beans with rice. It’s been a while since I’ve cooked teriyaki hambagu, I remember the old days when I used to live with Jo and it was one of her favourite requests. Must cook it for her again some day.


Japanese chicken curry with mixed vegetables and rice bento. Recognise the donkey? It’s the Donkey from Shrek. I hope the rest of the week is better, at least I know there will be nice lunch bentos to look forward to :).

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