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Edgecombe Brothers

Finally I have time to blog about our lovely  lunch at Edgecombe Brothers Winery. Our visit up Swan Valley was quite some time ago when my sister and bro-in-law were in Perth.

It was a gorgeous and sunny day when we travelled up to the valley.Edgecombe Brothers outdoors cafe was the perfect setting for a casual lunch with its cosy alfresco dining area and beautiful green surroundings of  deep valleys and vineyards.

taken by my sister with her fantastic DSLR

The service was friendly and impeccable and we had a very nice Japanese waiter who wasted no time filling up our glasses with free wine tasting. Yums!

Obviously I did not take the above artsy shot, I think it was my bro-in-law who took this photo. Nice or not? I think it pretty much captures our day in Swan Valley, copious amounts of sweet drinking wine, warm rays of sunlight, great company, fantastic food and surrounded by mother nature.

Never mind the atmosphere, let’s talk about the food, or should I say the feast? H and I both had entertainment vouchers which gave us ‘buy 1 main meal get one main meal free’, so we ended up ordering 4 mains to share. Such a fantastic deal, only problem is, I don’t think the 09/10 entertainment book has Edgecombe Brothers (-____-).

I don’t remember most of the names or prices of the dishes now, so I should forewarn that the following prices + names are probably inaccurate. The homemade cheese tart with beetroot relish was nice, but not spectacular. Similar to the texture of a quiche, it was not overly cheesy or strong, and went well with the sweet beetroot relish (and I hate beetroot).

The yummylicious beef fillet with mushrooms and roasted potatoes and asparagus was perfect. I think we asked for medium rare and it was beautifully pink and tender in the middle. The potatoes were fantastic as well, smooth, buttery. It might be odd to wax lyrical about roasted potatoes but these were seriously good.

Edgecombe Brothers is also famous for its asparagus and Jo loved them. Look at those pretty golden potatoes (*___*).

The prawn and vegetable pasta had juicy, plump panseared prawns and was light and fresh. We liked this one a lot too. But the steak did beat it hands down, we’re really meat people. I’m sorry about my brief descriptions, they’re not doing the food any justice, trust me, it was good!

If you’re ever in Swan Valley and not up for a heavy meal but would like to have a nice snack with your wines, this is a must order, the Tasting Plate for 2 ($36) is ginormous and comes with olives, dukkah, relish, two blocks of  cheese (I recognise one as brie but not sure about the other), turkish bread, asparagus, smoked salmon, grapes,goats cheese tart,sausages and salad.

It was lovely and so fun to eat. Cheese slices or smoked salmon spread on turkish bread, tasty olives, savoury sausages (my bro-in-law’s favourite) and did I mention grapes and cheese? My sister and brother-in-law introduced us to the French (?) combination of grape and cheese which was heavenly.

We were glowing with satisfaction after this meal and trouped off happily for more wine guzzling tasting afterwards. I’m not sure whether it was the beautiful weather, the great company or  Edgecombe Brothers’ food is always this good (if it is I will happily return!), but my brother-in-law and sister agreed that it was one of the best meals they had in Perth.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food 8.5/10 daitaohas

Service 8.5/10 daitaohas

Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Cafe
Cnr Gnangara & West Swan Road
Western Australia 6055
Open 10am – 6pm 7days a week
Phone (08) 9296 4307

July 2020