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Wake me up when May is over

Sigh, now that the Easter holidays are over, I’m really lacking in mojo in work and in my studies. It doesn’t help that May is crunch time for me, the work environment has never been more depressing, and my studyload is sky high.


Luckily the Easter hols was a really good break and I managed to cut some to-do chores from my long list. For example, I finally planted some flowers and plants in my garden! My little garden is proudly sporting a lime tree and a dwarf peach tree, I hope they bear fruit in the future :).


After a hard day of gardening (R not me) in the sun, it’s nice to have a late afternoon snack of instant noodles and an icy cold drink.


A double date with the cute couple at Chimes and my first try at a Banoffee Pie, bananas and toffee are good match (^_^).

butter chicken

New lunch bento item, butter chicken with basmati rice, yums. I don’t really like Indian food but butter chicken is one yummy curry.


Sarawak laksa for Easter. We made a huge pot and freezed most of the stock for future laksa cravings. I am really loving my chest freezer, one of my best buys ever. At least the weekend is here, I must stop procrastinating and work doubly hard at my assignments. Wish me luck!

Celebrating Jo & HC

I’m so sad, Easter is almost over (T______T). Luckily there are still two days left, I shall savour every minute.


It was also Jo and HC’s birthday this Friday. We had a double celebration, it started on Thursday night at Sebastian’s with Gill and co. Lots of yummy Italian food and nice taro birthday cake to finish with. What a nice way to start the Easter holiday.


The happy  and smiley Swarovski clad  (they received lots of Swarovski as bday presents) couple.


The next night we had their second birthday dinner at Wei Zhong Wei (a.k.a. Endless Delight), a new Szechuan restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It was very busy and the dishes were spicy and tasty except for a lamb dish that tasted very bizarre.


Jo and HC’s birthday cupcakes from Velvet Cupcakes. We had them for Jo’s birthday two years ago when Jan and Andy were in Perth and they were gorgeous. They’re still very pretty two years later, but somehow the taste didn’t taste as good. Haha, maybe coz Jan and Andy aren’t here.


The cute couple  outside the restaurant. Everyone’s always very surprised to discover that they’re born on the same day, same month and same year. But I guess that’s why they’re made for each other 🙂 ? Hehe. Happy birthday both, hope it was a good one this year.

2 weeks blitz

It’s been more than a week since my last blog post! It definitely wasn’t due to lack of blogging material (I still have so many food places that I haven’t blogged about not to mention the Japan posts which have been overdue for a year *gulp*), I think I’ve just been feeling a little blue due to work. But at least the Easter holidays are almost here! I can’t wait.

This post merges my past two weekend eating. Last last weekend, we went to the trendy Venn for breakfast. I would probably never have discovered Venn (even though it’s so near work) if it wasn’t for Jaso. I don’t know how he finds out about all these up and coming places but he’s a great source of foodie information.


It’s worth going to Venn just to check out the gorgeous architecture and interior design of the building. The old flour mill factory is split into three stories, the ground level being the art studio, street level being the shop (selling cool and expensive knick knacks) and the bar/cafe, and the second level being an art gallery. I really liked how they made use of the light and the tall ceilings, it was a comfortable and airy space.


Back to the food, the breakfast menu wasn’t extensive so there wasn’t much to choose from. Both Jaso and HC has the poached eggs on toast which came out looking very healthy and green. Nothing spectacular but not bad at all.


Calv and I both had the roast beef bagel. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the mysterious hole in the middle, but I really like bagels. This bagel was one of the best bagels I’ve had in Perth, it was soft without being too soft, chewy and yet had a crispy lightly toasted exterior. Cal and I really enjoyed our bagel.


The coffee was good. Pretty milk patterns are always a plus (^___^). All in all, a good find so thanks for the recommendation Jas.

16 Queen Street
Perth, WA 6000 Australia

While I usually plan my dinner and lunch venues ahead(this includes checking out the menu and already choosing what I’m going to have), sometimes unplanned foodie adventures can be the best.

The couple Jason and Wendy were the ones that introduced me to Chime. They told us about how they planned to go to Chime restaurant  for lunch, but since it was not open, they ended up heading across the road to Phi Yen for good Vietnamese instead.

It was the exact opposite scenario for us. We headed to Phi Yen for some pho, but the restaurant was busy and the waitresses didn’t bother to serve us. So we headed across the road to Chime for lunch instead! The restaurant itself is located in the newly refurbished Northbridge Hotel, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we were the only table besides a couple of ladies enjoying a bottle of wine and a late lunch.


R had the premium sirloin with mash and pepper sauce. The steak was more medium than medium rare in some places, but otherwise the pepper sauce was tasty with the steak.


Even before my caramelised pork belly arrived, the two ladies sitting behind us who both ordered the pork belly were already making ‘mmmm’ sounds with every bite. It was quite funny. The asian style pork belly came with yellow turmeric rice and condiments like fried shallots, chilli vinegar sauce. The rice itself wasn’t heavily spiced and lacked taste, but that was fine because the pork belly was richly flavoured, sweet, beautifully caramelized, sticky and chewy. A heavily spiced turmeric rice would have overpowered the taste of the pork belly.

It really was delicious and a sinful indulgence. In hindsight, I think the flavours were a little bit too intense and strong, causing me to feel rather thirsty afterwards, but I could totally understand why the ladies were making ‘mmm’ sounds throughout their meal.

With a buy one main get one main free deal from our entertainment card, it was a great deal and a surprisingly lovely lunch.
Chime Restaurant
210 Lake Street, Northbridge, Western Australia 6003
(cnr Brisbane Street)


Cooking from last weekend. This was Penne Marinara which I tossed with fish fillets, mussels and prawns.

pork belly

The pork belly from Chimes was so nice that it inspired me to cook pork belly the next day. Mine was nothing like Chimes though and very Malaysian with the usual soy sauce, star anise flavours.


Sometimes simple meals like stir fried broccolli and carrots with grilled chicken wings can be nice for dinner. My chicken wings were marinated with hoisin sauce, honey and five spice powder.


We received a whole bagful of plums during the weekend. Not eating them fast enough, I decided to use them in a dessert tonight, the only problem with Plum Tarte Tatin? They’re not as pretty as Pear tarte tatin or apples.

Two more days to Easter and counting!


It’s finally starting to feel like autumn! The temperature has dropped below 30 degrees, the air is definitely cooler and I even dug out a light coat to wear during the weekend. While I’m glad that the super hot weather is gone *fingers crossed* there’s something a little gloomy about the darker sky, the quietness and the slight chill. Everything suddenly feels a lot more serious.

red bean

Now that the weather has grown cooler, I’ve started craving hot sweet desserts such as this hong dao sa (red bean soup) with sago and tang yuan, glutinous rice balls. I’m also wanting to make hot tau fufa with ginger but somehow I’ve never been very successful at it. I will try again this winter.


There was lots of leftover rice which I made into Thai pineapple fried rice the next day. What I like about this dish is the myriad of flavours and textures, there’s the slight sour sweetness from the pineapples, the crunch of cashew nuts, the mild curry flavours and the pungent saltiness of fish sauce.


I had a bad tonkatsu over the weekend. I knew my luck with good Japanese restaurants was bound to run out sometime soon (-___-).  The bad tonkatsu however inspired tonight’s dinner of crumbed chicken fillets with generous lashings of japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce, japanese potato salad and tofu miso soup.

At least Bad Monday is over (^__^).


Sapporo is located along my homebound train line. During my train journeys home, I would look out of the train and stare at the white dilapidated building with the big Sapporo sign and think ‘I wonder what that’s like?’


Turns out it’s like going back to many many years ago. It  reminded me of the tiny smoky diner that we had lunch at in Kyoto. The bad ventilation and oily atmosphere permeates this little shop too. The old Japanese ojisan and obasan man the little shop by themselves, the cute uncle is in charge of the cooking while aunty deals with the customers. She prattled to us happily in Japanese until she noticed our half embarrassed and perplexed expressions, then she laughed and apologised.


The food is a little slow, but worth the wait. I’ve never had an agedashi tofu with clear broth before. This broth was very tasty and a little too salty but perfect with rice.


My sisters and I love korokke (croquette) and this one was gorgeous. It was the best korokke I’ve had in Perth , crispy on the outside, yummy and delicately flavoured mashed potato on the inside. I would order this again and again.


Can’t go to a Japanese restaurant without trying the ramen. This was the shoyu ramen. I asked R for comments for the blog, he said two words ‘hao chi’ (meaning yummy!). They also have butter corn ramen on their menu, a Hokkaido specialty apparently, can’t wait to try that.

I loved Sapporo. Yes, the oily atmosphere wasn’t great, the little shop was dilapidated and shabby. But the cute aunty and uncle, the homemade style food was comforting and reminded me of the Japan that I visited in 2010. I really hope to return to wonderful Japan someday, but for the meantime, Sapporo will do (^__^).

Victoria Park
186 Rutland Ave
Carlisle, 6101


Baking of the week was pandan and coconut milk muffins. Muffins with a Malaysian twist.


Oyster sauce beef noodles.


I used up the last of my mum’s rempah to make this curry. It was so nice and I am now so sad that I don’t have my mum’s rempah anymore. Sigh…. .

Two more days to the weekend …

My Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Saturday with no assignments to worry about. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, blue skies with a slight breeze.

I took the train into Subiaco. It was so early that none of the shops were open.


But at least Cafe Cafe was open  (^__^). Weekend lattes are the best, even better with a good book .


I strolled around the Subiaco market and bought pretty bright flowers.


It’s been a while since I’ve been to the fruit market. Why do fruits always look more attractive in open markets rather than supermarkets?


Then it was time to head towards my destination. My favourite ex manager J had invited me to her house for brunch. My mentor A and his girlfriend was coming too, it was a long overdue meetup. J’s house was located in a beautiful suburb near Subi and I really enjoyed my walk peering into pretty gardens and basking in the morning sun .


J prepared a gorgeous brunch for us, first up was oven baked fritatta with capsicum, fetta cheese and chives. Yummy.


We were so spoilt. We had the fritatta with baked beans and mushrooms. There was also warmly toasted croissants with melted butter and  homemade blueberry jam.

I ended up staying at J’s till late afternoon having a lovely time just chatting, catching up and trading gossip.


Dinner with Gerry and R at Little Caesars. We shared a Jane’s addiction pizza with garlic prawn, prosciutto, mozarrella and cream.


Even the teddy enjoyed it. Hehe, this teddy came with my bag which was a birthday present from Jan many years ago. It is my new ‘going out’ bag and I love it because it just looks so happy.


Drinks afterwards at the Windsor pub which Gerry has been dying to go to for a long time. We’ve always ignored his requests but I don’t know why this time we went!

Guess where we went afterwards? It was mahjong night again (*_______*). We’re Saturday night mahjong addicts. And Wendy and Jason’s home is our gambling den, those poor neighbours of theirs must be cursing us and thinking we’re renovating every Saturday night.

Ok, time to capture the last of the weekend, going off to  watch TVB drama now, bye!

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