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Fly me to the moon

Guess what came in the post??

Jan’s dear friend Heri sent us a parcel filled with goodies like star shaped cookie cutters (which I will be using very soon), cute hello kitty pouches and best of all, this wonderful gadgety lamp that projects stars and moons and the galaxy when lighted up.

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it looks when the lamp is lighted up, suddenly my bedroom is transported into another universe, one filled with stars, moons and moving planets.

Thank you so much Heri! You have no idea how much joy this lamp brings me, it’s nothing short of magical. In fact, lately I’ve been humming the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon.

Fly me to the moon
Let me sing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like

On jupiter and mars
In other words,
hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me
Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

A Week of My Life: Day 7 Sunday

I can’t believe it’s the last of A Week of My Life posts.

Day 7 was a Fremantle (Freo) day. For those that haven’t been to Perth, Fremantle is a port city in Perth famous for its fishing boat harbour, markets and the popular fish and chips.

Most of the group were the same bunch from the night before, but this time the brothers, Calv and Eugene came along as well. It was a big group!

All tourists go to Freo for their fish and chips, but we were there for the yummy ramen. There is a tiny Japanese (as in can only seat 10 people max kind of tiny) ramen stall inside the Fremantle market. I think I discovered the ramen 2 to 3 years back and introduced it to my friends. Word of the good ramen must have spread because the once quiet stall is now so bustling with business that we were told it was a ONE HOUR wait for our bowls of ramen. Still, the rest of the guys were happy to wait so we put in our orders and proceeded to walk around the market.

There was an amazing buttery smell pervading the narrow halls of the markets and we finally found the culprit, freshly popped sweet popcorn. We tried some and it tasted like the sweet popcorn that we get in the cinemas in Malaysia, only even more buttery. I was tempted to buy a box but  somehow I associate popcorn with movies, it just didn’t feel right to eat popcorn without watching something on screen. I wish they sold sweet popcorn in Perth cinemas, instead we get lousy dry and salty popcorn (T___T).

I wanted to get these cool wooden electric guitar models for my father. But was a bit shy to ask ‘do you have Deep Purple’s lead guitarist’s guitar?’

Pretty colourful Japanese lanterns.

I like the fresh fruit and veg section of the market, I know people must think I’m apple mad, but really, these organic apples looked so beautiful, I’d never seen such pretty apples before, instead of the usual glossy and shiny red and yellows, the apples were dusty pink and rosy red. I’m sure they must taste good.

It was 3pm (we got to Freo close to 2pm) before the guys finally sat down for their noodles, they were positively starving. From left to right, Jason, Ming Xian, Richard and Eugene. Amazingly they were all classmates or schoolmates at some point in high school, I guess high school mates are really friends for life eh?

The other side of the bench was Wendy and the two brothers, Xinlong and Xinchen.

Calv’s fried chicken soy based ramen.

Almost everyone had the soft pork ramen with the tender fat and lean pork slices, so much for swine flu. Since I didn’t have any ramen, I was told the broth wasn’t as flavourful as usual, but still pretty good. Some of the guys drained the broth to the last drop.

My tako balls which were quite nice, but I wish they had aanori on them. They came out piping hot so I have a bit of a sore throat now. To tell the truth, I was quite disappointed with the ramen stall, maybe they’re not coping with the added load of customers, but an hour for a ramen is really too much, plus their cashier was getting stressed out and shooing people out of the shop quite rudely.It’s still the best ramen in Perth so far, but I’m not sure I would be so eager to return again.

Back outside, it was sunny but still chilly. The weather forecast says that it’s a minimum of 2 degrees tomorrow, I can already picture myself shivering and blowing out puffs of frosty air at the bus stop in the morning.

We should have been cradling cups of hot chocolate, but instead we stopped by the Little Creatures brewery for some beer. In my case, it was their cider with a cute name Pipsqueak, it tasted a bit like champagne and was light and bubbly. I couldn’t finish my midi (is it called midi?) and passed it on to Xinlong.

Even though we had such a late lunch, the guys were hungry again! So we went next door for … fish and chips. I opted to sit out but snapped a photo of Min Xian’s seafood chowder which looked warm and creamy, with a hunk of bread, it seemed like a great choice for winter. Jan, don’t you think it looks different from the seafood chowder you had last time? But it’s from the same restaurant!

Ta-dah! The end of Day 7 and thus concluding my A Week of My Life posts. It actually turned out a lot more fun than I thought and I had fun sharing my week with my friends and especially my family. It was even nicer reading and commenting on my sisters’ and Heri’s posts, I felt like for a brief week, I shared a bit of their lives. So thanks for the suggestion Jan, I think it was a fantastic idea. Let’s do it again next year!

A Week of My Life : Day 6 Saturday

It’s 1.30am and I’m really sleepy! Still, I will try to give a good update of what happened today because Saturdays are always fun.

The sun came out for a short while today, but there were puddles everywhere so it was a sneaker sort of day. Jo and I set out to the city to meet Gill for lunch.

Since we were there early, Jo and I walked around the city and shopped a bit. I was glad that we managed to accidentally attend the No Deaths in Custody rally for Mr Ward, a well respected Aboriginal community leader who literally cooked to death in a van while being transported to the Perth prison from remote WA. It’s tragic that this sort of thing can happen in a so-called multicultural harmonious society like Australia, I guess racism is very much alive no matter where you are.

I took this picture for Jan because I know she likes pies. They had a wide selection of pies at the Trackside Bakery in the train station.

Because we didn’t know whether Gill would make it for Assam Laksa in time, Jo and I decided to go to our favourite Manise for empek empek instead.

Some day I will blog properly about Manise and give it a real review, but imagine it’s a cold rainy winter day, you spread oodles of numbing lips spicy sambal belachan over your plate of steamed rice and dig into hot, crispy deep fried slices of fish cake drenched with a light addictive sweet sauce.

Between mouthfuls of fiery sambal belachan laden rice, you eat slivers of succulent grilled fish drenched topped with fresh, crunchy bits of tomatoes and aromatic shallots and drizzled with sweet kecap manis sauce. Every now and then, you dip your morsels of fish into the gorgeous sambal belachan. Your lips start to throb so you gulp down huge quantities of cool, refreshing sweet iced tea to quench the fire within. So good you know?

When we were almost done with our fantastic lunch, Gill popped up and delighted Jo by ordering another empek-empek. Both of them are such Manise and empek-empek veterans that the owner of Manise came to sit with them and they had a great long chat about how Manise started (the owner is an Indonesian Chinese, his in-laws used to open a Chinese restaurant in Indonesia and passed their cooking skills to their daughter. The owner’s wife does all the cooking in Manise) and the uncle’s history. I was impressed when the uncle said he recognises Jo coz she comes here all the time, the funny thing is, Jo always goes with Gill but the uncle doesn’t remember Gill. I think it’s Jo’s wide and hopeful eyes and her ‘Uncle, is there empek-empek today?’ plea.

While Jo and Gill were chatting away, I left Manise to pick up some cheap fruit and veg from my new favourite market stall. This  fruit and veg stall’s Italian staff attract their customers by yelling ‘DOLLAR A BAG!!!! DOLLAR A BAG!!!’ continuously. Vocally, they’re hard to miss. Today the Italian owner (the guy in the picture with the afro haircut, I like his tomato shirt don’t you?) greeted me witha friendly ‘Hello darling, how are you today? Today apples very good!’

Now you know the secret to my never ending supply of apples. They’re really a dollar a bag, so cheap!

I rushed home to prepare tonight’s dinner and also Jo’s sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Dinner was teriyaki chicken udon with cabbage and carrots.

Jo’s sandwiches for tomorrow. I prepared lots for her so that she will be able  to share with her boss and colleagues (one of them being Gill, in fact, that’s how they met). I made three kinds of sandwiches, egg mayo, tomato and lettuce sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches and teriyaki chicken and avocado sandwiches. I wonder which one Jo will like best?

I met up with Jason, Wendy and Bryan for dinner at Ipoh Garden in Applecross where they had the popular fried chicken. This fried chicken always gives me a sore throat because it’s always straight out of the fryer and piping hot. Jason and Wendy introduced me to their friends Ming Xian and Richard who are actually from my high school in Kuching, such a small world.  I was especially pleased to finally talk to Ming Xian whom I’ve been bumping into at venues all around Perth for the past few years. We always nod at each other in the ‘I think I know you from somewhere but where?’ way but before today had never spoken to each other before.

Later Adrian joined us and had this yummy looking fish beehoon soup.

From left to right, Ming Xian, Richard, Wendy, Jason, Brio and Adrian.

After that we headed to Dome’s for coffees, Ming Xian moonlights as a coffee barista during the weekends (his normal job is doing some medical scientific thing in the hospital) so we were shooting him with coffee questions all night. He said that my latte was done well because the froth was smooth and had a glossy effect, and he was right, it was very nice.

We were the last ones to leave the cafe close to midnight so it was a great night of chatting and meeting new friends. Especially one who felt more like an old friend. So sad that Saturday is over, but there’s still Sunday left, and the last of our a week of my life posts.

A Week of My Life: Day 5 It’s finally Friday

Even though it’s Friday, it was a very gloomy and rainy Friday. When I wake up on Friday mornings, despite any exciting or fun events that I’ve planned for the night, I always think to myself ‘No, I’m going to cancel, I don’t want to go, I just want to go home after work and sleep’.

My bus crosses the bridge to get into the CBD (that’s Burswood casino in the horizon), for once, I was not caught in the rain.

It was a really really gloomy day. Such wrong weather for a Friday.

Farewell lunch for a colleague was held inside His Majesty’s Theatre’s cafe. The poor woman cried when she read our card, sigh, she’s very nice. I tried looking for a healthier option on the menu, but the only salad available was caesar salad, everything else was things like steak sandwich and beef casseroles. And we all know caesar salad is not healthy at all. Still, I enjoyed it, I love anchovies on caesar salads, and the croutons were very nice and crispy.

I was planning to leave work early but one thing after another caught up, by the time it was 5pm, I felt just like the crystal elephant on my table, faint and exhausted. I gave up and told my manager ‘ I don’t care anymore, I’m going to try and purge work from my brain all weekend’. She thought it was a good idea.

Caught up with Adrian, Bryan, Calvin (hey, ABC!) and Gerry for dinner at Joy Cafe, a Hongkong style cafe. They had the 4 dishes plus soup, rice and drinks for $62 deal.

I didn’t eat with them but had a bowl of soup, I think it was peanut chicken soup, simple but satisfying, I love Hongkong style tongs, but the best soups I’ve ever had were the ones cooked by H’s grandfather. So good.

The peking style spareribs drizzled with mayonnaise looked yummy.

My companions for the evening.

Gerry has just returned from Sydney. This guy just jets of to the Eastern states without telling anyone, we usually have phonecalls along the lines of ‘Hey, where are you now?’ ‘Melbourne’ ‘What? Melbourne hotel is it? (there’s a hotel/bar here called Melbourne hotel)’ ‘ No Melbourne the city’. (0_____o)” He bought me a cookbook, do you recognise who’s on the cover?  Sandy Lam the Hongkong singer! I was so surprised ‘she cooks meh?’ It wasn’t really her recipes, more like Shanghainese recipes from other famous chefs, but she introduces them in the book. Thanks Gerry!

Afterwards we headed to Exomod Cafe in Mt Lawley for coffee. The cafe is very popular, I quite like the cakes there but the service tonight was terrible. They not only forgot our orders, but gave us wrong coffees at the end. I would probably return just because it’s 24 hours thing is very convenient, but I hope this bad service was a once off.

Funny picture of Calv and Adrian. And that ends my Friday! Already I’m sad that Friday night is over, but at least there’s still the weekend to go, hooray!

A Week of My Life : Day 4 Thursday

Err I don’t know whether you all have noticed, but the number of pictures of my posts are diminishing by the day (=___=). BUT it’s FRIDAY tomorrow, so hopefully there will be lots of things to do and blog about this weekend, friends who are reading this, quick ask me out!

The sunny weather in Perth has disappeared and it was cloudy and raining all day. This was taken from my seat at the bus (I was way up front), can you see Perth city and spot BankWest tower in the horizon?

I almost forgot about my breakfast meeting this morning. My manager, A and I traipsed in the rain to a little cafe nearby where they had breakfast while I had a latte. I tried to take a picture of my coffee by stealth but no one could miss the sound of the camera. ‘Di, are you taking photos? This is a violation of my intellectual property rights!’ my manager joked. I had to explain that my sisters, Heri and I are doing the meme, they both thought it was a lovely and cute idea. (=^____^=) so shy.

It was a crazy day at work which had me working till past 6pm. By the time I walked out of the office, the sky was dark, so no evening sky photos today. Sigh, couldn’t make it in time for swimming too.  The terrace looks very different at night.

Jo greeting me in front of my bus stop. Jo called me while I was on the bus and said ‘where are you? I came to pick you up at Woolies’. She was worried that I would be walking home in the dark so drove to the nearby shopping center (where my bus stops) to pick me up. Haha, so sweet right?

Since we were already out, I suggested going to Carousel shopping center to pick up my colleague’s farewell present of a gift voucher from Myers. After what felt like an eternity, we finally got a parking space. An annoying thing happened while we were at the cashier, my coins fell on the floor and I took a step backward to pick up the coins. And stepped onto this young woman’s foot. I truly felt bad and kept apologising, Jo said sorry too. But this girl acted like we sawed off her foot and was groaning and grabbing on to her foot like we ran a truck over it. She made such a HUGE fuss and debacle that the cashier even said ‘do you need me to get the first aid people?’ which she declined. While we were paying she stood behind us with this huge scowl (funny how she recovered after people stopped looking at her). When her mother asked her something she said rudely ‘NO, I AM IN PAIN’. At first I was thinking of apologising again, but her attitude was so bad and rude that Jo and I decided to ignore her. In hindsight, she was wearing clunky leather boots and I was wearing flats, how could it be that painful? What a drama queen.

There’s a new donut store in Carousel called Dreamy Donuts. It reminds me of the Big Apple chain and Krispy Kreme with flavours like passionfruit, strawberry cheesecake etc. We didn’t buy any since donuts in Australia are much too sweet for me (but Krispy Kreme is too sweet too). Sigh, if only they had Mister Donut here, oh I miss those green tea donuts with red bean filling, so yummy!

I feel quite bad posting this up after Heri commented that my dinners are all so healthy looking. Because Jo and I sinned and bought takeaway for dinner! She had honey chicken with fried rice while I opted for Indian butter chicken, curried potatoes and rice. Haha, see, we’re not so healthy after all!

What can I say? Sometimes you just need a curry.

Friday tomorrow, so happy Y(^_______________^)Y!

A Week of My Life : Day 3 Wednesday

Today I walked out of my house  just in time to see the bus rumble past. I hate it when that happens (-____-).

This Old Perth Boy School is now a cafe. It seems quite popular and I always think it would be nice to stop there for a coffee and people watch some day.

The lights around my working area were still switched off when I arrived. When there’s no one around, I like to work in the dark. It was a relatively busy day at work, lots of walking around and impromptu meetings. Big decisions and small announcements. My ex manager will be leaving the organisation soon, I will miss him.

I was quite worried when I realised I had hardly any photos all day. Truly, my working life is quite boring. When a colleague invited me to a farewell lunch on Friday, I immediately thought ‘great! can blog about it!’ I stopped by the fishmonger on the way home to buy some prawns for dinner. I find it funny that they have Chinese New Year banners hanging at the shop.

I really do like looking at the evening skies with their changing colours, but one of my favourites has to be the pink sky. Jo was waiting at the entrance when I got home ‘how?! I have no pictures today!’ she exclaimed. Haha. We were both worrying about our mundane lives. I think  a simple life is a good life.

My imaginary dog Scruffy waiting to greet me at home. When you can’t afford to own a real dog, you have to make do with whatever’s available.

Dinner tonight was a variation of my Ah Ma’s famous fried sharksfin dish, only mine was the poor man’s version of stir-fried vermicilli with button mushrooms, crabstick, sausages, bamboo shoots, carrots, prawns and eggs. I love the crunch of bamboo shoots and carrots.

The vermicilli came with a bowl of chicken and sweet corn soup. It’s always nice to have hot soup during winter.

Like my James Herriot reading, no matter what dramas or shows I’m watching, I will always my revert back to my favourite ChibiMarukochan anime. She is just too cute. It just happens that in the episode I was watching, Xiu Yun Ji’s whole family were eating bamboo shoots too (^__^).

When Xiu Yun Ji eats something really delicious, her eyes sparkle and fruits or flowers start shooting from her head. I’ve been told that I have the same reaction to yummylicious food. (=^___^=)

I like Chibi Marukochan so much that even my bedroom slippers have Xiu Yun Ji on them! I guess after reading this post, you’ll all realise that I’m really quite childish and a kid at heart.  I hope tomorrow’s more exciting!

A Week of My Life : Day 2 Tuesday

I was just thinking ‘my life is so boring I have nothing to blog about’ when I realised I have almost 20 pictures for today! Imagine how many pictures I would be taking if my life was actually interesting.

I was running a little late for work today, hit the snooze button and ended up sleeping for 20 minutes instead of the extra 5 minutes. Luckily I still made it on my usual bus. St Georges Terrace has a new shopping arcade with a Woolworths supermarket. I’m guessing the supermarket will be very handy for workers if the government finally extends weekday trading hours to 9pm, the issue is being debated in parliament now, 7pm, or 8pm or 9pm? What’s the difference?! Just extend!

Side view of Bank West tower. Many years ago when my friend Ah Kiong was still in Perth, someone asked him ‘if you were gang raped by a group of men, what would you do?’ His answer ‘Go to Bank West loh‘. ‘Go to Bank West for what? Withdraw money?’ ‘No. Jump off from the top’. For some reason that morbid conversation has stuck in my head forever and I can’t look at Bank West tower without thinking of Kiong.

Permanent fixtures at my desk.  My trusty lavender smelling hand cream. The pink eared crystal elephant which was the souvenir from Thailand from my colleague. And I brought more apples in to replenish my never ending supply!

Lunch was seafood tofu slices, crabstick, egg tofu slices with lettuce. I like tofu a lot.

Recently B, my colleague (the same one that left me the box of chocolates at my desk) moved to the cubicle next to mine. We can’t see each other coz the walls are pretty high. Today I was typing on my computer when a paper boat landed on my desk, chucked over from B’s cubicle. B sent me an email with the title ‘Whoops’. So I returned the favour by folding a paper crane and throwing it over to her cubicle. She was very impressed and said ‘you are so competitive!’ Hahaha.

And it’s the end of a day’s work again. Every time I see the Gloria Jeans signboard I think of Jo. Sometimes she meets me at the neighbourhood supermarket and will always say ‘mmm… should I get a Gloria Jeans ice chocolate? I love the ice chocolate.. I think I will’, but she never ends up buying it. It is pure coincidence that she actually had a Gloria Jeans ice chocolate today and blogged about it in her day 2 post.

Today I bypassed the fruit and veg shop and walked into Woolies instead. Then walked out 30 seconds later when I saw the check out lines.

I like the colors of the evening sky. The sun was going down as I walked home.

Why are Jo and I wearing thongs in winter? Coz we’re going swimming!

The entrance of the Aqualife Centre, a.k.a. our swimming venue. Our Perth Stampark.

Hehe, photo of Jo taking a photo of the centre.

100 laps later, Jo and I were whispering to each other ‘Eh, can take photos or not?’ while stealing glances at the nearby lifeguards. I whipped out my digicam and took this quick snapshot of our nice heated swimming pool. Every time I go swimming, I tell myself that someday, I have to blog about swimming etiquette. Seriously, walking lanes are for walking, not canoodling or making out *vomit* with your boyfriend. Slow lanes are for slow lapping, not walking! And only go to the fast lane if you actually swim fast! Grrr..

Everytime we pass by this swimsuit stand I think of Jan. 40% off leh, do you want us to help you get one Jan?

Dinner was easy stir fried chicken with onions, stir-fried cabbage and rice.

Jo is working tomorrow so I prepared her lunch bento in this two tiered bento box.

Pretty much the same stuff as dinner with added sausage omelet with coriander.

It’s Adrian’s birthday today. We were going to go over to his place to pass him his presents and perhaps blow some candles. But for some reason or other, it didn’t really work out. Nevertheless, happy birthday Adrian! I hope next year it will be a better one, and hopefully, we can re-celebrate again for you later in the week.

So that ends Day 2, hopefully I can find more interesting things to blog about tomorrow, but my life IS boring!

A Week of My Life – Day 1 Monday

Both my sisters Jan, Jo (plus Jan’s friend Heri) and I will be posting daily  ‘A week of my life’ blogs for the entire week. Please visit their blogs (see my blog links on the right sidebar) and leave comments for their posts, we all love comments, the more the better!

Monday morning started as usual, shivering in the wind at the bus stop outside my house. Luckily I bought new tights to wear with my office skirt. Hooray for tights and stockings!

It was a good thing Jan reminded of our blogging project the night before because I almost forgot to bring my camera to work. I placed it in my workbag before going to bed but ended up forgetting to bring my mobile to work *slap forehead*. My bag was soo heavy today because I had to bring in all the work stuff from Alice Springs plus the laptop.

Waiting to cross the lights at the corner of St. Georges Terrace and William Street (the terrace is our CBD). Every morning I stand with the crowd and pretend that I’m a mature working adult, but really I’m listening to my Chinese pop songs on my ipod, staring at the blue sky and thinking up new excuses to call in sick.

Reaching my workplace, can you guess which is my office building? Rumour is we’re moving soon, we’ve been promised wide open spaces and river views. If that does happen, I’ll remember to blog about it.

I’ve been teased about the never diminishing supply of apples on my desk (funnily enough apple girl was also one of my nicknames in high school). I like crunching on apples when I’m feeling peckish or lack energy, I also share my apples with starving colleagues.

I received another present from a colleague! This time it was from the colleague who I helped at Alice Springs, she wanted to thank me for my assistance at the conference. So nice (^___^). Jan and Jo, did you all notice the lizard on the packaging, she bought the present from a store called Leaping Lizards, so scary (my sisters and I have a lizard phobia)!

Inside was a postcard of Ayers Rock with a lovely thank you message. My colleague  knew that I had been trying to take a picture of Ayers on the plane. Haha, so now I have the fridge magnet AND the postcard.

She got me a beautiful sandpot! I really really like it because it reminds me of the colours of Alice Springs and the gorgeous desert landscape. Very very pretty.

Lunchtime! Reading James Herriot again, in case you think I’m James Herriot obsessed (which I admit I am a bit lah) I’m re-reading the entire series and his books are great in that they’re spilt into little stories so I read a couple of stories every lunch.

Lunch was stir-fried Korean sweet potato vermicelli with chicken, beancurd, peanuts and cabbage strips in sukiyaki sauce. It’s been a while since I’ve had a hot lunch so I enjoyed it.

Time to go home, the sun is going down. My bus doesn’t stop outside my house but instead stops at the suburb center.

I stop at the supermarket and the fruit and veg shop almost every day to buy daily groceries. For some reason I don’t really bulk buy my groceries instead opting to buy my ingredients daily and planning my dinner/lunches depending on what’s available.

Today asparagus was cheap so I bought a bunch. Dinner was grilled chicken (seasoned with salt, pepper, dried rosemary and a dash of white wine), grilled tomatoes and asparagus. I still have half a bunch of asparagus left over so will have to think what to cook with it tomorrow.

End of Day 1. More tomorrow!

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