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Melbourne Day 4

Good morning Melbourne! Last full day in Melbourne, we are flying out tomorrow 😭. I do like Melbourne a lot and didn’t do justice to this beautiful city this trip. Ahh well, maybe when the kids are older.

Headed to the Docklands for factory outlet shopping. My zilch shopping record still maintains but at least R bought stuff. My sister in law and mil were going strong, they’ve been buying stuff everyday. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased anything, sigh. I didn’t even have a coffee today!

oh wait! Does this count? These Red Rock Deli nuts are the bomb and were on sale. I snapped up so many but they’re mostly for my mil and sil . I always bought some for mg parents do they can give them to their friends as souvenirs.

So cute, Saitaoha made a friend at the shopping centre. It was love st first sight, both kids clasped each other’s hands and said hi! Hi! Then they held hands in the store with the bigger girl explaining to Saitaoha ‘This is a top! These are bags!’ Saitaoha repeated solemnly after her ‘top! Bag!’ Soo cute. They hugged each other when we left and kept waving goodbye.

This strawberry reminds me of a totoro. They were bought from Queen Victoria market, very sweet and big. Can you spot the little girl stuffing herself with strawberries in the background? She ate so many!

The adults had oysters for supper, I also had my first glass of wine after errr two years? Or three? It was very enjoyable but I was happy to stick to one glass.

R says he had enjoyed this trip and found it relaxing. We bought agreed that losing Xiu Xiu was a real downer for us though, it felt like the mood never lifted since then, sigh.

No coffee today but I did do a mask hehe. I’m looking forward to the end of the holiday, I’ve been away from Saitaomei way too long. I miss her so much !

Day 3 Melbourne

Melbourne from the 48th floor. Saitaoha was looking all emo nemo in her black dress.

But actually she was in a good mood all day despite having a bad night. I think she’s not used to the bed, she was tossing and turning and kicking me all night. Here she is playing with my mil, she has warmed up to them but will only allow R and I to carry her.

Queen Victoria Market, a must go destination in Melbourne. I wish I had more time (and kid less) to explore.

But at least I stopped for a very good coffee from Market Lane Coffee! Highly recommended by my Melbourne barista cousin.

I love their coffee cup ❀️. It was a lovely coffee too, smooth and creamy.

Haha bad photo of Saitaoha who just woke up from a long afternoon nap. It was good that she had a long nap because we headed out to Chinatown for dinner with my in-laws’ friends. The dinner lasted 2-3 hours but Saitaoha was very good throughout. She ate some dinner (even though I fed her before going out), nibbled on lots of snacks and nuts, checked out the fish in the tanks and was generally cheerful and happy throughout dinner.

I didn’t take pictures of dinner but it was at Shark Fin Inn and the food was good! We had the seasonal ε†¬η“œη›…, some pickled duck salad, Peking duck, drunken chicken, tofu, and it was all delicious. I wouldn’t mind going back again to try their other dishes.

Oh dear I think I’m too lazy to do a mask tonight, I shall mask twice tomorrow to make up for it haha. I hope to buy something tomorrow, I haven’t shopped at all and I have hardly any days left!

Melbourne Day 2

It wasn’t a very good day today. We had a late start to the morning because we all slept in. The plan was to head out into the city for some shopping before meeting my in laws who were arriving around noon.

Maybe it was because we were rushing to meet them, I was a bit flustered and not paying attention to Saitaoha. When we reached the hotel she suddenly gasped ‘Xiu Xiu!’ To our dismay, we realised she dropped her beloved rabbit doudou somewhere (we suspect the tram). I knew this was bound to happen because she insists on bringing Xiu Xiu out with her everywhere. Usually she has a tight grip on it and when she drops it she will yell at us to pick it up. But maybe because we were rushing and she was tired and due a nap, she didn’t even realise she dropped it till we were off the tram.

Poor child was crying and asking for her Xiu Xiu in the room. She didn’t fuss for long because I think she knew she dropped it and it was gone forever. I will always remember that shellshocked look on her face when she gasped Xiu Xiu 😭. To be honest I was heartbroken myself πŸ’”.

This doudou had accompanied her since she was a newborn and was a gift from yee yee. Saitaoha has different toys that she fancies during various periods, but her one and only constant favourite has been Xiu Xiu. Even R was affected, when we returned to the hotel, he suddenly grabbed the hotel key and said he was going to jump on the tram to see whether he could spot it. I think he also retraced our route in the city. I stayed in the room with Saitaoha who had cried herself to sleep.

I wanted to tell R that it was hopeless and not to bother. But I let him do it because I knew we felt helpless at that moment and just wanted to do something, anything, to retrieve this precious bunny that is so loved by our daughter. I myself spent the afternoon trying to search online to buy the same doudou, I also called the tram network to report the loss. Who knows? Maybe some kind soul picked it up and returned it to the lost and found?

Because of the bunny drama we had a very late lunch of a beef burrito bowl. Saitaoha ate all the corn and some rice.

Father in law finally convinced Saitaoha to let him hold her hand.

but it was all through bribery! See her hand in the bag of chocolates? She discovered the Lindt factory outlet, its her favourite store πŸ˜….

Heading to Chinatown for dinner and we saw this row of police horses. Turns out they were preparing for a peaceful protest that was about to happen.

Roast duck for dinner, it was ok. I kinda knew dinner wouldn’t be fantastic because the restaurant was almost empty when we stepped in. This was when I realised that this trip is about R being with his family, and that I should forego all plans of foodie restaurants, hipster cafes and coffee joints. I don’t feel too bad about it (since I didn’t have time to plan anyway) but I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to have a nice coffee today.

Boh pien, had to break open my ice coffee, it was quite nice!

No coffee so I indulged in a soft serve cone. This was during my quick getaway at night to the supermarket. I think that will be my only me time everyday. Better than nothing, I’ll take it!

Cold is it Saitaoha? That’s what happens when you refuse to wear jackets and coats! This kid ah, so stubborn, we’re having to force her into her jackets and coats. I foresee lots of trouble this winterπŸ˜….

Tonight’s mask. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day!

Melbourne Day 1

Saitaoha and papa at Perth domestic airport at 4am πŸ˜…. Despite the early hours, Saitaoha was ecstatic to be at the airport.

She kept pointing at the runway in delight and gasping ‘mummy!! Aeroplanes!’ I asked her whether she wanted to sit on the aeroplane. She nodded solemnly ‘yes please’. When it was finally time to board she shouted ‘hooray!’ much to the amusement of our fellow passengers. It was actually really heartwarming to witness her excitement and delight, may her love for aeroplanes and flights never abate.

We had a pleasant flight , Saitaoha slept through most of it and munched her snacks happily during her awake time. We were able to get an early check in to the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to see the room equipped with a kitchenette. I brought my handy little steamer with me, planning to steam little meals like fish and veg for Saitaoha. Turns out I could have left it at home.

She had lots of fun exploring the room. Her favourite toy was the telephone, kept picking it up and having fake conversations with everyone! She called the doctor, gung gung, mah mah, yee yee! We unplugged the phone because we were afraid she would accidentally call someone πŸ˜….

We were all pretty tired from the lac of sleep, so didn’t venture far away. There was a factory outlet just two streets away so we headed there for some shopping. R managed to score a nice shirt at a bargain, not bad!

Saitaoha found the car of her dreams, an aiji truck 😍. We had to drag her away but I might bring her back tomorrow if we have time. By then she was visibly tired and almost walking into walls so we headed back to the hotel.

After a shower, I left father and daughter to grab some supplies from the supermarket opposite our hotel.

Couldn’t resist stopping for my must have holiday drink of Starbucks’s matcha latte.

But really I wanted to get this gorgeous Sakura tumbler for my sister. I wanted to get this Sakura themed set for her the last time I was in Singapore but I couldn’t find them at the outlets I visited. So happy to find it here.

They were handing out free iced coffee drinks at the station, so kiasu Aunty grabbed four πŸ˜….

Went back to the hotel to find father and daughter out like a light! So I had time for my first facial mask of the holiday hehe.

By the time the sleeping princess and her father woke up, the night had fallen. I fed Saitaoha her dinner of steamed fish and sweet corn. I was famished and suggested that we head out to look for dinner. The initial plan was to check out the restaurants near our hotel’s vicinity, but they were mostly fast food. So we walked further and further and ended up…

in Chinatown! To be honest I really enjoyed the walk and checking out lively Melbourne’s night scene. There were so many buzzing laneways lined with restaurants filled to the brim with the Friday night crowd. Live performers sang and played on the streets. This really brought me back to the old days when R and I used to explore the night scene during our holidays in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali… If it was just two of us, I’m sure we would have hopped into one of those restaurants and cracked open a bottle of wine. Tonight we felt so out of place with a pram and an increasingly cranky toddler.

Somehow or other, we ended up at the Vietnamese restaurant that R and I ate at and loved many years ago when we visited Melbourne.

I had a mixed beef pho and R had Da Bin Lo which had a mixture of yummy innards. It was still very delicious but I couldn’t enjoy it because Saitaoha was very upset. In the end I wheeled her out and tried to calm her down outside while R scoffed down his pho. Then it was his turn with Saitaoha and boy did I gulp down my pho in record time. Even in my haste, I could discern that the broth was very good and the condiments were all well cooked and very tender.

I couldn’t sit there and eat while the baby was wailing outside so I left in a hurry. R and I then sped back to the hotel which was quite a distance away, my foot started hurting and I was limping towards the end of it.

There was this dreamlike quality to the end of the night, us rushing through the streets with a wailing kid in her stroller, passing by happy TGIF folk just starting their party night.

We finally reached the hotel, gave Saitaoha her milk and cookies and she was all happy again.

A happy and eventful first day in Melbourne. Looking forward to tomorrow already !

Melbourne bound

We’re flying out to Melbourne tomorrow morning for a short holiday. We will be meeting my in laws and sister in law there so R is very happy. Poor guy hasn’t seen his family or been for a holiday for a long time.

We’re bringing Saitaoha but Saitaomei is staying home with Gung Gung and Mah Mah.

I know it’s just a few days but I’m really going to miss my munchkin. She’s at the gorgeous age with her sweet smiles and happy chuckles. R and I keep smothering her with kisses and cuddles, oh I will miss this baby stage when it’s over.

I still don’t know whether I should go back to Singapore/kuching with my parents. I really want to because I feel like I won’t get the opportunity to return home for such a long time in the future. But I’m almost 80% sure I won’t be going because my parents could really do with a break plus I should really save money. Sigh πŸ˜” I hate being an adult sometimes.

Ok back to happier things, I am looking forward to this trip mostly because I think R will have a great time and hopefully Saitaoha will too. For myself, I’m hoping that I will get some me time (but I know that’s unlikely because Saitaoha can be a handful and is especially clingy with me). I have a few simple goals for this trip, to do a facial mask every night and to indulge in a lovely Melbourne coffee everyday. Not too much to ask for right?

Saitaomei is 5 months

Herrow, I am a big girl today, I managed to survive 5 months under my mummy’s clumsy care. Ooh do I look too serious in this photo?

Any better?

How about this? η¬‘ηœ―ηœ―, until no eyes to see.

Everyone says that I have small eyes, not that small ok!

Mummy says I am cute and cuddly like a koala, but I like to lick and suck my hands like a kitten.


Indulgent buffet lunch at the hyped up Epicurean. My first time at the new Crown hotel, I liked the interior a lot, very opulent and bright.

Lots of desserts on display, range is better than Atrium but I prefer the taste of Hyatt desserts. The tiramisu was pretty good, strong coffee kick.

When I saw this cone selection I knew Saitaoha would be in icecream heaven.

So much topping! But Saitaoha got a plain strawberry cone which she loved. We had to take it away from her because it got pretty messy, distracted her with cheese and crackers. She also eats goji berries as a snack.

Posing with her beloved icecream cone.

Meanwhile I had the Tasmanian oysters which were err on the small side.

Fancy cakes, the red one was a lychee and coconut cake.

My plate of cakes, they were ok.

Chocolate fountain which the kids loved to dip their marshmallows in. Saitaoha hates marshmallows though hahaha, good one less sugary item to rot her teeth.

The cousins ❀️.

You would think after a buffet we would be too stuffed for dinner.

Instead …

The Tuesday deal is back! I couldn’t cook dinner because Ms Mak Jiu Kim Kim has learned that we will carry her if she keeps crying. So when R came home I gave him a choice of KFC or Domino’s πŸ˜…, guess which one he chose?

To lessen my guilt, I added a dish of stir fried greens. Mind you I had to cook the dish with the kid in my arms !

Ok going to attempt to put her down in the cot now, wish me luck !

Ms Mak Jiu Kim Kim

My arms are breaking because Ms Mak Jiu Kim Kim won’t let me put her down.

You comprain about me ah mummy?

But I ish sho cute, don’t you want to carry me ???

Happy birthday

To my dearest sister (my kids’ beloved yee yee) and bil

Thank you for your infinite kindness, generosity and love. May your birthdays signal that the worst is over and bring you the best of luck, an abundance of happiness and good health. Happy birthday πŸŽ‰!


It was terrible birthday weather today, raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t hamper us from going out to celebrate Jo and HC’s birthdays. In truly Tspellstrouble fashion, we celebrated by eating local food, her favourite chicken rice at Hoi Bo.

Chicken rice is such a good meal for our family because adults and kids all love it. I really should get R to cook it more often for the family, I guess I could cook it myself too. But it’s always nicer when someone else cooks for you.

Saitaomei is the mei mei of the cousins so she’s the most patted and loved one. Here she is being patted and caressed by her sister and cousins.

Ow!! being the most popular one comes with disadvantages too, like being poked in the eye by an affectionate jeje πŸ˜….

Hello chubby cheeks.

After lunch we went for a stroll at the shopping centre. There was a Mister Men colouring booth so LG and Saitaoha had a go.

Saitaoha was overdue for a nap and getting cranky. LG whisked her away and there was no sound, I turned the corner to see them both enjoying a cookie. Sunday afternoons should always be about cookies and ice chocolates. I wanted to indulge in a beverage too but Saitaomei started getting cranky so zoomed off home we did. Both kiddos fell asleep in the car and miraculously continued sleeping when we transferred them onto their beds. I even joined them for an hour’s nap! I should jot down that this morning R took Saitaoha from me so I could sleep in for another hour. Bliss. A good sleeping day is when you can actually get a nap in the day let alone a sleep in!!

R volunteered to cook chicken abalone mee sua for the family birthday dinner. I was famished so finished all my soup even though I normally don’t like mee sua.

Guess who enjoyed the birthday cake the most ?

We spotted double rainbows after the storm, I took it as a sure sign that there will only be rainbows, unicorns and pots of gold for my sister and BIL following their birthdays.

I hope you guys had a lovely birthday, it was fun celebrating it with you.

Behind every cloud

It was a lazy Friday today, it was nice nua-ing in bed as long as possible after a late night with both bubs. Even better that R was home, he doesn’t have to work tomorrow so we get a long weekend together, how nice.

I put a headband on Saitaomei but Mah mah says it’s doesn’t suit her because she looks like a boy!

Oops headband became nightshade.

R looked at her and said ‘Arrrr…someone became a pirate!’

Happy to be out finally. She was getting cabin fever. Sleepy girl… I told R she will probably sleep in class when she grows up πŸ˜“. She missed her nap again and ended up napping at 6pm! So it’s now midnight and she’s still awake πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“.

Brought LG and Saitaoha to the playground. The only problem with the playground is how sandy Saitaoha gets afterwards.

I couldn’t resist buying this extra spicy Maggi mee kari, totally sucked in by the lebih pedas lagi syok tagline.

Guess what we had for dinner? It was good! I might buy a few packs to send to my brother, he says that he has Maggi whenever he feels homesick.

I’ve been such a stress head since the second child that I feel like I’m constantly under a fog. Today, the cloud suddenly lifted and I just felt weightless. I don’t know why I felt that way but for a while I felt so contented and happy to have my kids and family with me. I wish I felt that way all the time. If only the clouds could stay away forever…

My sleeping child

There are tiring days when I wish you would hurry grow up so you sleep longer at night and feed less frequently. But on nights like these, as I stare at your sweet sleeping face, I wish time could stand still, and you could remain my darling, cuddly baby forever.

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