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Goodbye Singapore Hello Kuching

Last full day in Singapore. View of Orchard Road from the Orchard Central gallery.

Even though I already had my daily dose of kopi, I couldn’t resist a second shot for the last day. It was a hot day though so I had kopi ais, good but not as satisfying as a hot mug of kopi.

The kids had fun at the outdoor playground at the Food Republic at 313 Somerset. It’s mostly quite empty which is probably not good for business but great for us. I hate waiting to chope tables during peak hours which in Orchard Road sometimes feels like forever.

Ah ma knows me best. She got me a takeaway cup of kopi from Yakun before we set off to the airport. It was legit good kopi.

I really love these strollers at Changi, I also like the kid friendly corners at various spots of Changi. I am always impressed and appreciate the effort that goes into the planning of Changi’s terminals design. It really is a top notch airport.

Silly cousins. They’ve bickered,fought, made up and mostly played well together this holiday.

Whereas this little ball of terror showed her age 😅.

Love the heritage zone celebrating Peranakan culture, so beautiful.

Seafood dinner at Top spot with the must order local midin. I am sure every family has their go-to seafood restaurant in Kuching, for our family, it’s always Top Spot and we’ve been going there for many many years. Back in those days my grandparents were still well and healthy, they could indulge in great plates of crab and steamed fish. Sigh. Those were the good days.

The crabs were really for my sister who is a huge crab lover. We always think of her when we are eating crabs or see crab on the menu. But we never eat crabs in Perth because they are so expensive and not even that good!

This is one satisfied customer. She enjoyed dinner so much we are going back for more crab tonight!

The size of the prawns put our so called king prawns in Perth to shame. So delicious lightly grilled.

This foodie enjoyed her food a lot and we pretty much had to pry the bowl of rice away from her. She’s a 饭桶!

Our parents got up early and went to Jin Fu Ling to pick up our pre order of popiah. We are spoilt kids lah.

I haven’t had these yet but the chai kueh look good! My sister can probably demolish ten at a go, or 20?

Jeje getting a trim at the neighbourhood salon while mei mei watches on. The trim cost RM2! I had to ask ‘huh? 多少?’ when she mentioned the price. It costs her $10 to trim her fringe in Perth and that’s already the cheapest option.

Can do for RM2?

Mei mei so hot and bothered. She’s wiltering in the heat.

Posers at Kenyalang who were happy to score their loot of old school snacks.

Sydney Last Day: Sydney fish market and Cronuts

I am blogging my final post on Sydney just before I’m about to fly to Singapore for our sisters weekend, woohoo! The daitaoha sisters are all based in Perth now and it’s been pretty amazing…

_DSC3725 (Medium)

Ok back to Sydney. It was our last day in Sydney and probably my favourite day of all. We knew we were going to Sydney fish market for our seafood brunch. It was pretty easy getting there using the light rail system which was located at the Central station.

_DSC3731 (Medium)

A short ride away and we were there! I was quite surprised that we could only buy the light rail tickets when we were on the carriage itself with ticket guards approaching each passenger to issue tickets during the journey. Talk about an honesty system.

_DSC3727 (Medium)

Sydney fish market map. The market looked very big on the map, but really, the retail section of the market that was open to public was pretty small and not what I expected at all.

_DSC3733 (Medium)

The majority of customers were Chinese tourists, trust the Chinese to know where to find good food. You could see many tourists posing with their giant crabs before digging into a giant plate of noodles with steamed crab.

_DSC3735 (Medium)

I loved ogling at all the seafood on display. Giant swordfish for sale.

_DSC3736 (Medium)Prawn galore.

_DSC3737 (Medium)
Our favourite stalls were the sashimi counters, I wanted to buy everything because the seafood all looked so fresh and yummy.

_DSC3738 (Medium)
Lobsters and giant prawns all very popular with the tourists. They also had cooked food counters where many people bought the pre grilled lobsters with cheese.

_DSC3740 (Medium)
Another favourite! Oysters priced by size and variety. They were all quite affordable, around $17 per dozen for rather large oysters.
_DSC3744 (Medium)
Our oyster brunch! These oysters were sooo good, fresh and creamy, we were so tempted to go back to buy another tray but resisted.

_DSC3748 (Medium)
Tuna at $99.99 per kg. This was gorgeous too and even better than salmon.

_DSC3751 (Medium)
We took the lightrail back to the Star Casino. The casino itself wasn’t overly impressive (Crown Perth is better) but the only reason why I was there was due to Adriano Zumbo of macaron, croquembouche tower, V8 cake Masterchef fame.
_DSC3752 (Medium)
Bright, colourful and minimalistic. That’s how I would describe Zumbo’s patisserie which had his famous desserts on display.
_DSC3760 (Medium)
Can’t leave Zumbo’s without buying some boxes of macarons for friends and family.
_DSC3766 (Medium)
I’m not a big macaron fan finding them too sweet but R likes macarons a lot and he enjoyed these.

_DSC3754 (Medium)

Instead of the cronut (croissant and donut hybrid that was all the craze last year), we had the zonut (as in Zumbo’s cronut).

_DSC3761 (Medium)
Behold the Zonut! I had mine with a lovely cup of coffee, it was the ultimate afternoon treat.
_DSC3765 (Medium)
I’m not sure I would line up for hours for these, but I did like the croissant flaky texture and the sugary glazed sinfulness of donut. Best washed down with a smooth cup of hot coffee.
_DSC3772 (Medium)
Afterwards we headed back to Pitt Street for the shopping malls. Where to for an early dinner? None other than the ever popular Chat Thai famed for their tasty, affordable Thai food. We went to their Westfield branch and luckily there wasn’t the usual crowd because were so early.

_DSC3768 (Medium)
I had the gai yaang ($12.50) which is char grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish. It was well marinated and really tasty. I loved the relish too which was great with the rice.
_DSC3770 (Medium)
R had the boat noodles soup ($12.50) which was delicious, full of flavour and packed a punch, very similar to what you would get in Thailand. I was really pleased we managed to get to Chat Thai and happy that it lived up to the hype. Can’t wait to go back and try all the other dishes.

_DSC3775 (Medium)

And that wasn’t even the end to our wonderful Sydney food experience! We bought this pack of sashimi takeaway from the fish market and had it at the airport haha. It was worth it and the perfect ending to what was a glorious long weekend in Sydney.

Yeah, can’t wait for all the good food and family time in Singapore! We will be meeting up with my parents too so it will be wonderful, started to get excited (*____*).


The month of May seems to be going out in really chilly temperatures, the dusty heaters have been rustled out from the back of the storeroom, I’m just hoping I don’t have to use them yet. But even the boots are out in play, so maybe I should stop being in denial.

richard jason

We’ve been visiting Burswood a lot lately, besides being in close proximity, the restaurants inside the casino are pretty great too. This weekend it was dinner with Jason and Wendy at Sirocco.


The food at Sirocco was light and simple, our favourite was the seafood paella which was fresh and tasty.

creme brulee

Dessert was thyme creme brulee with honey wafer, I couldn’t really taste the thyme in the creme brulee but I still like creme brulees 🙂


I met a Muffin over the weekend, not of the edible kind but of really cute toy poodle variety. Muffin belongs to Jason and Wendy and is seriously cute and cuddly, just like a toy teddy. Really, the pictures don’t do it any justice, so cute. Ok, one more week to go before the end of May, 7 days and counting ….

Another ‘chiak’ wkend, Brunch @ Crumpet & Dinner @ Clancy’s Fish Pub

The weekend is over again!!! (T_____T) It was a scorching one and I’m still waiting for the thunderstorm to break with no avail. But at least it was a great foodie weekend with lots of good company.

Saturday brunch with Jo and HC was at Crumpet (8/885 Albany Highway, East Vic Park), the new breakfast place just near my home which I’ve been dying to try for a while. The food reviews given were all good and best of all, they had excellent coffee reviews. I knew it wouldn’t take much to convince fellow coffee lover HC to give it a try and I was right (^__^).


The coffee ($2.9) was pretty good! Pretty latte art is always a bonus and nice to look at.


Even though I’m not a fan of crumpets, scones or pancakes and the like, it felt wrong not to order crumpets ($4) at a cafe called Crumpet so we ordered one to share. The crumpets came with honey and butter and were nicely hot and buttery. Not bad even for a non crumpet lover like me.


My croque monsieur ($7) which is a basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich was very nice, I’m not sure there’s much you can go wrong with when it comes to toasted sandwiches, but this one was nicely done, crispy and melty, yums.


HC’s egg benedict ($12.50) which I didn’t eat but looked good. I forgot to check the texture of his poached eggs but I’m sure they were alright.


Jo’s brunch was very fresh and tasty, sweet corn fritters with avocado, bacon and cherry tomatoes and lots of herbs. It was nice and light and very refreshing.

Overall I liked Crumpet and thought that the portions were generous, prices were affordable (it’s hard to find coffees under the price of $3 nowadays, Perth coffee prices are crazy) and most importantly the food was nice and tasty. The only problem I had with Crumpet, bad insulation/ventilation made the cafe extremely hot and uncomfortable in summer, they need some fans or something? Otherwise, I would definitely return.

Weekend dinner special was a Scoopon deal! If you haven’t heard of Scoopon, get on it now, it’s the new craze in Australia where you go to a website like Scoopon which has ‘deals’ everyday e.g. restaurant discounts, massages etc., and if enough ppl ‘buy’ the deal, the deal is on.


This was our first ‘deal’ purchase and it was such a good deal, $40 for $100 worth of food. I’ve been past Clancy’s fish pub a few times (while on the way to Ipoh Garden next door haha) but never thought of it as a place I would go to not being a pub food fan but this deal was too good to miss.


So for $40 we had a seafood platter for 2 which frankly, was just average. I’ve had much better seafood platters elsewhere but really, I can’t complain because it was such a good deal and the seafood while average, was still fresh and fun to eat.


We also had another main of Szechuan Snapper Salad which wasn’t very asian at all, I guess they got the name szechuan from the use of szechuan pepper in the batter seasoning? Otherwise this snapper was nicely fried and well seasoned.

Completely stuffed after this meal but it was fun, I love Scoopon and will be visiting often to check out other deals (^__^). Ok, end of weekend post and back to sad workdays again, bye!

The Goose Cafe @ Busselton

The trip to Busselton/Margaret River was so long ago (back in September 2009!) that it now remains a distant, fuzzy memory. But ask me about the highlight of the trip and I would say‘The Goose Café’ which remains a clear beacon of our long weekend Down South.

The Goose Café is conveniently located opposite the famous Busselton Jetty. But the gorgeous views and great location was lost on us because we couldn’t see much of it that night.

The café itself wasn’t even near Bistro Felix in terms of fine dining surroundings, but the service was pretty good, the atmosphere was warm and friendly and most importantly, the food was delicious.

Before the trip, A said to me firmly ‘ If venison is on the menu, order it’. So I knew I had to order the Margaret River venison which came on a bed of risotto. I don’t remember much about the venison but I know it was tender and well cooked, not seasoned enough but the sauce made up for it. The risotto itself was nice but it wasn’t wow.

But my ‘award winning’ (not sure what award)  seafood chowder which came with a chockful of seafood including snapper, tiger prawns, scallops, mussels and a cured salmon crostini ($37.50) was wow. It was beautiful and exactly what I expected a really good seafood chowder to taste like. The chowder was creamy but yet not overly thick and of the right consistency, The seafood was fresh, the broth so tasty and flavorful that we lapped up every drop and mopped it up with the crostini. So good we were smiling from ear to ear. Richard loved the scallops so much that now whenever we eat scallops he’ll say ‘can’t compare to the scallops at The Goose’.

Our dessert was the chocolate fondant with vanilla icecream. It was sinfully rich, chocolatey and sweet, sweet, sweet. Perfect end to the night.

Why was the night so memorable? Could have been because it was the first night of our long weekend and we were floating on air. Maybe it was the bottle of sweet white wine that we shared. Could be the magical atmosphere that permeated the entire night which started from dressing up in our finest and getting lost but happily finding our way through the trusty GPS. But personally I think it was the food and being with a fellow foodie, someone who is as enthusiastic as you are about fresh seafood, experimenting seasonal product, discussing cooking techniques and dissecting magical sauces. Eating good food was fantastic, but sharing good food with a fellow foodie was even better.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 8/10

Service: 7/10

The Goose Cafe
Geographe Bay Rd
Busselton WA 6280
(08) 9754 7700

The Left Bank @ Fremantle

While blogging about our Freo day out yesterday, I realised that I’ve yet to blog about the Freo food laden day that we had when Jan and Andy were in town. I’ll wait till I’m given the ok to put up their funny photos, but first, I want to blog about our dinner that night at The Left Bank. Even though it was quite some time ago, I think the Left Bank is deserving of a review, so Jan and Jo, try to help out with the description of the food hor!

One of the must trys for Jan and Andy in Perth was the seafood in Perth. Therefore, I did a bit of research and came up with the usual suspects such as Kailis Brothers, Bluewater Grill, Red Herring etc. I even downloaded the menus in advance to peruse the menu items. In the end, I decided on The Left Bank because

  1. both H and I had entertainment cards which gave us a great one main course get another main free deal (which meant we could get 4 mains and only pay for 2! This deal is still on for the 09/10 card*looks at Jason and Wendy*
  2. great reviews
  3. nice views and conveniently located in Fremantle

The Left Bank boasts a pictureque location right by the Swan River, the ground level of the historical building houses the cafe which hosts gigs and has a more casual feel. A stairway leads to the upper level of the restaurant which has a more formal candlelit setting. Even though we were quite early, the cafe was already doing a roaring business with lots of noisy chatter and Friday night after work drinks. It was quite amazing that the noise level did not reach the restaurant level at all and it was peaceful and quiet upstairs.

Before I start on the food, I should mention that most of these nice photos are taken by Jan with her DSLR, it makes me want to get a DSLR too, but I doubt I could take such nice pictures anyway.

First main was the rump (or was it sirloin steak?) steak with pancetta and leek potato cake, tomatoes, asparagus and red wine glaze ($36.00). We asked for the steak to be medium rare but it came out more medium. Otherwise, the steak was delicious and everything else tasted good too.

The star of the night was the seafood platters (we ordered two!) which came with oysters, smoked salmon, prawns, a bowl of chilli mussels, calamari and barramundi fillets ($39.50 for a seafood platter for one).  Probably one of the best and most affordable seafood platters I’ve had in Perth, the oysters were very fresh, the prawns sweet, and the chilli mussel sauce while not spicy, was drinkable good. I think the calamari was probably our least favourite of the lot, but the fish.. the fish was very very good. This is taking into account that we just had fish and chips at Cicerellos in the afternoon. Beautifully batterd, a wonderful fragrance of good olive oil, the barramundi fillets were great.

We were wanting something different and not overly heavy so opted for the Coconut King Prawns (usually an entree) for our other main. The prawns came with mango chutney and a tomato, cucumber and peanut salad ($31.00). It was actually a good choice because the prawns were not heavy with a slight coconuty taste and the salad was very light and refreshing. Nice.

We were really quite full and wondering whether to skip dessert. But there’s always a different stomach for desserts so we shared an orange creme brulee (can’t really remember the name). The brulee wasn’t fantastic but I always like custardy brulee texture so I still liked it.

Overall I was glad I chose The Left Bank, I’m not sure we would have enjoyed ourselves if we were in an overly posh and super expensive restaurant, the Left Bank offers an in between setting, great and affordable seafood. I definitely want to return for their Wednesday ‘buy a seafood platter for two (usually $67.0) but pay for a seafood platter for one ($39.50)’ deal (cafe only). Anyone want to go?

Daitaoha ratings:

Food 7/10

Service 6.5/10 daitaohas

p.s I’ve adopted Jan’s suggested and changed my rating system to 10 daitaohas instead.

The Left Bank Restaurant
15 Riverside Road
East Fremantle 6158
Tel: 9319 1315

A Week of My Life: Day 7 Sunday

I can’t believe it’s the last of A Week of My Life posts.

Day 7 was a Fremantle (Freo) day. For those that haven’t been to Perth, Fremantle is a port city in Perth famous for its fishing boat harbour, markets and the popular fish and chips.

Most of the group were the same bunch from the night before, but this time the brothers, Calv and Eugene came along as well. It was a big group!

All tourists go to Freo for their fish and chips, but we were there for the yummy ramen. There is a tiny Japanese (as in can only seat 10 people max kind of tiny) ramen stall inside the Fremantle market. I think I discovered the ramen 2 to 3 years back and introduced it to my friends. Word of the good ramen must have spread because the once quiet stall is now so bustling with business that we were told it was a ONE HOUR wait for our bowls of ramen. Still, the rest of the guys were happy to wait so we put in our orders and proceeded to walk around the market.

There was an amazing buttery smell pervading the narrow halls of the markets and we finally found the culprit, freshly popped sweet popcorn. We tried some and it tasted like the sweet popcorn that we get in the cinemas in Malaysia, only even more buttery. I was tempted to buy a box but  somehow I associate popcorn with movies, it just didn’t feel right to eat popcorn without watching something on screen. I wish they sold sweet popcorn in Perth cinemas, instead we get lousy dry and salty popcorn (T___T).

I wanted to get these cool wooden electric guitar models for my father. But was a bit shy to ask ‘do you have Deep Purple’s lead guitarist’s guitar?’

Pretty colourful Japanese lanterns.

I like the fresh fruit and veg section of the market, I know people must think I’m apple mad, but really, these organic apples looked so beautiful, I’d never seen such pretty apples before, instead of the usual glossy and shiny red and yellows, the apples were dusty pink and rosy red. I’m sure they must taste good.

It was 3pm (we got to Freo close to 2pm) before the guys finally sat down for their noodles, they were positively starving. From left to right, Jason, Ming Xian, Richard and Eugene. Amazingly they were all classmates or schoolmates at some point in high school, I guess high school mates are really friends for life eh?

The other side of the bench was Wendy and the two brothers, Xinlong and Xinchen.

Calv’s fried chicken soy based ramen.

Almost everyone had the soft pork ramen with the tender fat and lean pork slices, so much for swine flu. Since I didn’t have any ramen, I was told the broth wasn’t as flavourful as usual, but still pretty good. Some of the guys drained the broth to the last drop.

My tako balls which were quite nice, but I wish they had aanori on them. They came out piping hot so I have a bit of a sore throat now. To tell the truth, I was quite disappointed with the ramen stall, maybe they’re not coping with the added load of customers, but an hour for a ramen is really too much, plus their cashier was getting stressed out and shooing people out of the shop quite rudely.It’s still the best ramen in Perth so far, but I’m not sure I would be so eager to return again.

Back outside, it was sunny but still chilly. The weather forecast says that it’s a minimum of 2 degrees tomorrow, I can already picture myself shivering and blowing out puffs of frosty air at the bus stop in the morning.

We should have been cradling cups of hot chocolate, but instead we stopped by the Little Creatures brewery for some beer. In my case, it was their cider with a cute name Pipsqueak, it tasted a bit like champagne and was light and bubbly. I couldn’t finish my midi (is it called midi?) and passed it on to Xinlong.

Even though we had such a late lunch, the guys were hungry again! So we went next door for … fish and chips. I opted to sit out but snapped a photo of Min Xian’s seafood chowder which looked warm and creamy, with a hunk of bread, it seemed like a great choice for winter. Jan, don’t you think it looks different from the seafood chowder you had last time? But it’s from the same restaurant!

Ta-dah! The end of Day 7 and thus concluding my A Week of My Life posts. It actually turned out a lot more fun than I thought and I had fun sharing my week with my friends and especially my family. It was even nicer reading and commenting on my sisters’ and Heri’s posts, I felt like for a brief week, I shared a bit of their lives. So thanks for the suggestion Jan, I think it was a fantastic idea. Let’s do it again next year!

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