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Chap Goh Meh 2013

Day out with baby nephew Tristan.

_DSC0408 (Medium)

The weather was lovely for a change and Tristan was happy as larry during the car ride. I think he’s getting cuter by the day.

chicken rice

Maybe he was happy because he knew that we were going to eat at his father’s favourite roast duck restaurant.

_DSC0436 (Medium)

Chap goh meh dinner at home :). I can’t believe Chinese New Year is over already. I guess that means I have to accept the harsh reality that my holiday is really over. SIGH.

_DSC0430 (Medium)

Tristan can now fit into his Baby Gap babysuits that we bought in London before he was born.


His serious look with his father. I’m waiting for him to grow up even more so I can start playing with him.

_DSC0432 (Medium)

Tristan with mummy Jo.

Happy Chap Goh Meh everyone, I hope you had a fantastic day with your loved ones.

Kuching foodie

My final Kuching post about delicious Kuching food. To be honest, the food didn’t taste so good this time round, I’m not sure whether it’s because Jo wasn’t next to me exclaiming how yummy the food was. Also because I was suffering from a fragile stomach throughout the whole trip, I’m going to drink lots of apple cider vinegar to toughen up my stomach for Hongkong and the September Kuching trip :).
DSC00289 (Medium)

My brother Darren and father love these fried prawn crackers , this was from Yuen Nan Yuan cafe though and not Dar’s preferred old Rex cafe.

DSC00292 (Medium)

The only time I had char kueh in Kuching! Why didn’t I have more of these?? I was greedy and ordered both the salty and sweet version, the sweet version wasn’t good because it wasn’t fried long enough and was too mushy.

DSC00298 (Medium)

We had a family dinner at the talk of the town Sakae Sushi in our beloved Spring. My father who is not a fan of Japanese food had to settle for mediocre ramen.

DSC00303 (Medium)

Andy had the soba with tempura.

DSC00313 (Medium)

The girls shared sashimi and sushi. All the food was alright and not wow, but the service was really really slow and the food not worth the wait. My father’s pet peeve was their ‘please wait to be seated’ sign, he waited in front of the sign patiently during his two visits (while others waltzed past him) to the restaurant and no one brought him to any seats. Overall, we were not impressed.

DSC00321 (Medium)

We ate kueh chap the most times out of all Kuching food. All from our favourite kueh chap stall at Jin Ming cafe. Still very good and yummy. Why can’t I make kueh chap like that?

DSC00340 (Medium)

Simple and tasty dishes from the Courtyard restaurant such as my favourite stir fried bittergourd, cold tofu with century egg, sweet and sour pork. I liked this bittergourd dish so much that the first dish I cooked during my Perth return was stir fried bittergourd.

DSC00342 (Medium)

A frequent haunt for my parents and R’s family as well, Yi Ann cafe which is very popular.

DSC00347 (Medium)

We always go for the kampua mee. Mine came tossed in chilli sauce.

DSC00350 (Medium)

My mum’s laksa. I didn’t have any laksa at all in Kuching, ever since selling laksa, I’ve lost all love for laksa. But Jo is craving laksa so we will be cooking some soon.

DSC00351 (Medium)

Chicken rice with a view from the  Tun Jugah the food court. This food court used to be very popular during my high school days and I remember some classmates driving us there frequently for lunch after school. But it is now very empty and sad looking. The chicken rice was only so-so.

DSC00359 (Medium)

With all the newer shopping centres such as Merdeka Plaza and the Spring, the once ‘it’ ‘Golden Triangle’ of Sarawak Plaza, Tun Jugah and Riverside shopping complexes have been long forgotten and are quiet and empty. I still had fun wandering around though and managed to buy more shoes.

DSC00368 (Medium)

Kenyalang is still  my favorite place in Kuching. I was very sad that the Moonlight pandan icecream shop has closed AGAIN.  Why doesn’t anyone in Kuching appreciate the wonders of pandan icecream?!

DSC00374 (Medium)

Attended a ‘gong hui’ annual dinner with R’s family where I saw my first and last lion dance of the year. Better late than never.

DSC00070 (Medium)

Photo of Mah Mah who was smiling because Kaka was around. She loves the baby and kept telling us that baby was very ‘chio chio’ (smiley) and cute.

kaka eat

Kaka being fed forbidden treats by her gung gung.

DSC00150 (Medium)

We find this photo hilarious because Kaka had that ‘eh, why are you here? do I know you?’ expression on her face. The other little girl Janice is my cousin’s daughter who loves being in photos.

kaka guitar

Kaka enjoying some music time with her Gung Gung. Will she play the guitar in the future? Maybe this is a sign of her future musical talents.


My sister Jan was addicted to bubble tea throughout her Kuching trip and had to have one whenever we we spotted a bubble tea outlet. Turns out Kaka loves Cha-time too!

I felt like I had to end the final Kuching posts with Kaka’s photos because she was the highlight of my Kuching trip. It was so fun seeing how much her character has developed since I last saw her, and even better watching her interact with my parents who are loving being her grandparents. I miss you Kaka.


I’m waiting to board my flight back to Perth. SIGH. As I’m typing, my father is probably in his bedroom watching Wen Zhou Yi Jia Ren, a Chinese drama that we got hooked on this holiday and started watching every night without fail.  When ah pa had to attend a banquet,  I watched it on his behalf and updated him about it the next day. When both my father and I were unable to watch the show,  my mother tried to watch the show for us. In between, I would hear Jan commenting about the tvb drama that she was watching outside while snacking on pineapple tarts. Kaka would trot in and out of my parents’ bedroom and be fed forbidden goodies by her doting gung gung.

Oh to return to the start of the holidays again.

It’s now the 7th day of Chinese New Year. Kaka, my sister and Andy left Kuching yesterday so to me, it feels as if my holiday is already over :(. At times like these,you wish you could return to the start of the holiday when everyone was still excited and happy. How I wish I could see baby trotting in and out of my parent’s bedroom and squealing in delight.
ang pow

The early days before the angpows were given out.

kaka angpow

Kaka receives her first angpow. She enjoyed crumpling the red packets up so we had to exchange her money filled ones with empty packets.

sua mee

First day of Chinese New Year always starts with chicken soup and sua mee (long life noodles). My mother’s version always has abalone slices too (from Australia haha). With a dash of ang chiew (foochow red wine) this is always a very nice first breakfast of the year.

kaka dress

Kaka in her first day Chinese New Year dress. Very pink and festive right? Unfortunately she started falling ill the night before and wasn’t well all the way till she left.

andy ah pa

Andy and ah pa in matching red checked shirts.

cny cookies

Cute chinese new year cookies, I liked the rilakkuma ones.

what to choose

Kaka was spoilt for choice. Here she is examining the goodies before point ing out the one she wanted to her gung gung.

kaka and jan

She liked our parents’ friends house because there was lots of space for her to walk about. I think she would like walking in the parks and gardens in Perth. Can already imagine her running after the seagulls in Matilda Bay.


After a few days of eating reunion dinner leftovers (there were lots), the ‘young’ ones in the family decided to order Pizza Hut delivery. I was very amused when the Pizza Hut guy answered the phone with ‘Hello Miss Joanne?’ Obviously Jo had ordered many pizzas in the past if they have her on records!

bday dinner

We always have a sumptuous home cooked lunch (by my Ah Ma) on the third day of Chinese New Year because it’s my father’s birthday! It was a milestone birthday too, my father turned 60 this year.

dad cake

Not too bad for a 60 year old right? Definitely not ah pek level yet. Hehe, happy birthday ah pa. He was rather embarrassed with all the attention and phonecalls from his kids, ‘jor mik ah neh?’ (why like that?) he said to me. My father is a humble man and doesn’t feel that there should be any fuss made on his birthday. Which only goes to show what a great man and father he is.

ah pa cake blow

Kaka blows the candles with my father.  I think it was especially nice for my father this year that Kaka was there to celebrate his 60th with him. We’re already missing her a lot at home.  More Kuching food photos next time 🙂

Happy Snake Year 2013!

Traffic jams around Kuching has stopped us from going out. But somehow we still managed to squeeze in two trips to Spring haha. Never mind the new Merdeka Plaza and City One mall, The Spring is still our favourite shopping mall 🙂


My sister loves Cha- Time, actually I don’t think it’s really Cha Time in particular, but just that she is suddenly really into bubble tea.


The old CNY decorations dusted and out for their annual show again haha.


This year the quality of fresh flowers have gone down, so we’ve replaced our flowers with baskets of mandarins instead.


Reunion dinner. Lots of food, 14 dishes in all.


Can’t have a Chinese New Year dinner without lao yu san.

reunion dinner

Grandfather digging in. This is the first Chinese New Year that my grandparents are spending in their little house extension connected to my house! My father, Jan and I made the ‘chun’ Spring decoration on the wall. Nice?


Gun Gun playing with fireworks while baby Kaka watches on. Even though Chinese New  Year feels a bit quiet this year because we’re missing Jo and Darren a lot, it’s also extra special because the baby is here. I already know I will miss her a lot when she returns to London in a week.

Happy Chinese Year family and friends, may the Snake Year bring you lots of happiness, good luck and good health.

2013: Kuching Day 1 & 2

Yes, I’m back in Kuching for Chinese New Year again!! So far the trip has been relaxing and lots of fun mostly because…

kaka collage

Kaka is in town! This baby girl is no longer a baby and is oodles of fun. See how happy she gets if you give her a can of Fanta Green haha, a girl after my own heart.


We had popiah during my first day in Kuching, in fact we had 10! This is the famous jing fook ling popiahs, yummy as usual. Too bad the non fried version was sold out or I could easily have a couple more.


My sister and mum have been waiting for me to come back so we can venture into Kenyalang to buy our chinese new year goodies (or so they say, I think they were just finding excuses not to go into the hot and sweaty market). These sweet, sour and sticky dried fruit and plums are always very popular, but not in our household because we find it a bit messy for eating.


Bought some CNY decorations for the house and my grandparents’ house too. We won’t put them up till Friday, it’s our family’s tradition to do it on the day before Chinese New Year haha.


My mum’s assam fish and prawns (*____*), I know Jo is craving this back in Perth.

kueh chap

Jin Ming kueh chap for breakfast, luckily I managed to get in a bowl before the kueh chap lady closed for the Chinese New Year break.

kaka nap

Cute kaka napping on her daddy’s shoulder. Ok, that’s all for now, I will try to take more and better pictures soon, I’m still fiddling around with my new camera (^___^) and learning how to use it (being the techny noob that I am).  Going to help my mother with ngo hiang making, wuahaha. Bye!

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