It’s now the 7th day of Chinese New Year. Kaka, my sister and Andy left Kuching yesterday so to me, it feels as if my holiday is already over :(. At times like these,you wish you could return to the start of the holiday when everyone was still excited and happy. How I wish I could see baby trotting in and out of my parent’s bedroom and squealing in delight.
ang pow

The early days before the angpows were given out.

kaka angpow

Kaka receives her first angpow. She enjoyed crumpling the red packets up so we had to exchange her money filled ones with empty packets.

sua mee

First day of Chinese New Year always starts with chicken soup and sua mee (long life noodles). My mother’s version always has abalone slices too (from Australia haha). With a dash of ang chiew (foochow red wine) this is always a very nice first breakfast of the year.

kaka dress

Kaka in her first day Chinese New Year dress. Very pink and festive right? Unfortunately she started falling ill the night before and wasn’t well all the way till she left.

andy ah pa

Andy and ah pa in matching red checked shirts.

cny cookies

Cute chinese new year cookies, I liked the rilakkuma ones.

what to choose

Kaka was spoilt for choice. Here she is examining the goodies before point ing out the one she wanted to her gung gung.

kaka and jan

She liked our parents’ friends house because there was lots of space for her to walk about. I think she would like walking in the parks and gardens in Perth. Can already imagine her running after the seagulls in Matilda Bay.


After a few days of eating reunion dinner leftovers (there were lots), the ‘young’ ones in the family decided to order Pizza Hut delivery. I was very amused when the Pizza Hut guy answered the phone with ‘Hello Miss Joanne?’ Obviously Jo had ordered many pizzas in the past if they have her on records!

bday dinner

We always have a sumptuous home cooked lunch (by my Ah Ma) on the third day of Chinese New Year because it’s my father’s birthday! It was a milestone birthday too, my father turned 60 this year.

dad cake

Not too bad for a 60 year old right? Definitely not ah pek level yet. Hehe, happy birthday ah pa. He was rather embarrassed with all the attention and phonecalls from his kids, ‘jor mik ah neh?’ (why like that?) he said to me. My father is a humble man and doesn’t feel that there should be any fuss made on his birthday. Which only goes to show what a great man and father he is.

ah pa cake blow

Kaka blows the candles with my father.  I think it was especially nice for my father this year that Kaka was there to celebrate his 60th with him. We’re already missing her a lot at home.  More Kuching food photos next time 🙂

3 Responses to “”

  1. 1 sakuratrees February 16, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Wah it is so nice to read bout home. I felt as if I was there and part of the celebrations! I love kaka’s green and yellow outfit! So pretty. Kaka looked like she enjoyed Kuching a lot.

  2. 2 sakuratrees February 16, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Eh quickly blog bout Kuching food liao! In fact blog now. Been waiting for days for u to blog ah. I check everyday.

  3. 3 Jas February 18, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Happy belated birthday uncle! Hope you have been spoilt by everyone and that Di wasn’t too bossy to you on your birthday!
    Jas 🙂

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