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Funny girls

Enough of the doom and gloom posts. Here’s a bit of Saitaomei cheer when her fever was in hiatus.


I’m helping mummy to pluck weeds.

Giving myself a clap for being such a good girl.

And another clap standing up. One has to cheer for oneself ok?

Hoo hoo, mummy says I’m cute even though my bao face is diminishing by the day.


Both Saitaomei and Saitaoha love it when I tickle them and make them laugh.

Every night when Saitaoha will run over when she hears mei mei chuckling from a tickle session.

‘My turn mummy! My turn to be funny! Make me funny mummy!’

At which I will retort ‘But you are already very funny Saitaoha!’

Ahh my funny girls indeed.

Flu shot

3.50am. Reminder to self : Get the kids their flu shots as soon as possible every year !!!

I already severely regretted it when the kids missed their second round of flu shot when we had to fly back to Malaysia last year. I swore I would get them their shots this year but just when we were going to get it, Saitaoha caught the HFMD. Now poor mei mei has been running a high fever for two days straight and I fear it’s the flu.

I might bring her to the doctor’s tomorrow if this fever persists but it’s not like they can do anything because she can hardly take any meds except for ibuprofens/paracetamol at her age. Just have to keep monitoring her and pray the symptoms don’t get worse.

Arrrhh why didn’t I get them their flu shot earlier?! They might not avoid the flu even with the shot but I want to think that at least I armed their vulnerable selves with any vaccine possible. I’m so fedup with myself, why do I procrastinate year after year?

Children just shouldn’t have to get sick ever. It’s so heartbreaking 😭.

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