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Singapore family trip

I recognise that my blog is half dead now that I’m primarily blogging from dayre. It is so much easier and instant.


This is my bedroom window view from the 35th floor. I love this flat, it’s a home away from home and I already know that we will have wonderful happy times here for years to come.

I am having a glorious short break. Exactly what I needed to recharge from a hectic work atmosphere. It will be extra crazy when I return but for now I’m not too fussed as I know I will and can handle it when it comes. For now I’m basking in the tender glow of being around my family and especially my parents. It just feels so unbelievably good and I wanted to share this on my blog that has accompanied me unfailingly over these years.


Sunday roast dinners

We were at Papparich for lunch on Saturday and the wait was horrendous.  It was made worse by inexperienced and disorganised waitresses cluckling around in stress. I’m not sure why management didn’t just assign one person to man the queue, it would have saved the waitresses asking each person 6 -times in a row how many seats were required for each table. 


Anyway the reason for that rant was to say that I liked the lychee soda drink at Papparich which was a pricey $4.60 and was sure I could recreate it at home. So I did!  Very refreshing with lychee, longans, mint leaves,  a lime wedge, lychee syrup and soda water.


It was Jan that suggested that we have roast lamb for our Sunday family dinner.  Believe it or not,  it was my first time roasting lamb with guidance from my sis. 


Luckily it all turned out lovely and our roast lamb dinner with roasted veg, mash and gravy ( not forgetting the all important mint sauce) was delicious.

Of Dayre and Kindle

Just a short post to say that I’m still alive haha. Actually I’ve been posting a lot on dayre and so far it’s been very easy and lots of fun. Let’s see how long that lasts.

My favourite part is reading my sisters’ dayre posts and especially my ah ma’s dayre! Jan said to me today that she didn’t feel like dayre-ing because it’s mostly us reading each others’ posts and ‘I’m right in front of you now’.  I get where she’s coming from especially with technology nowadays like whatsapp we’re pretty much conversing all the time and see each other weekly. Still, I love reading their daily thoughts on the go and reading about daily snippets of their lives. Especially my mother’s posts because it feels like I’m seeing her life in Kuching and she gets to see what I’m doing in Perth.

Even better news, my ah pa and ah ma are visiting us in October! Only for two weeks but it will be lots of fun. Plus the weather will be a lot cooler then so they should enjoy it.

Ok gotto go now, I’ve just uploaded a stack of childhood books (Fudge series, Judy Blume and The Three Investigators!) on my Kindle and can’t wait to get started. Adios!

Ramen in the city


It has been a family laden fun weekend first starting with Fremantle beach on a Saturday with the kids.  I think our Jurien Bay beach swimming got me hooked,  that’s crazy for someone who fears the heat and hates summer.


Then we had a ramen session with Jan and family at Nao in the city. Jan was surprised with the queue but luckily we were there fairly early and got seats easily.  This was Andy’s salt based ramen with added char siew and pork oil. Only the pork oil was really little bits of pork fat which while tasty was kinda gross at the same time.


Jan and I had the miso ramen with a side of mentaiko. Love mentaiko. This was quite tasty but we were all very thirsty after our meal, too much msg in the ramen!

Ramen wise it was quite nice but R us still a steady fan of Sydney’s gumshara and I prefer ippudo too. Andy says the new Hikaru has great tonkatsu ramen so we’re heading there next Sat haha. 


Lunch bento for Monday is beef lasagne.

I’ve been trying to use the mobile to blog for a while to encourage frequent blogging but wordpress mobile just isn’t very handy.

So I’m now on ! It’s quite fun so far because my sisters are blogging from there.  I will still be blogging from here because I don’t like the photo features on dayre and see it more as a daily personal blablabla blog.

It might be time to close down this blog though. .. ah well, we’ll see.  Have a good week!

Happy Chap Goh Meh

And just like that it’s the last day of Chinese New Year!


Chap Goh Meh dinner tonight. Not as many dishes as reunion dinner but was still a merry affair.


I’ve been on a chiffon cake frenzy,  third chiffon cake in the past month but this time I made an orange one which is my personal favourite.   If my sisters are reading this,  don’t worry I’ve saved you a boxful.

Work will be a frenzy in March but I’m looking forward to a short break in April :). I hope I’m getting better at the work life balance thing but it could be an illusion because the first quarter of the year is usually quiet.

I’m going to try to tick some things if my to do list this month,  funnily enough my  first thought was I really want to attempt a soufflé!  Mad March daze ahead. ..

Jurien Bay Labour Day camping: Day 1

It was lovely weather for a long car ride.


Reminded me of Windows screensaver  🙂


After a few hours, we reached Jurien Bay! The beach is really very pretty.


My chicken snitzel burger at a casual lunch bar was surprisingly tasty.


Tristan can never say no to ice cream.  It was a frosty boy soft serve too, a childhood love.


I loved the white sand and aqua ocean. Will be visiting tomorrow!


I already know HC will be spending many happy hours fishing off this jetty.


Happy Tristan frolicking in the water. He is a daredevil and literally ran into the sea!


The tents are up! We’re not too impressed with the facilities of this campsite. But I still love our tents, our portable homes are very comfy.


Our camping traditional first dinner is always steak.  This time with sweet potato mash.

I can’t believe I’m blogging from my tent while trying to spot stars in the sky.  It’s pretty cool. 

Labour Day long weekend

It’s the start of an extra long long weekend for us Y (^____^) Y And we’re going camping again!

It’s been long enough since we last went camping that I’m quite excited about it. Funnily enough, our prep and packing time has reduced significantly since the first time we went camping. I don’t think third time camping makes us seasoned pros, but we are definitely getting more relaxed. Or maybe it’s because we’re going with Jo and she’s super organised and always over packs.

I also booked a short holiday in April, going to meet my parents in Singapore, haha, very happy. I think we’re going to have to schedule in a Japanese buffet session. I shall start researching. I was going to go with R to Adelaide but the ticket prices were so exorbitantly high that I had to give up on the idea. So there is somewhere more isolated than Perth!

Ok, will try to post some ‘live’ camping posts over the next few days. Happy Labour Day long weekend!

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