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A day with no pictures

Doesn’t it feel nice that Saturday is almost over and you realise, hey there’s still Sunday ahead?

We’ve been juggling two kids because ah Ma is still nursing a bad back. It hasn’t been too bad because at least R is home to help out. But I must say that bringing two kids out is not easy, probably made worse when you have crappy feet that just won’t heal completely. At one point Saitaoha was barefooted (long story of falling shoes) and sitting on the shop’s floor, Saitaomei was in my arms and wailing, R had his hands full carrying our new curtain rod and curtains, I wanted to give up and pack everyone home.

But ah Ma and I still managed to have quite a few laughs about our invalid state ‘suay lang don’t make me laugh my back hurts’ she complains, ‘you don’t make me laugh, my feet hurt’ I retort. We both end up laughing helplessly.

My sisters, brothers in law and the kids were around this evening. Lots of excited yelling, lots of laughter. When my brother and sister in law flies to Perth in a couple of weeks, we will be whole again. Can’t wait.


Aiji night

It was a pretty good day yesterday. I meant to blog about it when the kids went to sleep but Saitaomei refused to sleep until past midnight! She must be missing Mah Mah’s sleepy fairy dust.

The sun had come up by the time she slept. Sigh my sleeping angel.

Meanwhile this one is still very cheeky and demanding. We discovered a way of getting her to stay in the stroller, just put meimei in and Saitaoha will immediately want to sit in the stroller! If we don’t let her, waterworks will start and she will point at Saitaomei in the stroller and cry ‘baby …baby…😭’

Monitoring papa giving her favourite rabbit (she calls it Xiu Xiu, morphed from ε…”ε…”) a bath. Xiu Xiu is her security blanket and to our dismay she has shunned all other rabbits and will only sleep with this one. She also drags Xiu Xiu out everywhere so it desperately needs a wash. Usually this brings out waterworks but I devised a method of telling her XiuXiu needs to pom pom and papa had to drag out the bath tub so she could see the pom pom in action.

Giving directions to papa. Super funny. There was a bit of whining when we hung Xiu Xiu out to dry but it was minimal.

Back in the kitchen means R gets his favourite noodles for lunch. He told me that he cooked for himself when I was away. ‘Oh good! Do you want to continue to do that ?’ I asked. Total silence. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


R comes out from the shower.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: Hey! Do you feel like eating icecream?

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: Ya ok.

Saitaoha: Aiji πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•!!

πŸ‘©πŸ»: Oh great! Can you walk over to my parents’ to get the icecream?

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: 😏

So that’s how we walked the 50 steps over to my parents’ house, four of us in our pjs, to get chocolate icecream for supper.

Saitaoha was delighted with our night excursion and also the promise of aiji. She greeted her Mah Mah at the door ‘Hi Mah Mah! Aiji!!’ We took the box of icecream and strolled home under the starry skies.

Papa and Saitaoha enjoying their chocolate icecream.

Photo dump

It’s been over a week but I still hit on the Dayre icon on auto pilot when I feel the urge to blog. Dayre feels different nowadays, can’t help but feel sad.

An unsuspecting bubba who was about to get her tongue tie lasered. She was the loudest baby in the room, you could hear her wails ricocheting off the walls, all the mummies in the waiting room shivered in trepidation.

Pepper lunch for dinner with my sister and family yesterday. It’s funny but I missed my sister while we were on holidays. Saitaomei got over her pooing strike by pooing two times at the clinic and once more at my sister’s place. I ran out of nappies and clothes 😲. But luckily Tspellstrouble dug up some old nappies and clothes, Saitaoha has been benefiting from my nephew’s hand-me-downs for the past few years, looks like Saitaomei is continuing the trend.

Ah Ma messaged me asking ‘how come no milestone card pictures and no monthly cakes for Saitaomei?’ I replied ‘second child syndrome’, she said ‘poor thing’.

Ya hor mummy, how come I only get hand me downs and no one celebrates my milestones?’

Sorry sorry Saitaomei. We will get you a cake this month.

Ah Ma had tom yum noodles at the food court.

I had a sumo salad, SIGH, I miss Loh mee, po piah, chicken rice and kway chap. I miss Kuching. I miss Singapore.

Saitaoha in her old cot kicking the musical mobile that she used to coo at as a baby. We have both kids tonight, and both are asleep, such bliss.

Saitaoha went back to daycare today, came back so tired and cranky, we couldn’t do anything with her but give her milk and get her to sleep early.

The good news is, my right foot is much better and my left foot is still sore and swollen but healing. The bad news is ah Ma hurt her back tonight πŸ˜“. Looking after kids is so much more physical taxing than I ever imagined it to be. I hope we all get well soon πŸ™πŸ».

10 things that made me feel better

When I woke up in the morning, my feet felt like foreign objects, swollen, throbbing and heavy like lead. With dread, I swung my feet down and tried to get up. Couldn’t do it. Tried shifting to a different part of the bed to get up, nope couldn’t do it. I wondered whether I could message my parents and ask for help to get out of bed. Almost lol if it wasn’t so horrifying. Anyway in the end I did manage to get out of bed and my super parents did come to bring me to their house and save the day.

I went to the doctor’s who asked me to go for an ultrasound for both feet. But when I tried booking an appointment for the ultrasound, the lady apologetically told me that I would have to come on two separate days, ‘one for each foot’ she explained, if I wanted to claim government full cover. If I did both feet on the same day ‘we can only cover one foot, sorry that’s government policy’. I was like 😧😧😧 and then she continued ‘also, you will have to go back to your doctor’s to get another referral letter for each foot, we can’t take one for both feet’. I had to laugh πŸ˜‚. I guess the likelihood of someone as clumsy as me spraining both feet is very low hence this ridiculous policy. It did make me laugh though and I shared this story with R who also laughed and said ‘how about just ultrasound for the one that is worse?’ Hmm maybe he was being serious.

Anyway the day did get better so rather than moaning (as usual), I thought I would write about the 10 things that made me feel better.

1. My super parents saved the day again. Ah pa came rushing over and the first thing he did was head to the laundry room ‘ah Ma asked me to grab the laundry so she can wash for you’ he said. The whole day they were admonishing me to sit down and I pretty much didn’t have to lift a finger.

2. I was scrolling through my pictures of the belated birthday celebration that my sisters decided to throw for Saitaoha and saw this:

Check out Saitaomei’s interested look.

Saitaomei a second later. πŸ˜‚ poor baby was upset by the loud singing.

3. I started freezing my breastmilk again! During the holidays, I wasn’t freezing my extra supply of bm because I had no means or plans to export them back to Australia. It felt so wrong and sacrilegious to throw out all that bm especially with all the hard work of pumping and having the words ‘liquid gold’ droned in my head. It feels great to be able to freeze bm again.

4. Saitaomei pooed today! We were so relieved because she stopped pooing around day 3 in Singapore so that’s almost a week of constipation?! I was perplexed because she’s fully fed on bm which should be easily digestible and it’s never happened before. I was going to check with the paediatrician tomorrow but she pooed tonight! Haha never knew the day would come when I’m obsessed with my kids’ poo. The funniest thing is my parents are obsessed too and kept stuffing me with veggies and fruits hoping that the extra fibre would make it to the breastmilk.

5. Ah pa has been wanting to buy a car in Perth and tonight we were going through the car ads. He was keen to look at SUVs but only those that could handle at least two baby seats. It warmed my heart that even when he’s buying a car, he’s thinking of his grandchildren. It is no wonder that my babies love their gung gung.

6. My sister starts her stint in the city today and already she’s been extended to act for a longer period. Her family is overdue for some good luck and I’m glad that she’s finally being recognised for her capabilities.

7. R has taken the day off tomorrow to accompany me to Saitaomei’s tongue tie procedure. It’s always so difficult for him to take time off (nature of work and nature of husband) that I was so glad he did it on his own accord and it was approved.

8. Saitaoha is eating and sleeping a lot better now that she’s back home. Due to our erratic holiday schedule, her eating and sleeping habits had gone haywire. She was sleeping at midnight on some days πŸ˜“. Now she’s back to sleeping early and clocking 11-12 hour sleeps, phew.

She’s also watching a lot less videos and is loving all the new books she received for her birthday. Tonight she was reading to herself out loud and it was so cute.

9. Hobbling around my parents’ home made me realise it’s a lot more elderly friendly than their previous home. Their house also feels nice and cosy with touches such as their ζΈ…ζ˜ŽδΈŠζ²³ε›Ύ wall painting and ah pa’s guitar and erhu to make it uniquely theirs.

10. Saitaoha has been very sympathetic towards my ‘aiyohs’ as she calls them. Today she pointed at my foot and said ‘aiyoh’, I put out my arms for a hug and she ran into them giggling.

She noticed that I’ve been putting salonpas on my feet and tonight stuck her Peppa pig stickers on my aiyohsπŸ’•.

Ji pai jiat lat θΏ™ζ¬‘εƒεŠ›

Why do the heavens keep punishing me?

This unsightly pork’s trotter belongs to me. And I’m sorry to say the other side ain’t much better.

We went to a friend’s house for a gathering today. Their front porch is quite uneven and of course being the Daitaoha me, I tripped and sprained both feet. Even as the pain coursed through me and I literally could not move or get up, I thought ‘ji pai jiat lat’ . My second thought was ‘how am I going to look after my babies?’

Both feet are swollen and bruised, walking is excruciating. Suddenly I’m aware of the distance to the toilet and every necessity in the house, I have been rendered invalid. A pumping session which used to take 10 mins now takes half an hour or more just for me to travel from one place to another. All the stress and tension which gradually disappeared during the holiday has come back.

I know I 犯ε€ͺ岁 this year, but gosh when does this crap stop?!

Last day of holiday

Last day in Singapore, also known as the day you try to stuff as much food as possible into your protesting stomach. We are tamchiak like that. Before we went to bed, ah Ma Whatsapped me from her room (does everyone do that because we do that a lot!) listing all the food items we had to finish off, it went something like sio bee, Lao Ban tau hway, Tai Cheong egg tarts, cheng teng, nashi pears …. 😱😱😱 Despite this list, I am still regretting not having another bowl of lor mee, maybe it’s best to stop while I have such fond memories of that first bowl.

The day started well with a mug of Toastbox kopi, for some reason I keep thinking that their kopis are very popular with Singaporeans and I should try? Anyway, it was very nice but I’m not sure that it was nicer than the ones I’ve had at kopitiams? I will miss kopis so much!

Ah Ma had nasi Padang which was very good. She let me have a few bites and everything I tasted was very tasty, she was quite pleased.

We also ordered chai tow kueh to share, I didn’t eat much of this but I remember it was good the last time I had it.

Or luak/ oyster omelette was piping hot and yummy, the oysters were fat and juicy, egg crispy, so good. I have to confess these were just shared dishes, my main was chicken rice and ah pa had curry laksa πŸ˜“.

Ah Ma asked me to take a photo of this attap chee from our ais kachang for my sis. She loves attap chee.

It was a back breaking day because Saitaoha was at her needy best (more on that later) and I ended up baby wearing her instead of the baby! My poor parents had to take turns carrying Saitaomei, I tell you, Salonpas is a must in our household. We stopped for a rest at Taka where we finally bought Tai Cheong eggtarts coz no queue. Ah Ma was like ‘aiyoh I only bought 2 eggtarts, why they package until so nice?’

Eggtarts were nice, I don’t know that they were wow though, maybe I’m used to the puff pastry egg tarts in Perth? But they were still good eggtarts.

It started pouring again late afternoon. Saitaoha fell asleep at 3pm because she was so tired after our day out. Poor kid has been walking so much (she hates being carried and doesn’t like strollers so we didn’t bring one) she has a blister on her foot. Ah Ma and I were resigned that late nap = late bedtime ‘we die loh’ she exclaimed dejectedly πŸ˜…. Anyway we still took advantage of her nap to sneak out for last minute shopping. That’s when Ah Ma and I shared a Yole, not as good as Ilao Ilao!

On our way back home, Ah Ma stopped and said ‘oh oh, what’s that ?!’ She pointed at Saitaomei’s head.

She thought it was bird crap and burst into laughter when I told her sheepishly that it was the chocolate sauce from our Yole. ‘That’s what happens when your mother is a tamchiak gui‘ she laughed. I told her that earlier in the day ah pa also noticed a grain of chicken rice on Saitaomei’s head πŸ˜“, she almost collapsed in laughter in the lift. Took out my mobile with her shaking with laughter hands and snapped this photo saying ‘quick must take photo to show your sisters’. It’s so nice to be the joke of the family 😏.

We were planning to go to our usual zhi char for Chap Goh Meh but the heavy downpour cancelled all plans for a feast. To be honest, we were so stuffed anyway. Ended up taking away some food which we had very late.

Looks messy but I had yong tao fu. I only had it around 9pm so it tasted very nice haha.

Saitaoha has been driving me mad! Her neediness and whining had reached new heights since we’ve arrived in Singapore. During the start of the holiday, I thought she was just delighted that I was going to be around 24/7 and that the novelty would soon wear off. But it’s grown worse! She refuses to let anyone else carry her or hold her hand except me, she cries if I leave the room, she insists that she wants milk if she sees me feeding Saitaomei, she cries when I am carrying Saitaomei and wants to be carried at the same time. It’s driving me mad and I keep getting so impatient with her. SIGH, I don’t know what to do. Part of me thinks I need to discipline her, another part of me is fed up with myself for telling her off. Lately she’s learned words like ‘wait’ ‘stop’ ‘sorry’, it makes me feel sad because I know she’s picked it up from me 😒.

I didn’t realise we could see the TP central shopping street lights from our window, so pretty! I love the night views of Singapore from our windows. Good bye Singapore, I will miss you, thank you for another gorgeous holidayπŸ’•.

2nd last day in Singapore

Sigh, it’s our last day in Singapore tomorrow, which means our holiday is nearly over 😭😭. I guess I shouldn’t be greedy, after all I’ve had a glorious time for close to a month, it’s time to go back to reality.

It’s funny how one’s mind starts adjusting out of holiday mode automatically now that the end is near. I have been messaging R to ask him to buy necessities in preparation for our return. I’ve also started checking Aldi specials online , I guess auntie mode is back on πŸ˜….

Breakfast of the champions this morning. I actually ordered this hoping Saitaoha would eat some but nope food strike back on. She eats best at home with food that we cook for her.

Lek tau suan, my ah ma’s version is nicer, she makes it using the instant pot!

Ah Ma had vegetarian beehoon, I tried some and it was delicious.

Ah Ma and I sneaked out to Nex during Saitaoha’s nap. Ah pa said she was very good with him when she woke up, apparently she’s only super whiny and needy when I’m around 😭. Dapaoed Tspellstrouble ‘s favourite ToriQ for our late lunch. We skipped dinner again! Sigh too much yummy food too little stomach space. I don’t think I’ll even get to have another Loh mee before we leave.

The weather cleared up so I brought the munchkin to the playground. She enjoyed herself I think, she had a really indulgent and nice holiday. We’re hoping she will settle back into her usual routine and habits when we go home.

Spotted a cat on our walk home. She was a little scared but thrilled at the same time, kept saying goodbye to the cat when we left.

I will miss our night outings when we return to Perth. There’s so much more to see and do at night in Kuching and Singapore. Ah pa wanted to bring Saitaoha to see the lights. I do love Toa Payoh central, such a great hub.

Can you spot the two ah mahs in the photo? They were having a chat in Teochew along the lines of

Ah mah A: nowadays my memory is so bad. I remember things from long long ago, but things that just happened, I forget !!

Ah mah B: Wah you too? Me also! My son always says Ma you remember everything from the old days but you can’t remember anything from today!

Sigh, I wish my parents could stay young forever.

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