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The sisters. At first Saitaoha was delighted to share the big bed with her yee yee and Tristan Koko. But then she suddenly decided that she would rather squeeze in the single bed with Saitaomei and I ! I had to cajole her back in the big bed by lying down with her until she fell asleep.

Earlier in the night Saitaoha and Tristan were having the best time squealing in bed and playing some loud crazy game about robot monsters. It reminded me of the days when my sister and I used to be so excited to share a hotel room together during vacations.

It’s been a long time since Jo and I shared a room, we slept side by side in the same bedroom till my late teens until I moved to Perth for studies. I have fond memories of us chatting the night away and listening in on our neighbour’s drama watching and guessing which drama they were watching.

Before our lobster buffet tonight, we made up together in the bathroom and I helped her do her hair. We used to do that a lot before big events and nights out when we lived together.

It’s only the first day of our vacation but I’m already really enjoying our family time together.

Happy birthday Ah Ma

It’s Ah Ma’s birthday today. We celebrated her birthday in our usual family fashion, with lots of yummy food and cake πŸŽ‚. I like this photo of Ah Ma and Ah Pa because they both look happy. Ah pa was playing the birthday song on his guitar while the rest of us sang along.

Us daughters tried to find our own ways to tell Ah Ma how much we love her and appreciate her. I hope she felt it today and everyday because she really is a super ah ma and worries about us and tends to us like a mother hen everyday despite our mature age. I am in my thirties and my ah ma still tells me to message her when I’m on my way home so she can fry my favourite rempah stuffed fish so it’s piping hot and ready the moment I step into the house. She then tells me to eat up all the fish and that she’s not hungry and likes to eat fish bones πŸ™„.

Her love for her grandchildren has no bounds and I’m so glad that they love her back immensely. Mah mah is Saitaoha’s best friend and favourite person πŸ₯°.

Happy birthday Ah Ma, I hope you had a lovely day with many more wonderful birthdays to come.

Round table

I’ve been wanting a round table forever! I associate a round table with heartwarming homecooked meals with my family.

Somehow I could never find one just the right size or design. Round table designs are rare and not popular in Australia, the bigger ones are so expensive too. So R made me one by himself! I love it πŸ₯° I guess his DIY hobby is getting very handy.

Mid autumn festival

Copious cups of fragrant Chinese tea, triangle slivers of lotus paste double egg yolk mooncakes (both tea and mooncakes were gifted by a long time old friend so felt extra meaningful), hanging out with the kids and family. Admired the full moon whilst hanging out the laundry.

It was a nice δΈ­η§‹θŠ‚, how was yours?

6 years and counting

Thumbs up for the weekend!

Only the weekend is now over boo hoo. Despite still not being πŸ’―, it was a lovely weekend with R and the kids.

It was our 6th wedding anniversary too, we didn’t celebrate at all save for a celebratory hug that we haven’t killed each other yet haha. He had leftover pasta and I had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. The only ones that had fresh cooked food were our princesses πŸ™„. Oh but we did crack open a bottle of wine 🍷 but I only had a sip because still quite poorly. We watched Grease and Pitch Perfect which were showing on tv and we all danced to the catchy tunes in the living room.

On Sunday we headed into the city to pick our a wedding present for my sister in law. I cooked R’s favourite 八珍鸑汀, sesame ginger chicken with potatoes and stir fried broccoli for dinner. Lunch bento prep was trusty ιΌ“ζ²ΉηŽ‹η‚’ι’ and fettuccine bolognese. After dinner Mei was hankering for a walk so we trotted over to my parents and stayed for snacks, fruits and a chat.

It was uneventful anniversary that somehow epitomises our life right now, simple meals, dancing with the kids, doing housechores together, hanging out with Gung Gung mah mah, a simple but happy life.

Light at the end of the tunnel

My pretty girl and the photobombers at the back. I wanted to bring them to the playground and park to catch some Vitamin D and hopefully kill some germs at the same time.

You can tell she’s feeling better right? We still had nights of cough-till-vomit, R had one with Saitaoha at 4am, mine with Saitaomei at 1am. Both of enough spew to require bath πŸ› level πŸ˜“. It’s been a tough month lah.

Another day another playground. This one was completely empty, so good. Mei mei enjoyed the slides a lot!

Saitaoha has fun too, she told me afterwards ‘I had fun at the playground today’.

Doting grandparents came visiting with char siew baos for their darlings even though it was their day off. They had one each for afternoon tea.

Help! Help! Crawling towards the goal post. The weather was sunny and perfect, so good for running in the park. Days like these you’re so thankful to be in Perth with its abundance of parks, sunshine and nature.

Cousins hanging out. Saitaoha loves school holidays because she gets to be with her cousins all day.

Tristan getting a trim!

Looking sharp kiddos!

I feel like the kids are finally on the mend. Please stay well for longer!! I can’t be in this grey rut forever 😬.

G for Grandparents

This is my ah ma on most days, single handedly feeding both my kids at the same time. Grandparents are underrated in my opinion. A while back some dayrean was comparing herself with her own mother in terms of how tired they are looking after her daughter. I was incensed, why would you even compare yourself with your mother? Your mother is not obliged to look after your child, if she feels even an inch of exhaustion because she’s looking after YOUR daughter, you should only feel grateful and humbled, not ‘why is she so exhausted, I am even more exhausted’.

My little helper is very helpful! She did a good job cutting up the bananas for our banana walnut cake.

Mix mix mix. This is her fake smile btw.

The end product which mei mei enjoyed more than her sister even though she had no hand in helping. That little girl leaves a trail of crumbs behind her, she’s like Hansel and Gretel.

Is this mine mummy? Is this for me? Oops she discovered the chocolates my friend gifted me from Melbourne.

Enjoying icecream with Tristan Koko, she looks like she’s hankering after his icecream.

Little miss enjoying her pandan icecream. Whenever I see pandan icecream on the menu, I think of my brother and Sunny Hill icecream.

She’s getting so big now!

Sometimes I really ζœδΊ†that husband of mine. He can come back from work at 8pm, hand wash and scrub the bathroom mats, wash the kids’ shoes, eat dinner, shower then work on the coffee table that he is building himself! Maybe he enjoys this furniture building and DIY work like how I enjoy baking after work? But his hobby seems a lot more labour intensive than mine, and the fruits of my labour are sweet and satisfactory too 😬.

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