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Angry mummy

My Mother’s Day card from Saitaoha. I went to her class for a Mother’s Day function and it was really nice to see her interacting with her friends and teachers.

She brought back hand drawn pictures of herself, mummy and daddy. Unfortunately they all had frowns on their face, she told me ‘daddy sad, Saitaoha sad and mummy angry’. ‘Why is Saitaoha sad?’ I asked. ‘Because mummy angry’ was her answer.

Yikes. Is mummy always angry to Saitaoha I wonder? Sigh, mummy fail indeed.


Second child syndrome

Poor Saitaomei is far behind in speech development compared to her sister at the same age. I’m not worried that there’s something wrong, I know it’s because of my neglect and lack of attention.

Sigh her older sister is at the age where she is so articulate and demands so much attention. When they’re both in the room, Saitaomei is actually the easier one to ignore and neglect.

I hardly read books to her, I’ve never brought her to a library, we don’t do puzzles *hangs head in shame*. Well hopefully it’s not all too late and I can pick up some slack from now on. Bedtime stories for mei mei will become our new routine. And I will bring her to the library this weekend.

I’m sorry mei mei, mummy will do better from now on.

Watermelon crush

In tears because mei mei pulled out her hair by the roots. Mei mei is pretty feisty and no pushover.

It sometimes amazes me that I can shell out $70 for a pair of shoes for my child but it takes me possibly a year to buy a new dress for myself. My last new dress was bought in January and that was for Chinese New Year. She loved the shoes though so it’s money well spent.

So happy to be drinking Boost juice or so she thinks. It’s actually Apple juice mixed with water which I put in the empty cup that her sister emptied earlier. Second child doesn’t know how to ask for watermelon crush yet. She was eyeing it all morning but her sister drank most of it. So in the afternoon she reached for the empty cup on the table and happily passed it to me.

At night Saitaoha asked me ‘mummy can you bring me and mei mei shopping and then we can drink watermelon juice and I can wear a dress ?’ I said yes and she jumped up and down happily ‘yeeeahhh!’

I was pleased she included mei mei in her request. All this happiness for a cup of watermelon juice. Simple pleasures in life indeed.


Showing her colouring to Mah Mah. She was a naughty little girl today and had a massive meltdown. But she’s being a sweetie now and has been asking me to draw her pictures to colour all night.

Saitaomei fell asleep while leaning on me on the sofa. Little girl must be tired out from daycare today.

I am loving her toddlerhood so much 😍.

Saitaoha my big girl

Loving working from home days.

Today I spent quality time with Saitaoha, we did a lot of drawing and colouring. Her colouring has improved!

Ah ma told me that Saitaoha needs winter clothing and new shoes so I bought her a warm dress and pretty shoes. This vain girl was delighted and happily posed for pictures.

Such a cutie sometimes.

An update

She loves her dresses and skirts so much, everyday she’s asking whether she can pick out her dress for school. My sweet, spirited little girl. She has been exuding cheeky and stubborn tempers now and then, but most of the time she’s a sweet little girl.

This one just loves her food. But poor bubba has been fighting a stomach bug and has gastro. Aargh just when I thought she had recovered, she has the runs like 6 times today. She’s in a lot of discomfort and is very clingy, my poor girl.

I am not going to give her fresh milk for her while, I’m wondering whether she’s having too much dairy?

When they play happily together it’s so lovely to watch. Having two so close to age was tough parenthood but I really think it was worth it.

R and I will be going on a short getaway to Sydney soon, sans kids! I am both excited and very nervous for my parents. I also know I will miss the girls and am feeling very guilty especially when Saitaoha begs to go on a holiday. Clever girl senses her parents are going somewhere without her. It makes me think this is the last trip in a long long while that I will go without my kids.

Tea cup

Mei mei’s first time on a spinning tea cup. I think it was papa’s first time too 😅.

She enjoyed her tea cup ride.


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