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Laksa Easter

Today it was back at work after a glorious long and lazy Easter break.

Easter started with candles, homecooked steak, cute bunnies (came with my Easter egg from Jo!) and creme caramel desserts.

There’s always room for more slow cooked soup, this time it was pork ribs soup with crunchy lotus roots, honey dates and red dates.

A sudden craving for Sarawak laksa meant foraging into my precious store of laksa paste packs brought all the way from Kuching.

Our favourite chicken butcher. There’s another photo of him holding up the cleaver with a maniacal grin, but I found it a litle bit too convincing and scary.

While he chopped and butchered, I helped out with the condiments such as the making of very important egg omelette strips.I like lots of egg in my laksa. Meanwhile, the prawn and chicken stock simmered away on the stove. I was sad to use up my treasured stock of prawn shells, I’m all out after this laksa spree, so friends reading this, please save up your prawn shells and heads for me!

Empty bowls of laksa condiments, the beehoon, egg strips, shredded chicken, beansprouts and prawns waiting to be drenched in yummy laksa stock.

All ready! Jo and HC get ready to tuck in to their Sarawak laksas.

Verdict? Not bad, enough to satisfy our craving for laksa but definitely room for improvement. We readjusted the leftover stock the next day and it was much better. Laksa for dinner and laksa for breakfast, such a Kuching Easter.

Having friends (i.e. Gerry) that work part time in Maccas has its perks. Best of all, lots and lots of burgers. To this day, I still think of the three layer fillet o fish that Gerry made for me 4 years ago during the World Cup final. Do you hear that Gerry? That was FOUR years ago!! Time for a repeat …. Being bored, I decided to have a battle of the cheeseburgers, Hungry Jacks v.s. Mcdonalds.

Hungry Jacks definitely beats Maccas when it comes to size and ingredients. But what it makes up with quantity it lacks in quality. The Mcdonalds cheeseburger was tastier, the bun softer, beef patty and onions all round nicer.

Rounding off the last of the Easter break with an evening walk around the neighbourhood. The last of the spring flowers were out in full bloom.Soon the trees and bushes will be stripped bare and it will be winter. I love winter.

Bougainvilleas remind me of my home in Kuching where we used to have bougainvilleas in the garden, mostly pink and orange though. These white ones were pretty too.

It was a lovely Easter break but short lived. Never mind, I have another holiday to look forward to, 5 days and counting, I can’t believe it. We’re finally going to Japan and the land of Chibi marukochan.

Learning how to ‘bou tong’

Bou tong meaning slow cook soup or boil soup in Cantonese. I really love Cantonese soups which require hours (ok maybe just 2 hours) of boiling then simmering and reboiling again. I’ve never been very good at it but I’m getting the hang of it now and discovering new ingredients and soups along the way.

Slow boiled chicken soup with carrots, sweet corn, huai shan and dang gui. Herbally flavour but not too strong or bitter with the sweetness of sweet corn and carrots coming through.

Pear, apple, water chestnuts and white fungus soup which could pass for ‘tong sui’ or sweet soup if I added sugar instead of salt. I really like fruit based slow cooked soup and am trying to figure out my favourite combination. So far I like chicken, pear and sweet corn, very nice.

Slow cooked soups are fun and interesting, I have about three different cookbooks just based on soups, so I have lots more to try and discover.

Ok not a soup but also a first timer recipe for me, vegetable croquette which I didn’t deep fry but shallow fried instead, I made them with mashed potato and onions. Drizzled with tonkatsu sauce.

Yesterday’s lunch bento was basil garlic fried rice, ‘yuan’ style pan fried fish fillets with ponzu sauce, tofu steaks (lightly seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and a dusting of plain flour) and fried eggs with tomato. Why so many things? It was my weekend get rid of stuff in fridge mode.

There was a freak storm in Perth today and it was seriously very scary. Didn’t help that my bus broke down in front of a bus stop so we watched the storm catch up to us and lightning flash and thunder rumble before our eyes. Luckily everyone made it safe ok.

Unfortunately my room wasn’t so lucky. A half shut window meant my room was half flooded and HC greeted me with a mop at the front door and cheerily said ‘bad news! bedroom flooded!’ , Jo’s thunderstorm blown hair was cute though and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

More thunderstorms predicted tomorrow mornings. Ahh well … every cloud has a silver lining right? Cold weather means more soups!

Australia Day 2010 : Too much of a good thing is wonderful

I associate Australia Day with fireworks, summer heat , Aussie girls running around in Australian flag bikinis and being stuck in the traffic jam for a good two hours on the way back from the celebrations. Every year I tell myself  ‘this is the last time we head out for Australia skyworks’ but yet every year when Australia Day rolls around, I find myself trudging along the shores of Matilda Bay scouting for a good picnic spot.

This year it was no different but we had extra Australia Day revellers  in the form of Jaso from Gero, Richard and HC. The more the merrier.

The housemates. This will probably be Xinlong’s last Australia Day celebration before he heads back to Malaysia for good. Sigh, another one bites the dust. I will miss him, but I know the boys will miss him more.

This Australia day we discovered fortune cookie like Dove chocolates with messages in every wrapper. I like this one. It just seemed so apt for the occasion.

The picnic was relaxing, fun and Matilda Bay was beautiful as always. The sun went down and the night sky lit up with spectacular  fireworks.

Uually we hear people saying pessimistic statements like ‘too much of a good thing is bad for you’ but this message quotes the exact opposite, too much of a good thing is wonderful, I love the happiness and simple positivity, sometimes we should just forget our worries,  seize the day and enjoy the moment.

Maggie comes to town

Last weekend Richard’s younger sister  Maggie came to Perth so we had a whirlwind tour of Perth during the weekend.I think we managed to capture the highlights of Perth pretty well in that short span of time but Maggie must be suffering from indigestion now because we ate and ate and ate ( = ^ ^ = )

Dinner started with our favourite Italian in town, Ciao Italia. We ordered the usual suspects, the risotto marinara, chilli mussels, but I tried a new dish at Ciao this time, the penne alla vodka which wasn’t as good as Il Ciao’s but still very tasty. It was a case of over ordering again so we had to ‘dapao’ quite a few things home at the end of dinner, but everyone still had space for a bit of tiramisu.

It was still light out when dinner was over so we headed over to Kings Park and UWA for a bit of photo taking. I always like it when people say that my alma mater is very pretty because it’s possibly one of my favourite places in Perth, besides Matilda Bay of course.

Day 2 Richard had to work so Jo and I brought Maggie out for a spot of shopping at Harbourtown. Perth was going through a heatwave then, it was so hot that all of us were kinda listless and tired. Luckily Japanese food at Hanami perked us up a bit and the guys all enjoyed their bento boxes. Brought Maggie to Burswood for some gambling but mostly we just took photos and basked in the atmosphere of whistling bells and chiming token machines.

The heat wave reached a peak on Sunday but the heat didn’t stop us from visiting the Fremantle sea port. This was the day where we over ate because we kept trying to hide in coffee shops, ice cream shops, any place with air conditioning . There wasn’t a cloud in the sky but it was so hot that even fish and chips were unappealing No one had much of an appetite but I did enjoy my usual soft cone twist.

We couldn’t go back without stopping by the famous Cottlesloe beach. But everyone in Perth had the same idea to go to the beach on that day and it was hard to find parking. I don’t understand why people flock to the beach on summer days, it’s still hot! I pretty much gave up by then and cowered under my umbrella while the brave sister and brother took photos around the Indiana Tea House.

No one had much of an appetite for dinner but S & T Thai Gourmet saved the day with their yummy curries, sweet and sour salads and sticky rice. Most importantly, they had strong air conditioning.

Monday it was back to work for Richard and I, Calv dropped Maggie in the city and I met up with her for lunch. Then it was dinner at home where Richard cooked scotch fillet steaks with sweet potato mash. My contribution was a new recipe of tofu topped with ricotta cheese, basil, bonito flakes, sesame seeds and drizzled with  a sweet sauce. Interesting combination which I would try again.

It was a very hot four days but I enjoyed showing Maggie around, she’s a cute girl with lots of funny lame jokes with mannerisms that are surprisingly similar to her brother’s. Hopefully it won’t be so hot the next time she visits Perth!

The Good Sundays

Sunday is usually my least favourite day of the weekend (for me, weekends start at 5pm on Fridays). Some Sundays are wasted mourning and lamenting for the lost weekend. Most are spent dreading the coming Monday.

But then there are the good Sundays. The Sundays when you sleep in till noon and wake up to gorgeous, sunny weather.

Long, leisurely homecooked brunches. You run pleasant errands like bringing in the clean laundry. Then there’s the lazy afternoon tea at your favourite cafe with  an indulgent cup of coffee and perhaps a slice of cake for a treat.

Sunday extended trading hours now mean you are able to browse the supermarkets late evening and pick up last minute groceries. Dinner is easy teriyaki chicken, seafood tofu and stir fried french beans with egg. You end dinner with slices of sweet mangoes and poppy sweet grapes, my favourite summer fruits.

The weather outside is cool for a change and I shall not think about the next 42 degrees weekend. After a cooling shower, tvb dramas await, then it’s bed and gearing up for the work day.

Sundays can be good too.

Guess who’s engaged?

I’m back in Perth! I was horribly sick when I returned but I’m much better now.But I’m also back at work (T___T).

It’s always difficult leaving Kuching and my parents behind. There’s my Ah Pa buying his soft cone at the airport again, he also bought one for my brother who had no trouble eating it despite having dislocated his shoulder playing futsal *duh*.

But it’s good to come back to Perth as well. Especially when there are nice things like great coffee waiting for you.

And then there’s them. And a special someone.

It’s nice to come back to this too.

Finally…. Perth Royal Show 2009

Perth Royal Show was so long ago that  back then, we actually wore thick jackets during the day. It’s one of those long photos overload posts that I kept putting off and putting off till it got to the point that I was making promises like ‘tonight I will blog about Perth Royal Show’ every other week. But of course I procrastinated and forgot about it (=^____^=)

So here goes, the long promised Perth Royal Show post.

It started bright and early with the guys gathering at my place to car pool to the Show.Notice all the jackets and scarves? It was a cool and cloudy day.

For some reason we always enter at Gate 10 where the kiddy rides are. Here’s MingSian and Bryan examining the Show map.

I always like to check out the baking display at the Show, this year there were some really nice creations. Edible Jimmy Choo shoes anyone?

One of the highlights of the Show is eating Show snacks like donuts and candy floss. Jo likes the frozen chocolate banana sticks, these were yummy.

A must-eat for us at the Show – sausage sticks. I forgot how much these sausages were, $1 for 2? Pretty cheap anyway so we bought loads and shared them around.

Here’s Jo posing with my bubble gun. I was very happy this year because I finally bought a bubble gun, every year I’ve stare in envy at the kids with bubble guns but can never bring myself to fork out the $10 price. Well I did it this year and spent the rest of the day annoying everyone by shooting bubbles in their face, even threatening to charge extra dollars for the ‘bubble effect’ in photos.I think everyone wanted to break my gun by the end of the day. In fact it did break (cheap China product) and I noticed no one was very sad except for me.

Jason and Wendy and their friends joined us and it was more sausage sticks around.

First group picture of the day. Some Australian teenage girls were so bemused with our ‘V’ poses that they asked whether they could take their picture with us.

And then we stepped into the Sideshow Alley also known as the ‘blood sucking money grabbing male conning’ gallery where the guys just lost control of their wallets and flung their cash at the games attendants ‘Take all my money! Con me into playing mindless games where I win nothing but hard giant stuffed toys!’ they yelled in enthusiasm.

It was game after game after game after game.

HC won Jo a toy!  Can you tell she was very happy?

Of course as the afternoon went by, Jo’s arms filled up with toy after toy after toy. She was delighted then but I think regrets cheering the guys on now that her room resembles a mini toy store.

Another first for me at the Show, sitting on this ride which I’ve wanted to for ages. Bryan bought me a ticket (thanks Brio!) and Richard accompanied me on the ride. It was soooo good, I felt like I was flying and the wind in my face was glorious. Jo was quite nervous for me though and thought I would fly off my seat.

Panda the photographer. This photo reminds me of Jan because she loves Pandas and loves taking photos.

Xinlong joined us and Jo showed off her loot. I think he was amazed at the sheer size of the duck.

Another group photo at the Greatest Show on Earth.

Then it started to turn dark and out came the neon glow thingys which I bought for everyone. I know that they all hung the glow sticks on their doors, cars etc after the show. Richard hung his dolphin in his car and it melted in the sun (T___T).

Dinner time! Some of the guys had the $10 lamb shank from the Lamb Van which looked good but was apparently tough and tasteless. I guess there’s a reason why it’s only $10.

My lamb roll with gravy which is what I have every year at the Show ( I don’t know why it’s just a tradition) was much better.

It started to drizzle but I had already told the guys to bring their umbrellas beforehand so we were pretty dry. Luckily the rain stopped just before the fireworks show and it was fireworks galore from then.

It was time to go home, the kiddy rides were all closed and it was quite surreal looking at the empty carousel.

So another year, another Perth Royal Show. Every year the show stays the same, but every year it feels different because we’re always going with a mix of old and new friends.  I know I had fun again this year, the bubble gun probably made a lot of difference (^_^)Y.

This is how we felt when we got home. Even the toys looked kinda tired.

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