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The Kuching food post

I seriously wonder whether there is anywhere else in the world besides Malaysia that you can find the dish below, ju hu eng chye meaning cuttlefish and kangkong (water convolvulus).
2015-01-05-12-54-31_decoju hu eng chye
can be loosely described as a salad of some sort, with a pungent shrimp paste dressing though, it’s not exactly vegetarian.


Western style (and yet so not Western) mixed grill dish from your local steakhouse stall in Petanak market.This is what you call a bit of everything.

You know I’m back in Perth when I start posting a myriad of Kuching food pictures. Sigh, it’s back to harsh work reality tomorrow but I’m indulging in one day of post holiday blues. In fact, I had indo mee and a kopi (instant Old Town pack sigh) for lunch to console myself and feel a little closer to home.


My childhood Moonlight pandan icecream stall has closed in Kenyalang *sob* so had to make do with second best Sunny Hill pandan icecream which Darren’s friend kindly bought for us. I had a couple of scoops of this and it was sooo good. I would buy an icecream maker just to make pandan icecream if I could recreate the same texture and flavour.
Even though I didn’t post up pictures of durians, it was durian season in Kuching and we pretty much had durian every day! We also had the local mangosteen, which is very sweet and picturesque with its purple hue and white flesh.
Funnily enough, I remember always having to draw pictures of mangosteens for art class or tuition at school, but I hardly ever ate any mangosteens back then.
A new discovery of good bbq meats and noodles, well not actually new because my parents told me they’ve been going to this kopitiam for ages, but new for me.

I’ve never been much of a roast meat fan, but man, we really need good char siew like this in Perth. It was the perfect combination of crunchy charred bits, sweet charsiew sweetness and tender meat.
No more Yi Ann kampua mee this year, instead I had the kampua at Sin Popo (another popular local kopitiam) which has its own fans. I think I might like it better than the one at Yi Ann.


Another foochow hawker fare, this is a dryer version of ‘char ju mein’ which was noodles stir fried in fragrant foochow ‘red wine’ (ang chiew) and red wine residue. Speaking of red wine, we managed to bring back a bottle of ang chiew to Perth so I will be making red wine chicken soup in 2015. If I have time, I may attempt to make my own red wine again this year.
This is a typical home cooked meal at R’s house. My father-in-law is a great cook and whips up these banquet meals in no time. I think R put on 6 kgs in two weeks!
Speaking of home cooked meals,the ribs that Darren made turned out fork tender. We were probably a bit too heavy with the salt but the spice rub was very tasty, must attempt this at home.
He’s not going to be happy I posted this (but luckily I don’t think he reads my blog) but this was the day Darren was discharged and returned home, woo hoo. I don’t know why I refer to him as the kid or that boy sometimes seeing he’s a grown man in his *gasp* late twenties, but I guess he will always be my little brother in my eyes. I will miss hanging out with him and wish desperately that we were all together in Perth. Maybe some day.


Another local fruit the mighty star fruit which is not only pretty to look at but very refreshing. It’s a pity I didn’t get to eat jambu (bell shaped local fruit) this time.

Ok that ends my Kuching food post for the year, hopefully I’ll get to visit before the year ends and will be posting more pics of Kuching food soon. Meanwhile it’s back to the start of the working year for me, so hopefully I’ll successfully switch off my post holiday blues tomorrow. Wish me luck!



Kuching daze

We’re back in Kuching! Now going on Day 5 but it feels like it’s gone by in a blur because of R’s sister’s wedding. Already I feel sad that we’re going back soon 😦

Darren roti canai love

Darren roti canai love

Spending the last few days with my brother. Here he is digging into his favourite roti canai. He ordered a roti bawang and a roti kaya, both very good!

roti pisang

roti pisang

I had roti pisang (banana) for the first time. It was a bit odd at first eating it with curry, sweet and savoury but very yummy.



My favourite ‘sa yong’ puffs sprinkled with sugar for dessert. So good. This will probably be the last sa yong that I eat for a while (so I had three!), *sob* no more sa yong until my next return to Kuching.

teh tarik

teh tarik

Teh tarik which we had with the roti canai. Not too sweet and very fragrant.

stutong market

stutong market

I love exploring the wet markets in Kuching. This is stutong market which had lots of great food stalls.

banana galore

banana galore

Why are the bananas in Malaysia so much better? Makes for much better banana fritters/goreng pisang too!

kueh chap

kueh chap

Kueh chap from Stutong market. This was my mother’s lunch which she said was pretty good.

kolo mee

kolo mee

My first kolo mee in Kuching! Also from Stutong market, it was very good.

Ok that’s all for now, Happy New Year in advance!

Kuching: A Bak Kut Teh post for Jaso & Tristan gets a haircut!

A blog post by request from Jason, my ‘regular reader’ haha.

kaya toast

Fantastic traditional breakfast of soft boiled eggs and kaya toast. Sadly I couldn’t drink my normal kopi. Have to resist till my cough gets better.


Wheatgrass shots in Perth taste terrible, very healthy but it’s like drinking a shot of minced fresh grass. Wheatgrass  drinks in Kuching however, are refreshing and lovely. Not sure whether this rates highly on the healthy scale though.  This is Jo’s standard drink in Kuching nowadays.

tristan leg

Bad ass Tristan at the kopitiam hahahahaha.

tris news

The baby has been having a whale of time in Kuching getting spoiled by his grandparents (and aunt). My father introduced him to a new toy, newspapers! Doesn’t he look scholarly here? In actual fact he was having more fun tearing up the newspapers.


Tristan getting his first hair cut from his yee zhang! Haha, had to chronicle this moment. Tristan looks so deep in thought because we were distracting him with videos.

bak kut teh

Since this post is for Jaso, I had to put up a photo of his favourite bak kut teh. Our preferred bak kut teh stall at Bee Wee Hiong.


It’s important to know the foodie movers and shakers in town, Tristan is introduced to the bak kut teh master. This master is actually the pioneer bak kut teh maker in Kuching and introduced this wonderful pork rib soup to the cat city in 1976! He learned to make this dish when he was studying in Singapore and spent a couple of years perfecting the recipe before opening up his bak kut teh stall.


He has been featured in a few newspaper articles. See Jaso, we introduced you to the best bak kut teh in town.

pork leg rice

Coming from a family of pork butchers, the pork ingredients in the bak kut teh are always fresh and they also sell a mean pork leg rice dish. We especially love their braised ‘loh’ intestines, so clean, fresh and yummy.

The friendly bak kut teh master waves goodbye!

Brunch @ The Precinct

I’m never quite sure why I keep returning to The Precinct even though the food is a bit hit and miss.

_DSC0554 (Medium)

It could be the wide and somehow cozy, spacious interior.

_DSC0556 (Medium)

Or the cool murals.

_DSC0557 (Medium)

The scrambled eggs with toast ($10) was tasty , my friends were delighted with the custardy texture of the scrambled eggs.

_DSC0559 (Medium)

Chickpeas with slow eggs were yummy too. We also had the baked beans with toast which were a bit too tart  for our liking.

_DSC0561 (Medium)

I love watching Jade grow up! She is such a good and pretty little girl with her honey blonde locks.

_DSC0562 (Medium)

Tristan making friends with Jade. Hehe, so cute.

The Precinct
834 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park

_DSC0564 (Medium)

Our new favourite Malaysian restaurant, Wang’s Asian Cuisine ( 28a, Chapman Rd, St James) which is next to Buen. They make a pretty good assam laksa.

_DSC0567 (Medium)

Combination rice with chicken and roast pork.

_DSC0568 (Medium)

Hainan chicken rice.


Bak kut teh with steamed rice. I like it that they come with yeow char kwai, deep fried crullers,

_DSC0571 (Medium)

The view from my window. It’s isn’t so bad working during weekends when you get to look at at leafy, relaxing surroundings like that.  Ok time to prepare our Sunday dinner.

Long time No(vember) Blog

Blink and suddenly it’s November. Where has the time gone?!

_DSC2006 (Medium)
This picture feels like a long time ago when the temperature hit 35 degrees and it felt like the dreaded Perth summer was here. Jo and I were hating the heat and craving for anything cold. So we went to Taurus for a good ol’ ice kacang!

_DSC2007 (Medium)

This was Jo’s char keuy tiaw with see hum (clams). Taurus is one of those places that I wish I brought Jan and Andy to when they last visited us in Perth. Their Malaysian hawker fare (with Yeos teh bunga and A&W rootbeer in the fridge) never fails to make me feel as if I’m back in Malaysia. Except for their gigantic portion sizes.

_DSC2010 (Medium)

Taurus’s chicken rice isn’t fantastic, in fact, their chicken is more on the dry side, perhaps we should have asked for thigh meat instead.

_DSC2011 (Medium)

Combination three meat with fried rice. An old favourite but very filling.

_DSC2020 (Medium)

I’ve always wanted to try Etro on King Street (conveniently located near all the luxury stores haha) and since we had an errand to run in the area, we stopped by for Saturday brunch.

_DSC2024 (Medium)

Jo’s french toast with orange zest, strawberries and a side of bacon. She said it was pretty good.

_DSC2025 (Medium)

Eggs benedict, the eggs were nicely poached with the right runny center.

_DSC2026 (Medium)

Ham and cheese wrap, light breakfast snack. The coffee unfortunately wasn’t fantastic, but the cafe itself was light and bright and generally quite cosy. I’m not sure I would return because the food wasn’t wow, I probably would prefer Venn which is just nearby.

_DSC2027 (Medium)

Jo’s french toast was inspiration for my own home made french toast on Sunday. Nothing fancy like orange zest or strawberries though 🙂 Just plain french toast drizzled with honey.

_DSC2031 (Medium)

We attended an old uni mate’s wedding during the weekend. It was a lovely wedding and such a sweet couple. Meeting old uni friends was a bit weird and brought back lots of old memories from my uni days. Everyone felt older but somehow yet the same. I’m not sure I like feeling grown up at all.

_DSC2039 (Medium)

A new dish inspired by an episoder of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals. This is pan fried five spice chicken with sweet chilli and coriander sauce. Apparently Jo’s hosting a housewarming dinner for Jaso and Gill next weekend and I’m cooking? What should I cook, any suggestions?

Another weekend bites the dust.

Singapore Day 4 : The last breakfast

Sob, it was the last day in Singapore. Not even a full day since our flight was in the afternoon. But we made the most of it foodie wise and had a massive breakfast at Albert Food Court.
_DSC0499 (Medium)
I love this food court, so much choice and a kopi stall in every lane! HC and I had a kopi everyday (^__^).
_DSC0517 (Medium)

HC’s brother joined us for breakfast. He was still suffering from the aftermath of a bad cold poor guy.

_DSC0496 (Medium)

My mum’s roti canai with curry sauce. This looks yummy.

_DSC0488 (Medium)

Jo’s second Lek Tao Suan in Singapore. For some reason she developed a craving for this sweet mung bean dessert in Singapore, best eaten with lots of yew char kuey (fried dough sticks) on top. I used to love this dessert as a kid, hmm, maybe I can make this at home!

_DSC0507 (Medium)

I don’t know who’s char kway teow this was, was it mine? I think we might have shared this.

_DSC0515 (Medium)

I can imagine Jan shaking her head at this photo. Instead of her favourite vegetarian beehoon I bought vegetarian kway teao instead! I miss vegetarian stalls in Singapore.

_DSC0512 (Medium)

No prizes for guessing what my dad had for his last meal in Singapore. What else but the famous fishball noodles? We also bought a huge pack of fried carrot cake to share. So good. Gosh, we are such gluttons but what a happy life (^___^)Y. If you haven’t guessed by now, it was a fantastic Singapore holiday.

Singapore Day 2 & 3: Orchard & the Family reunion

I know I haven’t been blogging for a long time. To tell the truth, life is at a low slump now and I just didn’t feel like writing emo posts that I would gag at later. But I’m going on holiday soon, so hopefully things will turn for the better soon 🙂

Ok, back to happier times. Day 2 in fun Bugis.
_DSC0373 (Medium)

This is Bugis Street early in the morning minus the crowds.
_DSC0378 (Medium)

This time we ventured out of Bugis and we went to Orchard the shopping haven. It was Jo and HC’s first time at the ION shopping centre with pretty cool ceilings.
_DSC0400 (Medium)

We met up with my parents at Heeren for a Japanese buffet at Kiseki. Hehe, HC was nice enough to pose in front of the sumo mascot for me.


It was a fun shopping day but we were glad to get back to our favourite Albert food court for good local food. Snacks included ondeh-ondeh, popiah and pie tee.

_DSC0487 (Medium)

One of our must-eats in Singapore was Mos Burger. It took us a while to find the Mos burger outlet but it was worth it. There’s just something different about the Mos burger.

_DSC0486 (Medium)

This was our durian stall throughout the Singapore trip. My father made friends with the Uncle durian seller. His stall was just opposite the hotel. HC stopped by on our way back to the hotel to ask him whether there were any good durians that day for my father.

_DSC0466 (Medium)

Day 3 was just all about the family reunion. All the Singaporean relatives gathered at Uncle Richard’s place, some that Jo and I had never seen before. It was a very heartwarming event and I know my parents had a great time catching up with the old folks.

_DSC0475 (Medium)

Guess what I had for dinner?

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