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My new favourite cafe @ Boucla

Today I had breakfast with some female colleagues before work. We were there to try out the cafe where her hubby works as the general manager and head barista. I was kinda embarrassed when she introduced me to the cute 19 year old barista as ‘the coffee aficionado’. ‘this is the one you want to impress’ she said which I protested ‘ no no! I’m just learning!’ But it was too late, the sweet boy looked at me earnestly with ‘ ahhh….’ eyes. Oh dear. I think my daily cups of Velvet takeaways have given my colleagues the wrong impression that I’m a real coffee nut, when in truth, I am just so lucky to have the lovely and mighty Velvet within a stone’s throw from my office.

Speaking of good coffee, I’ve known about Boucla since my uni days (and that’s very long ago). Back then I was completing a placement at an organisation located opposite, I once offered to buy coffee for my supervisor and she solemnly said ‘the best is at Boucla’. Of course I wasn’t interested in coffee back in those days and was more interested in stuffing my face with the gorgeous jam donuts from the nearby Jean Claude Pattiserie.

This little cafe is practically an institution in Subiaco, always very busy and popular amongst the locals. The interior of Boucla is dim, warm and exotic, someone once described it as ‘Aladdin’s cave’ and that’s the perfect description. A mini treasure trove that serves fabulous coffee and cakes.

It’s difficult to find a good cafe that serves great coffee AND great cakes in Perth. It’s always one or the other. Cakes too often are stale, dry or mass produced. But the cakes and tarts and little treats in Boucla makes one salivate, you don’t know where to start, you can’t make up your mind. The beautiful vegetable filo tarts, chocolate and ricotta cake or fresh, colourful greek salads?

We settled for the banana walnut cake which was gorgeous, so moist, with chockful of nuts, crispy banana chips, sooo good. I wish I could have some now *sad*.

My coffee was fantastic. I tried to sip it bit by bit to savour the creaminess, the smooth texture, the fragrance, but it was too late, I drained away my glass and R laughed at my sad face, knowing that I wanted more. It went so well with the cake, or should I say the cake went so well with my coffee?

Enough said. My new favourite cafe. I will be returning.

Boucla Cafe
349 Rokeby Rd
Phone: 9381 2841

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 8/10

Service: 6/10


The Imp

I’m so glad that The Imp is conveniently located near my house. A new addition to the Albany Highway coffee strip, we’ve passed by this tiny, buzzing cafe several times on our way to other restaurants, but never popped in to have a bite thinking that it was just a small bar. We were delighted when we found out that The Imp is not a bar, bur rather is a b.y.o. cafeĀ  with free corkage (only if you order tapas though) that serves a wide range of tapas, breakfast, cakes and coffees.

Did I mention the coffee? Coffee here is smooth, addictive, fragrant, good coffee that doesn’t need sugar. They use Fiori beans, not that I know what’s the difference but I hear it’s a GOOD THING. It’s not yet Velvet level, but it’s getting there, so good that after my first visit, I returned three times in two weeks.

But it isn’t really just about the coffee. The cakes. The mini yummylicious cakes disguised as muffins. This was the pineapple cake which was nice but not on par with my favourite. After staring at their sticky date puddings which are served in mugs and overflowing with caramel sauce, I couldn’t get the image out of my mind for days. We returned a couple of times only to find that the pudding was sold out, arrgh (btw, I did finally get to eat it and it was nice but just not as wow as I expected).

This is my favourite, the orange syrup cake. Anything orange I usually like. But this one cut the cake *pun intended*.

It was moist with hints of dessicated coconut and soft, and moist with marmaladey slightly sticky syrupy texture. Not too sweet, it’s one of my favourite cakes now. So good that I went searching for the recipe today and shall try it out in the near future. I’ve tried most of their cakes now, there’s the sinful chocolate cheesecake (so bad but so good) and the chocolate fudge cake, I just have to bring Calv and Xinlong here, they would love it.

I hesitate to give The Imp ratings because I’ve yet to try their tapas and grapevine has it that they’re really good. I will go one day, but they’re kinda on the pricey side for tiny dishes (as tapas in Perth are) so it’ll have to be a special night when I’m ready to splurge. BUT.. they do have an affordable breakfast menu as we discovered when we brought Jaso from Gero there last weekend.

Jason had the Spinach and Mushroom on Toast with mascarpone cheese ($9.50) which came in a big serving and was yummy. Baby spinach, mushrooms and mascarpone and really nice toast, fantastic combination.

Jo and HC shared the Hangover roll which was a toasted roll with an omelette made of tomatoes, jalapenos, tomato, spinach and a side of chutney ($11). It was really quite huge and I know Jo and HC really enjoyed their roll. I’m not sure I would eat it after a hangover though, usually I feel like throwing up at the sight of food.

The Imp is really one of those finds that you can’t wait to tell your other friends about, in fact, I told my coffee loving colleague A about it the next day. My ratings are only based on the breakfast, cakes and did I mention the delectable coffees? Is the weekend here yet? I’m ready for my coffee fix…

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 7/10

Service :6/10 (a bit of a hit and miss depending on which waiter/waitress you get)

The Imp
863 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park
(08) 9361 2600

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