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Falalalala baking almond crescents

The first of this year’s Christmas cookie baking.
2014-11-16-22-26-17_decoI baked these almond crescents for the first time because Jan mentioned that she likes them. Love the texture of almond meal and the fragrance of butter and orange zest. Cookies always taste best when they’re straight out of the oven.

Will hopefully have more time to bake more Christmas cookies as the year winds down Y(^____^)Y. Maybe a gingerbread man for the kids?

Brunch@ Pleased to meet you

Spring is in the air! The weather was pretty glorious all weekend, I did no work at all and we’re pretty much fully recovered. So it was a good, real weekend 🙂


I was feeling pretty chirpy on Saturday while walking to the supermarket and staring at the blue sky. There was a ‘spring’ in my step, I felt so lighthearted that I even bought some pretty daffodils to bring some cheer into the home.


Sunday was great as well. I was missing the nephew and niece a bit, Tristan has been home sick while Kaka is still in Singapore. Had to make do with a really nice brunch at the fairly new hip joint in Northbridge, Pleased to Meet You. So hip that they don’t even have a signboard to identify the restaurant save for the ’38’ sign which signals their location on 38 Roe Street Northbridge.


They only open at noon and we were a wee bit too early so whiled away our time by checking out the ongoing Perth construction. Perth’s skyline has changed a lot in recent years.


I can’t imagine living far away from the city. I don’t think I could ever be a country gal, I shudder at the thought of living even half an hour away from the city. Even to this day, I miss working in the city and the hustle and bustle that goes with it.


 Yeah the doors finally opened and we’re one of the first ones in. R is not into the whole communal seating but I tell him that this is the ‘in’ thing nowadays. I agree with him though, I do like the privacy of having individual tables but understand that it wouldn’t go well with Pleased to Meet You’s no reservations policy and their sharing, tapas style menu.


Clean, industrial and spacious feel. The waitress was just friendly enough and provided good service.


Opted for the window seat at the front of the restaurant. A brunch with a view.


The menu is on the wall and you order at the counter. I wanted to order everything because the items all sounded so good (think ‘food truck’), but with restraint (haha), I had the duck taco with corn salsa ($7). Came in a three bite portion, and was delicious. Duck was moist, tasty, sweetness of the corn, ahh, squeeze of lime, it was yums. Could easily have devoured three of these.


My other order, S&P squid banh mhi ($8.5) was lovely too. The pickles gave it the tart freshness, squid tasty and nicely spiced, the bread was just right, with perfect crustiness and soft innards. Right away, I knew I would be back. I regretted not ordering more.


R had a real main, the roast pork ramen ($17). The ramen lover can never resist ordering ramen if it’s on the menu, we were really curious to see Pleased to meet you’s intepretation of ramen. The bowl that came out was pretty impressive, I think they must have placed their eggs in a water bath, it was oozy soft boiled pretty. I find it very disappointing that Perth restaurants that serve ramen now don’t even attempt to have the traditional half boiled eggs in ramen and instead give you half a boiled egg. Just wrong.


The broth definitely had depth of flavour and obviously thought was put into this bowl of ramen up from the tender roast pork to the marinated mushrooms. While flavoursome, we found it quite different from traditional ramens in that it distinctly lacked japanese flavours that we’re so used to be it soy or miso. It was good, but R said he would probably just stick to his favourite Gumshara ramen in Sydney in the future.

Will 100% return, in fact I’m raring to return just to try all the other things on the menu.


Market in the city. I bought a bagel because I love bagels, but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it haha.



Checking out the new designs in the city.


Mural artwork starting to appear in alleyways. Check out the interior designer at work, haha, capturing inspiration for his mood boards.


I’m back in the kitchen :):). This was bak kut teh with stir fried bittergourd with egg.


Japanese tofu with minced prawn, chicken, radish and mushrooms.


I love simple comfort chinese cooking. This is stir fried brocolli with chicken and mushrooms in egg sauce.


To balance out the ‘healthy’ items for dinner tonight, I had the very unhealthy siu yuk, roast pork. I’ve mentioned numerous times that R loves roast pork so I’m always experimenting with new ways to achieve the ultimate crispy skin. This was a new method which had many steps including marinating the skin in white vinegar for hours. Whilst a little more troublesome, I think it was worth it because this was my ‘bubbliest’ skin ever.


Another chiffon cake? Yes, this time it was an orange chiffon cake which I baked specially for Tristan and Jo since they were sick at home.

Boohoo the weekend is over, but at least it was a great one 🙂

On the road to recovery

We’re gradually getting better but it has been a trying few weeks.For a while I even lost my sense of taste which was really weird.

_DSC2555 (Medium)

Strong salty pickles with porridge for dinner. I could hardly taste these.

_DSC2558 (Medium)

Comfort food of luncheon meat with onions and eggs.

_DSC2561 (Medium)

I finally made a tiramisu! It was a huge pan so we’re still trying to finish it off. Definitely not Ciao Italia standard with room for improvement but I think I’ll slowly make my way there :).

_DSC2562 (Medium)

Finally ventured out of the house to have dinner with the little one and his parents.

_DSC2566 (Medium)

Dinner at Viethoa which is still our standard go to Vietnamese joint. Richard and his bowl of raw beef pho.

_DSC2568 (Medium)

HC’s must order at Viethoa, their pork chop and broken rice meal. Very tasty pork chop, haha, obviously I was getting my tastebuds back.

_DSC2570 (Medium)

Saturday date night at Grill’d. I told R that if we move away from Victoria Park some day, we will miss being able to walk to the cafe strip at night for dinner. We figured ginger beer would probably be good for our scratchy throats and Matso’s has a lovely one.

_DSC2572 (Medium)

R usually doesn’t like burgers (why are we so different T___T) so I was surprised that he opted for the sliders which came in a good deal at 3 sliders for $17. I love having a selection and he admitted that these burgers were yummy, especially loving the beef burger with pomegranate slaw and wasabi mayo.

_DSC2574 (Medium)

My normal order at Grill’d is always the Baa Baa lamb burger with a side of sweet potato chips. The Baa Baa burger is my favourite burger at Grill’d because the lamb patty is always juicy and lovely with the crisp lettuce and tomato as well as mashed avocado.

_DSC2577 (Medium)

Pandan chiffon cake for tea tomorrow 🙂

_DSC2579 (Medium)

This turned out really soft and fluffy so I’m tempted to make an orange chiffon cake, but who’s going to finish it??

Hopefully it’s the start of a good illness free week!


The July that was …

Oh dear, this has possibly been my worst non blogging spell ever. Not sure whether that’s a reflection of how busy work has been or a sign of my laziness and general ‘couch potato’ behaviour after work.

_DSC2550 (Medium)

Even World Cup has come and gone. We managed to catch a few games in between and I enjoyed the whole atmosphere, thrill and excitement that the game brought. I kinda miss the ‘oh eh ah’ Brazil theme song whenever World Cup features on SBS.

_DSC2553 (Medium)

My first quiche lorraine. I haven’t been cooking or baking as much in the kitchen which is sad. Every now and then I do spend the occasional afternoon cooking and baking which is great because for that time period, I don’t think of anything else but focus on taste and flavour. Sometimes cooking can be relaxing.


A while back we went on a work road trip to Geraldton. On the way back, it started drizzling and then ….


Still waiting for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :).

The June that was …

Half of 2014 is over and yet I feel like I haven’t achieved anything. But maybe I will soon because I’m taking driving lessons, woohoo!
In June, we celebrated Richard’s birthday. It was a very quiet, simple affair. In fact, the cutting of the birthday cake was just us two which was nice.

Richard’s birthday breakfast of longlife noodles with chicken abalone soup.


Lots of new restaurants popping up in Victoria Park which is fabulous. We’ve had two hotpot places open up within the year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the nice interior of Amazy Hotpot restaurant and attracted by their dimsum poster (during the day) so asked my makan family to go there for dimsum one Sunday morning.


There wasn’t a wide variety of dimsum to choose from but they had the staples. Most of the dimsum were of quality standard and tasty, however, they took a long time to come out despite us being the only table there! We were also taken aback at their $3 per head tea charge.


Our must order sin jook kuen, beancurd skin rolls.


The ultimate sin of all dimsum, uncooked har gaw! Despite coming out at such a slow pace, the chef must have been getting stressed out and this har gaw came out way too early so the prawns were still raw and skin still doughy. Arrgh. We returned it and asked for a replacement.

I’ve heard that their hotpots are quite tasty but there have been complaints that the prices are on the high side. Save to say, we definitely won’t be returning.

Amazy Hot Pot and Restaurant
180 Albany Highway
Victoria Park


It feels like one of the coldest winter I’ve ever been through in Perth. One night, R and I braved the cold and walked from home to the Vic Park town centre for dinner. We didn’t really have a place in mine but decided to go with Mexican at Pancho’s Villa which we’ve been to a couple of times and enjoyed.


It was perfect for a cold winter night, melted cheese, sour cream, burritos, frijoles, rice. Yums. It made me crave Mexican for the rest of the week.


All washed down with this giant ‘Fish Bowl’ of Pearl Harbour cocktail. It was supposed to be shared by 4 but R and I finished it easy hehe.

Raring to go back again, but this time I would love it if the daitaoha sisters could go and share a fishbowl :).


Malaysian honeycomb cake, a special chewy texture with a dark caramel taste.


Another Malaysian delight, the one and only Sarawak kolo mee. Our supplies are running low, we’ll make sure we load up when we’re next back home.

And that wraps up the first half of 2014.

Sticky date pudding

It’s going to be 38 degrees tomorrow (T_______T). But hopefully this is the last of summer weather because the rest of the week is looking good with below 30 weather.

Can’t believe I’m obsessing about the weather, must be a sign of old age.

I found dates at the supermarket!


So we’re having sticky date pudding for Friday morning tea tomorrow. I made them mini muffin size so hopefully that will cut down the guilt because sticky date pudding with caramel sauce is oh so sinful and sweet. I will bring some double cream to cut out the sweetness but no luck with the fat content.

Yoohoo for the weekend!

iPad blogging

I am trying a new experiment of blogging using my mini iPad to see whether it will make me blog more frequently! Being in front of the computer all day at work, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is switch on my laptop to blog.

But it’s a lot easier blogging on the mini! Only con is the quality of the pics won’t be great coz they’re taken on the mini, ah well, I can save the nicer pics and longer blogs for the weekend.


Any guesses what this is? A bit early for my usual mid week baking but Jo and Hc gave me a lift home from work so I reached home early for once!

I’ve been taking a hiatus from tvb drama watching and have been avidly following my kitchen rules and  Winter Olympics! It’s quite odd since I’ve never been keen on winter sports but figure skating is very entertaining! R and I have also been watching aerial skiing. Maybe it’s the awe of watching athletes defy gravity and doing what we could never do.


It’s another recipe from my favourite trusty baking book, chocolate raspberry brownies. I think it’s not too rich and will go down well at work.


It’s my boss’s birthday tomorrow, he’s not a sweet tooth so I decided to bake sausage rolls for a savoury treat, the boys should love this, not sure why sausage rolls and meat pies are so popular in Australia, maybe coz they’re served warm? My sausage rolls have apple, pork, fennel and leek filling 🙂

Ooh couple figure skating finals are on, back to the tv…Have a good week all!

Woodman’s point

This was a while back during New Year’s Day when we went to Woodman’s Point for a bbq and a spot of fishing.
_DSC2017 (Large)

It was a really popular spot for fishing with everyone gathered at the pier. I don’t think the boys managed to catch anything but they still had fun.

_DSC2016 (Large)

While the boys fished, Tristan was having the best time rolling around the grass. I think he is growing up to be a cheeky and active little boy.

_DSC2019 (Large)

The Lee family.

_DSC3618 (Large)

Baking sio baos. My male colleagues are always grumbling that we have too many sweet goodies for morning tea and not enough of savoury so I thought I would bake savoury treats for a change. They enjoyed these a lot even though I still consider them as ‘sweet buns’.

I’m running out of blogging material because I’ve been too lazy to take photos! But hopefully I will have more to blog about soon because we’re to Sydney for a long weekend soon 🙂 Now if I only remember to bring my camera …

On another note, Jan and family have booked their tickets to Perth and will be arriving in March, woo hoo!

Elies Tent, Venn and Crispy Chicken

This was a couple Saturday nights ago when R had a long day at work and ended up falling asleep once he got home.
_DSC1853 (Large)
By the time he woke up, it was rather late and we didn’t have many places to choose from. In the end we tried Elies Tent which is a lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park which we’ve passed by many times but never tried. It ended up being a good choice because the restaurant was quiet and we got this corner all to ourselves.

I spotted a belly dancer  poster on their door and commented to R that we had probably missed the belly dancing since we were so late. But to our delight, at the start of our meal, the vivacious and friendly belly dancer appeared. She was a talented lady too and came by to chat with us later.

_DSC1862 (Large)

We ordered the Maza for Two banquet ($35 per person) and it was fun when all this spread turned up. Hummus(chickpea) and mutabbal(eggplant) dips and fetta cheese which we had with lebanese bread. I actually enjoyed the mutabbal a lot which had this strong roasted eggplant flavour. We also had falafel which came out piping hot and was very tasty.

_DSC1873 (Large)
Tabbouleh, which was a refreshing salad but I think they should have added more  ingredients, this one perhaps had too much parsley and not much else.

_DSC1874 (Large)
Chicken and beef shish kebab. Nothing special but grilled meat on a stick 🙂

_DSC1881 (Large)
Seasoned rice with shawarma lamb and chicken, the meat pieces were very tender and nicely spiced and lemony. R and I were getting very full by this time.

Would I return to Elies Tent? I’m not sure as I don’t think R is a big fan of Lebanese cuisine, but it was definitely nice to have something out of the ordinary and at a nice, cosy family restaurant.

_DSC1886 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn’s in the city. I love the high ceilings and secluded feel of this hidden breakfast spot.

_DSC1890 (Large)
Breakfast at Venn wasn’t great, this mushrooms with poached egg and toast was too salty.

_DSC1889 (Large)
I probably should have stuck to good ol’ jam and butter with toast.

_DSC1903 (Large)
We were really unlucky during our last Sunday brekkie hunt. All the places we went to were either closed or too full etc. So somehow we ended up at the popular Tuckshop which only required a 10 minute wait. This was my smoked cod gratin which came with a cheese toasty. The gratin was rich and packed with seafood flavour, rather like a seafood chowder, but a bit heavy for me especially paired with a cheese toasty.

_DSC1899 (Large)
Lots of fun things happening in the city! I liked their makeshift beach with giant tv screen of rolling waves in the middle of the city.

_DSC1909 (Large)
We discovered this 360 degrees poultry roaster gadget and couldn’t resist buying it. You know how one side of your roast chickens sticks to the tray and you end up ripping the skin when you try to flip it over? This gadget solves all your non crispy skin problems because it roasts the bird standing up.

_DSC1922 (Large)
The result of our roast chicken, more crispy skin but the meat wasn’t as tender as usual, maybe I left it too long in the oven to get the full golden brown effect.

_DSC1919 (Large)

Three kinds of roasted sweet potatoes, they included the normal golden sweet potatoes, my favourite purple skinned white fleshed variety and a new white skinned but purple flesh variety given to us by Gerry, very nice too.
_DSC1925 (Large)

Baking for our work morning tea, nectarine and almond cake. Tristan’s first birthday party is coming up this weekend so lots of cooking will be involved this weekend. I’m hoping I get well from my bout of migraine and overall dizziness this week, wish me luck!

Kolo mee @ daitaoha’s

It’s finally December!!! 22 more days to go till Christmas holidays, I can’t wait, I need a break and am looking forward to sleeping in, woo hoo.

_DSC3506 (Large)

A bit early for Christmas roasts, but here is R’s favourite roast pork, I’m not sure why he likes roast pork so much, I think it’s just for the crackling.

_DSC3507 (Large)

I made my own apple sauce, I didn’t realise it would be so easy to make apple sauce, not buying jars in the future.

_DSC3518 (Large)

Christmas cookies, this was almond and dark chocolate biscotti, the colleagues liked it but I think next time I will try different flavours, maybe hazelnut and coffee or almond cinammon?

_DSC3513 (Large)

Kuching kolo mee in Perth!! Courtesy of Jo’s lovely and generous colleague F who gave Jo three packs of dried kolo mee.

_DSC3498 (Large)

The noodles were remarkably authentic, we just need to get the seasoning portions right but if we can ship in many boxes next pasar malam we will be selling kolo mee haha. I made my own pork lard, shallot oil, minced pork and charsiew. Needs more work but I’m sure Jo and co. will be willing guinea pigs. Jan, you and Andy can be my guinea pigs too in 2014.


Tristan is bigger every time I see him, and still so cute, can’t resist smothering him with kisses everytime I see him, I bet he’s rolling his eyes behind my back and thinking ‘yee yee going crazy again’.  Haha, crazy yee yee syndrome.

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