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Golfball pineapple tarts

My mum whatsapped me today ‘how did your pineapple tarts turn out?’


I really am no good at baking! My pineapple tarts were huge that they resembled golf balls! I should have resized my portions, but I was too lazy ….


I can’t comment on the taste because I’m not a fan of pineapple tarts. I know the pastry is quite nice, crumbly, buttery and melt in the mouth. Will have to wait for Jan, the pineapple tart expert to give me feedback. But Happy Chinese New Year Eve everyone! I hope the sheep year will bring my family and friends lots of happiness, prosperity, good luck and good health!

Sausage rolls, sake, passionfruit soufflé and chocolate raspberry macarons

Jaso is back in town and we caught up with him for dinner. One of his comments to me was ‘you don’t blog enough’ which is true. In my defence, I’ve been keeping up my new year resolution of keeping a journal (like a real paper based one haha) so there’s already too much daily writing.
I know my subject title suggests a very odd meal but actually this is a mish mash blog post of past activities. Last Friday my sisters and I went out to watch Les Misérables and had our pre show lunch at Bistro Guillaume. It was a birthday treat from my sisters, hehe, I love musicals so it was great fun. We had cocktails to start off the fun afternoon.

Our pre show lunch was nice, I enjoyed the passionfruit soufflé, I’m not sure why I like soufflés so much, maybe because they’re notorious for being difficult to bake. I must try making some one day.

My own baking, sausage rolls which are a true and tried recipe. Mine feature lots of fennel and also apple and are a favourite in the office.

Crumbed soft shell crab salad at Darlings Supper Club in Northbridge. This was a Friday evening after work when R and I headed into town. It was actually really tasty, the crumb was great (I think they used quinoa) and the salad which was Asian inspired tasted like som tum salad and was very appetizing.

Pork belly and prawn vietnamese rolls which were very tasty too. Darlings Supper Club has great little share plates  which are perfect washed down with sake or beer.


I babysat (even though she’s no longer a baby) Kaka today, my first attempt so I was a bit nervous but it was a breeze and she was such a delight. She spied my Christmas present of a Adriano Zumbo macaron kit back in December and kept asking whether she could bake macarons with me. So we finally baked them today. Isn’t she cute in her chef outfit?


The macarons didn’t end up looking like macarons (more like pink cookies haha) but they tasted pretty yummy according to Kaka. She was very generous and allocated individual macarons for her mummy, daddy, mah-mah (that’s my mum), gun-gun, Tristan.. then she said ‘and one for my Daitaoha yee yee because I love you’ *heart melt into puddle* I could have easily bought her all the icecream in the world then. But she was very good and only ate one macaron as promised.

It promises to be a hot Australia Day long weekend, yeah, I love long weekends :).

Lemon madeleines

It was so hectic at work last week that my boss and I spent the last hour of Friday afternoon laughing deliriously that it was finally the weekend. Kinda like how you’ve just been through a marathon and you’re lying on the grass panting in relief. Only our marathon is not over so I’m bracing myself for the upcoming weeks before it finally lulls to a stop before Christmas.

A quiet Sunday at home alone.
2014-11-23-12-52-42_decoCouldn’t resist buying a mini madeleine pan on Saturday. I’ve always wanted to bake Madeleines because I’m drawn to the pretty shell like shape. My niece loves picking seashells at the beach so I figure she might like these edible seashells.

Jo just dropped by with 2 kilos of mussels so I guess we’re continuing on with the seafood theme for the weekend. Chilli mussels for dinner tonight?

Falalalala baking almond crescents

The first of this year’s Christmas cookie baking.
2014-11-16-22-26-17_decoI baked these almond crescents for the first time because Jan mentioned that she likes them. Love the texture of almond meal and the fragrance of butter and orange zest. Cookies always taste best when they’re straight out of the oven.

Will hopefully have more time to bake more Christmas cookies as the year winds down Y(^____^)Y. Maybe a gingerbread man for the kids?

Brunch@ Pleased to meet you

Spring is in the air! The weather was pretty glorious all weekend, I did no work at all and we’re pretty much fully recovered. So it was a good, real weekend 🙂


I was feeling pretty chirpy on Saturday while walking to the supermarket and staring at the blue sky. There was a ‘spring’ in my step, I felt so lighthearted that I even bought some pretty daffodils to bring some cheer into the home.


Sunday was great as well. I was missing the nephew and niece a bit, Tristan has been home sick while Kaka is still in Singapore. Had to make do with a really nice brunch at the fairly new hip joint in Northbridge, Pleased to Meet You. So hip that they don’t even have a signboard to identify the restaurant save for the ’38’ sign which signals their location on 38 Roe Street Northbridge.


They only open at noon and we were a wee bit too early so whiled away our time by checking out the ongoing Perth construction. Perth’s skyline has changed a lot in recent years.


I can’t imagine living far away from the city. I don’t think I could ever be a country gal, I shudder at the thought of living even half an hour away from the city. Even to this day, I miss working in the city and the hustle and bustle that goes with it.


 Yeah the doors finally opened and we’re one of the first ones in. R is not into the whole communal seating but I tell him that this is the ‘in’ thing nowadays. I agree with him though, I do like the privacy of having individual tables but understand that it wouldn’t go well with Pleased to Meet You’s no reservations policy and their sharing, tapas style menu.


Clean, industrial and spacious feel. The waitress was just friendly enough and provided good service.


Opted for the window seat at the front of the restaurant. A brunch with a view.


The menu is on the wall and you order at the counter. I wanted to order everything because the items all sounded so good (think ‘food truck’), but with restraint (haha), I had the duck taco with corn salsa ($7). Came in a three bite portion, and was delicious. Duck was moist, tasty, sweetness of the corn, ahh, squeeze of lime, it was yums. Could easily have devoured three of these.


My other order, S&P squid banh mhi ($8.5) was lovely too. The pickles gave it the tart freshness, squid tasty and nicely spiced, the bread was just right, with perfect crustiness and soft innards. Right away, I knew I would be back. I regretted not ordering more.


R had a real main, the roast pork ramen ($17). The ramen lover can never resist ordering ramen if it’s on the menu, we were really curious to see Pleased to meet you’s intepretation of ramen. The bowl that came out was pretty impressive, I think they must have placed their eggs in a water bath, it was oozy soft boiled pretty. I find it very disappointing that Perth restaurants that serve ramen now don’t even attempt to have the traditional half boiled eggs in ramen and instead give you half a boiled egg. Just wrong.


The broth definitely had depth of flavour and obviously thought was put into this bowl of ramen up from the tender roast pork to the marinated mushrooms. While flavoursome, we found it quite different from traditional ramens in that it distinctly lacked japanese flavours that we’re so used to be it soy or miso. It was good, but R said he would probably just stick to his favourite Gumshara ramen in Sydney in the future.

Will 100% return, in fact I’m raring to return just to try all the other things on the menu.


Market in the city. I bought a bagel because I love bagels, but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it haha.



Checking out the new designs in the city.


Mural artwork starting to appear in alleyways. Check out the interior designer at work, haha, capturing inspiration for his mood boards.


I’m back in the kitchen :):). This was bak kut teh with stir fried bittergourd with egg.


Japanese tofu with minced prawn, chicken, radish and mushrooms.


I love simple comfort chinese cooking. This is stir fried brocolli with chicken and mushrooms in egg sauce.


To balance out the ‘healthy’ items for dinner tonight, I had the very unhealthy siu yuk, roast pork. I’ve mentioned numerous times that R loves roast pork so I’m always experimenting with new ways to achieve the ultimate crispy skin. This was a new method which had many steps including marinating the skin in white vinegar for hours. Whilst a little more troublesome, I think it was worth it because this was my ‘bubbliest’ skin ever.


Another chiffon cake? Yes, this time it was an orange chiffon cake which I baked specially for Tristan and Jo since they were sick at home.

Boohoo the weekend is over, but at least it was a great one 🙂

On the road to recovery

We’re gradually getting better but it has been a trying few weeks.For a while I even lost my sense of taste which was really weird.

_DSC2555 (Medium)

Strong salty pickles with porridge for dinner. I could hardly taste these.

_DSC2558 (Medium)

Comfort food of luncheon meat with onions and eggs.

_DSC2561 (Medium)

I finally made a tiramisu! It was a huge pan so we’re still trying to finish it off. Definitely not Ciao Italia standard with room for improvement but I think I’ll slowly make my way there :).

_DSC2562 (Medium)

Finally ventured out of the house to have dinner with the little one and his parents.

_DSC2566 (Medium)

Dinner at Viethoa which is still our standard go to Vietnamese joint. Richard and his bowl of raw beef pho.

_DSC2568 (Medium)

HC’s must order at Viethoa, their pork chop and broken rice meal. Very tasty pork chop, haha, obviously I was getting my tastebuds back.

_DSC2570 (Medium)

Saturday date night at Grill’d. I told R that if we move away from Victoria Park some day, we will miss being able to walk to the cafe strip at night for dinner. We figured ginger beer would probably be good for our scratchy throats and Matso’s has a lovely one.

_DSC2572 (Medium)

R usually doesn’t like burgers (why are we so different T___T) so I was surprised that he opted for the sliders which came in a good deal at 3 sliders for $17. I love having a selection and he admitted that these burgers were yummy, especially loving the beef burger with pomegranate slaw and wasabi mayo.

_DSC2574 (Medium)

My normal order at Grill’d is always the Baa Baa lamb burger with a side of sweet potato chips. The Baa Baa burger is my favourite burger at Grill’d because the lamb patty is always juicy and lovely with the crisp lettuce and tomato as well as mashed avocado.

_DSC2577 (Medium)

Pandan chiffon cake for tea tomorrow 🙂

_DSC2579 (Medium)

This turned out really soft and fluffy so I’m tempted to make an orange chiffon cake, but who’s going to finish it??

Hopefully it’s the start of a good illness free week!


The July that was …

Oh dear, this has possibly been my worst non blogging spell ever. Not sure whether that’s a reflection of how busy work has been or a sign of my laziness and general ‘couch potato’ behaviour after work.

_DSC2550 (Medium)

Even World Cup has come and gone. We managed to catch a few games in between and I enjoyed the whole atmosphere, thrill and excitement that the game brought. I kinda miss the ‘oh eh ah’ Brazil theme song whenever World Cup features on SBS.

_DSC2553 (Medium)

My first quiche lorraine. I haven’t been cooking or baking as much in the kitchen which is sad. Every now and then I do spend the occasional afternoon cooking and baking which is great because for that time period, I don’t think of anything else but focus on taste and flavour. Sometimes cooking can be relaxing.


A while back we went on a work road trip to Geraldton. On the way back, it started drizzling and then ….


Still waiting for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :).

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