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S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe

Not many people know this, but I actually really like Thai food. When Jo and I go home to Malaysia, our whole family loves going out for great Thai food in Kuching, I remember numerous birthday celebrations at Bangkok Thai and their must-order- in-advance mango chicken (so good) and the more recent favourite Pandan Delight at BDC. Their tom yum prawns are soo yummy. I love the Thai flavours of lemongrass, lime, fish sauce, galangal etc. I have been trying to infuse these sweet, sour and spicy flavours into my cooking, but of course, it’s nothing like the real thing.

Unfortunately, Thai food in Perth is quite pricey and definitely not as affordable or readily available as say Indonesion,Vietnamese or other South East Asian cuisine. So I was pretty happy when S & T opened up along the handy location of William Street, Northbridge and its menu included a range of affordable one-dish meals such as Pad Thai, or Red Curry with Rice for AUD$10 – $12.

I’ve heard Wendy say that they brought Xinlong and some friends to S & T and they were not impressed, especially disliking the small portions. So be forewarned, if you’re looking for giant portions of noodle/rice e.g. Taurus Hawker foods, this is not the place for you. Instead, if you’re looking for small/medium bowls of slightly sweet and spicy, coconut milk infused  flavourful green curry with rice (or in our case, noodles) for $10, then perhaps give S & T a try.

Their red curry with rice ($10) is more spicy than the green, but still deep flavours with nice tender chicken pieces. Good drenched with rice.

One thing I don’t like about S & T, the giant amounts of peas they put in their curries, the peas are rather hard and bitter, I’m not sure what they add to the curries, but we had to pick them all out and they pretty much too up the whole bowl. Also another recommendation for S & T, please beautify your menu, it’s messy and difficult to read, even ‘justify-ing’ the word document would make a huge difference.

I’ve since walked past S & T many times, and everytime it’s packed with Thai locals, so I’m assuming that’s a thumbs up for the authencity and flavour of its food? Personally I’m glad there’s an affordable Thai cafe where we can pop in for a taste of Thai under $15, so I hope it stays for a while.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food 6.5/10 daitaohas

Service 6/10 daitaohas

S&T Thai Gourmet Cafe

3/349 William Street Perth 6000

Tel: (08) 9328 8877

On another note,it’s the end of the weekend and I feel pretty miserable about the week ahead. I am trying my best to dish up some excitement, but truly, I feel like this ↓

Maggie comes to town

Last weekend Richard’s younger sister  Maggie came to Perth so we had a whirlwind tour of Perth during the weekend.I think we managed to capture the highlights of Perth pretty well in that short span of time but Maggie must be suffering from indigestion now because we ate and ate and ate ( = ^ ^ = )

Dinner started with our favourite Italian in town, Ciao Italia. We ordered the usual suspects, the risotto marinara, chilli mussels, but I tried a new dish at Ciao this time, the penne alla vodka which wasn’t as good as Il Ciao’s but still very tasty. It was a case of over ordering again so we had to ‘dapao’ quite a few things home at the end of dinner, but everyone still had space for a bit of tiramisu.

It was still light out when dinner was over so we headed over to Kings Park and UWA for a bit of photo taking. I always like it when people say that my alma mater is very pretty because it’s possibly one of my favourite places in Perth, besides Matilda Bay of course.

Day 2 Richard had to work so Jo and I brought Maggie out for a spot of shopping at Harbourtown. Perth was going through a heatwave then, it was so hot that all of us were kinda listless and tired. Luckily Japanese food at Hanami perked us up a bit and the guys all enjoyed their bento boxes. Brought Maggie to Burswood for some gambling but mostly we just took photos and basked in the atmosphere of whistling bells and chiming token machines.

The heat wave reached a peak on Sunday but the heat didn’t stop us from visiting the Fremantle sea port. This was the day where we over ate because we kept trying to hide in coffee shops, ice cream shops, any place with air conditioning . There wasn’t a cloud in the sky but it was so hot that even fish and chips were unappealing No one had much of an appetite but I did enjoy my usual soft cone twist.

We couldn’t go back without stopping by the famous Cottlesloe beach. But everyone in Perth had the same idea to go to the beach on that day and it was hard to find parking. I don’t understand why people flock to the beach on summer days, it’s still hot! I pretty much gave up by then and cowered under my umbrella while the brave sister and brother took photos around the Indiana Tea House.

No one had much of an appetite for dinner but S & T Thai Gourmet saved the day with their yummy curries, sweet and sour salads and sticky rice. Most importantly, they had strong air conditioning.

Monday it was back to work for Richard and I, Calv dropped Maggie in the city and I met up with her for lunch. Then it was dinner at home where Richard cooked scotch fillet steaks with sweet potato mash. My contribution was a new recipe of tofu topped with ricotta cheese, basil, bonito flakes, sesame seeds and drizzled with  a sweet sauce. Interesting combination which I would try again.

It was a very hot four days but I enjoyed showing Maggie around, she’s a cute girl with lots of funny lame jokes with mannerisms that are surprisingly similar to her brother’s. Hopefully it won’t be so hot the next time she visits Perth!

Foundation Day long wkend

The sneakers are back on the far end of the shoe shelf. Comfy jeans tucked away. Black boring office wear hung in front of wardrobe.  All signs that the long weekend is over. SIGH. And such an eventful weekend it was too, included Vietnamese hotpots, trips to the hospital (?!), coffee with friends, and as usual, lots of eating.


It was another stressful day at work, luckily my boss let me off early and I was racing out of the door by 4. Start of the long weekend! Dinner at Adrian’s place where Amy (his gf) cooked us Vietnamese hotpot!

Amy’s Vietnamese hotpot had lots of ingredients, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, slices of beef etc. Hidden underneath the flavourful broth was nice Korean clear noodles.  I felt quite bad for Amy because I know it can be stressful cooking for lots of people (there were 7 of us in all).

Her entree of springrolls which had bits of minced prawn and was really very tasty, I must ask her for the recipe for this. Amy are you reading this? Can I have the recipe for your springrolls please?

Our contribution was dessert of warm mud pie with vanilla icecream. We bought the Boston mudcake from Cheesecake Factory and it was rich and gorgeous warmed up in the microwave with lashings of velvety vanilla icecream

It was really a farewell dinner for Norman who was returning to Malaysia after a short holiday in Perth. Norman is Adrian and Bryan’s best friend (I call them the KK 3 Amigos), I’ve heard so much about him so I was glad to meet him finally. He’s a lovely guy, cute, generous and engaging.  I know the guys really enjoyed spending time with their old friend and hopefully he enjoyed his time in Perth as well. He mentioned that he was surprised how much good food there was in Perth, in fact, on the last night, he suffered from a mild form of indigestion. I hope you come back to visit again Norman!


A long indulgent sleep in. Jo steamed rice dumplings for brunch.

A bit late for Duan Wu Jie a.k.a. Rice Dumpling Festival but better late than never. I didn’t eat these vegetarian rice dumplings which were a present from Gill, but Jo said they were good. Wanting to return the favour, after lunch at the new Thai gourmet cafe with Brio, I went shopping for sweet treats for the TGIF gang. It was a TGISaturday gang that night, and I finally met up with Jaso and Gerry after 4 long weeks.

Dinner was at Toto’s which food standard is dropping drastically (much to my dismay). I know Mark would be happy that Gill ordered the Crab and Sharksfin soup though, unfortunately, it was more like fake sharksfin. Even though the food was lacking, the company was fantastic. I only wish Jason wasn’t sick, it’s difficult as a friend to watch him looking weak and tired everytime he returns from Geraldton. Makes me want to bundle him away, hide him in Perth and force feed him with hot porridge and creamy soup. So no photos of Jaso this time. Hopefully he will be fully recovered in July *fingers crossed*

My teh tarik high at Makan2 afterwards. If you want o get me to talk, just buy me a mug of that evil, sugar ladened orange drink.

Dessert was the cute mini tarts that I bought from Lawleys bakery in Mt Lawley. Don’t they look cute? I love the colours.  My pick was the lemon tart which was tart, sweet and sour. Made my little eyes disappear.


It started innocently enough with a futsal game. But ended up with a rush trip to the after hours GP at Hollywood Hospital with Din Yaw and Xinlong. Poor Din Yaw aka Jason has been suffering from a bout of injury proned bad luck for the past month. I hope this is the last of it, the soccer ball hit him in his right eye and he couldn’t see at all for a while. Even though Xinlong and I were secretly fearing the worst (I blame this on the Moonlight Resonance tvb drama where the father had a serious eye injury), we kept up with a steady strem of ‘mei wen ti/no problem’ ‘nothing to worry about’ statements. I was impressed and touched at Xinlong’s actions that afternoon, he was a wonderful pillar of support to Din Yaw and was so kind and considerate towards his friend. I’m so used to guys who are always so afraid to express emotions or concern  towards their friends (instead opting for a  ‘he can fend for himself’ attitude,is it a guy thing or what?) that it was wonderfully refreshing and touching to see signs of true friendship.

The good doctor referred us to the Royal Perth Hospital emergency ward where Ding Yaw received treatment at last, it was a pretty substantial injury to his eye, but the doctor says he should be 100% in a month, *phew*.

Rushed home after the hospital to have dinner at Manise with Gill and Jo. Jo calls this activity ’empek-empeking (TM)’. They just love love love the empek-empek at Manise and I must admit it was hot, crispy and yummy that night. Hehe I love this cute photo of Jo and Gill.

Coffee and cakes at Exomod with TGIF gang even though Jaso is not in the picture.

Jaso took this artistic ‘blurry background’ photo of the cake. Nice or not? And then it was goodbyes and another 5 weeks before we see Jason again.  Maybe I’m growing older, but I wish I could be in a situation where I could see and spend time with my family and friends all the time, I wish my family members could all be in Perth and my good friends as well. Wishful thinking.

And so it’s June and  the official start of the winter season. I think it’s going to be a season of change, I’m excited!

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